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Timeline of Lake Forest History

Timeline of Lake Forest History

About the Timeline

The Timeline, created in 2011 in honor of Lake Forest’s 150th anniversary, contains over 600 events from Lake Forest history. It is an interactive document, with photographs to give you a sense of time and place, and weblinks to click to find out more.

The Timeline is also a living document – a work in progress. We welcome submissions of events and photos for the Timeline from everyone in the community – keep checking back for periodic updates. To submit an event, photo or correction, contact the staff.

View a pdf version of the Timeline here.

How to Use the Timeline

Hover with your mouse arrow over the black dots to explore the timeline. Each dot represents an event in Lake Forest history.

To find out more about an event, click on the black dot or the + sign in the event’s white dialog box. To return to the overall timeline screen, click the X in the corner of the event box.

To view the timeline in greater detail, click and drag the two small gray vertical bars at either edge of the timeline (they appear at both ends of the thick blue horizontal bar on the bottom). This will allow you to zoom in to a specific decade. To zoom out, click and drag the gray bars back out to the edges.

For a full-screen version, click here.

To view the Timeline as a list, click here for a PDF version.