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1957 Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Telephone Directory

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Citation: Lake Forest Lake Bluff Telephone Directory February 1957, copyright 1957 by the Illinois Bell Telephone Company, Chicago, Ill.

Last Name First Name Street Address City
A&E Vacuum Cleaner Service   764 N. Western LF
A&P Food Store   103 Scranton LB
Abbott Thomas W 791 E. Highview LF
Abel Donald 345 Scranton LB
Abplanalp Norman E 1170 Valley LF
Abrahamson Algot W 621 E. Ryan LF
Acker Nat H 125 E. Blodgett LB
Ackermann Albert G Jr. 710 Prospect LB
Ackley Wm D 674 E. Northmoor LF
Adams Anthony J 919 Rockland Rd. LB
Adams Cyrus H 130 E. Onwentsia LF
Adams Harold E 1515 W. Everett LF
Adams John Quincy Jr. 1320 N. Elm Tree LF
Adams Leonard K 205 Scranton LB
Adamson Gordon 44 E. Atteridge LF
Adamson Henry T 870 E. Longwood LF
Addington Jas. R 120 S. Sheridan LF
Addington Mrs. Wood 515 W. Deerpath LF
Addington Private Garage Mrs. Wood 515 W. Deerpath LF
Agard Home   405 Scranton LB
Agostinelli Michael 307 E. Granby LF
Agrella Americo 691 N. Oakwood LF
Ahern Paul L 36 E. Atteridge LF
Ahlberg Mrs. Mabel 1015 Foster LB
Ahlf Kate 706 E. Woodlawn LF
Ainsworth Sidney E 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Air Vision Inc.   18 S. Genesee W
Air Vision Inc.   1016 Church Ev
Aitchison Phyllis L 709 Mountain LB
Akeson  Ernest 26 Washington Circle LF
Alan Radio & Appliance Co.   11 S. Sheridan W
Albaugh William P 404 Glen LB
Alcoholics Anonymous   205 W. Wacker Chi
Aldis Graham 135 E. Deerpath LF
Aldridge Electric   151 E. Laurel LF
Aldridge  Leonard 90 E. Atteridge LF
Alexander Bruce A 7 Washington LB
Alexandria Apts.   314 E. Wisconsin LF
Allan Thomas 1423 S. Telegraph LF
Alleman Douglas A 400 E. Onwentsia LF
Allen Mrs. Ida M 902 N. Oakwood LF
Allen John D. Jr. 39 S. Winston LF
Allen John Rex 433 E. Illinois LF
Allen Priscilla 24 W. Washington Ave. LB
Allen Mrs. Richard 460 E. Illinois LF
Allen Sidney W Hillside Ave. LB
Allen Waldo M 250 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Allgauers Fireside Restaurant   7200 Lincoln Lincolnwood
Allgauers Restaurant   6666 N.Ridge Chicago
Allie Louis A 317 Scranton LB
Allstate Ins. Co.   601 Central Ave. HP
Alm A G 999 N. Sheridan LF
Alm Kenneth 126 E. Laurel LF
Almaraz M C 714 W. Washington Ave. LB
Altemus R J 2 Oxford LF
Amaden Robert D 5 College Campus LF
American Educator Encyclopedia   801 Green Bay LB
American Legion   801 N. Mckinley LF
American Mothproofing Co.   626 Roger Williams HP
Ames Hibbard H 140 Oak Terrace LB
Ames John D 600 N. Washington Rd. LF
Amidei Arthur 20 N. June LF
Amos R G 345 Center LB
Anaclerio Nicholas 915 W. Everett LF
Anchor Fence   5674 N. NW Hwy. Chicago
Anderberg Glenn 230 Hancock LB
Andersen John G 2 College Campus LF
Andersen Richard A 329 E. Scott LF
Anderson Albert W 804 Foster LB
Anderson Alvin C 674 Pine LB
Anderson Arnor R 860 S. Waveland LF
Anderson Bengt E 195 E. Park LF
Anderson David 1207 N. Mckinley LF
Anderson Elmer C 112 Sheridan Pl LB
Anderson George E 45 N Washington Circle LF
Anderson George K 550 S. Ridge LF
Anderson Gus 130 E. Woodland LF
Anderson Gust. E 130 Sheridan Pl. LB
Anderson Harry L 120 W. Sheridan Pl. LB
Anderson James 145 N. Wildwood LF
Anderson Civil Engineers James 290 E. Deerpath LF
Anderson Mrs. James 656 N. Western LF
Anderson James III 820 E. Northmoor LF
Anderson John W 550 E. Deerpath LF
Anderson & Kennedy Texaco Service   260 E. Illinois LF
Anderson Martha E 290 E. Deerpath LF
Anderson Norman R 420 E. Ravine Park LF
Anderson Otto 1070 N. Meadow Ln. LF
Anderson Robert E 1600 W. Old Mill LF
Anderson Stanley D 971 W. Verdan Ln. LF
Anderson & Associates Architects Stanley D 270 E. Deerpath LF
Anderson W O 750 S. Waukegan LF
Anderson Wm. T 421 Sylvan LB
Andersons Edgar 15 College Campus LF
Anderton Roland 194 E. Park LF
Andre Pierre Beauty Salon   1908 Sheridan HP
Andress Melvin B 647 N. Oakwood LF
Andrews J P 464 N. Washington Rd. LF
Andrews Lyman J 1200 N. Griffith LF
Andrus ( office) Rev. Robert G 610 E. Deerpath LF
Andrus (residence) Rev. Robert G 588 E. Deerpath LF
Annan Mrs. Staley 1035 N. Sheridan LF
Anspach H&R travel bureau   463 Central HP
Anthony Richard E 1480 W. Everett LF
Appleton Jack 320 E. Noble LF
Appleton Margaret 719 N. Mckinley LF
Appleton Norman 359 Foss LB
Archer (residence) E A DDS 112 Ravine Forest LB
Archer Melvin J 721 N. Mckinley LF
Ardelean George 158 N. Western LF
Arden Shore Assn.   Sheridan Rd. LB
Ardinger Wm S 1445 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Armour A Watson  III 850 E. Deerpath LF
Armour Charles B 475 E. Westminster LF
Armour David B Green Bay Rd. LB
Armour Mrs. Laurance 395 N. Green Bay LF
Armour (Green House) Mrs. Laurance  390 N. Western LF
Armour (Pantry) Mrs. Laurance 395 N. Green Bay LF
Armour (Private Garage) Mrs. Laurance 390 N.Western LF
Armour Laurance H Jr. 800 N. Sheridan LF
Armour Lester Sheridan Rd. LB
Armour Caretaker's residence Lester Sheridan Rd. LB
Armour Gardener's residence Lester Sheridan Rd. LB
Armour Philip D 830 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Armour Private Garage Philip D 830 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Armour Gardener's residence Philip D 830 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Armour Mrs. Stanton Sr. 111 E. Ridge Ln. LF
Armour servant's Quarters Mrs. Stanton Sr. 111 E. Ridge Ln. LF
Armour Thomas Stanton 410 E. Woodland LF
Armour Vernon 420 N. Washington Rd. LF
Armstrong Mrs. Cathcart 52 E. Atteridge LF
Armstrong James C 810 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Armstrong Julian Jr. 211 Moffett LB
Armstrong Mrs. Julian 211 Moffett LB
Arnold D B 754 E. Green Briar LF
Arpee Edward 383 N. Washington Rd. LF
Arquilla Martha Nielsen 395 E. Illinois LF
Arvidson Service Station G A 617 Sheridan Rd. LB
Arvidson George 116 Scranton LB 
Ashby Eloise 135 E. Deerpath LF
Ashcroft Clarence W 104 Moffett LB
Ashinger H H 335 Sylvan LB
Ashton Madeline 5 College Campus LF
Ashmann Edwin N 466 E. Illinois LF
Athey John M 91 E. Atteridge LF
Atkinson Erwin 311 North LB
Atkinson Joseph 447 Rockland Rd. LB
Atkinson Vincent 1014 Rockland Rd. LB
Atteridge Raymond 1345 S. Telegraph LF
Attwood James A 332 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
August James 714 Oak Ave. LB
Ausman Evan L 135 Oak Terrace LB
Austin Raymond E 404 Moffett LB
Automatic Appliance Repair Service   14 North LB
Avgerin C N 405 Blodgett LB
Avis Archibald G 158 E. Atteridge LF
Axelson Kenneth S 800 N. Waukegan LF
Ayres Edward B 710 N. Waukegan LF
B & B Grocery   595 E. Ryan LF
Babich Steve 316 Center LB
Baby's Perfect Diaper Service   4 S. Genesee Waukegan
Baby's Perfect Diaper Service   3559 W. Palmer Chicago
Bacon William T Jr. 1300 N. Waukegan LF
Badenoch Mrs. E W 545 Scranton LB
Baer's Laundry & Dry Cleaning   700 N. 1 st St. Libertyville
Baggott James E 1701 W. Melody LF
Bailey Roger A Jr. 667 Oak Ave. LB
Bailey  T C 130 Hawthorn Ct. LB
Baillie George 130 N. Washington Rd. LF
Baillie James 190 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Baillie James B Jr. 197 E. Westminster LF
Baird Roger A Jr. 739 Longwood LF
Bairstow Richard R 801 Green Bay LF
Baker Arthur M. Jr. 1285 S. Telegraph LF
Baker George R 330 Sheridan Pl. LB
Baker John E Jr. 150 N. King Muir LF
Baker Mrs. John Ezra Sr. 404 E. Deerpath LF
Baker John Francis 495 E. Deerpath LF
Baker Mrs.Leicester 257 E. Market Square LF
Baker Peter 541 E. Ryan LF
Baker & Son Inc. Peter 1349 Rockland Rd. LB
Baker Russell 232 Ravine Forest LB
Baker Russell J 1015 Safford LB
Baker Thomas 33 N. Washington Circle LF
Baldwin Donald 715 E. Cherry LF
Baldwin Edward Jr. 35 N. June Terrace LF
Baldwin Edward Sr. 720 E. Woodlawn LF
Baldwin Plastering Fred 720 E. Highview LF
Baldwin George Jr. 881 N. Oakwood LF
Baldwin Plastering George P 1454 N. Willow LF
Baldwin Jack S 672 N. Forest LF
Baldwin John L 730 E. Longwood LF
Baldwin Mrs. John W 163 N. Washington Rd. LF
Baldwin Leonard 115 N. Washington Circle LF
Baldwin Pat 1050 N. Griffith LF
Baldwin R Bruce 60 N. Western LF
Baldwin Ralph L 455 Pine LB
Baldwin Richard F 1332 N. Edgewood LF
Baldwin Richard L 799 N. Summit Av. LF
Baldwin Robert P 23 N. Washington Rd. LF
Baldwin's Service Station   824 N. Western LF
Bank Lane Gift Shop   654 N. Bank Lane LF
Bant Raymond C 338 Witchwood LF
Banz Richard D 555 E. Spruce LF
Barat College   700 E. Westleigh LF
Barbara's Beauty Box   758 N. Western LF
Bard Ralph A 650 N.Lake LF
Barker Ed 758 N. Western LF
Barker Frank 998 E. Maplewood LF
Barker Melvin G 188 E. Foster LF
Barker Paul W 225 Oak Terrace LB
Barker Robert E 764 E. Green Briar LF
Barkhausen Henry N 435 Thorne LF
Barnard Arthur W 395 E. Spruce LF
Barndt Robert South Campus LF
Barnes Harlan E 104 Scranton LB
Barnes Lilace R  500 N. Sheridan LF
Barnes (gardener's residence) Lilace R 500 N. Sheridan LF
Barnes (private garage) Lilace R 500 N. Sheridan LF
Barnes Lillian 306 E. Wisconsin LF
Barnes Nelson L Jr. 131 E. Ridge Ln. LF
Barnitz Studios Inc.   1718 Sherman Ave. Evanston
Barnum Gordon M 131 Scranton LB
Barradell Thomas F 1199 N. Edgewood LF
Barragy Rev. William 425 Lincoln LB
Barrere P L Jr. 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Barrett A M Jr. 1950 S. Telegraph LF
Barry  Delbert J 1206 N. Griffith LF
Barry  Ernest J 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Barth Frank R 1541 N. Mckinley LF
Bartholemew John 1365 N. Elm Tree LF
Bartholomay William C 1350 N. Green Bay LF
Bartlett Don M 778 N. Bank Lane LF
Bartlett Donald M 260 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Bartolain Paul L 502 Scranton LB
Baruffi D J 605 E. Highview LF
Bates Allan A 390 E. Westminster LF
Bates Mrs.C H 733 Ravine LB
Bates George A 440 E. Wisconsin LF
Bates (gardener's residence) George A 440 E. Wisconsin LF
Baum James E 550 E. Spruce LF
Bax Jewelers (store) Garrit M 268 E. Deerpath LF
Bax (residence) Garrit M 140 E. Laurel LF
Bayer James W 335 Woodland LB
Bayes Harold H 343 E. Scott LF
Bazeley Arthur J 867 E. Morningside LF
Bazner Martin W 332 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Beach C Edward 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Beach Homemade Candies Florence 500 Central Ave. Highland Park
Beach George R Jr. 1000 N. Waukegan LF
Beake Walter J 845 N. Oakwood LF
Beale L S 270 Hilldale LF
Beall Mrs.L H 456 Sunrise LB
Beatty Miles W 781 E. Northmoor LF
Beatty Miles W Jr. 326 Scranton LB
Beatty Ross J Jr. 111 E. Onwentsia LF
Beauchamp Katherine R 278 E. Deerpath LF
Bechtel George 605 Glen LB
Beck Bruce  1311 W. Everett LF
Beck Karl M 129 Hawthorn LB
Beck Richard 211 Center LB
Becker Carl 699 E. Woodlawn LF
Becker Joseph C 204 Witchwood Ln. LB
Becker Paul W. Henrietta Rd. LB
Becker Robert 1205 N. Edgewood LF
Beckstrom Clarence E 130 North LB
Beckwith Sterling 500 N.King Muir LF
Bede Alan H 285 W. Onwentsia LF
Beerling John 984 N. Green Bay LF
Beerling T W 1340 N.Edgewood LF
Beerling Masseuse Tessie L 984 N. Green Bay LF
Beers Bertram R 1144 Estate LF
Beers MD (residence) Morrison D 520 Golf LF
Beers Robert I 224 Center LB
Behr Mrs. Ben Leslie 80 N. Waukegan LF
Behr (Chauffer's residence) Mrs. Ben Leslie 190 N. Waukegan LF
Behr (Superintendent's residence) Mrs. Ben Leslie 80 N. Waukegan LF
Behr John 333 E. Woodland LF
Behrens Mrs. Henry Sr. 697 N.Oakwood LF
Behrens Ray D 160 N. Wildwood LF
Behringer DDS (office) R H 273 E. Market Square LF
Beidler Francis II 1050 Walden Rd. LF
Beland Mrs. Mary L 837 N. Mckinley LF
Belcher Grace C 267 E. Noble LF
Belden Joseph C. Jr. 771 E. Barberry Ln. LF
Bell Alex C 750 N. Sheridan LF
Bell Mrs.Lewis W 754 E. Highview LF
Bell School   740 N. Sheridan LF
Bellows  Helen C 326 E. Westminster LF
Belofsky Earle S 260 N. Chiltern LF
Benedict Milese 1701 W. Melody LF
Benner Mrs. Cecilia 300 E. Scott LF
Bennes A 130 N. Wildwood LF
Bennes D Jr. 650 E. Greenview Pl LF
Bennett Edward H Jr. 1414 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Bennett MD (office) J R 210 E. Westminster LF
Bennett MD (residence) J R 977 W. Parkmead LF
Bennings John 685 N. Oakwood LF
Bensinger N R 312 E. Granby LF
Benson E 246 E. Park LF
Bent Gordon 500 N. Waukegan LF
Bent John P 1350 N. Lake LF
Bent Mrs. Maurice H 360 E. Westminster LF
Bentley John E Jr. 262 E. Foster LF
Bentley Mrs. John W 700 N. Oakwood LF
Bentley Richard 1421 N. Lake LF
Benton Harold 617 Scranton LB
Berblinger W Berry 290 E. Woodland LF
Berg Rudolph J 317 Vincent LB
Berger Frank G 1302 N. Edgewood LF
Berghorn Fred H 635 E. Greenview LF
Berghorn Mrs. Ruth 290 E. Deerpath LF
Bergmann-Traer Inc. Architects   644 N. Bank Lane LF
Bergmann William 5 Sylvan LB
Berkey John A II 600 E. Westminster LF
Berkley Mrs. Frances J 845 E. Northmoor LF
Berkquist Henry 801 Foster LB 
Bermingham & Co. Coal   926 N. Western LF
 Bermingham (residence) Thomas 481 N. Oakwood LF
Bernard's Sewer & Septic Tank Service   119 N. Milwaukee Ave. Wheeling
Berner Milford C 1240 Winwood LF
Berning LeRoy C 1375 S. Telegraph LF
Berry Charles L 443 S. Green Bay LF
Bert Joseph 270 Ravine Forest LB
Bertrand Roy 282 E. Noble LF
Bertucci Adolph 1825 S. Telegraph LF
Best Bernice 76 N. Washington Circle LF
Best Record Shop   183 E. Westminster LF
Betts David H 464 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Beye  Cornelius 299 E. Woodland LF
Beyers Tile Paul 1219 Ridge Rd. Highland Park
Bibb William Corrie 327 Sheridan Pl. LF
Biebert Fred 208 N. Telegraph LF
Biedermann Capt. John L 890 E. Old Elm LF
Bieger Robert 1395 N. Mckinley LF
Bieger Walter 100 Woodland LB
Bieszart Edward Jr. 1122 Foster LB
Bigford Refrigerators Thomas 126 N. Washington Circle LF
Biggs Martha 3 College Campus LF
Bill & Dick's Texaco Service Station   2 N. Telegraph LB
Bill's Dairy Store   20 Scranton LB
Bina Gordon J 766 E. Highview LF
Binnie Alex C 771 N. Summit Ave. LF
Binnie Mrs. Charles V 26 N. Washington Rd. LF
Bins John H 765 Oak Ave. LB
Birch H W Jr. 320 Prospect LB
Bird Miss Amy 467 E. Illinois LF
Bird Thomas S 235 Prospect LB
Birney Kenneth O 111 N. Sheridan LF
Bischof Jacob H 461 N. Green Bay LF
Bishop Ralph 407 Birch Ave. LF
Bisschop Hank 742 N. Western LF
Bitetti Tony A Rockland Rd. LB
Bitter Dani C 205 Scranton LB
Blackwell M Joseph 999 N. Sheridan LF
Blair Bowen 3 S. Green Bay LF
Blair William McCormick Sheridan Rd. LB
Blair (Gardener's residence) William McCormick Sheridan Rd. LB
Blair (Private Garage) William McCormick Sheridan Rd. LB
Blair (tennis house) William McCormick Sheridan Rd. LB
Blair (farm) William McCormick Sheridan Rd. LB
Blakeslee Harold C 367 Foss LB
Blanchard Bldg. Materials G L 1002 N. Western LF
Blanchard R Bruce 318 Ravine Forest LB
Bleich August F 303 Bayonne LB
Bleyer Cornel P 697 N. Washington Rd. LF
Blossom Douglas B 299 E. Rose Terrace LF
Blossom George W. Jr. 570 N. Washington Rd. LF
Blossom (private garage) George W. Jr. 570 N. Washington Rd. LF
Blume  Helen C 145 E. Westminster LF
Blume DDS (residence) M E 631 S. Green Bay LF
Boak Charles D 501 N. Green Bay LF
Boardman Ronald P 1510 N. GreenBay LF
Bob Inn   724 N. Western LF
Boberg Ray 213 Center LB
Bock Elmer C 569 N. Oakwood LF
Bodnar Andrew Skokie Blvd. LB 
Boehm K B 244 Prospect LB
Boehm Robert O 1100 N. Waukegan LF
Boerup Raymond H 24 N. Washington Circle LF
Boese Harold 601 Center LB 
Boever Andrew J 401 Adelphia LB
Boever Jessie W 717 Rockland LB
Boggs Plumbing R R 20 Scranton LB
Boggs  Valarie 120 Sheridan Pl. LB
Bohnett William N Half Day Rd. LF
Bohon Joyce F 523 North LB
Boisits Frank 1185 N. McKinley LF
Bollenbacher George L Half Day Rd. LF
Bolthouse Robert H 233 E. Deerpath LF
Bolton Clyde E 611 E. Rosemary LF
Bonaparte Aaron Bradley Rd. LF
Bonk Stanley F Jr. 316 North LB
Boobyer Edward Jr. 80 N. Washington Rd. LF
Book House for Children   801 Green Bay LB
Book Trails Publishers   801 Green Bay LB
Borden Co. Store   3014 N. Tripp Chicago
Borg Henning 121 Rockland Rd. LB
Borgwardt George 344 Witchwood LB
Borland John Jay 237 E. Onwentsia LF
Borland broker (office) William F 231 S. LaSalle Chicago
Borland (residence) William F 400 N. Washington Rd. LF
Borne Berthea E. 600 N. Western LF
Borucki Frieda C 3291 Half Day LF
Bosse William K 253 W. Sheridan Pl. LB
Bouchard L C 301 E. Oakdale LF
Boutin W M 765 E. Greenview LF
Bovik Dr.Leslie 1070 W. Deerpath LF
Bowen Ann College Campus LF
Bowen Clymer S 301 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Bowen Dale Sheridan Rd. LB
Bowen George A 456 Evanston LB
Bowen Mrs. Gwendolyn High 373 E. Wisconsin LF
Bowen John J. Jr. 701 N. Mayflower LF
Bowers Lloyd W Saunders Rd. LF
Bowman Dairy Co.   545 Vine Highland Park
Bowman Earle R 575 Greenvale LF
Bowman S R 542 Prospect LB
Boyd Lt. Commander Frank E 1559 N. Mckinley LF
Boyd Harper W Jr. 720 Prospect LB
Boyd Loretta 1559 N. Mckinley LF
Boyden Williard N 1255 N. Green Bay LF
Boyle Malcolm Jr. 140 E. Ridge Ln. LF
Boyle Stanley M 410 Ravine LB
Bracklin MD (residence) Roy E. 730 E. Highview LF
Braden Thomas E 110 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Bradford T M 525 Center LB
Bradley Edward Jr. 121 E. Atteridge LF
Bradley George P 162 E. Westminster LF
Bradley John J 129 E. Atteridge LF
Brady Paul E 770 N. Oakwood LF
Brahm B H 745 E. Greenview Pl LF
Brand John H 983 W. Parkmead LF
Brandie Mrs. Adam 600 N. LF
Brandt J W 531 Scranton LB
Braniff Airways Inc.   23 E. Monroe Chicago
Brankis Joseph J 557 S. Green Bay LF
Brasa John 196 Old Elm LF
Braun Bros.Oil Co.   444 Central Ave. Highland Park
Brebner Alex S 1080 N. Griffith LF
Breen John 1531 S. Telegraph LF
Breen John W 17 College Campus LF
Breternitz Robert F 925 E. Illinois LF
Brewer Mrs.Laura L 711 N. Bank Lane LF
Brewer Marjorie M 1411 N. Mckinley LF
Bricknell Grace D 206 Center LB
Bridge Jack  830 N. Western LF
Bried Henry 485 N.Oakwood LF
Briesch Edmund J 1540 N. Waukegan LF
Briggs F 290 E. Deerpath LF
Briggs J. Winstanley 10 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Briggs Stephen A 921 N. Church LF
Briggs (servants quarters) Stephen A 921 N. Church LF
Bright (Superintendent of schools) O T 121 Sheridan Pl. LB
Bright (residence) O T 516 1/2 Prospect LB
Brinkley Samuel M 1391 N. Edgewood LF
Brinkman William H 345 E. Westleigh LF
Brittingham  T E III 1075 Walden Ln. LF
Britton T N 206 North LB
Brocker George 210 Birch LB
Brodie Mrs.Isabella 705 N. Oakwood LF
Brody Wm 214 E. Westminster LF
Broeksmit John S 434 N. Washington Rd. LF
Bromberg George 830 E. Greenview LF
Bromberg Mrs. Ruth Lambert 320 E. Vine LF
Bromstedt W R 205 N. Mayflower LF
Bromstedt Wm F 681 E. Green Briar LF
Bromwell M Scott 245 N. Maple LF
Bronson Beckwith R 425 E. Maplewood LF
Bronson Roger  995 E. Maplewood LF
Brooks  Oliver W 374 E. Scott LF
Brown Alexander 540 Scranton LB
Brown Painter C W 751 N. Mckinley LF
Brown Carl E 502 North LB
Brown Charles Henry 410 N. Washington Rd. LF
Brown (private Garage) Charles Henry 450 N. Washington Rd. LF
Brown Gardner 100 N. Sheridan LF
Brown Mrs. Geo.R 1119 N. Griffith LF
Brown Mrs. Granger Route 59 A Libertyville
Brown Beauty Shop Harry M 272 E. Market Square LF
Brown (residence) Harry M 60 E. Atteridge LF
Brown Hartley B Jack 1271 W. Everett LF
Brown J E 99 S. Maywood LF
Brown J Wm. 614 Prospect LB
Brown Jesse R 969 E. Maplewood LF
Brown Mrs. M C 308 E. Wisconsin LF
Brown Mary Esther 210 Center LB
Brown Paul H 651 E. Greenview LF
Brown Ralph H 287 W. Laurel LF
Brown Robert Dana 1600 N. Green Bay LF
Brown Mrs. Stewart Reed 236 Prospect LB
Brown Wm G 370 N. Mayflower LF
Browne Aldis J Jr. 900 N. Waukegan LF
Brownell Herbert S 470 N. Greenvale LF
Browning F N 122 Ravine Forest LB
Bruce Robert E 340 Scranton LB
Brudell LukeF 580 N.Oakwood LF
Brunet Raymond T 234 W. Washingon Ave. LB
Brunett Ray 2566 Hickory LF
Brunker Albert R 255 E. Illinois LF
Bruno Vincent 693 E. Cherry LF
Bryan Benjamin B. Jr. 580 N. Greenvale LF
Bryant Nellie 959 E. Maplewood LF
Bubb Joseph A 105 North LB
Bublitz Ferdinand R 22 Moffett LB
Buchanan Charles H Bradley Rd. LF
Buchanan D W 297 N. Green Bay LF
Buchanan (private garage) D W 298 N. Western LF
Buchanan DeWitt W. Jr. 541 E. Woodland LF
Buchen Walter H 370 E. Onwentsia LF
Bucher Wm C 190 E. Atteridge LF
Buchersteiner Wm 990 N. Waukegan LF
Buckley Robert W 455 N.Oakwood LF
Buckman Harry f 325 E. Glenwood LF
Budai Alex 255 E. Illinois LF
Buell Charles C 970 W. Armour Circle LF
Buescher Mrs. Florence 700 N. LF
Buescher Wm A Jr. 1890 Knollwood LF
Bullock Clifford 288 E. Granby LF
Bulow Mrs. Frank A 278 E. Deerpath LF
Bulterman Charles L 625 E. Green Briar LF
Burckhalter  A Rey 167 E. Park LF
Burgert MD (office) Paul H 320 E. Vine LF
Burgert MD (residence) Paul H 440 N. Waukegan LF
Burgess Mrs. Edwin 344 E. Wisconsin LF
Burgess Wm 606 Cherokee Grayslake
Burke Harold J 2000 Knollwood LF
Burkhardt Karl J 799 Bradley LF
Burkill Edw. W 308 Briar Ln. LB
Burnham Julian 1130 N. Green Bay LB
Burns Edw. F 380 E. Scott LF
Burns Leonard C Jr. 1120 S. Waveland LF
Burns Martin F 460 E. Frost Pl LF
Burns Martin T 1441 W. Old Mill LF
Burrows A A 255 E. Illinois LF
Burrows George S 464 N. Oakwood LF
Burrows Miss Louisa L 1050 Meadow Ln. LF
Burrows Mrs. W F Jr. 470 E. College  LF
Burry Wm 909 N. Elm Tree LF
Burson Don 908 Foster LB
Burton Lindley J S. College Campus LF
Burton Oliver M W. Conway Rd. LF
Busse Irvin A 301 N. Sheridan LF
Butler Edw. J 203 Skokie LB
Butler Francis Peabody 580 N. Washington Rd. LF
Butler Thomas W 6 Adelphia LB
Butterfield Frank 316 E. Scott LF
Butterworh Animal Hospital   1940 Park Ave.West Highland Park
Butterworth (residence) J A 1400 W. Everett LF
Butterworth Lake Forest Animal Clinic   936 N. Western LF
Byrd Lela 713 E. Illinois LF
Byrne Walter C 1115 S. Valley LF
C&S Motor Sales   824 N. Western LF
Cadarian Paul 702 Quassey LB
Cadillac Motor Car Div.of Genl. Motors   2050 1st Highland Park
Cahill Joseph 230 E. Wisconsin LF
Cahn  Bertram J 270 S. Western LF
Cain Employment Bureau Mrs. Julia 611 E. Illinois LF
Calaprice Tito 877 N. Mckinley LF
Caldwell & Dickey Stables   300 N. Green Bay LF
Caldwell Harriet 635 E. Illinois LF
Caldwell Robert H 110 Scranton LB 
Calkins C L 222 Prospect LB
Callaham Paul R 34 N. Washington Circle LF
Calzavara Rudy Saunders Rd. LF
Camellino Dominic 209 Skokie LB
Camellino Mike Skokie Blvd. LB
Cameron L E 217 Hancock LB
Campbell Charles F 108 North LB
Campbell Mrs. Cleo C 697 N. Oakwood LF
Campbell Melfort J 720 E. Greenview LF
Campbell Dr. James A W. Kennedy Rd. LF
Campbell John M 1267 W. Old Mill LF
Campbell Marshall 381 E. Cherokee LF
Cane Phillip R 868 E. Highview Terrace LF
Cape Mrs. W E 334 North LB
Cape MD Wm E 105 Scranton LB
Capitani Onorato 8 N. Western LF
Capozzi Michael 765 E. Green Briar LF
Carberry Capt. Deane E 28 Oak Terrace LB
Carbray Richard J 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Carlson Carl R 45 E. Old Elm LF
Carlson Harry 508 E. Ryan LF
Carlson Helmer D 724 E. Greenview Pl. LF
Carlson Robert 79 Maywood LF
Carney Wm J 7 N. Green Bay LF
Carney Wm. Roy 35 N. Green Bay LF
Carney (gardener's residence) Wm. Roy 56 N. Western LF
Carney (private stables) Wm. Roy 507 W. Everett LF
Carpenter Mrs. A A 1040 N. Woodbine Pl. LF
Carpenter Austin B 335 E. Oakdale LF
Carpenter Benjamin 20 E. Westleigh LF
Carpenter Benjamin Jr. 905 E. Illinois LF
Carpenter Fairbank Jr. 1198 N. Elm Tree LF
Carr Mrs. Clyde M 55 N. Mayflower LF
Carr (gardener's residence) Mrs. Clyde M 55 N. Mayflower LF
Carr (private garage) Mrs. Clyde M 55 N. Mayflower LF
Carr Daniel M 94 N. Washington Circle LF
Carr James B 360 N. Mayflower LF
Carrell Orin M 1103 Muir LB
Carroll John W 492 Greenvale LF
Carroll Potter H 460 N. Washington Rd. LF
Carroll Wallace E 900 N. Waukegan LF
Carry Champ 155 E. Onwentsia LF
Carstens Milton Searle 1145 N. Green Bay LF
Carter John C 410 Crescent LB
Carton Alfred T 6 E. Laurel LF
Carton (private Garage) Alfred T 6 E. Laurel LF
Carton Laurence A 285 W. Laurel LF
Carton Robert 40 E. Onwentsia LF
Cartozian rug repairing Haig O 1417 Sherman Ave. Evanston
Cascarano Anthony 1197 S. Telegraph LF
Cascarano Anthony T 210 E. Park LF
Cascarano C W Jr. 1315 S. Telegraph LF
Cascarano Charles 997 N. Mckinley LF
Cascarano John 737 E. Woodlawn LF
Cascarano Nick 611 E. Ryan LF
Cascarano Nick Jr. 729 E. Cherry LF
Cascarano Wm A  321 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Cascarano's Service station   824 N. Western LF
Casey Thomas W 1516 Bowling Green LF
Caspersen (supervisor's residence) J P 738 N. Western LF
Caspersen (residence) J P 1216 N. Edgewood LF
Cassady Thomas G 950 E. Maplewood LF
Casselbery Jack E 386 E. Spruce LF
Cassinerio A 224 Maple LF
Cat & Fiddle Inc.   279 E. Deerpath LF
Cathcart Horace 674 E. Illinois LF
Cathcart Silas S 356 E. Hilldale LF
Catoor Joe 500 S. Waukegan LF
Cavagna Robert R S. College Campus LF
Cavins Theo 1221 N. Griffith LF
Cedarquist Wayland B 135 S. Maywood LF
Cerny Architects (office) Jerome Robert 273 E. Market Square LF
Cerny (residence) Jerome Robert 1596 W. Old Mill LF
Certified Business Service   615 Sheridan Rd. LB
Chabrison E M 765 Bradley LF
Chainski MD (office) Edw.L 262 E. Deerpath LF
Chainski MD (residence) Edw. L Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Chandler Bruce 577 E. Rosemary LF
Chandler Emerson T 4 S. June Terrace LF
Chandler Kent 877 E. Westminster LF
Chandler Kent Jr. 921 E. Westminster LF
Channer E. Adare Jr. 1015 E. Spring LF
Chapin Motor Sales   666 Green Bay Winnetka
Chapman John A  30 N. Green Bay LF
Chappell George 390 N. Mayflower LF
Charles Louis J 852 E. Old Elm LF
Charling George L 134 E. Laurel LF
Charlton Richard E 344 Scranton LB
Charney George Jr. 131 Moffett LB
Chase  Homer F 778 N. Bank Lane LF
Chateau Rest Home   3410 Milwaukee Northbrook
Chegwidden Frank W 647 N. Oakwood LF
Chesnutt Mrs. James N 143 E. Atteridge LF
Chicago Motor Club Service Station   191 E. Deerpath LF
Chicago Motor Club Service Station   260 E. Illinois LF
Chicago Motor Club Service Station   281 E. Illinois LF
Chicago Development Inc. Publishers   801 Greenbay LB
Childs Newell F 747 E. Deerpath LF
Childs (private garage) Newell F 747 E. Deerpath LF
Christensen Alfred T 1274 S. Telegraph LF
Christensen Animal Hospital   730 Hibbard Wilmette
Christensen Chris 170 E. Old Elm LF
Christensen George 116 E. Sunset Pl. LB
Christian Science Reading Room   509 E. Deerpath LF
Christiansen James A Bradley Rd. LF
Christiansen M H 391 E. Ravine Park LF
Christie John C 871 E. Longwood Dr. LF
Christopher Robert D 509 Mawman LB
Church of the Covenants   350 E. Deerpath LF
Church of the Holy Spirit   872 N. Church LF
Cicconi Martha 573 E. Ryan LF
Cir Emil F 1381 Conway LF
Clabes Miss Elizabeth C 673 N. Edgecote LF
Claeyssens G O 177 N. Washington Circle LF
Claggett Strabo 410 Onwentsia LF
Claghorn Arthur U 550 N. Waukegan LF
Claire Marion 700 Center LB
Clancy Dennis 1533 Bowling Green LF
Clancy Edwin M Jr. 1533 Bowling Green LF
Clark Carroll W 324 Sheridan Pl. LB
Clark Dean M 1760 Knollwood Ln. LF
Clark Edgar W 155 S. Winston LF
Clark Lester A 395 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Clark Owen E 238 Moffett LB
Clark Peter S W. Kennedy Rd. LF
Clark Robert K Jr. 515 Blodgett LB
Clark Robert W 315 Woodland LB
Clark Spencer W 275 E. Noble LF
Clarke Charles 901 N. Church LF
Clarke Helen E South College Campus LF
Clarkson John L 1110 N. Sheridan LF
Clasen Eric O 293 E. Deerpath LF
Classen Edw. F 1282 N. Sheridan LF
Clauson Einar 811 N. Oakwood LF
Clauson Landscaping Elof T 356 E. Scott LF
Clauson Oke 156 E. Westminster LF
Clauson & Winter Upholstering   828 N. Western LF
Clement Franklin G 415 N. Thorne LF
Clemons Lillian M 882 N. Church LF
Clift Melvin F 236 E. Park LF
Clifton John H 535 N. Waukegan LF
Closson John E 987 Inverleith Terrace LF
Clothes Line Inc.   650 N. Western LF
Clough Frank J 981 E. Maplewood LF
Clough Kendall 2685 Half Day LF
Clow Harry Jr. Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Clow Mrs. Harry B 128 Moffett LB
Clow (chauffers residence) Mrs. Harry B 128 Moffett LB
Clow Mrs. J Beach 1550 N. Green Bay LF
Clow (chauffers residence) James C 1550 N. Green Bay LF
Clow Kent S Jr. 1241 Edgewood LF
Clow  Mrs.Kent S 900 N. Green Bay LF
Clow (gardener's residence) Mrs. Kent S 900 N. Green Bay LF
Clow (private garage) Mrs. Kent S 900 N. Green Bay LF
Clow Mrs. Wm E Jr. 721 N. Mayflower LF
Cluxton MD (office) Harley E Jr. 700 N. Michigan Chicago
Cluxton MD (residence) Harley E Jr. 701 Center LB
Coast to Coast Stores   271 E. Market Square LF
Cochran Beauty Salon Jacqueline 255 E. Illinois LF
Cochrane G S 1360 W. Everett LF
Codlin James B 115 Sunset LB
Coffey Barry 1 Moffett LB
Coffey Jack C 81 W. Laurel LF
Coghill R D 503 Simpson LB
Cohn Grocery Max 1005 N. Mckinley LF
Cohn (residence) Max 265 E. Woodland LF
Coiffure Shop   659 N. Bank Lane LF
Colburn John E 321 Crescent LB
Cole Lloyd 1290 S. Telegraph LF
Cole Ralph R 611 Sheridan Rd. LB
Cole Robert C 204 N. Washington Circle LF
Cole Wayne R 766 N.Oakwood LF
Colegrove Bruce W 471 Exeter LF
Coleman Mrs. Elizabeth S 1388 Edgewood LF
Coleman John 1725 S. Telegraph LF
Coleman Joseph A 348 E. Wisconsin LF
Coleman John Jr. 60 N.Western LF
Colton Mrs. Theron 615 Scranton LB
Community Service Liquors   560 N. Western LF
Compere Newton L 941 E. Westminster LF
Compton Green 986 E. Maplewood LF
Condon J A 1380 W. Everett LF
Conger James Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB 
Conley Bernard E 707 Prospect LB
Conley DDS (residence) Henry Q 125 Center LB
Connelly John J 648 S. Waveland LF
Connon Mrs.William 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Connors T A 770 N. Washington Rd. LF
Conrad Virginia 722 N. Western LF
Considine Daniel V 390 E. Onwentsia LF
Convent of the Sacred Heart   700 E. Westleigh LF
Converse John C 613 E. Highview Terrace LF
Conway Vincent A 307 E. Granby LF
Cook Albert C 1645 Bowling Green LF
Cook Granger Jr. 415 E. Deerpath LF
Cook James A 361 Moffett LB
Cooney Frank E Saunders Rd. LF
Coors Helen M 179 E. Park LF
Copithorne William T 65 E. Atteridge LF
Copper E M 40 N. Washington Circle LF
Corbett Richmond M 346 Prospect LB
Corbin H Clark 517 E. Illinois LF
Corbin Harold H Jr. 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Corcoran Florence M 334 E. Westminster LF
Cordery Henry J 405 E. Illinois LF
Cordray MD (office) David P 320 E. Vine LF
Cordray MD (residence) David P 1381 N. Elm Tree LF
Corley Verne 80 N. Green Bay LF
Cornell Orville 318 E. Wisconsin LF
Cornell William C 901 W. Larchmont LF
Corra Orlando P 105 N. Washington Circle LF
Cory Frank S 342 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Cory Helen M 269 E. Market Square LF
Cosand  Phyllis M 250 E. Deerpath LF
Cottingham Helen 76 N. Washington Circle LF
Cottrell Donald C. Jr. 253 E. Vine LF
Cottrell George 329 Sylvan LB
Coulter Mrs.A C 1350 N. Waukegan LF
Country House Inc.   280 E. Deerpath LF
Country Aluminum Products   258 E. Noble LF
Courser Mrs. Mary A 268 E. Market Square LF
Courtney Robert 320 Vincent LB
Coutts John W College Campus LF
Covingtn William S Mellody Rd. LF
Cowles Alfred 225 E. Onwentsia LF
Cowles Knight C 690 N. Green Bay LF
Cowperthwaite William J 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Cox Dorwin L 232 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Cox Ralph 350 Neuman LB
Coy Lumber Co.   1195 N. Conway LF
Craig C A 1100 W. Deerpath LF
Craig E H 1291 N. Edgewood LF
Craig Robert T 1165 W. Deerpath LF
Crane James 139 N. Washington Circle LF
Crawford Clifton 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Crawford Madison L 219 Sheridan Rd. LB
Cray William C 248 Circle LB
Cream Crest Farms   10001 Skokie Blvd. LB
Creative Education Films   40 E. Old Mill LF
Crib Diaper Service of Evanston   234 Dodge Evanston
Croker William J 1546 N. Willow LF
Crone L F 342 E. Granby LF
Crone Lawrence F Jr. 307 E. Granby LF
Crosby Mrs. John Bemer 403 Center LB
Croswell Harry V 75 Wooded Lane LF
Crouch John 465 Holland LF
Crowley William J 1107 N. Griffith LF
Crum C Stanley 19 N. June Terrace LF
Crume M G 502 Prospect LB
Crumpton Bernard 1130 S. Beverly LF
Cudahy Michael 80 N. Green Bay LF
Cummings Mrs. D Mark 1455 N. Lake LF
Cummings (private garage) Mrs. D Mark 1455 N. Lake LF
Cummings (gardener's residence) Mrs. D Mark 1455 N. Lake LF
Cummings Dexter 1460 N. Lake LF
Cummings  Walter J Jr. 215 N. Sheridan LF
Curren Gilbert J 317 Ravine Forest LB
Curtis Edwin Martin Sr. 1060 Winwood LF
Curtis H B 127 Oak Terrace LB
Curtis John G 1305 N. Elm Tree LF
Curtis Paul 506 N. Washington Rd. LF
Curtis Thomas J 622 N. Western LF
Curtiss James 255 E. Illinois LF
Cutler Thomas G 445 E. Deerpath LF
Cypress Room restaurant   732 N. Western LF
Czajkowski Peter 39 Oak Terrace LB
Czernik Casimir 121 Washington LB
Dabney Charles O 360 N. Ahwahnee LF
Dahncke Ray 152 N. Wildwood LF
Daily Clarance A 19 Blodgett LB
Dalitsch MD (residence) Walter William 325 Sylvan LB
Dalton Stanley C 40 Oak Terrace LB
Daluga Thomas 869 N. Mckinley LF
Daly John 739 E. Illinois LF
Daly Rodney O 345 Crescent LB
Dalziel David 1401 N. Green Bay LF
Dalziel David G 766 N. Western LF
Dangler David 155 N. Mayflower LF
Dangler (private garage) David 155 N. Mayflower LF
Dangremond  DDS (office) E Herbert 262 E. Deerpath LF
Dangremond  DDS (residence) E Herbert 342 Scranton LB
Dangremond MD (office) Gerrit 105 Scranton LB
Dangremond MD (residence) Gerrit 345 Scranton LB
Daniels D L 200 Oak Terrace LB
Daniels E H 333 Melody LF
Daniels Mrs. John A 424 North LB
Daniels Mary E 333 Center LB
Danley Philip R F 525 S. Green Bay LF
Dapples Georges H 310 W. Onwentsia LF
Darnall Coleman 505 Green Bay LB
Davenport E C 314 Forest Knoll LB
Davidson Mrs. Charles  316 E. Scott LF
Davidson James Jr. 771 N. Oakwood LF
Davidson Richard W 720 E. Greenbriar LF
Davidson William 133 E. Laurel LF
Davies Marshall 436 S. Green Bay LF
Davies Supply Co.   6601 W. Grand Chicago
Davies William B 365 E. Westleigh LF
Davis Mrs. A N 541 N. Mayflower LF
Davis De Forest Paine 755 N. Washington Rd. LF
Davis Frank 150 E. Woodland LF
Davis Gail W Jr. 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Davis J V 316 N. Telegraph LF
Davis James N 650 E. Northmoor LF
Davis James Nathaniel Jr. 457 E. Briar LF
Davis John C 210 N. Ahwahnee LF
Davis Norman H Jr. 1150 W. Old Mill LF
Davis Robert C 206 Washington LB
Davis Warren T Armour Ct. LB
Dawlin Edw. 547 E. Illinois LF
Dawson Bros. Landscaping   2475 Half Day LF
Dawson James 1621 S. Telegraph LF
Dawson Robert H 336 North LB
Dawson Thomas F Half Day Rd. LF
Day Mark G 108 Scranton LB
Day Mrs. R H 229 Prospect LB
Dayton Frank C 224 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Dayton Jack A 426 Lincoln LB
Dayton's   276 E. Deerpath LF
Dealers Ready Mix Co.   1002 N. Western LF
Dean Mrs.Charles J 274 E. Vine LF
Dean Dwight F 794 E. Illinois LF
Debeh Ali 510 Lincoln LB
DeBellis Toni 877 S. Mckinley LF
DeBree M 707 Quassey LB
Decker Theresa C N Telegraph Rd. LB
Deckert Herbert A College Campus LF
DeCristofer Thomas 715 E. Woodlawn LF
Deerpath Dressmaker   277 E. Deerpath LF
Deerpath Golf Club   390 W. Deerpath LF
Derpath Hairdressing Studio   680 N. Forest LF
Deerpath Inn   255 E. Illinois LF
Deerpath Service Station   193 E. Deerpath LF
Deerpath Theatre   272 E. Deerpath LF
Degan James C 824 Foster LB
DeGreef Brothers Appliances   201 S. Genesee Waukegan
DeHaseth James P 226 Ravine Forest LB
Dehler J L 121 N. Sheridan LF
DeLamarter Mrs. Rubee W 245 E. Deerpath LF
DeLong Charles S 115 N. Green Bay LF
DeMarie Frank 969 W. Everett LF
DeMerlier Edouard 228 W. Witchwood LB
Denison F W Jr. 454 Simpson LB
Denman Laurence 375 N. Washington Rd. LF
Dennehy Charles 436 E. Woodland LF
Dent T A 403 E. Westminster LF
Depauw Achiel 310 E. Noble LF
DePra John 323 Scranton LB
Dern William 463 Glen LB
DeSzameit Mrs.Lester 35 E. Laurel LF
Detchon E R 244 Moffett LB
Detchon Elliott R Jr. 89 E. Deerpath LF
Detchon (private garage) Elliott R Jr. 89 E. Deerpath LF
Deutschmann Rudolph Jr. 670 Edgecote LF
Devers James 101 Skokie Blvd. LB
Deves William J 1441 W. Old Mill LF
Devlin John H 129 Witchwood LB
DeVroeg G W 1335 N. Edgewood LF
Dewees Frank J 120 Woodland LB
Dewey J M 351 E. Westminster LF
DeWulf Maurice J 205 N. Telegraph LB
DeWulf Rene 256 E. Mills LF
Dewyer Mrs. J 1086 W. Conway Rd. LF
DeZemier Charles Jr. 214 W. Sheridan Pl. LB
Dhamer Contractors Robert P 734 E. GreenBriar LF
Dhondt Julius 988 W. Everett LF
Dhondt Julius Jr. 854 W. Everett LF
D'Hultst Alois 331 Grandy LF
D'Hultst Frank 1201 N. Mckinley LF
D'Hultst Jerome  592 E. Ryan LF
Dice Mrs. Harry 760 N. Oakwood LF
Dick Mrs. Albert B jr. 975 N. Lake LF
Dick Albert B III 1200 N. Green Bay LF
Dick C M Jr. Sheridan Rd. LB
Dick Edison 612 E. Woodland LF
Dickey Mark  494 N. Western LF
Dickinson H M Neale 128 Washington LB
Dickinson Wm R Jr. 770 W. Westleigh LF
Dickson Dressmaker Virginia 277 E. Deerpath LF
Diethelm B 40 N. Washington Rd. LF
Dietz Ralph R 1897 N. Waukegan LF
Dilkey Marvin C College Campus LF
Dill Carl F 701 Rockland Ave. LB
Dill Woodrow W 674 Mawman Ave. LB
Dinley James 266 E. Noble LF
Dionne V A 1203 N. Griffith LF
DiTomasso Anthony 941 W. Everett LF
DiTomasso Frank 880 W. Everett LF
Ditzell John F 719 Scranton LB
Ditzler William S 245 Woodland LB
Dixon Arthur 929 E. Spring LF
Dixon James 656 N. Western LF
Dixon P J 8  Scranton LB
Dixon Wesley 95 S. Waukegan LF
Dixon (private garage) Wesley 95 S. Waukegan LF
Dixon Wesley M Jr. 70 W. Laurel LF
Dobbin Mrs.R 140 E. Laurel LF
Dobbins William T 212 W. Washington LB
Doctor's Telephone Exchange   4 S. Genesee Waukegan
Doerfler Madeleine 215 E. Mills Ct. LF
Doering Edmund J 1250 N. Elm Tree LF
Dolan Mrs. L E Patrick 736 E. Highview LF
Dole DO (office) Leslie M 210 E. Westminster LF
Dole DO (residence) Leslie M 600 Center LB
Dole Refrigeration Co.   221 E. Glenwood LF
Dom's Sinclair Service   Skokie Blvd. LF
Donahue John J 307 W. Everett LF
Donahue Robert K  301 Half Day LF
Donald Alanson 142 S. Stone Gate LF
Donegan Mrs. Mary 1308 N. Edgewood LF
Doney Henry E. Green Bay Rd. LB
Donlon Grover P 1270 N. Waukegan LF
Donnelley Mrs. Barnes 475 E. Deerpath LF
Donnelley Elliott 1050 W. Melody LF
Donnelly Mrs. Charles J 400 E. Onwentsia Rd. LF
Donnelly Henry J 923 Rockland Rd. LB
Donnelly Mrs. Jean 243 E. Wisconsin LF
Donohoe Robert E 1590 W. Old Mill LF
Dorband Charles Louis W. Everett Rd. LF
Dorman  W T 24 Washington LB
Dorsey Ira O Estate Ln. LF
Douglas Mrs. Anna 873 N. Summit Ave. LF
Douglas Austin 1155 N. Sheridan LF
Douglas Donald B 980 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Douglas (stables) Donald B 980 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Douglas (private garage) Donald B 980 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Douglas (gardener's residence) Donald B 980 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Douglas James H Jr. 1 N. Stone Gate LF
Douglas Mrs. James H 910 N. Green Bay LF
Douglas (private garage) Mrs James H 954 N. Green Bay LF
Douglas (gardener's residence) Mrs. James H 954 N. Green Bay LF
Douglas Robert 290 E. Deerpath LF
Douglas T K 177 E. Deerpath LF
Douglas William B 686 E. Northmoor LF
Douglas William C 750 N. Mayflower LF
Douglass Mrs. H J 435 E. Deerpath LF
Doull Nellie 910 E. Old Elm LF
Dow George W 10 W. Westleigh LF
Dowdall E J 323 Sheridan Pl. LB
Dowdall Jean 941 N.Oakwood LF
Downey William K 483 E. Illinois LF
Downs Charles S 349 Witchwood LB
Dox Charles E 593 N. Greenvale LF
Doyle Florence 172 E. Atteridge LF
Dragemuller Mrs. Remona C 282 E. Woodland LF
Drake Keith 145 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Drake  Mrs. May 293 E. Deerpath LF
Drake Stafford W W. Old Mill Rd. LF
Dreiske Erwin F 590 N. Western LF
Dresbach Billy 203 Skokie LB
Driggs Frank H 139 Ravine Forest LB
Driscoll Commander George M 332 Prospect LB
Druley Homer L 861 S. Waveland LF
Drummond Harry E 307 North LB
DuBourdieu R J 755 E. Green Briar LF
Duerr Charles C Half Day Rd. LF
Duff Rudolph O 1373 N. Edgewood LF
Dugan Interior Decorator (office) Frank M 287 E. Deerpath LF
Dugan (residence) Frank M 1830 S. Telegraph LF
Duggan Edw 570 N. Oakwood LF
Duggan John H Jr. 699 E. Cherry LF
Duke William H 490 E. College LF
Dunbaven Robert 223 Sheridan Pl. LB
Duncan Miss Mildred 265 E. Market Square LF
Duncon Construction   1533 Bowling Green LF
Dunkerton Russell W 227 Washington Ave. LB
Dunn Earl F 1150 N. Griffith LF
Dunn Mrs. Eugene 1435 N. Mckinley LF
Dunn J E 245 Prospect LB
Dunn James V 1118 N. Griffith LF
Dunn Joseph T 1476 N. Willow LF
Dunn Lester L 290 E. Mills LF
Dunn Mrs. Mary P 1184 N. Griffith LF
Dunn R Garth Jr. 216 Center LB
Dunn Mrs. R Garth 621 Prospect LB
Dunn Ralph 1156 N. Western LF
Dunn Roy W 1069 N. Griffith LF
Dunn William F 365 E. Illinois LF
Dunn William L College Campus LF
Dunnett William 1160 N. Griffith LF
Dunstan Rupert 685 E. Woodlawn LF
Dutch Mill Candies   284 E. Deerpath LF
Dwight James O 400 Center LB
Eagle Julius 350 Woodland LB
Earle John W 610 Center LB
Easter Donald W 750 N. Waukegan LF
Eastin Maurice R 1564 Bowling Green LF
Eastman A D 1272 N. Green Bay LF
Eastwood Thomas L 650 N. Bank Lane LF
Ebert Edw. R 50 S. June LF
Eckdahl Gilbert  26 North LB
Edgren Adolph H 36 North LB
Edmunds Ralph G 39 Sunset Pl LB
Educator Development Corp.   801 Greenbay LB
Edwards Rr Adm Raymond D 122 Hawthorn LB
Efinger Raymond J 449 S. Green Bay LF
Eggan Edwin B 836 W. Everett LF
Eiser Emil A Sheridan Rd. LB
Eiserman J H 350 North LB
Ekdahl George C 80 S. Wooded Lane LF
Ekern George L 246 Ravine Forest LB
Eldridge Huntington 385 E. Wisconsin LF
Electrolux Corp   1800 Central Evanston
Elfering Robert P 232 E. Mills Ct. LF
Elfert Christian 309 Scranton LB
Elkins John R 33 S. June Terrace LF
Ellingsen T B Sheridan Rd. LB
Elliott James H  227 Woodland LB
Ellis Gilbert R 1188 Estate LF
Elmgren David V 1391 S. Telegraph LF
Elmwood Farm (office)   W. Old Mill Rd. LF
Elmwood Farm (brdg house)   499 W.Old Mill LF
Elmwood Farm (cottage)   499 W.Old Mill LF
Elmwood Farm (apt.)   499 W.Old Mill LF
Elmwood Farm (apt.)   1390 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Elmwood Farm (cottage)   1390 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Elstrom Duane R 275 E. Woodland LF
Elting Miss Fleury 620 N. Waukegan LF
Elting Victor Jr. 685 Burton LF
Elting Winston St. Mary's Rd. Libertyville
Elwell Leonard J 590 N. Bank Lane LF
Ely Graham B 527 E. College LF
Ely J Morse 797 N. Sheridan LF
Emerson Lt. C E Jr. 673 Lincoln LB
Emig Howard A 210 E. Vine LF
Emling Charles 1014 W. Washington Ave. LB
Emmons Lt. Col. Robert J 141 Sunset Pl LB
Engle Edgar W 535 Scranton LB
Englund Carl Emmett 2587 Oakwood Ln. LF
Enos John W 350 Hirst Ct. LB
Enright (law office) Edw H 208 S. LaSalle Chicago
Enright (residence) Edw H 490 Exeter LF
Ensley C C 209 Center LB
Enthof E W 881 E. Northmoor LF
Entwisle Robert 190 E. Park LF
Enzinger Mrs. Irene C 1360 W. Old Mill LF
Enzinger (cottage) Mrs. Irene C 1360 W. Old Mill LF
Epley Georgina 622 N. Western LF
Epling Carroll F 43 Scranton LB
Epmeir William F 710 E. Longwood LF
Epstein John H 767 W. Gages Ln. LF
Erdevig Daniel H 325 E. Cherokee LF
Ericksen Robert G 659 Pine LB
Erickson Edw E Jr. 249 Louis LB
Erickson Fred D 579 E. Ryan LF
Erickson Harry E Jr. 374 Briar LB
Erickson John College Campus LF
Erickson Marjorie 401 E. Illinois LF
Erlandson Herbert 38 N. Washington Circle LF
Ermeling Harold F 222 Center LB
Ernest Mrs. Harriet R 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Ernest Nancy 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Ernest W R Jr. 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Ernstemeyer Robert H 753 Rockland Ave. LB
Erwin DVM F B 803 Deerfield Deerfield
Espinosa Ralph A 863 N. Mckinley LF
Eul Charles W Sr. 1265 N. Mckinley LF
Eul Frank V 337 E. Wisconsin LF
Eul Jewell D 726 N. Western LF
Evans John C Milwaukee Ave. Libertyville
Everett Excavating Co.   615 W. Everett LF
Everett Garage   1045 S. Waukegan LF
Everitt Albert 1185 E. Westleigh LF
Exelby Mrs. James T 1515 N. Mckinley LF
Fagen Abel E 1581 W. Old Mill LF
Fain Arthur H 321 E. Wisconsin LF
Fairbairn Mrs.JK 80 S. Maywood LF
Fairbank Livingston Jr. 210 N. Mayflower LF
Fairman Fred W Jr. 935 Melody LF
Faithfull Mrs.Helen Saunders Rd. LF
Falkovich Rosemary 835 N Mckinley LF
Faller Richard W 420 Pine LB
Fanciullo S Y 1100 N. Griffith LF
Fanshier K J 552 Sunrise LB
Faris Ellsworth 1401 N. Green Bay  LF
Farmer E E 330 Ravine Forest LB 
Farmer Robert 295 E. Noble LF
Farnsworth Real Estate (office) Mrs. Ward 260 E. Deerpath LF
Farnsworth (residence) Mrs.Ward 515 N.Oakwood LF
Farrar Eric 1123 Quassey LB
Farwell Albert D 160 E. Onwentsia LF
Farwell Cameron W 765 N. Sheridan LF
Farwell Francis C II 1590 N. Waukegan LF
Farwell Katherine I 765 N. Sheridan LF
Fathauer Arthur T 785 E. Westminster LF
Faulks Herbert R 1465 N. Sheridan LF
Faulks Rufus C College Campus LF
Faunt Insurance (office) C R 33 Scranton LB
Faunt (residence) C R 110 Sunset Pl LB
Felgenhauer Evert 1030 N. Woodbine Pl LF
Fellowes Joyce Davis 135 E. Westminster LF
Fellowes William H 135 E. Westminster LF
Fennelly John F 395 E. Woodland Rd. LF
Fentress Calvin Jr. 965 Castlegate Ct. LF
Fergus William D 805 E. Westminster LF
Ferguson Clarke 243 Center LB
Ferris Leslie C 306 Prospect LB
Ferry Hall  School (North Building)   541 N. Mayflower LF
Ferry Hall School (South Building)   541 N. Mayflower LF
Ferry Hall School (chaperone office)   541 N. Mayflower LF
Ferry Hall School (dietitian office)   541 N. Mayflower LF
Ferry Hall School (infirmary)   541 N. Mayflower LF
Ferry Hall School (principal's office)   541 N. Mayflower LF
Field Joseph N 381 Moffett LB
Field (Marshall Field & Co.)   682 N. Bank Lane LF
Field Marshall Jr. W. Kennedy Rd. LF
Field Stanley 315 Moffett LB 
Field (chauffer's residence) Stanley 315 Moffett LB
Field (private garage) Stanley 315 Moffett LB
Fieldstack Charles R Sheridan Rd. LB
Fiester C D 1540 Greenleaf LF
Fillis Ben E Jr. 515 Scranton LB
Finch Edw H 123 Woodland LB
Fincutter Mrs. John 856 N. Oakwood LF
Findlay Marie Sweet 144 N. Washington Rd. LF
Finegan Mrs. Eugene B 892 E. Highview LF
Fini Ray 755 E. Illinois LF
Finucane John L 611 Prospect LB
Fiore Nurseries Charles Route 22 Prairie View Libertyville
Fiore Nurseries John & Sons 840 S. Waukegan LF
Firestone Bertram R 1550 N. Waukegan LF
First National Bank of Lake Forest   265 E. Deerpath LF
Fisch John 925 N. Sheridan LF
Fischer Theo 538 Center LB
Fischer Charles E 365 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Fisher Frank E 1775 S. Telegraph LF
Fisher J T 659 E. Highview Terrace LF
Fisher R L 571 E. Spruce LF
Fisher William H 579 E. Ryan LF
Fiz-Hugh Mrs. Carter H 567 E. Rosemary LF
Fitzgerald Arthur 1077 N. Griffith LF
Fitzgerald Austen W 90 E. Woodland LF
Fitzgerald C B Jr. 7 N. June Terrace LF
Fitzgerald F Barry 720 N. Oakwood LF
Fitzgerald George J 162 E. Woodland LF
Fitzgerald Plumbing J E 20 S. Winston LF
Fitzgerald Margaret A 80 S. Maywood LF
Fitzgerald Wiliam D 293 E. Rose Terrace LF
Fitzgerald's Cigar Store   260 E. Market Square LF
Fitzsimmons  Donald F 362 Neuman LB
Flach Mrs. Frank 334 E. Glenwood LF
Fleet TV Service   926 N. Western LF
Fleming Joseph B 907 N. Sheridan LF
Flick Joseph S Jr. 1505 N. Sheridan LF
Flo-Mix Fertilizers Corp.   797 N. Sheridan LF
Florsheim Harold M 1820 Saunders LF
Florsheim (kennels) Harold M 1820 Saunders LF
Flosi Adorna 403 Birch Ave. LB
Flynn John J 2010 N. Knollwood Rd. LF
Foale Betty 28 Center LB
Foldvary Oswald E 222 Sheridan Pl LB
Foltz Jefferson E 401 E. Westminster LF
Forest Bootery   284 E. Market Square LF
Forester John P 130 S. Winston LF
Forester Restaurant   990 S. Waukegan LF
Forgan James B Jr. Walden Dr. LF
Forman J Charles 109 Woodland LB
Foster Arthur 206 Center LB
Foster John H 412 Scranton LB
Foster Volney W 335 N. Green Bay LF
Foster William M 309 Prospect LB
Foster  Mrs. William M C 713 Prospect LB
Fouke J Raymond 34 North LB
Fox Joseph F Jr. 235 Louis LB
Fox O I 1530 Bowling Green LF
Fox Mrs. R E 212 E. Westminster LF
Franciscan Fathers   955 E. Ringwood LF
Frangquist Elmer E 665 E. Northmoor LF
Franken Mrs.A J 112 N. Wildwood LF
Frankenstein Lester E 211 S. Green Bay LF
Frary Victor H 570 N. Greenvale LF
Fraser Gordon William 306 Vincent LB
Frederick Kenneth J 420 Simpson LB
Frederick Paul C 116 W. Washington Ave. LB
Frederiksen Mrs. Carrie 1283 N. Edgewood LF
Fredrickson Gustave 36 Sunset Pl LB
Frderickson Stanley r 1260 W. Conway LF
Freeman Edw.M 341 E. Sylvan Rd. LB
Freeman F C 285 E. Rose Terrace LF
Freeman Television Lawrence 648 N. Western LF
Freeman (residence) Lawrence 126 Scranton LB
Frees John R 234 Woodland LB
Fremd Jonathan 1500 W. Kennedy LF
French Dress Shop   159 E. Summit Pl. LF
French  Stuart R 230 N. Mayflower LF
French William N 440 E. Frost Pl. LF
Freytag Elmer W 740 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Freytag (gardener's residence) Elmer W 740 N. Green Bay Rd. LF
Frick Louis 201 Washington Ave. LB
Friestedt F B 1565 W. Everett LF
Frigidaire Sales Corp.   1200 N. Homan Chicago
Frisbie Mrs. Florence W 400 North LB
Fritch Dorothy 422 Ravine LB
Fritch Emil 422 Ravine LB
Frost Margaret 780 N. Bank Lane LF
Frost William Dalrymple 1547 N. Sheridan LF
Frye Mrs. William N 90 N. Washington Circle LF
Fuller Brush Agency   439 Washington Park Waukegan
Furlong P K 721 E. Highview LF
Fyffe Mrs. W J 680 E. Highview LF
Gabanski Thaddeus J 745 E. Green Briar LF
Gage Leslie R 650 S. Waukegan LF
Gaggioli Fred J 1585 N. Mckinley LF
Galassini Alfred 406 Green Bay LF
Galitz Robert J 20 W. Old Mill LF
Galitzine Nicholas 920 N. Church LF
Gallagher Mrs.J E 111 Scranton LB
Gallagher John Jr. 745 E. Northmoor LF
Galloway R H 320 Hirst LB
Gans By-The-Way Restaurant and Motel   Skokie & Rockland Rd. LB
Gansberg Arthur 29 N.Washington Circle LF
Gansberg Walter H 205 N.Sheridan LF
Gantor J F 760 S. Waukegan LF
Gaper's Caterers   16 W. Washington  Chicago
Gapinski Stan 139 S. Wooded LF
Gardner F Sewall 190 N. Sheridan LF
Gardner Fred 19 Washington LB
Gardner Henry K 377 E. Woodland LF
Gardner Robert A 1051 Meadow Lane LF
Gardner (private garage) Robert A 1051 Meadow Lane LF
Gardner Robert A Jr. 666 N. Sheridan LF
Garfield John N Jr. 269 E. Vine LF
Garlington Dr. James C 26 W. Washington Ave. LB
Garnett & Co. Dry Goods   270 E. Market Square LF
Garo's Carpet Centers   277 Green Bay  Wilmette
Garrett James 17 Clover Ln. LB
Garrey Herbert 696 N. Forest LF
Garrigues William E 134 North LB
Garwood H L 1090 N. Edgewood LF
Garwood Victor E 561 Hathaway Circle LF
Gasser Edw Bruce 51 S. Mayflower LF
Gates Myron C 480 W. Westleigh LF
Gathany Van R 786 E. Longwood LF
Gawthrop Alfred 885 E. Maplewood LF
Gayle Rev. Raymond 872 N. Church LF
General Carbon & Chemical Corp.   Saunders Rd. LF
General Research Inc.   801 Greenbay LB
General Rug & Furniture Cleaners   4447 N Kedzie Chicago
Gentile Dr. Carolina 1485 N. Green Bay LF
Gentle Edw. S 217 Washington LB
Gentry Plastering B F 122 Skokie Blvd. LB
George L J 701 Kennington LF
George Leon F 304 Ravine Forest Dr. LB
Gephart Mrs. Ella 775 N. Summit Ave. LF
Geraghty Catherine G 843 N. Mckinley LF
Geraghty Charles T 216 Washington LB
Geraghty Mrs. F J 310 North LB
Geraghty William R 310 North LB
Gerard Mike 763 N. Oakwood LF
Gerichs Walter College Campus LF
Gernenz Ernest W 390 N. Western LF
Gescheidle Arthur Fred 1600 W. Old Mill LF
Getz James R Saunders Rd. LF
Getz (caretaker's residence) Jame R Saunders Rd. LF
Geyser Frederick P MD 630 S. Green Bay LF
Giammaria Carl 833 N. Mckinley LF
Giangiorgi Reno 600 Garfield LB
Gibson George B 1145 N. Green Bay LF
Giertsen E Sutton 676 N. Western LF
Gifford F E Jr. 1390 W. Everett LF
Gilbert Charles W  800 N. Green Bay LF
Gilboy Michael 205 N. Washington Circle LF
Gilchrist Leo W 206 Prospect LB
Giles John O 901 E. Spring LF
Giles (cottage) John O 901 E. Spring LF
Gillette Halbert Scranton 255 E. Foster LF
Gillette Howard 408 E. Illinois LF
Gillette James R 169 N. Washington Circle LF
Gilroy Ernest C 139 Wildwood LF
Gilroy M B 10 N. Waukegan LF
Giovannini Caesar 746 E. Old Elm LF
Girling Kenneth C 251 Park LF
Girton Evan W 381 E. Hilldale LF
Gist Joseph P 1282 N. Edgewood LF
Gizzi Sam 107 Woodland LB
Gladden H A 622 Timber LF
Gladding Herbert C 80 S. Maywood LF
Glader Victor 36 W. Sheridan Pl LB
Gladwin Mrs. Harold 50 E. Deerpath LF
Gladwin (private garage) Mrs. Harold 50 E. Deerpath LF
Glasel E S Jr. 1500 N. Sheridan LF
Glasel Warren B 363 Hirst LB
Glasgow  Robert J 255 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Gleed Thomas B 1499 N.Mckinley LF
Gleiser Lorenz 1066 N. Griffith LF
Glenn-Lake Forest Dressmaker   165 E. Deerpath LF
Glore Charles F Jr. 170 N. Mayflower LF
Glore Mrs. Charles F 255 N. Maple Ct. LF
Glore R H 600 N. Mayflower LF
Gloss Gunter 316 Forest Knoll LB
Glover Al 254 E. Park LF
Glover Alex 122 N. Wildwood LF
Glover Mrs. Dorothy O 359 Hirst LB
Glover Rodney C 116 Washington LB
Gluntz Capt. Marvin 217 Sheridan Pl. LB
Glusic John W 128 E. Laurel LF
Glynn Jerry 735 S. Green Bay LF
Glynn John S 1177 N. Mckinley LF
Goeldner Otto 107 N. Washington Rd. LF
Goeldner Paul 107 N. Washington Rd. LF
Goetz Philip W 213 Scranton LB
Goldblatt Joel 2000 W. Old Mill LF
Golden L P 356 N. Green Bay LF
Goldsmith Alvin 310 Ravine Forest LB
Goldstein Benjamin 233 Hancock LB
Goodhue F W Jr. 683 E. Greenview Pl. LF
Goodman Richard Jr. 420 Lincoln LB
Goodrich Duard V Golf Ln. LF
Goodwin A J Jr. 1596 W. Old Mill LF
Gorman William A 403 Evanston LB
Gorter James P Saunders Rd. LF
Gorter Mrs. T. Poultney 255 E. Illnois LF
Goss R C 1530 N. Greenleaf LF
Gourley Arthur J 130 Scranton LB
Gourley Mrs. William 215 Scranton LB
Grabinski Betty J 305 Center LB
Grace Henry 221 Scranton LB
Grace Methodist Church   244 Center LB
Grady John A 580 N. Oakwood LF
Graff Mrs. T W 435 E. Illinois LF
Graff Bus Line Inc. W N. Telegraph Rd. LF
Graffis Herbert B Bradley Rd. LF
Graham Donald J 1365 S. Telegraph LF
Graham W E 143 E. Atteridge LF
Granger Mrs. A 890 N. Sheridan LF
Grannis Dustin 857 N. Summit Ave. LF
Grannis Uri B 550 E. Rosemary LF
Grant & Grant   252 E. Deerpath LF
Grassman Robert I 901 Safford LB
Graves Robert C College Campus LF
Gray Mrs. Mckinley H 659 E. Northmoor LF
Gray Mrs. W W 994 N. Meadow LF
Gray Walter C 24 E. Washington LB
Grayvan Storage Inc. (sales office)   500 N. Dearborn Chicago
Grayvan Storage Inc. (warehouse)   1217 W. Morse Chicago
Great Lakes Foundation   502 N. Telegraph LB
Green Raymond D 421 E. Spruce LF
Greenberger Milton 600 N. Telegraph LB
Greenberger (farm residence) Milton 600 N. Telegraph LB
Greene Earl J 1241 S. Waukegan LF
Greene Edw 338 E. Wisconsin LF
Greene Kenneth E 307 Neuman LB
Greene's Supermarket   896 S. Waukegan LF
Gregg Harold E Jr. 420 E. North LB
Gregory & Son Sheet Metal Work L R 998 N. Western LF
Gregory Mildred 689 E. Illinois LF
Grembowicz Eugene T 265 E. Niles LF
Greve Robert M 995 N. Woodbine Pl LF
Greyvan Store Inc. (warehouse)   1217 W. Morse Chicago
Griffen Arthur L 1024 S. Waveland LF
Griffeth Stewart D 890 W. Deerpath LF
Griffin Edwin J 1151 W. Deerpath LF
Griffis Bros. General Contractors   216 E. Wisconsin LF
Griffis D A 351 Hirst Ct. LB
Griffis Drug Store   680 N. Western LF
Griffis  Harold 994 W. Inverlieth  LF
Griffis James A 112 E. Woodland LF
Griffis James A Jr. 344 Cherokee LF
Griffis Kenneth 1060 N. Griffith LF
Griffis Roland E 883 N. Summit LF
Griffis Wesley H 906 Talbot LB
Griffis Willis III 201 Park Ln. LB
Griffis Willis W 827 N. Oakwood LF
Griffith real Estate Inc. John 678 N. Western LF
Griffith real Estate Inc. John 12 Scranton LB
Griswold George B 616 E. Ryan LF
Groenke Theo A 1199 Ranch LF
Groff John K 1451 N. Sheridan LF
Gross John M 621 E. College LF
Grost L H 230 North LB
Gruenstein S W W. Conway Rd. LF
Grumbling R J 270 E. Deerpath LF
Grunewald Capt. Alvin H 213 Washington LB
Gudgeon William J 311 E. Cherokee LF
Guelich M J 415 S. Sheridan LF
Guenin Herbert F Jr. 156 S. Winston LF
Guess Stewart 941 E. Westminster LF
Gunnersen Brothers Decorating   494 N. Oakwood LF
Gunnersen Svend 494 N. Oakwood LF
Gunneson William G 50 Center LB
Gunther Charles E 1530 Estate LF
Gunthorp Richard G 710 S. Greenbay LF
Gustafson Carl 508 Gurney LB
Gustafson Simon 1445 N. Edgewood LF
Gutzler Elbert 1096 S. GreenBay LF
Guynn Bernice O 231 Louis LB
Gyllenberg Bert 7 Eva Tr. LB
Gyllenberg Mrs. Lee 182 N. Washington Circle LF
Haake Fred 353 Vincent LB
Haas John 1015 S. Waveland LF
Hack Raymond B 314 Prospect LB
Haffner Charles C Jr. 902 N. Green Bay LF
Haffner (chauffer's residence) Charles C Jr. 902 N. Green Bay LF
Haffner (gardener's residence) Charles C Jr. 902 N. Green Bay LF
Hafner John O 244 Woodland LB
Hahm Herbert W 551 Prospect LB
Hahn Bros. Community Grocery and Market   672 N. Western LF
Haigh Dan W 995 S. Waveland LF
Hailand Arthur G Jr. 10 S. GreenBay LF
Haime George 136 Sunset Pl. LB
Haines Dwight 327 E. Wisconsin LF
Haines Edw. M 1901 S. Telegraph LF
Haines Paul K 1520 Greenleaf LF
Haldrup Sigurd Half Day Rd. LF
Hale G E 91 N. Washington Circle LF
Hale Jerry W 270 E. Deerpath LF
Hall Dudley 165 N. Green Bay LF
Hall George 928 N. Oakwood LF
Hall J H 533 Prospect LB
Hall Lowell D 306 Woodland LB
Hall Marjorie E 789 N. Mckinley LF
Hall Max 505 North LB
Hall Walter C 508 Ravine LB
Hallgren Leonard 933 N. Oakwood LF
Halliday David 810 E. Illinois LF
Hallstrom  Gunnar 1575 W. Everett LF
Haltenhoff Donald F 236 1/2 North LB
Haltenhoff W C 117 N. Washington Rd. LF
Hamblet Gilbert Burris Ave. LB
Hamer Electrical Contractor H L 735 N. Mckinley LF
Hamill Mrs. Alfred E 620 N. Washington Rd. LF
Hamilton Julia Mae 415 N. Washington Rd. LF
Hamilton L F 290 E. Vine LF
Hamilton M J 590 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Hamister Don B 80 S. Winston LF
Hamlin Kenneth E 318 Witchwood Ln. LB
Hamline John H W. Lake Street LF
Hamline (caretaker's residence) John H W. Lake Street LF
Hamm William 215 Saunders LF
Hammond Mrs. Luther 577 E. Spruce LF
Hammond William P III 606 E. Old Elm LF
Hancock Albert G 1555 N. Willow LF
Hancox Joseph J 337 Woodland LB
Hank Hans 180 E. Old Elm LF
Hanke Alvin H College Campus LF
Hannaford Foster Jr. 617 Lincoln LB
Hannah G G 381 E. Deerpath LF
Hannahs Roy E 15 S. Wooded LF
Hanner Eugene 340 North LB
Hanratty Donald 1165 S. Telegraph LF
Hansen Arthur Stedry Consulting Actuaries   1080 Green Bay Rd. LB
Hansen & Son Contractors Chris 350 E. Ravine Park LF
Hansen Dorothy 327 Granby LF
Hansen George 238 E. Wisconsin LF
Hansen George Jr. 304 E. Noble LF
Hansen Henry Jr. 41 S. June Terrace LF
Hansen Mrs. Henry E 245 E. Noble LF
Hansen Jacob C 82 E. Woodland LF
Hansen Jerrold S 113 E. Atteridge LF
Hansen John A 1259 W. Old Mill LF
Hansen Norman A 1575 N. Sheridan LF
Hansen Paul C 376 E. Scott LF
Hansen Peter M 891 E. Walden Ln. LF
Hansen Vending And Supply   304 E. Noble LF
Hansen & Verhand Contractors   3104 Skokie Valley Rd. LB
Hansen Dairy William 20 Scranton LB
Hansen's Ivy Inn   238 E. Wisconsin LF
Hansen's Radio Service   234 E. Wisconsin LF
Hanson Einer 950 E. Spring LF
Hanson Gustave 727 E. Greenview LF
Hanson Kenneth H 955 Melody LF
Hanson Peter A Bradley Rd. LF
Hantke Richard W 8 College Campus LF
Hantover Capt. Matthew J 427 Green Bay LB
Hard Lawrence A 1535 N. Willow LF
Harding James C 473 E. Illinois LF
Harding Joseph C 423 Adelphia LB
Harding William H 359 E. Wisconsin LF
Hardy Robert P 28 Witchwood LB
Harham Farm   1820 Saunders LF
Harham Kennels   1820 Saunders LF
Harkins Sheila A 517 Scranton LB
Harlan Realtor (office) E Kenney 104 Scranton LB
Harlan (Residence) E T 618 Maple LB
Harlan William B 501 Blodgett LB
Harman Lester 734 E. Greenview LF
Harmon John H 900 E. Illinois LF
Harnden Harry A 357 Hirst LB
Harper Paul C 493 E. Illinois LF
Harrington F 330 E. Scott LF
Harrington Norman B 512 Moffett LB
Harris Arthur J 390 N. Western LF
Harris Charles G 150 E. Westminster LF
Harris  John F 469 N. Oakwood LF
Harris Mrs. Lydia 268 E. Market Square LF
Harris Rodger D 275 N. Mayflower LF
Harris Mrs. Roscoe E College Campus LF
Harris Sunnie 421 E. Spruce LF
Harrison Carter Jr. 215 N. Sheridan LF
Harrison MD (office) Glen H 307 Washington Waukegan
Harrison MD (residence) Glen H 148 N Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Harrison Mrs. Glen H 148 N Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Harriss James Binford Jr. 406 E. Westminster LF
Harry's Beauty Salon   272 E. Market Square LF
Hart Shaw & Co. Real Estate   260 E. Deerpath LF
Hartzo S A 16 College Campus LF
Harvey William F 300 Prospect LB
Harvick Ray P 642 E. Greenview Pl. LF
Haskins Sidney G 51 W. Old Elm LF
Hasler Mrs. Edw. L 185 E. Vine LF
Hasler (gardener's residence) Mrs. Edw. L 185 E. Vine LF
Hasler Wyndham 437 N. Green Bay LF
Hassell Richard A 220 E. Park LF
Hastings John J 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Hastings Robert D Jr. 910 W. Old Elm LF
Hatch C B 356 Lincoln LB
Hawkes William J 1539 Greenleaf LF
Hawkins Kenneth A 875 Walden Ln. LF
Haynsworth C G 430 N. Washington Rd. LF
Hazel George R 409 Witchwood LB
Hazen Theo D 2021 Knollwood Rd. LF
Heaney William J Sr. 128 N. Wildwood LF
Hearn G G 1144 Ranch LF
Heath Elisabeth 270 S. Western LF
Heating Service   444 Central Highland Park
Hebard Storage Warehouses   6331 N. Broadway Chicago
Hecht Frederick Charles 611 E. Woodland LF
Hedberg H 1467 N. Mckinley LF
Hedfors Bert 171 N. Washington Rd. LF
Hedrick E R 2574 Hickory LF
Heeren Jack W 1500 W. Old Mill LF
Heerens  Paul 132 Oak Terrace LB
Heggerty Therese 327 E. Wisconsin LF
Hegman William F 314 Briar LB
Heiliger Edw.  713 Ravine LB
Heine Albert H 204 N. Telegraph LF
Heine Carl Burris Ave. LB
Heine Mrs. G E 90 E. Westminster LF
Heine Herman 50 N. Washington Rd. LF
Heine Herman Jr. 74 E. Westminster LF
Heine William H 71 N. Washington Rd. LF
Hein's Women's Apparel   111 N. Genesee Waukegan
Heiser Stephen J 300 Bradley LF
Heitman Printing Co   596 N. Western LF
Helanders   248 E. Market Square LF
Helliwell Charles H 312 Louis LB
Helming C F 210 North LB
Helton Mary 820 Foster LB
Hemingway H J 360 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Hemingway (gardener's residence) H J 360 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Henderson Real Estate Mrs. Ruth 260 E. Deerpath LF
Henderson Mrs. Ruth 448 Gurney LB
Hendrickson Howard W 1180 S. Ridge LF
Hendricksen Harold 1014 S. Ridge  LF
Henrickson Vernie E 610 Sunrise LB
Henrie Mrs. Jane 140 E. Old Mill LF
Henriksen Hans 789 N. Mckinley LF
Henry C Wolcott 1212 N. Sheridan LF
Henry H M 1350 N. Waukegan LF
Henry Huntington B 390 N. Green Bay LF
Henry Gordon J 241 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Henry  Dr. Warren B 1199 N. Edgewood LF
Hensel George 351 E. Wisconsin LF
Hensel Mrs. Nick 58 N. Washington Rd. LF
Hensley Philip M 218 Sheridan Pl LB
Hentges Daniel 406 E. Westminster LF
Hentges (caretaker's residence) Daniel 406 E. Westminster LF
Herdener John 119 E. Laurel LF
Herrick Warren R 865 N. Oakwood LF
Herrling Robert 1111 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Herron Col. Lawrence A 1221 S. Telegraph LF
Hertle Elma C 1231 W. Everett LF
Hesler Robert D  339 Scranton LB
Hesler William J 2750 W. Old Mill LF
Hess Phyllis 496 E. Ryan LF
Hesterman Thomas W 1083 N. Griffith LF
Hetlinger Bros. Cities Service   S. Waukegan Rd. LF
Heuer John O 306 Louis LB
Heuser Fred O 514 N. Northern LB
Heywood Gene B 1700 Saunders LF
Heyworth James O Old School Rd. Libertyville
Hicks Paul E 1091 N. Griffith LF
Hiett Leon 560 S. Oakwood LF
Higgins George W 309 North LB
Higgins Harold 663 Mawman LB
Higgins Harry 262 E. Deerpath LF
Higgins Ralph S 237 E. Noble LF
Highland Park Market   607 Central Ave. Highland Park
Highland Park Animal Hospital   1460 Skokie Valley Highland Park
Hild Easson 191 N. Sheridan LF
Hildebrand Carl 1565 N. Willow LF
Hilker Harold William 1401 W. Everett LF
Hill Boyd 1210 Sheridan LF
Hill Donald A 1192 N. Griffith LF
Hill Ivan S 125 North LB
Hill Larry E DDS 930 S. Green Bay LF
Hill Roy L Jr. Louis St. LB
Hill Architect Sheldon 179 E. Deerpath LF
 Hill (residence) Sheldon 930 S. Green Bay LF
Hill Stacy H 132 S. Green Bay LF
Hill Top Farm Nursing Home   502 N. Telegraph LB
Hills C C 746 E. Greenview LF
Hindle William H 16 Birch Ave. LB
Hines Lumber Co.   1641 Oakwood Ave. Highland Park
Hines Lumber Co. Robert L 164 N. Western LF
Hinger Harvey 45 E. Laurel LF
Hinman Glidden 550 Center LB
Hintz Donald S 692 E. Woodlawn LF
Hintz Donald W 1110 Muir LB
Hiscox H G 136 N. Washington Circle LF
Hiscox Myron 251 E. Noble LF
Hiscox Raymond W 257 E. Market Square LF
Hitchcock Estelle B 317 Center LB
Hixon Mrs. F P 999 Walden Ln. LF
Hixon Mrs. Robert  506 E. Walnut LF
Hjelte Osborne 855 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Hochhalter Gideon 713 Jenkisson LB
Hodgen Earle L 50 S. Maywood LF
Hodges Col. Duncan 1078 N. Edgewood LF
Hodgkins Robert C 918 Muir LB
Hodgkins W Press 123 S. Stone Gate LF
Hodgkins William P Jr. 1110 N. Sheridan LF
Hoelter Gerhard 37 Ravine Forest LB
Hoffman Andrew 669 Mawman LB
Hoffman beauty parlor Helen 32 Center LB
Hoffman (residence) Helen 17 Shagbark LB
Hoffmann Anton R 821 E. Northmoor LF
Hoffmann real estae Frank J Jr. 678 N. Western LF
Hoffmann Mrs. Griffith 776 N. Greenbay LF
Hofmaier Martin 716 Smith LB
Hohlfelder Esther 34 Center LB
Hohm Fred W 658 Rockland Ave. LB
Holland Furnace Co.   4331 Elston Ave. Chicago
Holland  James R Jr. 780 E. Greenview Pl. LF
Holland  Ray L 505 Exeter LF
Hollands Blanche E 941 N. Oakwood LF
Hollis Dr. Robert H 230 W. Onwentsia LF
Holmes Charlotte 376 E. Spruce LF
Holmes G P Jr. 907 Washington LB
Holmes & Jewell Trucking   907 Washington LB
Holmwall Everett 15 Washington Ave. LB
Holstein A G 345 Sylvan LB
Holt Ellen 570 N. Sheridan LF
Holt (gardener's residence) Ellen 570 N. Sheridan LF
Holt John 405 E. Spruce LF
Holt McPherson 630 N. Washington Rd. LF
Holyfield Emmett R 805 Muir LB
Hoogesteger Howard H 4 College Campus LF
Hooker Enoch Ensley 51 S. Mayflower LF
Hooker John P 1115 E. Illinois LF
Hooper William T Jr. 520 N. Western LF
Hopps  Miss Jane 210 Center LB
Horan Thomas R 106 E. Westminster LF
Hord Stephen Y 450 W. Deerpath LF
Horn John S 717 Birch Rd LB
Horne Fred H 541 Prospect LB
Horvatinovich Margaret C 203 Skokie LB
Hough Cecil H 285 E. Deerpath LF
House of Marble   3217 N. Harlem Chicago
House of Steele Restaurant   N. Telegraph Rd. LB
House W H Half Day Rd. LF
Houston A 319 Blodgett LB
Houte Clarence 1091 N. Griffith LF
Hoversten M T 451 E. Illinois LF
Howard Francis D 771 N. Green Bay LF
Howe Lawrence W 1012 S. Waveland LF
Howland John R 1167 N. Sheridan LF
Hoy R K 599 N. Burton LF
Hoye J M 51 S. Mayflower LF
Hoyt Edith M 1030 N. Woodbine Pl LF
Huband Ralph W 705 S. Green Bay LF
Hubbard Otis L 555 E. Woodland LF
Hubbard Otis L Jr. 308 E. Scott LF
Huber Glass Co. C J 3111 52nd Kenosha
Huber Electrical Contractors   251 E. Market Square LF
Huber Kenneth W 1491 N. Edgewood LF
Hubert Mrs. John 653 N . Bank Lane LF
Hubertz H L 495 S. Green Bay LF
Huboi Elsa A 146 E. Woodland LF
Hugg Charles 307 Blodgett LB
Hughes John 153 N. Wildwood LF
Hughes John E 2 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Hughes John Wing 71 S. Stonegate Rd. LF
Hughes Martin C Jr. 1370 N. Sheridan LF
Hughes Oil Co.   155 N. Wacker Dr. Chicago
Huhnke John Sr. 845 N. Oakwood LF
Huhnke Thomas E 755 N. Oakwood LF
Hulburd DeForest 115 Moffett LB
Hume Robert C M 1920 S. Telegraph LF
Hummer Mrs. Charles A 338 E. Westminster LF
Humphrey David M 30 S. Sheridan LF
Hunstiger Oscar 331 E. Greenwood LF
Hunt James W 31 W. Washington Ave. LB
Hunter Rev. Richard E 10 College Campus LF
Hunter Thomas Benton III 139 N. Green Bay LF
Hunting Florence 983 W. Parkmead LF
Hurd Edward A Jr. 1304 N. Elm Tree LF
Hurd Elliott Jr. 1438 N. Sheridan LF
Hurd Ferris E 452 E. Illinois LF
Hurlbutt Jean  11 Shagbark LB
Hurley Mrs. John R 210 N. Maple LF
Hurley Phyllis 555 E. Spruce LF
Huss John O 1136 S. Waveland LF
Hutcheson Harold R 18 College Campus LF
Hutchins Chauncey K 1380 N. Elm Tree LF
Hutton Lloyd W Sheridan Rd. LB
Huzel Miss Yvonne C 269 E. Market Square LF
Hvale L G 421 Simpson LB
Hydro-Therm Co. Inc. Heating   615 W. Everett LF
Ibbotson DDS (office) E H 320 E. Vine LF
Ibbotson DDS (residence) E H 886 N. Oakwood LF
Ideal Barber Shop   286 E. Deerpath LF
Illich George M Jr. 573 E. Westminster LF
Illich Howard S 305 Scranton LB
Illinois Bell Telephone Co.   283 E. Deerpath LF
Immermann E William MD 1866 Sheridan Rd. Highland Park
Ingle Donald W 331 Woodland LB
Ingram Mrs. Carl Edward South Campus LF
Ingram Dwight 1284 N. Sheridan LF
Ingram  Hector S DDS 170 N. Washington Circle LF
Inman David 254 E. Rose Terrace LF
Inserra Joseph 691 W. Everett LF
Insulation Magazine   718 N. Western LF
Iredale Moving and Storage   1723 Benson Ave. Evanston
Ireland John W 345 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Irwin John R 8 N. June Terrace LF
Isham George S 245 E. Vine LF
Isham Henry P 999 N. Lake LF
Isham Henry P Jr. 117 E. Westminster LF
Isham Ralph N 205 Moffett LB
Isham Robert T 540 E. Crab Tree LF
Ivey Mrs. Jean 635 E. Illinois LF
Ivey Rufus 635 E. Illinois LF
Jacks  Edward 1955 S. Telegraph LF
Jackson Adolph 1000 N. Waukegan LF
Jackson Archie R 1596 W. Old Mill LF
Jackson ( superintendent residence) Arthur S 1400 N. Waukegan LF
Jackson Claude A 120 E. Laurel LF
Jackson Mrs. David H 594 N. Western LF
Jackson Fred E 643 E. Greenview LF
Jackson DDS Glenn 320 E. Vine LF
Jackson Lee W 555 E. Illinois LF
Jackson Rene L 405 Glen LB
Jackson Valdemor 1185 E. Westleigh LF
Jacobs W A 1530 W. Old Mill LF
Jacobs Byron C 979 E. Maplewood LF
Jacobs David D 754 Oak Ave. LB
Jacobs Harvey W 410 Prospect LB
Jacobsen John S 1700 N. Waukegan LF
Jacobson Leonard J 1113 Quassey LB
Jahnke Florist Herman Jr. 194 E. Westminster LF
Jaicks Real Estate Mrs. Kathryn 266 E. Deerpath LF
Jaicks Mrs. Kathryn 165 E. Deerpath LF
Jaklon P H 227 N. Maple LF
James Jack Alan 810 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Janowitz Finest Foods   293 E. Illinois LF
Janowitz Louis H 291 E. Illinois LF
Januz C P 340 E. Greenwood LF
Jacques Willard K 85 E. Westminster LF
Jeffrey Earl C 615 Prospect LB
Jelke John F 645 E. Westminster LF
Jelke (caretaker's residence) John F 645 E. Westminster LF
Jelly Walter H 295 W. Mellody LF
Jenkin George 371 E. Ravine Park LF
Jenkin Inez E 1 N. Stone Gate LF
Jenkins Edmund M 990 Northcliff LF
Jensen Alma N 24 N. Washington Circle LF
Jensen Einer 150 E. Woodland LF
Jensen Frank  1240 N. Edgewood LF
Jensen Frank T Jr. 355 E. Ravine Park LF
Jensen Frederick A 341 E. Wisconsin LF
Jensen H 1860 S. Telegraph LF
Jensen Harald C 363 Foss LB
Jensen James W 977 N. Mckinley LF
Jensen Lawrence 264 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Jensen Martin 367 E. Wisconsin LF
Jensen Peter 851 N. Oakwood LF
Jensen's Boot Shop   261 E. Market Square LF
Jeria Luis H Jr. 513 Moffett LB
Jerik Dale 258 E Noble LF
Jerner Jerry 25 N. Washington Circle LF
Jessopp Dudley F 1360 N. Elm Tree LF
Jewell Seth W 370 Hirst LB
Jiles George 449 E. Spruce LF
Joesel Richard 1211 S. Telegraph LF
Johansen Mrs. E L 325 Scranton LB 
Johanson Carl 454 N. Oakwood LF
Johansson I O 300 E. Greenwood LF
Johnsen Mrs. A W 343 E. Scott LF
Johnsen Albert 889 N. Mckinley LF
Johnsen Walter E 160 E. Deerpath LF
Johnson Anna M 524 E. Illinois LF
Johnson Arthur 161 N. Wildwood LF
Johnson Augusta 136 E. Woodland LF
Johnson Bruce J 1234 N. Edgwood LF
Johnson Mrs. C E 249 E. Market Square LF
Johnson Charlie C 293 E. Deerpath LF
Johnson Donald C 110 Scranton LB
Johnson E L 595 E. Illinois LF
Johnson Carpentry Elmer  N 494 E. Briar LF
Johnson Ernest A 9 College Campus LF
Johnson Eugene W 41 North LB
Johnson DDS F W 540 N. Milwaukee Libertyville
Johnson Harry W 130 Prospect LB 
Johnson (office) Henry 280 E. Illinois LF
Johnson (residence) Henry 981 N. Mckinley LF
Johnson Irving A 700 E. Old Elm LF
Johnson James J 5 Oxford LF
Johnson John 1785 S. Telegraph LF
Johnson Keith 496 E. Ryan LF
Johnson Melvin L 130 Ravine Forest LB
Johnson Tree Experts Nels J 912 Pitner Evanston
Johnson Restaurant Phil 49 Waukegan Northbrook
Johnson Vacuum Cleaners Ray 942 Deerfield Rd. Highland Park
Johnson Ronald R 711 E. Greenview LF
Johnson S R 930 Morningside LF
Johnson & Sons Standard Service   280 E. Illinois LF
Johnson Walter E 130 Center LB
Johnston Fred B 360 N. Mayflower LF
Johnston Hart 1300 N. Elm Tree LF
Johnston Hulburd 319 Crescent LB
Johnston Ray C MD 619 Garfield LB
Johnston Robert M Jr. 80 N. Washington Circle LF
Johnstone Alex 26 North LB
Jolly  Eva Josephine 35 Washington LB
Jones A W 841 N. Mckinley LF
Jones Edward Jr. 711 E. Illinois LF
Jones Ehron J 293 E. Deerpath LF
Jones Glenn G 24 E. Washington LB
Jones Gwethalyn 500 N. Green Bay LF
Jones (annex) Gwethalyn 500 N. Green Bay LF
Jones (gardener's residence) Gwethalyn 500 N. Green Bay LF
Jones (private garage) Gwethalyn 500 N. Green Bay LF
Jones (private stables) Gwethalyn 500 N. Green Bay LF
Jones Owen Barton 10 W. Deerpath LF
Jones (gardener's residence) Owen Barton 50 W. Deerpath LF
Jones Robert 230 Sheridan Pl LB
Jones Roy E 370 Lincoln LB
Jonsson Gregor 950 E. Westleigh LF
Jonsson's Fine Sea Food   1856 1st Highland Park
Joor William G 627 E. Highview LF
Jordan Alfonso 685 Oakwood LF
Jordan Lt. Comdr. Harold L 130 N. High Holborn LF
Jordan Mrs. J W 713 E. Illinois LF
Jordan Washington 441 E. Spruce LF
Jorjorian Nishan B 1012 Safford LB
Joyce A J 501 Prospect LB
Joytime Nursery School   50 S. Maywood LF
Judge & Dolph Ltd. Liquors   521 S. Elmwood Waukegan
Judson Clay 1230 N. Green Bay LF
Juergens & Co. Jewelers William F 31 N. State Chicago
Juhl Gordon A 213 Park Lane LB
Juhrend Decorating Herman A 736 N. Western LF
Juhrend  Mrs. Katherine L 145 N. Washington Circle LF
Julian David 290 E. Deerpath LF
Julian Harold W 621 N. Mckinley LF
Julian John 80 S. Maywood LF
Julian Mrs. Margaret 1264 N. Oakwood LF
Julian Waldron 262 E. Market Square LF
Junior League Bookshop   682 N. Bank Lane LF
Just Ward F 2001 Knollwood Rd. LF
Justice Achille Sr. 346 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Kadison MD Elmer R 711 N. Mckinley LF
Kaether James E 300 Woodland LB
Kahle Earl F 82 E. Atteridge LF
Kaiser Roland G 200 Center LB
Kalhoefer Edwin Upton Rd. LB
Kalter Robert P 198 N. Wildwood LF
Kane Thomas J 399 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Kaney A W 780 W. Deerpath LF
Kaplan MD Sidney J 320 E. Vine LF
Kapschull C C Jr. 519 E. Ryan LF
Karnes Bernice E 175 N. King Muir LF
Karsten Fred R 449 E. Frost Pl LF
Karsten Mrs. Julius 338 E. Scott LF
Karsten Plumbing Robert J 94 E. Westminster LF
Karsten William 355 E. Wisconsin LF
Karstrom J O Jr. 1300 N. Waukegan LF
Karzas Byron C 244 W. Sheridan Pl LB
Katalinich Louis  15 Shagbark LB
Kay John Jr. 1011 Safford LB
Keaggy John W 360 Hirst LB
Kearney MD (office) Peter J 198 E. Westminster LF
Kearney MD (residence) Peter J 1090 N. Waukegan LF
Kearns DMD (office) George E 711 N. Mckinley LF
Kearns DMD (residence) George E 525 W. Deerpath LF
Kearns John S 1161 Valley LF
Keenan K M 142 E. Atteridge LF
Keenan Phillips 123 Ravine Forest LB
Keene Rogers C 460 N. Waukegan LF
Kehias Georgia 722 N. Western LF
Keig Joseph Jr. 499 N. Washington Rd. LF
Keister Clarence 1490 N. Willow LF
Keith Fred W. Jr. 26 Washington LB
Keith Stanley 1315 N. Lake LF
Keith (tennis courts) Stanley 1235 N. Elm Tree LF
Keith (gardener's residence) Stanley 1235 N. Elm Tree LF
Keith (private garage) Stanley 1315 N. Lake LF
Kelder Peter N 406 E. Westminster LF
Kelleher John F 935 N. Green Bay LF
Keller Harry R 310 Woodland LB
Keller Louis A 14 College Campus LF
Kelley  Albert 185 N. Washington Circle LF
Kelley  Alex 473 E. Illinois LF
Kelley  Arthur G  161 N. Washington Circle LF
Kelley  Donald 441 E. Frost Pl LF
Kelley  Frank J III 450 E. Wisconsin LF
Kelley  Gordon J 177 N. Washington Circle LF
Kelley  Kenneth W 770 S. Waukegan LF
Kelley  Leslie A 356 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Kelley  Mrs. M Cotton 1801 Knollwood Ln. LF
Kelley  Ralph D Jr. 420 Sunrise LB
Kelley  Mrs. Ralph D 307 Ravine Forest LB
Kelley  Robert I 840 E. Longwood LF
Kelley  Russell P 660 N. Sheridan LF
Kellner Ted J 281 E. Deerpath LF
Kellogg John P Little St. Mary's Rd. Libertyville
Kellogg Richard C Bradley Rd. LF
Kelly Alex F 137 E. Atteridge LF
Kelly John M Estate Ln. LF
Kelly Katherine 870 N. Oakwood LF
Kempner Jean H W. Conway Rd. LF
Kendler Robert W 1020 Walden Ln. LF
Keneshe Jack Alan 714 Mawman LB
Kennedy Mrs. Doris W 885 E. Longwood LF
Kennedy H A 315 Circle LB
Kennedy Joseph R 139 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Kennedy Lesley 441 E. Westminster LF
Kennedy Margaret M 805 W. Kennedy LF
Kennedy Richard L Jr. 725 N. Sheridan LF
Kennedy Walker W 3 College Campus LF
Kennedy  William B 255 E. Glenwood LF
Kennedy's Texaco Service   260 E. Illinois LF
Kennett Maynard W 1221 Estate LF
Kenyon Bruce W 129 Ravine Forest LB
Kenyon R W 50 N. Western LF
Keown Paul K 7 Washington LB
Kerman MD Willard Z 711 N. Mckinley LF
Kerr Bernice 343 E. Scott LF
Kerrigan Francis  334 E. Granby LF
Kerrigan Frank R 293 E. Deerpath LF
Kerrigan Mrs. Julia C 144 E. Westminster LF
Kerwin Charles C 994 N. Meadow LF
Kessler Chester M 106 Ravine Forest LB
Kessler Decorating Kaspar 322 E. Wisconsin LF
Kessler Richard H 679 N. Oakwood LF
Ketchum Mrs. R M 411 E. Illinois LF
Kevan Ernest 166 E. Atteridge LF
Kidd Arthur 1421 N. Mckinley LF
Kidd James F 90 E. Sunset Pl. LF
Kidd John 1551 Greenleaf LF
Kiddle Mrs. Annie 895 N. Summit Ave. LF
Kiddle Charles 835 N. Oakwood LF
Kiddle Joseph 917 N. Oakwood LF
Kiddle Bicycles Stanley F 258 E. Market Square LF
Kiddle Stanley F 85 E. Sunset Pl. LF
Kiddle Thomas J 204 E. Westminster LF
Kiesgen William 203 E. Park LF
Kiley Commander Walter L 651 E. Highview LF
Killinger H F 1190 Inverlieth Rd LF
Kimball Harold A 203 Skokie LB
Kindlein Nick M Jr. 1120 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Kindlein's Flower Farm   1390 S. Skokie Blvd. LF
King Garfield 575 E. Westminster LF
King Harry N 595 E. Crab Tree LF
King John Andrews Jr. 165 N. Green Bay LF
King Paul A 314 Briar LB
King Stanley G 530 North LB
Kingery J D 309 Briar Ln. LB
Kingma Fred J 122 Witchwood LB
Kiningham Mrs. Josephine B 304 E. Noble LF
Kinnare Corp. Contractors   Green Bay Rd. LB
Kinney  Ansel M 771 N. Washington Rd. LF
Kinney  Tom 380 E. Scott LF
Kinnucan Paul 20 W. Old Elm LF
Kinter Charles V 427 N. Sheridan LF
Kiracofe Clifford A 410 N. Mayflower LF
Kirby Othel 1300 Waukegan LB
Kirk Ronald C 353 Foss LB
Kirkham John M 705 Ravine LB
Kirutza Julian D 706 Safford LB
Kittinger Mrs. Mildred M 262 E. Deerpath LF
Kittredge David B 111 Moffett LB
Klaren Hubert 1 N. Stone Gate LF
Klaren Hugh I 737 E. Green Briar LF
Klehm Howard G Elm Rd. Libertyville
Kleine John H 155 Wooded Ln. LF
Kleis John D 700 Ravine Ave. LB
Klinkman F J 409 Crescent Dr. LB
Klisch Henry 707 Smith LB
Kluberg Mrs. Ellen 700 Scranton LB
Kluspes John S 3 Oxford LF
Knaack Howard S 528 Ravine LB
Knauz Henry W 125 W. Laurel LF
Knauz Karl 53 E. Atteridge LF
Knauz Motor Sales Inc.   1060 N. Western LF
Kneibes George 1108 Muir LB
Knesley Mrs. Dorothy 1020 Estate LF
Knight Joseph R 1091 N. Meadow LF
Knight Ralph I 307 E. Woodland LF
Kniskern C L 675 E. Greenview LF
Knitting Shop   255 E. Market Square LF
Knoll Gilbert A 757 Lincoln LB
Knollwood Club   1890 Knollwood Rd. LF
Knollwood Fire Department   Rockland & Skokie Blvd. LB
Knorr Louis S 730 N. Mayflower LF
Knott Henry A. Jr. 340 E. Westminster LF
Knox Ellen 80 S. Maywood LF
Knox Everett K 31 N. Sheridan LF
Knox Julius F 284 E. Scott LF
Knox Robert J 104 Sunset LB
Knox & Co. Painters Robert J 284 E. Scott LF
Kobe Martin 1820 Saunders LF
Kohler Robert W 1505 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Kohr Russell V 275 N. Washington Rd. LF
Kolbeck's Flower Farm   1950 Half Day Rd. LF
Konrad Henry C 235 Blodgett LB
Konradt's Florist   119 E. Laurel LF
Konz George K 365 Briar LB
Koopman Charles 284 E. Granby LF
Kopp DDS (office) O W 272 E. Market Square LF
Kopp DDS (residence) O W 263 N. Washington Circle LF
Kopper Edward Jr. 1213 Estate LF
Korhumel Newton F W. Melody Rd. LF
Kost Harold W 1141 N. GreenBay LF
Kostaniek Andrew 51 E. Laurel LF
Kovach Bernard E 1019 Rockland Rd LB
Kowall Frank J 1590 N. Sheridan LF
Krafft's Drug Store   666 N. Western LF
Kramer A W 667 Rockland Ave. LB
Kramer Mrs. Albert J 1510 W. Everett LF
Kraske Dr. Leonard M 460 Green Bay LB
Kraus Joseph 111 Oak Terrace LB
Kraus Walter J 225 Center LB
Krause Junk Ben 764 N. Western LF
Krause  William H 307 Woodland LB
Kraut A J 1243 N. Mckinley LF
Kreischer Robert N 112 E. Westminster LF
Kreisant Helen A 1256 N. Mckinley LF
Krikau George F 1017 Talbot LB
Krist Anthony T N. Telegraph Rd. LF
Kritzer Henry E 904 N. Green Bay LF
Kritzer (gardener's residence) Henry E 904 N. Green Bay LF
Kruchko Harry M 303 Briar LB
Kruse Arthur H 273 E. Market Square LF
Kruse's Bakery   720 N. Western LF
Kuch & Watson Inc. Contractors   1112 W. Everett LF
Kuehne George 727 Center LB
Kuersten Ralph H 912 Muir LB
Kuester Arthur 570 Crab Tree Lane LF
Kueter Kenneth E 1129 N. Griffith LF
Kuhlman Allen B 331 Witchwood LB
Kuhlman David L 506 Sunrise LB
Kuhns H B 1275 N. Waukegan LF
Kuhns (private garage) H B 1275 N. Waukegan LF
Kullgren Wilhelm L 487 N. Oakwood LF
Kupskey Leo C 388 E. Wisconsin LF
Kurcz Mary 437 N. Green Bay LF
Kwiatowski Ray 801 Safford LB
Kwiatt Ray 801 Safford LB
Labellart Anthony J 620 E. Ryan LF
Labellart Mike M 104 N. Washington Rd. LF
Lace Yvonne Charney 131 Moffett LB
Lackie Real Estate Gordon M 678 N. Western LF
Lackie Gordon M 289 E. Noble LF
Lackie Melville 456 E. Illinois LF
LaDuke James A 330 Glendell LB
LaFeber J A 1130 Green Bay LB
Laflin Lloyd Alan 1130 N. Sheridan LF
Laflin Louis E Jr. 1007 N. Hawthorn Pl LF
LaFrandre Jack 730 N. Mayflower LF
Lage Lyman S 1350 N. Waukegan LF
LaHue Charles E 348 Foss LB
Lain Mrs. Vivienne R 30 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Lake Bluff Cab Co.   611 Walnut LB
Lake Bluff Children's Home   200 Scranton LB
Lake Bluff Hardware & Paint Co.   37 Scranton LB
Lake Bluff Pharmacy   40 Scranton LB
Lake Bluff Public Library   113 Scranton LB
Lake Bluff School   31 Sheridan Pl. LB
Lake Bluff Fire Department   40 Center LB
Lake Bluff Police Department   40 Center LB
Lake Bluff Village Hall   40 Center LB
Lake County Modern Home Builders   2111 Washington Waukegan
Lake County Ready Mix. Co.   Skokie Highway Waukegan
Lake Dist. News Co.   708 Sheridan Rd. LB
Lake Forest Academy Administration   1500 W. Kennedy LF
Lake Forest Academy Bates House   1500 W. Kennedy LF
Lake Forest Academy Durand House   1500 W. Kennedy LF
Lake Forest Academy Infirmary   1500 W. Kennedy LF
Lake Forest Academy Warner House   1500 W. Kennedy LF
Lake Forest Auto Sales   824 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Book Store Inc.   624 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Bowling Lanes   602 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Children's Shop   265 E. Market Square LF
Lake Forest City Hall   220 E. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Fire Dept.   662 N. Bank Lane LF
Lake Forest Police Dept.   665 N. Forest LF
Lake Forest Recreation Dept.   227 E. Northgate LF
Lake Forest Public Works   1156 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Cleaners & Tailors   580 N. Bank Lane LF
Lake Forest College     LF
Lake Forest Day School   145 S. Green Bay LF
Lake Forest Employment Bureau   611 E. Illinois LF
Lake Forest Flower Shop   546 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Food Mart   756 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Garage & Cities Service   778 N. Western LF
Lake Forest High School   1258 N. Mckinley LF
Lake Forest Hospital   650 W. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Hourly Nursing Association   650 W. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Jewelry Store   268 E. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Laundrette   580 N. Bank Lane LF
Lake Forest Lumber Co.   874 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Masonic Lodge   361 E. Westminster LF
Lake Forest Materials Co.   1080 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Millwork   1088 W. Everett LF
Lake Forest News Service   851 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Public Library   360 E. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Public Schools Board of Education   95 W. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Deerpath School   95 W. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Everett School   1111 Lawrence LF
Lake Forest Gorton School   400 E. Illinois LF
Lake Forest Sheridan School   1360 Sheridan Rd. LF
Lake Forest Pure Oil Service Station   601 N. Bank Lane LF
Lake Forest Savings & Loan Assoc.   600 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Scrap   260 E. Market Square LF
Lake Forest Shell Service Station   281 E. Illinois LF
Lake Forest Sports Shop   265 E. Market Square LF
Lake Forest Tin Shop   1150 W. Everett LF
Lake Forest Travel Bureau   288 E. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Yellow Cab & Livery   966 N. Western LF
Lake Forester News   287 E. Deerpath LF
Lake George Jr. 412 Center LB
Lake Publishing Co.   718 N. Western LF
Lake Rug & Carpet Cleaning   230 E. Wisconsin LF
Lake Rug & Carpet Co.   630 N. Western LF
Lake Shore Excavators   1015 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Lake Shore Market   740 N. Western LF
Lake Shore Trucking   880 S. Waukegan LF
Lakeside Car Rental Service   214 GreenBay Highwood
Lakey Mrs. Ruth 257 E. Market Square LF
Lambert Elmer 168 N. Wildwood LF
Lambert P E 1050 N. Griffith LF
Lambert Richard P 308 N. Telegraph LB
Lamberton Richard H 1466 N. Green Bay LF
Lambesis Ernest G Saunders Rd. LF
Lamoth Leo 905 Jenkisson LB
Lampe William G 301 Neuman Ct. LB
Lampert Vincent L 123 Hawthorn LB
Lampinen Reino L Skokie Blvd. LB
Lancaster A Pope Jr. 210 N. Sheridan LF
Landfield George S 821 S. Waveland LF
Landi-Hi-Land Paint Co.   668 Central Ave. Highland Park
Lane Aldith C 726 N. Western LF
Lane Charles A 661 E. Greenview LF
Lane Mrs. Margaret 657 N. Bank Lane LF
Lane  Ted C 1030 Estes LF
Lane William Noble 742 N. GreenBay LF
Lang Fred J 315 W. Mellody LF
Lang Gordon 1020 N.Meadow LF
Langdon William L 321 E. Greenwood LF
Langer Karl 153 E. Atteridge LF
Lanigan Wallace H 845 E. Maplewood LF
Lanners Henry V 236 North LB
Lanners Joseph 190 N. Washington Circle LF
Lantern Restaurant   768 N. Western LF
Lanza Balfour Ames 1130 N. GreenBay LB
Larkin Michael J 2 Eva LB
LaRochelle Mrs. Lee R 885 E. Woodbine Ln. LF
LaRose Alfred P 106 Scranton LB
Larsen Charles 1550 N. Greenleaf LF
Larsen & Sons General Contractors Chris 139 E. Laurel LF
Larsen Christ 550 Hathaway Circle LF
Larsen Helen L 1525 N. Willow LF
Larsen Herman 330 E. Scott LF
Larsen James 139 E. Laurel LF
Larsen Kenneth R 296 E. Mills Ct. LF
Larsen Knute Construction Co.   985 W. Melody LF
Larson Mary E 32 Hawthorn LB
Larson Mrs. Sarah 33 E. Atteridge LF
Lash Steven A 614 Oak Ave. LB
Lasher Larry G 1326 W. Everett LF
Latterell Rubin E 104 Birch LB
Lau LeRoy W 107 Hawthorn LB
Laub Peter 901 E. Rosemary LF
Lauder Ted E 1089  Winwood LF
Law Roy E 300 E. Glenwood LF
Lawlor Joseph P 430 E. Frost LF
Lawrence Chester H 702 Rockland Ave. LB
Lawrence Dwight 526 North LB
Lawson Guy O 272 E. Market Square LF
Lawson W J 1371 N. Edgewood LF
Layne Contractor Adrian 228 Washington LB
Lazard Jack C 1040 S. GreenBay LF
Lazzaretto John 242 E. Noble LF
Lazzaretto Valentine 1327 N. Edgewood LF
Lea Jean C 126 Sheridan Pl LB
Leach Painting Albert E 516 Center LB
Leake Charles E 491 N.Oakwood LF
Leason Paul E 400 Thorne LF
Lechner Carl A 964 N. Lake LF
Ledder E J Jr. 435 N.King Muir LF
Ledford Clyde D Skokie Blvd. LB
Lee Charles O Jr. 370 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Lee Charles O Sr. 281 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Lee Interior Decorating Lydia 668 N. Western LF
Lee Walter  249 E. Market Square LF
Lefebvre Gordon Jr. 936 N.Sheridan LF
Leffler M T 510 Prospect LB
LeFils Walter 686 N.Forest LF
LeGault George 466 GreenBay LB
LeGoff Montgomery 835 Greenview LF
LeGoff Montgomery C 655 Evanston LB
Leherissey E F 631 Ravine LB
Lehmann Robert O 888 E. Deerpath LF
Lehr John W 344 Woodland LB
Lemm Walter H 156 High Holborn LF
Lennox William 309 Circle LB
Lenoir Mrs. Hallie 1398 N.Edgewood LF
Lenz Helmut 356 E. Scott LF
Leonard Clifford 1190 W. Inverlieth Rd. LF
Leonard John M 46 N. Washington Circle LF
Leone Veito L 185 E. Park LF
Leonowitz Anthony 760 E. Greenview LF
LeRoi Real Estate W Paul 678 N. Western LF
LeRoi W Paul 193 N. Washington Circle LF
Lesman Robert H 771 E. GreenBriar LF
LeStarge Bernard S 35 Washington LB
Leukefeld Karl 259 E. Noble LF
Leutwiler Charles E 1555 Bowling Green LF
LeValley Laury R 775 N. Summit Ave. LF
LeVeque Harvey J 761 N. Summit Ave. LF
Leverone Louis E Jr. 620 E. Lake  LF
Levinson William 327 E. Woodland LB
LeWa Farm   990 N.Waukegan LF
Lewis Alfred W 232 Moffett LB
Lewis Gilbert L 231 Center LB
Lewis Keith E 337 Witchwood LB
Lewis Robert K 331 Prospect LB
Lewis Victor L 900 E. Ringwood LF
Lewis William D 272 E. Market Square LF
Libertyville Lumber Co.   412  1st St. Libertyville
Libner H R 320 Briar Ln. LB
Lichtenberger Karl E 1473  N. Edgewood LF
Lichtenstein Clayton O 671 S. Green Bay LF
Lieberman Bernard B 244 North LB
Ligon Louise 145 N. Washington Circle LF
Lind John 1256 N. Edgewood LF
Lindau Decorating E S 676 N. Western LF
Lindell Alvar 4 Oxford LF
Lindeman William F 1550 S. Telegraph LF
Lindenmeyer  Dorothy 256 E. Market Square LF
Lindenmeyer  Edgar W 1187 N. Mckinley LF
Lindenmeyer  Edward G 216 E. Illinois LF
Lindenmeyer  Joseph H 450 E. Frost LF
Lindenmeyer  OJ 321 Vincent Ct. LB
Lindgren Gunnar 792 E. GreenBriar LF
Lindman Richard M 665 Garfield LB
Lindquist Mrs.V 730 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Lindsay Jacob C 1372 N. Edgewood LF
Lindsay Owen S 1296 N. Green Bay LF
Lindstrom J Emil 1509 N. Greenleaf LF
Linenthal A C 2 Witchwood Ln. LB
Link Frank J 6222 Ravine LB
Linn Howard Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Linn (private garage) Howard Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Linneen Mrs. Irene S 210 Sheridan Pl LB
Linroth Laura 90 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Lintner Elmer 314 Circle LB
Lippmann Albert F 3280 HalfDa LF
Little Charles L 1251 W. Everett LF
Little Neal 1419 S. Telegraph LF
Little Wool Shop   255 E. Market Square LF
Liukkonen Michael 140 E. Park LF
Lloyd Edw.L 610 Skokie LB
Locke Edwin A Jr. 855 E. Rosemary LF
Locke Frances H 111 S. Stone Gate Rd. LF
Lockhart James 980 E. Walden Ln. LF
Lodge Ellerton A 1491 W. Everett LF
Loefer Elsie 1075 S. Waukegan LF
Loefer Melvin 3290 HalfDay LF
Loess Henry B 321 N. Washington Rd. LF
Loewenstein Otto 715 E. GreenBriar LF
Lofquist Mrs. E A 361 Cherokee LF
Lofstrom John 303 Sheridan Pl. LB
Logan Ralph A L DDS 1866 Sheridan Rd. Highland Park
Logan V H 601 Spruce LF
Logan W G 1545 N. Willow LF
Logsdon Joseph T 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Lohman Theresa K 656 N. Western LF
Lohner Edgar J College Campus LF
Looby MD (office) William E 426 Park Highland Park
Looby MD (office) William E 210 E. Westminster LF
Looby MD (residence) William E 865 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Loomis Warren HalfDay Rd. LF
Loos Carl M 246 Witchwood Ln. LB
Lorch Vernon A 385 N. Chiltern LF
Lord Mrs. Russell 896 N. Church LF
Lord's Department Store   1611 Orrington Evanston
Lothe Herbert 1404 N. Waukegan LF
Louis Joseph 881 N.Oakwood LF
Love John Justin 1441 W. Old Mill LF
Lovgren S J 321 Briar LB
Lowe J H 366 E. Scott LF
Lucenti Nick C 96 N. Washington Rd. LF
Lund Marvin R 5 S. June Terrace LF
Lundahl Irving A 355 Briar Ln. LB
Lundeen Mrs. Carl E. 405 E. Illinois LF
Lundeen Robert 114 N. Washington Circle LF
Lundh Richard E 1074 S. GreenBay LF
Lundy Robert H 697 N.Oakwood LF
Lungwitz Dorn D 203 Skokie LB
Lunsted Kamilla 156 E. Westminster LF
Luther Elsie C 180 E. Atteridge LF
Lutz MD (office) J Frederick 198 E. Westminster LF
Lutz MD (residence) J Frederick 350 E. Woodland LF
Lyddan William C 845 E. Highview LF
Lydia Lee Interior Decorating   668 N. Western LF
Lydy Richard G 810 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Lyman George S. Jr. 364 E. Ravine Park LF
Lyman William J 826 S. Waveland LF
Lynch Harry J 677 E. Cherry LF
Lynch James A Jr. 781 E. Highview Terrace LF
Lyon E V 307 Bayonne LB
Lyon  George R 481 E. Illinois LF
Mabbatt Mrs. Mary S 401 E. Westminster LF
Mabbatt Richard H 444 Thorne LF
MacAlister Paul Arden Shore Ln. LB
MacArthur Edw. S 1150 E. Westleigh LF
MacArthur Mrs. R McMaster 485 E. Westminster LF
MacDonald Robert S 1102 N.Elm Tree LF
MacDonald Donald S H 264 E. Mills Ct. LF
Macfarlane Bruce 294 E. Rose Terrace LF
Macfarlane Peter 162. Washington Circle LF
Machak Leo E Sheridan Rd. LB
Mack John L Sr. 1321 W. Everett LF
Mackay Mrs. Mary  1310 S. Telegraph LF
Macke M C 618 Prospect LB
MacKenzie Donald S 1420 N. Waukegan LF
MacKenzie W J 455 N.Oakwood LF
MacKeracher D A 987 S. Oak Knoll LF
Mackin Robert W 275 E. Deerpath LF
MacLean Chester E 666 E. Northmoor LF
MacMillan Cargill Jr. 227 W. Onwentsia LF
MacMillan Margaret C 985 E. Maplewood LF
MacMillan Thomas 707 E. Cherry LF
MacPherson Simon 272 E. Market Square LF
Madrin Charles A 255 N. GreenBay LF
Madsen Christian 30 N. Washington Circle LF
Madsen Niels B 1559 N. Mckinley LF
Magie F Ogden 255 E. Illinois LF
Magikist Rug Cleaners   2055 GreenBay Highland Park
Magliacani Frank E 311 Louis LB
Magnus W R 201 Moffett LB
Magnuson  Edw. G 1411 Estate LF
Mahan Donald H 236 Prospect LB
Mahler Gaylan W 825 W. Gages LF
Maiman Comdr. Elmer J 137 Center LB
Maiman Insurance Leo E 262 E. Deerpath LF
Maiman Leo E 4 June Terrace LF
Maiman Robert E 634 E. Greenview LF
Mair Stuart 321 E. Noble LF
Majeski Joseph A 690 N.Oakwood LF
Major Julius O 970 E. Old Elm LF
Maki William V 5 S. June Terrace LF
Maliarik Milan G 99 Little Melody LF
Malleck Joseph W 321 Vincent Ct. LB
Malmquist Gordon 986 N. Western LF
Maloney John C 141 Woodland Rd. LB
Maloney Olive M 282 E. Woodland LF
Malsch Alvan 240 Prospect LB
Manchik Bert 656 E. Highview LF
Mandahl C 883 Mckinley LF
Manierre Mrs. E Harrison Walden Dr. LF
Manierre Edith Harrison 273 E. Deerpath LF
Manierre Francis E 920 N. Elm Tree LF
Manierre George A 1520 S. Telegraph LF
Manierre Shop   273 E. Deerpath LF
Mann Hal 1592 W. Old Mill LF
Mann Richard E Jr. W. Old Mill Rd. LF
Manning Amanda B 31 Washington Ave. LB
Manning Mary C 1003 N. Mckinley LF
Manning Richard J 214 Woodland Rd. LB
Mansfield Alfred W Jr. 540 N. Mayflower LF
Manz George R 550 N.King Muir LF
Marco's Liquor   70 E. Randolph Chicago
Marcus J F DVM 32 Hawthorn LB
Marcussen Viggo 1125 Quassey LB
Marinca Louis 508 Green  LB
Margolis Irving B 7 Washington LB
Marsh Hugh B 1006 Plaister LB
Marshall Field & Co.   682 N. Bank Lane LF
Marshall Comdr. Francis 758 Rockland Rd. LB
Marshall George 326 E. Wisconsin LF
Marshall John I Jr. 429 E. Illinois LF
Marshall John R 231 N. Washington Circle LF
Marston Mrs. Thomas B 734 E. Westminster LF
Martens Comdr. Theo J 537 N. King Muir LF
Martin Earl 1185 E. Westleigh LF
Martin George A Jr. 364 Foss LB
Martin J Allison 271 Ravine Forest LB
Martin John H 255 Ravine Forest LB
Martin Marion T 1214 N. Sheridan LF
Martin Robert C 6 College Campus LF
Martin William 201 Scranton LB
Martin William B 538 Center LB
Martin William P Jr. 275 N Mayflower LF
Martin Mrs. Zola 331 E. Woodland LF
Martinek Cyril F 754 E. Northmoor LF
Marwede A William 274 E. Scott LF
Marwede Alfred 244 E. Rose Terrace LF
Marwede Oil Co.   183 E. Westminster LF
Mashie Emil A 501 E. Ryan LF
Mason Appleton A 413 E. Illinois LF
Mason Gail 1160 W. Everett LF
Masonick Kenneth J 813 Muir LB
Mastrona Michael J GreenBay Rd. LB
Masuoka Frank Y 345 E. Scranton LB
Material Service Corp.   300 W. Washington Ave. Chicago
Mathews Harry G Saunders Rd. LF
Matimore Beth 58 N. Washington Rd. LF
Matthews Odessa 635 E. Illinois LF
Mattingly Gayle B 510 Pine LB
Mattson Dorothy H 337 E. Wisconsin LF
Mattson Eric  5 Skokie Blvd. LB
Maurice Charles L 300 North LB
Mawman Edw. Jr. 655 Rockland Ave. LB
Mawman William B 11 Clover LB
Maxfield Donald V 565 Golf LF
Maxwell W Russell 245 N. Sheridan LF
Mayberry Raymond E 41 Scranton LB
Mayer Leslie Gordon 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Mayer Ralph D 368 Foss LB
McAlvin Betsy 517 E. Illinois LF
McAlvin James H 295 E. Vine LF
McAndrew Dr. M J 665 Pine LB
McBride Byron H 1111 Muir LB
McBride W Paul 1390 N. Lake LF
McCafferty John 128 E. Atteridge LF
McCaffrey J Emil 1190 W. Old Mill LF
McCaffrey James D 925 N Oakwood LF
McCall Stewart 712 Lincoln LB
McCallum Chevrolet   191 E. Deerpath LF
McCallum  George M Jr. 284 Ahwahnee Ln. LF
McCallum George M Sr. 1135 W. Deerpath LF
McCammon Donald F 234 Louis LB
McCarthy Martin S 714 Prospect LB
McCarthy Rev. Raymond T 991 S. Waukegan LF
McCarty Franklin B Jr. 400 Witchwood LB
McClannahan Lawrence E 365 W. Everett LF
McClevey Mrs.Norman H Sr. 455 E. Deerpath LF
McClory (law office) Robert 25 N. County Waukegan
McClory (residence) Robert 340 Prospect LB
McComas C R 830 N. Waukegan LF
McConnell Gertrude C 10 S. June Terrace LF
McConnell Louis 587 E. Illinois LF
McConnell Robert M 315 North LB
McConnell William A 115 E. Sunset LF
McCormick Frank P 865 N. Summit Ave. LF
McCormick Gilbert L 60 E. Westminster LF
McCormick Kenneth 670 N. Forest LF
McCormick Kenneth Jr. 290 E. Deerpath LF
McCormick Mrs. Roger 963 N. Elm Tree LF
McCormick Thierry L 289 E. Glenwood LF
McCormick William 565 N. Oakwood LF
McCormick's Restaurant   5 Skokie LB
McCoy Ralph 40 E. Onwentsia LF
McCraken Mrs.F L 134 E. Atteridge LF
McCraken Mrs. Margaret 983 E. Maplewood LF
McCreary Robert N 397 N. Washington Rd. LF
McCully Edw. N 120 E. Woodland LF
McCully Paul G 499 E. Illinois LF
McCurry Paul D 250 E. Cherokee LF
McCutcheon John T Jr. 1272 N. Green Bay LF
McDonald H J 1870 S. Telegraph LF
McDonald John H Jr. 564 E. Ryan LF
McDowell Remick 535 Center LB
McEnery James W 354 Scranton LB
McGhie George W 216 Sheridan Pl. LB
McGill Florist Grace 546 N. Western LF
McGill (residence) Grace 320 N. Washington Rd. LF
McGinnis Frank G 655 S. Forest Hill LF
McGovern John E 425 N. Sheridan LF
McGowan Patrick J 209 E. Park LF
McGowan Vincent  916 N. Oakwood LF
McGowen Thomas N 422 Michigamme LF
McGowen Thomas N Jr. 693 E. Woodlawn LF
McGrew Mrs. Donald J 1510 Willow LF
McGuire Hubert J 1177 Estate LF
McHugh Frank C 2250 W. Old Mill LF
McIlvaine William B III 765 W. Westleigh LF
McIlvaine (private Garage) William B III 765 W. Westleigh LF
McInnes William 531 Prospect LB
McIntosh Clarence N 725 E. Illinois LF
McIntosh (office) W H 187 N. Washington Rd. LF
McInturff Donn C 552 Ravine LF
McKee Bill 96 N. Washington Rd. LF
McKellar Donald 1298 N. Waukegan LF
McKenzie David F 846 E. Highview Terrace LF
McKenzie John 231 Prospect LB
McKenzie Robert K 624 E. Highview Terrace LF
McKillop John 1200 N. GreenBay LF
McKune Margaret 1130 N. GreenBay LB
McLaren Miss Louise 406 E. Westminster LF
McLaughlin Mrs. Florence 740 N. Western LF
McLaughlin Mrs. George D 180 W. Laurel LF
McLaughlin (private garage) Mrs. George D 180 W. Laurel LF
McLaughlin George F 777 N. Washington LF
McLaughlin Herbert P 1240 N.Sheridan LF
McLaughlin Robert 1185 E. Westleigh LF
McLaughlin William H 1523 Estate LF
McLennan Donald R Jr. 1345 N.Lake LF
McLennan (gardener's residence) Donald R Jr. 1365 N. Elm Tree LF
McLennan (greenhouse apartment) Donald R Jr. 1365 N. Elm Tree LF
McLennan (private garage) Donald R Jr. 1381 N.Lake LF
McLennan William L 946 N. Elm Tree LF
McMahon Franklin 806 S. GreenBay Rd. LF
McManman Celeste 290 E. Deerpath LF
McManus F D 700 S. Waukegan LF
McMaster Daniel Riley 215 Prospect LB
McMaster's Pharmacy   584 N. Western LF
McMasters Ward H 711 E. Highview LF
McMillan Leona B 166 E. Park LF
McMurray James E 970 W. Old Mill LF
McMurray KH 697 N. Mckinley LF
McNair Frank 545 E. Crab Tree Ln. LF
McNair (gardener's residence) Frank 545 E. Crab Tree Ln. LF
McNeil Col. Stanley R 328 Crescent LB
McNeill Francis J 1596 W. Conway LF
McNutt Richard L Jr. 314 N. Telegraph LB
McNutt William J 269 E. Vine LF
McPartlin John J 359 E. Scott LF
McPartlin Stephen E Jr. 114 Witchwood LB
McQuaid William 651 Lincoln LB
McQueen D E 354 Hirst LB
McRae Mrs. Christina 40 S. June Terrace LF
McVoy Eugene J 90 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
McWilliams Frank C 615 S. GreenBay LF
McWilliams J C 301 E. Cherokee LF
Mead Emerson E 230 S. Scranton LB
Meade John 710 Scranton LB
Meadowood Land Office real estate   Hathaway Circle LF
Meier E J 908 Talbot LB
Meinema Herbert E 949 W. Verda Ln. LF
Melchiorre August 1460 Buena LF
Meler Floy 177 N. Washington Rd. LF
Melius R P 975 Inverlieth Tr. LF
Melle Roger 513 E. Ryan Pl. LF
Mellin Rev. Willard C. Jr. 551 N.Oakwood LF
Meloy Marie J College Campus LF
Melton Roger F 466 E. Frost Pl. LF
Menardie Richard 217 Scranton LB
Mendino Joseph 799 W. Everett LF
Menefee L B II 485 N.Oakwood LF
Mensch Ralph G 333 Scranton LB
Mercer Donald W 1700 W. Waukegan LF
Merckx Francis A 303 E. Greenwood LF
Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio   25 S. Genesee Waukegan
Merlin Peter H 184 W. Onwentsia Rd. LF
Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Beane brokers   141 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago
Merritt Roswell C 1255 Winwood LF
Merry Ansil 1215 N. Waukegan LF
Merry Virgil 500 Rockland Rd. LB
Mertz T T 680 W. Kennedy LF
Messinger Irving 325 Center LB
Mestjian Carpet Craft George 2930 Central Evanston
Metcalf John T Jr. 1370 W. Everett LF
Metzger Paul 263 E. Market Square LF
Metzger Raymond E 1220 N. Griffith LF
Meyer Mrs. C. Louise 955 E. Spring Ln. LF
Meyer Charles A 1005 Maplewood LF
Meyer Charles F Jr. 447 Rockland LB
Meyer J Mason 223 Witchwood LB
Meyer Vincent  221 E. Glenwood LF
Michaels N M 307 W. Prospect LB
Michelsen George A 35 Washington LB
Middleton Helene HalfDay Rd. LF
Middleton John E. Jr. 50 W. Laurel LF
Midway Limousine Service   836 W. Everett LF
Mike's Fuel Oil Service   N. Skokie Blvd. LB
Milani Dean J 1230 N. Waukegan LF
Milani Robert E 1251 Winwood LF
Mileski Z 224 Woodland LB
Millar John W 103 E. Atteridge LF
Miller A J 890 E. Northmoor LF
Miller Chester M 1666 Bowling Green LF
Miller Donald J 251 N. King Muir LF
Miller Ellen 1520 N. Willow LF
Miller Emily E 666 Maple LB
Miller Everett E 139 Sheridan Pl LB
Miller Frank G 701 Park Pl. LB
Miller Harvey S 238 Woodland LB
Miller James Mann 360 E. Westminster LF
Miller John J 208 E. Illinois LF
Miller John N Hickory Ln. LF
Miller Roy M 718 Foster LB
Miller Verne P 902 Washington LB
Milman Ralph 1275 N. GreenBay LF
Milne W Gordon 5 College Campus LF
Milroy MD (office) John J 320 E. Vine LF
Milroy MD (residence) John J 417 E. Deerpath LF
Milroy Marie  277 E. Park LF
Milton John C 106 E. Woodland LF
Milton Robert J 106 E. Woodland LF
Milton & Associates Robert J 274 E. Market Square LF
Minard Frederick N 523 Scranton LB
Mink V D 217 N. Telegraph LB
Minkner William 129 Washington LB
Minorini T Philip 348 E. Wisconsin LF
Minter Grover C 1421 Estate LF
Minter Ray E 810 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Minuzzo  Frank 571 N. Oakwood LF
Minuzzo  Frank J Jr. 136 Sheridan Pl. LB
Mitchell Harry M 810 S. Waukegan LF
Mitchell John H 986 N. Western LF
Mitchell Lee 1551 N. Mckinley LF
Mitchell William H 901 E. Rosemary LF
Mitchell (private Garage) William H 901 E. Rosemary LF
Miutescu Stefan 775 Mawman LB
Mobile Raymond 22 Shagbark LB
Moburg Everett V 412 Prospect LB
Mocogni Louis 665 Lincoln LB
Modern Laundry   289 E. Deerpath LF
Moderne Driver Training   858 HalfDay Highland Park
Moe Severt C 210 Center LB
Moffatt Earl 614 Mountain LB
Moley Richard C 7 Washington LB
Moley Electrician Robert J 40 E. Onwentsia LF
Moment John 408 Mawman LB
Monahan Mrs. James 120 E. Atteridge LF
Monek Francis H 950 E. Westminster LF
Monfardini Kay 1225 S. Telegraph LF
Monninger MD Robert 262 E. Deerpath LF
Monroe D L 6 Witchwood Ln. LB
Monroe Howard D 419 Prospect LB
Monroe J Hampton 745 E. Barberry LF
Monsen Gordon L 326 North LB
Monson Thomas E 104 Scranton LB
Montgomery Frederick D III 305 E. Scott LF
Montgomery Richard 1396 N. Edgewood LF
Montgomery Richard W 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Montgomery Ward & Co.   1854 1st Highland Park
Mooney Mrs. Beverly 1219 Ridge Highland Park
Mooney William 155 S. Maywood LF
Mooney William F 510 N. Oakwood LF
Moore Anthony 308 Louis LB
Moore C F Jr. 89 N. Washington Rd. LF
Moore Carl F Sr. 692 E. Cherry LF
Moore Mrs. D H 317 E. Wisconsin LF
Moore Insurance Elliott D 290 E. Deerpath LF
Moore Elliott D 741 N. Mckinley LF
Moore Florence E 89 N. Washington Rd. LF
Moore John R 274 E. Noble LF
Moore Leroy M 169 N. Wildwood LF
Moore Loren C 305 Butler LF
Moore Raymond 236 North LB
Moore Thomas H 1111 N.Elm Tree LF
Moragne Helen Cook 321 Granby LF
Moran Charles A 14 North LB
Moran Quin T 230 Louis LB
Mordawski Bruno S Skokie Blvd. LB
Morehouse M D 1190 N. Edgewood LF
Morgan Laurence W 510 Scranton LB
Morgan Linen Service Inc.   Techny Rd. Northbrook
Morgan Phillip L 115 Washington Ave. LB
Mork Richard C 1199 N. Edgewood LF
Morrill Kenneth H 243 Ravine Forest LB
Morris Ralph 245 Louis LB
Morrison Margaret 656 N. Western LF
Morrison W L Jr. 472 E. Illinois LF
Morrison Willard L 470 N. King Muir LF
Morrow Mrs. J A 548 Scranton LB
Morse Charles H 45 N. Stone Gate Ln. LF
Morse (private garage) Charles H 45 N. Stone Gate Ln. LF
Morse Charles H Jr. 3000 Melody LF
Morse Col. R H 1299 W. Knollwood Circle LF
Morse (private garage) Col. R H 1299 W. Knollwood Circle LF
Morse (servants quarters) Col. R H 1299 W. Knollwood Circle LF
Mortensen Chris 213 Hancock LB
Mortensen Glen W 1461 N. Mckinley LF
Mortensen Robert 420 N. Waukegan LF
Morton Sterling 925 N. Lake LF
Mosey Joseph G 583 E. Spruce LF
Motor Parts & Machine Co   577 Elm Pl. Highland Park
Moulder W Kenneth 530 Golf LF
Mouratides Nicos College Campus LF
Moureau Comdr. R C 855 E. Greenview LF
Mowry Ralph W 840 W. Deerpath LF
Moyer Paul S 693 E. Spruce LF
Mudge John Morris 971 W. Verda LF
Mueller B M 223 Prospect LB
Mueller Charles A 248 E. Westminster LF
Mueller Saddlery Shop   248 E. Westminster LF
Muir Harrie B 569 Maple LB
Muir Mrs. Martha S 692 E. Cherry LF
Mullen Buell 300 N. GreenBay LF
Mullen J Bernard 300 N. GreenBay LF
Mullen J Bernard Jr. 479 N. Washington Rd. LF
Mullin Francis Eugene 1241 N. Mckinley LF
Munkers R A 121 Witchwood Ln. LB
Munro John W 135 Hawthorn LB
Munson John C 10 N. June Terrace LF
Muntzel D O 326 E. Wisconsin LF
Murin Paul E 700 E. Deerpath LF
Murphy David C 52 Hickory LF
Murrie Cleaners and Dyers   866 N. Western LF
Murrie Richard N 301 E Rose Terrace LF
Murrie W Clifford 226 E. Noble LF
Muto Edw. J 753 Sheridan Rd. LB
Muto Mary 718 Sheridan LB
Mutual of Omaha   204 N. County Waukegan
Muzik Philip J 341 E. Granby LF
Muzzy H Earle 644 E. Deerpath LF
Muzzy (gardener's residence) H Earle 644 E. Deerpath LF
My Book House   801 Green Bay LB
Myers Leo College Campus LF
Myers Omar S 805 N. Oakwood LF
Myers Ray 1350 N. Edgewood LF
Myles Richard A 222 W. Washington LB
Nagel John S Jr. 795 E. Longwood Dr. LF
Nagel Karl 1088 W. Everett LF
Nagel Karl 454 Lincoln LB
Nagode J W 688 E. GreenBriar LF
Nantz Heating Contractor Milton J 588 N. Bank Lane LF
Nash Carpet & Linoleum John B 626 Roger Williams Highland Park
Nash  L B  811 N. Hawthorn LF
Naslund H C 98 E. Woodland LF
National Accounts Service Inc.   21 S. Genesee Waukegan
National Cash Register Co.   1210 Grand Ave. Waukegan
National Van Lines   2431 W. Irving Park Chicago
Natural Saw Mill Inc.   Rockland Rd. LB
Nazarian Bros. Carpets   1734 Sherman Ave. Evanston
Neal Albert 766 N. Western LF
Neal Ernest Sr. 363 E. Wisconsin LF
Neal Gordon A 285 E. Deerpath LF
Neale J 282 E. Woodland LF
Nedrebo Monrad 1271 S. Telegraph LF
Needham Richard H 625 N. Burton LF
Neill H W 1166 Inverlieth Rd. LF
Neill Louis 534 North LB
Nein Jacob 418 Adelphia LB
Nein Joseph A 140 W. Old Elm LF
Nelson Andrew J 667 E. Greenview Pl. LF
Nelson Arthur C 445 Greenvale LF
Nelson B M 105 Sunset Pl LB
Nelson Ben T 41 North LB
Nelson Bruno 1335 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Nelson Carl C 358 Foss LB 
Nelson Fred R 145 E. Laurel LF
Nelson Herman N 400 Ravine Ave. LB
Nelson Jack A 3061 S. Prairie LF
Nelson Mark E 170 N. Western LF
Nelson Motors   1420 Deerfield Rd. Highland Park
Nelson  Robert A 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Nelson Roy O J 1360 N. Waukegan LB
Nelson S F 345 Sheridan Pl. LB
Nenn David E 139 E. Laurel LF
Nes's Tavern   805 Rockland Rd. LB
Neubauer H R 822 Foster LB
Neuhaus Albert J 254 Melody LF
Neukranz Robert B 1191 W. Deerpath LF
Neuman Kermit 202 Skokie LB
Neville G Peter 400 Lincoln LB
Newbell R V 580 N. Waukegan LF
Newborn John T Jr. 232 Louis LB
Newell Joseph H 615 Maple LB
Newell Julie 765 Bradley LF
Newland Robert 225 Park LF
Neyer Urban C 623 Lincoln LB
Nicholaus Herbert A College Campus LF
Nichols Frank B 1299 N. GreenBay LF
Nichold Robert W 461 Pine LB
Nicoll A J 1170 N. Griffith LF
Nicoloff Alex 230 N. Mayflower LF
Niebauer A 409 E. Illinois LF
Nielsen Axel 760 N. Summit Ave. LF
Nielsen DDS (office) Emanuel 105 Scranton LB
Nielsen DDS (residence) Emanuel 31 Washington LB
Nielsen Norman 290 E. Deerpath LF
Nielsen Ole 104 N. Washington Circle LF
Nielsen Theo Jr. 621 S. Waveland LF
Nielsen W E 250 E. Illinois LF
Niemeyer Bros. Building Contractors   495 E. Ryan LF
Niemeyer Frank 495 E. Ryan LF
Niemeyer George 136 N. Wildwood LF
Niemeyer John 488 E. Ryan LF
Niemi Albert M 399 E. Deerpath LF
Niemi Owen A 60 E. Woodland LF
Nikkinen Leslie 355 E. Greenwood LF
Nikkinen Ralph E 391 E. Deerpath LF
Nilsson Severus 339 Center LB
Nimmo Miss R 120 Atteridge LF
Nisbet Comdr Henry S. Jr. 310 E. Greenwood LF
Nisbet Walter H 352 Briar Ln. LB
Nobbe Peter  913 Rockland Rd. LB
Noble Otto 1251 Telegraph LF
Noble Mrs. Stanley Eugene 659 E. GreenBriar LF
Nolan Edward A 315 E. Granby LF
Nolan James E 355 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Nolan John E 700 N. Forest LF
Nolan's Service Station   656 N. Bank Lane LF
Noonan Frank A Spring Ln. LB
Nor-Shor Graphic Arts   1130 N. Western LF
Nor-Shore Window Cleaning Service   6033 Dempster Morton Grove
Norris Mrs. Donnelley 475 E. Deerpath LF
Norris Mrs. James 899 W. Deerpath LF
Norris (chauffer's residence) Mrs. James 899 W. Deerpath LF
Norris (gardener's residence) Mrs. James 899 W. Deerpath LF
Norris (groom's residence) Mrs. James 899 W. Deerpath LF
Norshore Fuel Oil Co.   Willow Rd. Northfield
North E O 1515 N. Sheridan LF
North Mrs. Francis S 1490 N. GreenBay LF
North (private garage) Mrs. Francis S 1490 N. GreenBay LF
North Mrs. George 326 E. Westminster LF
North Shore Catering Co.   560 N. Western LF
North Shore Gas Co.   264 E. Deerpath LF
North Shore Plastering Co.   1165 N. Mckinley LF
North Shore Utilities   126 N. Washington Circle LF
North Shore Washer Service   223 S. Genesee Waukegan
North William S 1310 N. GreenBay LF
Northern Illinois Blacktop Inc.   596 S. Genesee Waukegan
Northern Lights lamps   894 Linden Ave. Winnetka
Northfelt Melvyn W 306 Center LB
Northrop James W 466 Sunrise LB
Northshore Garden of Memories   GreenBay Rd. North Chicago
Nustra  Charles 1137 W. Inverlieth LF
Oakes Robert A 255 S. Ridge Rd LF
Oates James F Jr. 881 N. Church LF
O'Brien James H 2 N. June Terrace LF
O'Brien Mrs. Margaret 347 E. Wisconsin LF
O'Brien Peter 55 N. Washington Circle LF
O'Bryant Mary College Campus LF
O'Connell Mrs. John P 1500 S. Telegraph LF
Odell William R Jr. 1086 N. Lake LF
Odenthal Walter A 150 E. Atteridge LF
Odom Clifton 816 Foster LF
O'Donnell Helen A 679 N. Oakwood LF
O'Donoghue J B MD W. Melody Rd. LF
O'Grady Frank M 905 Rockland Rd. LB
Oke Mrs. William 819 N. Oakwood LF
Olander MD George A 198 E. Westminster LF
Olander Farm Thorgny E Saunders Rd. LF
Old Elm Club   800 Old Elm Highland Park
Old  Francis P 451 N. GreenBay LF
Oldberg Dr. Eric 300 N. GreenBay LF
Oldfield Lucille 809 Muir LB
Olincy Stanley S 909 N. Summit Ave. LF
Oliver George W 1161 Windwood LF
Oliver Mary Skokie Blvd. LB
Oliver Robert G 970 S. Waukegan LF
Oliver Thomas H 319 Vincent LB
Olmsted Conway H 1 Moffett LB
Olmsted (kennels) Conway H 1 Moffett LB
Olsen Fred Vernon Twp. LF
Olsen Jack  290 E. Deerpath LF
Olsen Robert T 1466 N. Willow LF
Olsen Landscaping Roy O J 706 N. Forest LF
Olson Bertel R 887 N. Summit Ave. LF
Olson Brothers Contractors   181 N. Wildwood LF
Olson Carl A 1065 Estate LF
Olson Carl S 1251 N. Mckinley LF
Olson E M 229 Center LB
Olson Contracting Gus 181 N. Wildwood LF
Olson Hans R Rockland Rd. LB
Olson Helge 718 Northmoor LF
Olson L R 805 E. Highview LF
Olson Roy E 540 North LB
Olson Rudolph 702 Smith LB
Olson Mrs. Ruth W. Melody Rd. LF
Olson Willard S 351 Foss LB
Oman August 1875 S. Telegraph LF
O'Neill Edw.  Saunders Rd. LF
O'Neill Hardware Co.   256 E. Westminster LF
O'Neill Mrs. Hazel 139 E. Woodland LF
O'Neill Joseph Sr. 1120 N. Waukegan LF
O'Neill Thomas C 1016 Foster LB
O'Neill William J 269 E. Woodland LF
O'Neill Mrs. William J Sr. 871 N. Oakwood LF
Onwentsia Club   300 N. GreenBay LF
Onwentsia Club Stables   300 N. GreenBay LF
Ooms Mrs. Marilyn 118 Sheridan Pl. LB
O'Riley Richard S 390 E. Wisconsin LF
Orpet Edward O 1520 N. Sheridan LF
Orr Charles A 239 W. Sheridan Pl. LB
Orr Max D 380 Market Square LF
Orton Philo A Jr. 830 Walden Ln. LF
Ortseifen A J Oxford Rd. LF
Osborne John Sr. 269 E. Woodland LF
Osborne W. Irving Jr. 349 N. King Muir LF
Osburn Mason B 2050 Knollwood LF
Osterbloom Greta 26 Washington LB
Ostergaard E 86 E. Sunset LF
Otis Stuart H St. Mary's Rd. Libertyville
Otis Blanche M College Campus LF
Otto Gilbert F 530 Prospect LB
Otto Harold W 40 Moffett LB
Outer Coatings Co.   1394 Deerfield Rd. Highland Park
Overall Charles 168 E. Deerpath LF
Owen Stanley 174 N. Wildwood LF
Owsley Randolph G 153 Ridge Ln. LF
Oysler Charles 137 E. Westminster LF
P & L Construction Co.   204 E. Westminster LF
Paauw Douglas S 11 College Campus LF
Pack Thomas E 123 S. StoneGate Rd. LF
Package of the Month Club   560 N. Western LF
Paddock Harold L 291 E. Mills Ct. LF
Paeth Louis A 1375 W. Old Mill LF
Page Denver 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Paik A J 665 Evanston LB
Palaske Dan E 668 Garfield LB
Paley Arthur J 131 N. Washington Circle LF
Paley DVM KJ 123 N. Wildwood LF
Paley Breeding Kennel KJ 810 W. Everett LF
Pallandt Alfred 422 Birch Ave. LB
Palmer Michael S 980 Melody LF
Palmer Mrs. Nancy H 10 North LB
Palmer Reginald M 1001 Jenkisson LB
Palmieri James 723 E. Cherry LF
Palmstrom Nels 1511 N. Willow LF
Pappas Peter V 405 Blodgett LB
Pare Emmett Sheridan Rd. LB
Parker-Boutin Cleaners   300 E. Illinois LF
Parker Mrs. Gerald 576 N.Western LF
Parker Helen 531 North LB
Parks Agnes 310 E. Noble LF
Parks Frank W 300 E. Scott LF
Parks Wayne M 308 Center LB
Parrish Dorothy L 984 N. GreenBay LF
Parrish Russell L 1620 W. Old Mill LF
Parsons E A Jr. 1250 N. Edgewood LF
Pasquesi Robert 173 N. Wildwood LF
Patelke Robert A 335 North LB
Patricelli Joseph Sr. 711 Ravine LB
Patterson Douglas 10 E. Westleigh LF
Patterson Robert W 200 Scranton LB
Patterson Roy G 854 W. Deerpath LF
Patton Audley E 910 S. GreenBay LF
Paulsen Harry 236 R. Rose Terrace LF
Paulson Arthur 10 Skokie Blvd. LB
Paulson Charles W 485 Holland LF
Paulson George 310 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Paulson's Hair Studio   254 E. Market Square LF
Pavlovich James 1800 W. Old Mill LF
Pawlick Albert 105 Ravine Forest LB
Peabody Howard B 195 E Onwentsia Rd. LF
Peabody (servant's quarters) Howard B 195 E Onwentsia Rd. LF
Peacock Mark H 875 W. Larchmont LF
Pearson Arne G 100 Washington LB
Pearson C Dudley 131 Winston LF
Pearson Emil 641 E. Highview LF
Peck David B 191 E. Westleigh LF
Peck Howard L 310 Hirst LB
Peddle Frank 870 Woodbine Ln. LF
Peddle James B 870 W. Deerpath LF
Peddle Joseph 700 N. Mayflower LF
Peddle Roger 821 N. Summit LF
Peddle Ron 811 N. Summit LF
Peddle William E 742 N. Western LF
Peddle William J 1044 N. Western LF
Peiniger Paul Saunders Rd. LF
Pekarik F J 292 E. Granby LF
Pekarik Frank 333 E. Wisconsin LF
Penner Harold E 1544 Bowling Green LF
Penniman Caleb J 15 S. StoneGate LF
Peppel Marshall O 230 S. Sheridan LF
Pepper Mrs. William 236 E. Noble LF
Perce Robert M 80 E. Westminster LF
Perdue Henry S 249 Woodland  LB
Perkins George O 947 N. Oakwood LF
Perschke Louis M 1025 Foster LF
Perschke Oliver 856 N. Oakwood LF
Persson Olaf 117 Washington Ave. LB
Pese Walter Werner College Campus LF
Pesek DDS (office) Martin G 711 N. Mckinley LF
Pesek DDS (residence) Martin G 775 E. Northmoor LF
Pester R J 45 S. Sheridan LF
Pester & Co. Ins. Thomas 204 E. Westminster LF
Pesuth George 665 E. Highview Terrace LF
Peter William F 990 E. Illinois LF
Peterman William J 418 Scranton LB
Peters A D 41 NOrth LB
Peters J H 215 Oak Terrace LB
Peters's Sheet Metal   105 E. Laurel LF
Peters T Kelly 1088 N. Griffith LF
Peters Thomas 104 E. Westminster LF
Peters Warren 241 N. Washington Rd. LF
Petersen Chester A 215 N. Washington Circle LF
Petersen Chris 1137 N. Griffith LF
Petersen Edw. A 909 N. Oakwood LF
Petersen Norin 510 Adelphia LB
Petersen Maternity Vivian 204 E. Westminster LF
Peterson Adolph 1455 N. Mckinley LF
Peterson Charles E 176 N. Washington Circle LF
Peterson & Co. George Rte. 176 Rondout
Peterson H C 281 E. Noble LF
Peterson Martin 13 S. June Terrace LF
Peterson O B 49 S. June Terrace LF
Peterson R E 230 Prospect LB
Peterson William A 334 Sheridan Pl. LB
Pete's Service Station   601 Sheridan Rd. LB
Petroleum Heat & Power Co.   3211 Howard  Skokie
Pfluger Curtis C 334 Woodland LB
Phelps Mason Jr. 697 N. Washington Rd. LF
Phelps Nelson D St. Mary's Rd. Libertyville
Phelps Norman J Saunders Rd. LF
Philbin Michael J 1171 N. Mckinley LF
Philip JG 215 E. Mills Ct. LF
Philip Julian E 6 Oxford LF
Philip William 352 E. Wisconsin LF
Phillipp Christian H 1305 N. Edgewood LF
Phillipp Henry A 1267 N. Edgewood LF
Phillips David C Bradley Rd. LF
Phillips Fred C 1311 N. Edgewood LF
Phillips Harry J 585 W. Deerpath LF
Phillips John M 208 Park Lane LB
Phillips Stanley 47 N. Washington Circle LF
Philp James 1185 E. Westleigh LF
Phyllis' Beauty Shop   273 E. Market Square LF
Pick Charles A 719 E. Northmoor LF
Picking Robert B 500 E. Westminster LF
Piepenbrok H F 219 Scranton LB
Pierre Andre Beauty Salon   1908 Sheridan Highland Park
Pierce William L 600 Burton Dr. LF
Pieroni Fred A 990 W. Westleigh LF
Pierson D Robert 307 E. Rose Terrace LF
Pietch Frank 904 Woodland LB
Pirie Alex II 235 Sheridan Pl. LB
Pittenger Real Estate William 1084 W. Everett LF
Pitzer Lloyd Skokie Blvd. LB
Planitz KH 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Plant George P 840 N. Oakwood LF
Plant  William M 840 N. Oakwood LF
Plantin Alfred 223 N. Washington Circle LF
Plate Mrs. Ludwig 446 E. Illinois LF
Platt James W 830 E. Northmoor LF
Platte Julius w 2085 N. Knollwood Rd. LF
Ploch Gustav 744 Northmoor LF
Pluster H Louis 535 W.  Deerpath LF
Pochos George A 230 N. Mayflower LF
Pollak Harry C 360 E. Linden LF
Pollastrini Gene L 1335 S. Telegraph LF
Pompeian Olive Oil Corp.   334 E. Glenwood LF
Pond's Interiors   1506 Sherman Evanston
Poole Albert E 214 N. Washington Circle LF
Poole George A 999 E. Ringwood LF
Poole (private garage) George A 999 E. Ringwood LF
Poole Lawrence A 406 E. Westminster LF
Poole Ralph H Green Bay LB
Pope  A T 1302 N. GreenBay LF
Pope  D M 20 E. Onwentsia LF
Pope  Franklin R 110 Little Melody LF
Pope  Mary L 5 College Campus LF
Pop's Place   531 Rockland Rd. LB
Porett Leo I 260 Ravine Forest LB
Porter Burford L 461 E. Westminster LF
Porter Mrs. Gilbert E 901 N. Lake LF
Post Charles C 570 Hathaway Circle LF
Potampa Joseph 270 S. Western LF
Potter Mrs. King 1126 N. Edgewood LF
Potter Mrs. T Albert 373 E. Wisconsin LF
Potts C Marvin 625 Center LB
Pounian Albert K 700 E. Westleigh LF
Powder Box Beauty Salon   654 N. Western LF
Powder Puff Shop   250 E. Market Square LF
Powell Fay B 619 Moffet LB
Power Paul V 269 E. Vine LF
Powers Mrs. Mary V 692 E. Woodlawn LF
Powers Nellie 983 E Maplewood LF
Powers Thomas 1297 N. Edgewood LF
Powers Thomas C Jr. 1297 N. Edgewood LF
Poynton James 801 Green Bay LF
Prais B J 734 N. Western LF
Preisinger Rev. Arthur 835 E. Northmoor LF
Prentice Clarence C 20 S. Mayflower LF
Prentice (gardener's residence) Clarence C 20 S. Mayflower LF
Prentice (private garage) Clarence C 20 S. Mayflower LF
Presbyterian Church (First)   610 E. Deerpath LF
Preston Charles D 1050 E. Illinois LF
Preston Mrs. Fred A 1260 N. GreenBay LF
Preston George F 565 E. Ryan LF
Preston George J 144 N. Wildwood LF
Preston Henry A 489 E. Illinois LF
Pretzman Earl B 236 W. Blodgett LB
Price B E 221 GreenBay LB
Price Lewis W 735 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Price Paul 795 N. Mckinley LF
Price & Son Insurance Paul T 580 N. Western LF
Price Robert T 297 E. Scott LF
Priddy Arnold G 736 N. Western LF
Priebe Frank A 855 E. Westminster LF
Priebe Frank A Jr. 710 N. Mayflower LF
Priestley William T 55 S. Negaunee LF
Pritchard George H 1181 W. Deerpath LF
Prizer Charles S 516 Lincoln LB
Prosser John A 815 E. Barberry Ln. LF
Proue Eugene 287 W. Laurel LF
Proxmire MD Theodore 570 E. Deerpath LF
Public Service Co.   1845 2nd Highland Park
Public Service Laundry   226 E. Wisconsin LF
Publishers House   801 Green Bay LB
Publishers Productions Inc.   801 Green Bay LB
Pugh Rev. Robert E 156 N. Washington Circle LF
Pullman Frederick C 280 W. Laurel LF
Pullman W A P 700 N. Mayflower LF
Pullman (gardener's residence) W A P 700 N. Mayflower LF
Pullman William C 51 S. Mayflower LF
Purcell Robert L 105 Witchwood LB
Pure Fuel Oil Co.   Willow Rd. Northfield
Pure Ice & Fuel Co.   158 E. Laurel LF
Purviance Robert E 7 Washington LB
Purvis James 250 E. Noble LF
Purvis James Jr. 242 E. Noble LF
Pustaver Valene H 656 N. Western LF
Putman Mrs. R L 435 N. King Muir LF
Pyle  David K 49 N. Washington Circle LF
Quarta Joseph 774 N. Bank Lane LF
Quarta  Vincent Jr. 234 N. Washington Circle LF
Quarta Mrs. Vincent 778 N. Bank Lane LF
Quasey Lee J 560 Moffett LB
Quast Wilbert E 316 Forest Knoll LB
Quigley Interior Decorators William J 115 E. Delaware Chicago
Quinlan Superintendent of Schools (office) Frederick K 95 W. Deerpath LF
Quinlan (residence) Frederick K 383 E. Ravine Park LF
Quisenberry Ethel 310 E. Noble LF
Quist Floyd A 421 Center LB
Rabe L W 664 Pine Ct. LB
Raether George W 1038 N. Griffith LF
Rafferty M J 497 E. Rosemary LF
Rafferty Transfer & Storage Co.   2123 GreenBay Highland Park
Rahe Rolland A W. Old Mill Rd. LF
Rahn Kenart M 28 Ravine Forest LB
Rahn Walter 229 Hancock LB
Raichert Leonard G 536 E. Briar LF
Railway Express Agency   701 N. Western LF
Ramsey Glen ArdenShore Ln. LB
Rand Mrs. Mary E 201 N. Washington Rd. LF
Randolph  Theron G MD 1596 W. Old Mill LF
Rankin S M 524 North LF
Ranney George A Jr. Casey Rd. Libertyville
Ranney Mrs. George A 215 N. Maple LF
Ranson R M 455 N. King Muir LF
Rasmussen Nick 999 N. Lake LF
Rasmussen Robert V 499 W. Old Mill LF
Rataiczyk Mrs. Frances 1291 N. Edgewood LF
Raulinaitis Victor 1178 N. Griffith LF
Rause Elmer D 655 Lincoln LB
Rawson Ralph W 210 W. Deerpath LF
Ray Construction Co.   33 Scranton LB
Rayner Real Estate (office) Gilbert 266 E. Deerpath LF
Rayner Gilbert 595 N. Washington Rd. LF
Read Frank S 340 E. Oakdale LF
Read Frank W 496 E. Illinois LF
Read George S 370 E. Illinois LF
Read Gordon 110 Washington LB
Rechlin G A 330 N. Mayflower LF
Redding Harold A 775 Mawman Ave. LB
Reddy Michael J 766 N. Sheridan LF
Reddy Philip J 300 N. GreenBay LF
Redmond Daisy 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Redmond John 736 E. Woodlawn LF
Redmond Louis 601 E. Ryan LF
Reebel David T 1212 Ranch LF
Reed A Byron 150 W. Onwentsia LF
Reed John J 345 W. Onwentsia LF
Reed John Shedd 301 W. Laurel LF
Reed Robert C 2020 Knollwood LF
Reed  Walter 321 North LB
Reese E O 551 N. Oakwood LF
Reeves George C 340 N. King Muir LF
Refrigerator Sales and Service   648 N. Western LF
Reh Upholstering Robert E 1180 W. Everett LF
Reh  William 560 Evanston LB
Reibert Melven J 346 Center LB
Reichert Edwin C 19 College Campus LF
Reid Bryan S 788 E. Woodland LF
Reid (gardener's residence) Bryan S 788 E. Woodland LF
Reidy William E 1441 W. Old Mill LF
Reilly Frank E 210 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Reilly Law Office  George L 262 E. Deerpath LF
Reilly George L 895 N. Oakwood LF
Reitz Alex E 421 E. Westleigh LF
Reliable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co.   2226 GreenBay Rd. Highland Park
Relken William R  1120 Foster LB
Renshaw Charles C 511 E. Walnut LF
Rentschler William H 420 E. Woodland LF
Renz Anthony 1454 N. Sheridan LF
Renz Cabinet Maker John 181 E. Deerpath LF
Renz John 104 N. Washington Rd. LF
Renz Sam J 674 E. Highview LF
ReQua Charles Howard Jr. Mellody Rd. LF
Requa Haven 500 S. Ridge LF
Requa Haven Charles 449 E.Illinois LF
Revell Alex H Jr. 1170 Estate LF
Revenaugh J P 134 Center LB
Reynolds Frank G 1388 N. GreenBay LF
Reynolds Lester 1130 N. GreenBay LB
Reysa Victor R 511 E. Briar LF
Rhines James E 321 Neuman LB
Rhoades John H 666 E. Rosemary LF
Rhode Mrs. Henry 440 E. Illinois LF
Ribnikar Michael F 274 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Rice (office) F D 30 Center LB
Rice John M 257 W. Mellody LF
Rice Dr. Richard 620 N. Waukegan LF
Rice Richard A Jr. 306 E. Rose Terrace LF
Rice William 1014 Washington Ave. LB
Richards  W A  137 N.King Muir LF
Richards  Ray 719 E. Greenview LF
Richards & Son Stone Contractors   Rockland Rd. LB
Richards T R 14 Woodland LB
Richter Winston H 148 N. Washington Circle LF
Ridenour William 314 Prospect LB
Ridge Farm (office)   40 E. Old Mill LF
Rife Berry L 300 North LB
Riforgiate Frank 380 E. Oakdale LF
Rinaker Sami M 645 E. College LF
Rinaldo Frank 250 E. Market Square LF
Rinehart Paul G 133 Washington Ave. LB
Ring Daniel F 1351 Everett LF
Rinkenbach William H 606 N Tiverton LF
Ripley Goldie 80 S. Maywood LF
Risty Peter  36 North LB
Ritchuck John A 1017 Rockland Rd. LB
Ritter Jack S 710 Mawman LB
Rizzolo Alfonso 710 E. Old Elm LF
Roach James 766 N. Western LF
Robbins Laurence B 963 N Elm Tree LF
Robbins  Dr. Mary G 145 E. Blodgett LB
Roberts Bradley H 290 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Roberts David T 366 E. Wisconsin LF
Roberts George Randall 524 N.Bank Lane LF
Roberts George W 355 E. Westminster LF
Roberts Harry 31 Witchwood Ln. LB
Roberts Howard R 660 E. Northmoor LF
Roberts Jewelers   658 N. Western LF
Roberts Peter W 366 E. Wisconsin LF
Roberts Rufus Jr. 1550 N. Sheridan LF
Robertson Arthur 1290 N. Edgewood LF
Robertson Ed 1319 N. Edgewood LF
Robertson George G 780 E. Northmoor LF
Robertson Henry P Jr. 1046 Glendell LF
Robertson James A 651 E. Northmoor LF
Robertson John 797 N. Summit Ave. LF
Robertson Mrs. Mildred 755 N. Oakwood LF
Robertson Mrs. Mina 293 E. Deerpath LF
Robertson (office) Robert C 273 E. Market Square LF
Robertson Robert C 286 N. Chiltern LF
Robertson William 280 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Robertson's   240 E. Deerpath Ave. LF
Robertz Henry John 775 S. GreenBay LF
Robien G C 642 N.Oakwood LF
Robinson C Snelling 340 E. Linden LF
Robinson Elroy B 711 Woodland LB
Robinson Frank S 907 Rockland Rd. LB
Robinson H D 1591 N Sheridan LF
Robinson James H 460 Evanston LB
Robinson (stables) Joseph Bradley Rd. LF
Robinson Milton J 221 N.King Muir LF
Robinson R E 312 Scranton LB
Robinson Sarah 312 E. Granby LF
Robinson Snelling S 190 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Robinson Stafford 1610 W. Old Mill LF
Robold Earl H 304 Louis LB
Robson Merritt A 1090 S. Beverly LF
Robuck Charles H Jr. 1220 W. Conway LF
Rockland Trailer Court   Skokie Blvd. LB
Rockwell Mrs.Margaret 3 Sylvan LB
Rodden Francis J 310 Sheridan Pl. LB
Roderwald Richard G 1111 Walden Ln. LF
Rodgers Bernard 204 N. Wildwood LF
Rodman Clifford 370 Moffett LB
Rodman & Renshaw Brokers   209 S. LaSalle Chicago
Roe Lawrence A 234 Sheridan Pl LB
Roemer John G 517 Scranton LB
Rogan J J 145 Moffett LB
Rogan Thomas C 1055 Winwood LF
Rogers Nursery Donald F Talbot Rd. LF
Rogers  George B 751 N. Sheridan LF
Rogers George T Libertyville Twp. Libertyville
Rogers James F 211 Center LB
Rogondino Mrs. M 114 N. Washington Rd. LF
Rogondino Sam 114 N. Washington Rd. LF
Rohner John D 611 Walnut LB
Roland  R M 312 Center LB
Rolf R E 1172 N. Western LF
Roman Donald B 625 E. Greenview LF
Romberg A M 1525 N. Sheridan LF
Roney Raymond W 18 S. June Terrace LF
Ronin Harold F 545 E. Deerpath LF
Rooney Arthur C 1551 W. Old Mill LF
Rooney Mrs. E Harrison 246 Woodland LB
Roos Donald E South Campus LF
Ropp Hubert 727 Ravine LB
Roscher Carl H 1001 Rockland Rd. LB
Rose Mrs. Bernice W 245 E. Deerpath LF
Rose Edna 722 N. Western LF
Rose Joseph W 775 E. Greenview Pl. LF
Rose William A 1587 N. Mckinley LF
Rosemann Edwin L 736 E. Northmoor LF
Rosevear Estella L 758 N. Western LF
Rosevear John 258 E. Noble LF
Rosing Helmer 770 N. Western LF
Rosing R V 22 N. Washington Circle LF
Ross Clarence H 178 E. Illinois LF
Ross T A 280 E. Noble LF
Ross Walter W Jr. 320 N. Mayflower LF
Rosseter George W   Wadsworth
Rossi Don  N. Telegraph Rd. LB
Rossi John 906 Foster LB
Rossi Louis J 101 S. Winston LF
Rostron Arnold W J 138 Witchwood Ln. LB
Rotary Electric Co. Inc.   661 Glenview Highland Park
Roth Daniel S 915 Safford LB
Roth Fred 421 Birch LB
Roth Rev.Harold F 425 Lincoln LB
Roth Robert 290 E. Scott LF
Rothery Storage & Van Co.   1300 Jefferson Desplaines
Roti Fred J 349 Woodland LB
Rounsfull Reginald 390 N. Western LF
Rowan Paul 660 N. Sheridan LF
Rowe Charles L 787 E. Illinois LF
Rowlett Wilton C 983 E Maplewood LF
Rowley Henry N 581 E. Crab Tree Ln. LF
Rowley (private garage) Henry N 570 E. Crab Tree Ln. LF
Royal Typewriter Co.   1414 Washington Waukegan
Royer J W 336 Prospect LB
Rubinkam Mrs. Frances McKean 200 E. Vine LF
Rudi Norman  550 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Rudolph Real Estate Carl E 695 W. Old Mill LF
Rudolph Irving W 340 E. Scott LF
Ruge Paul F 315 Neuman LB
Ruhl Charles A 675 Pine Ct. LB
Rulison Robert E 754 E. Greenview LF
Rundle Edgar L 286 E. Noble LF
Runkles S A 1086 W. Conway Rd. LF
Runnals Edw. John 315 E. Scott LF
Runnells Mrs. Clive 333 N. Mayflower LF
Runnells (gardener's residence) Mrs. Clive 333 N. Mayflower LF
Runnells  John S 1416 N.Lake LF
Rush Charles M 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Rush Mrs.Harriett M 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Rutgers Gerritt A 516 Prospect LB
Ruthven Robert E 13 Shagbark LB
Ryan Edwin 224 Louis LB
Ryerson Anthony M 263 N. Mayflower LF
Ryerson Mrs. D M 261 N. Mayflower LF
Ryerson (private garage) Mrs. D M 261 N. Mayflower LF
Ryerson (cottage residence) Mrs. D M 261 N. Mayflower LF
Ryerson Murlin D 128 N. Wildwood LF
Rynearson Lloyd 449 E. Illinois LF
Ryon Jack College Campus LF
S&R TV & Appliances   782 N. Bank Lane LF
Sachs Meyer 171 E. Park LF
Sack John H 505 N. Telegraph LB
Sackerson Gilbert 33 North LB
Sage Clifford C 406 Birch Ave. LB
Sage Warren 987 E. Maplewood LF
St. John Lester 39 N. Washington Circle LF
St.John Painting William 1296 N. Edgewood LF
Salo Lydia 775 E. Illinois LF
St. Mary (school of)   185 E. Illinois LF
Salisbury Kimball 1010 E. Deerpath LF
Salisbury (gardener's residence) Kimball 1010 E. Deerpath LF
Salvation Army Pick Up Service   115 S. Sheridan Waukegan
Samelson John S 1421 N. Lake LF
Sammon Mrs. V A Shoracres Golf Grounds LB
Sampier J W 306 Birkdale LB
Sampson ML 630 W. Westleigh LF
Samuel Harold N 444 E. Illinois LF
Samuelson Charles L 401 E. Illinois LF
Sand John 600 E Ryan LF
Sanders Fay Garland 946 N. Elm Tree LF
Sanders Robert L 321 W. Onwentsia LF
Sanitary Co.   187 N. Washington Rd. LF
Santell Ernest P 704 Ravine LB
Saunders James 991 E. Maplewood LF
Saunders Lou R 1171 S. Telegraph LF
Scanlan Thomas P 380 N. Chiltern LF
Scarnavack Frank V 334 E. Glenwood LF
Schaefer Walter V 629 Mountain LB
Schaffer B L 666 E. Greenview LF
Schaffer DDS (office) Frederick M 4 S. Genesee Waukegan
Schaffer (residence) Frederick M 106 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Schaible Clifford R 425 E. Illinois LF
Schanock Romaine W 802 Burris LB
Scharle L M 520 North LB
Scharrer Mrs. Betty 177 E. Deerpath LF
Scheffler Gerhard W 291 E. Illinois LF
Schellinger E J 511 Prospect LB
Scherb Albert H 1143 N. Sheridan LF
Schert Harry A 124 W. Old Elm LF
Schiff Bernard C 3001 Half  Day LF
Schillereff Herman J 214 E. Noble LF
Schilpp William 807 Blodgett LB
Schloss Julius F 1371 W. Everett LF
Schmidt Mrs. Mary T 1121 Muir LB
Schmitz Arthur E 597 S. GreenBay LF
Schneider F 274 E. Scott LF
Schoebel Ernest K 1441 W. Everett LF
Schofield Philp H 562 Sunrise LB
Scholes Fraser 455 E. Deerpath LF
Scholz Albert J 689 N.McKinley LF
Scholz Arnold 1322 N. Edgewood LF
Scholz Homes Inc.   820 W. Deerpath LF
Schoonmaker Douglas 44 S. Wooded LF
Schramm Robert W 170 E. Deerpath LF
Schramm Victor M 32 S. June Terrace LF
Schrecengost Ms. Sadie 254 E. Rose LF
Schroeder William T 858 E. Longwood LF
Schulik Alex 330 W. Old Elm LF
Schulte Theo E III 501 N.Oakwood LF
Schultz John E 122 S. Wildwood LF
Schuppel Fred H 611 Sheridan LB
Schuster Hiram G 525 E. Illinois LF
Schwaninger J L 110 Woodland LB
Schwanz Walter J 916 Burris LB
Schwarzenhorn Clifford Half Day Rd. LF
Schwechel E A 519 North LB
Schweitzer Arthur R 334 E. Ravine Park LF
Schweppe Estate (private garage)   429 N. Mayflower LF
Schweppe Estate (gardener's residence)   429 N. Mayflower LF
Scislowicz Henry 214 Hancock LB
Scobie (chauffer's residence) David P 730 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Scobie (gardener's residence) David P 730 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Scofield Gerald E 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Scott Clarence 364 Vincent Ct. LB
Scott George B 619 E. Highview LF
Scott Herbert H 503 Maple LB
Scott Mrs. Janet O 359 Hirst LB
Scott William 1110 N. Griffith LF
Scotty's Photo Studio   197 E. Westminster LF
Scribner L R 415 Prospect LB
Scroggin Donald R 660 N. Western LF
Scudder Alice 295 E. Vine LF
Scudder Stuart 295 E. Vine LF
Seaberg Ernest 517 N. Telegraph LB
Seaborg E B 400 S. Waukegan LF
Seaman Irving Jr. 341 Oakdale LF
Searle W Wallace 865 N. Summit Ave. LF
Sears Elbur 50 W. Blodgett LB
Sears Real Estate Co.   26 GreenBay Winnetka
Sears Roebuck & Co.   601 Central Ave. Highland Park
Seaverns George A Jr. 255 E. Illinois LF
Seccombe Ernest J Jr. 864 N.Oakwood LF
Seccombe Joseph 1455 N. Edgewood LF
Secord Frederick 616 Center LB
Sedala John R 430 E. Frost LF
Sedgwick Robert 314 Sheridan Pl. LB
Seeley Miles G 1030 Estate LF
Selfridge John Adams 504 Mawman Ave. LB
Semmelman Andrew F 683 E. Cherry LF
Seney Raymond P 1165 S. Telegraph LF
Sentman Everette E 371 E. Illinois LF
Servite Fathers   GreenBay Rd. LB
Seybold Robert C 381 W. Everett LF
Seybold Willis B 439 W. Everett LF
Seyl Eugene H 1385 W. Old Mill LF
Semymour Landscape Contractor D W 38 GreenBay Winnetka
Seymour D W Sanders Rd. Deerfield
Shady Acres Rest Farm   1220 N. Telegraph LB
Shafer Fred W 1150 N. Sheridan LF
Shake Donald G 203 Skokie Blvd. LB
Shallberg G A Jr. 207 N. Maple LF
Shambaugh MD (office) Philip 320 E. Vine LF
Shambaugh MD (residence) Philp 1000 E. Illinois LF
Shank Max C 233 Louis LB
Shannon Rt. Rev. Thomas V 175 E. Illinois LF
Sharer A W 326 North LB
Sharp Gene 636 E. GreenBriar LF
Sharvy Robert L 38 S. College Campus LF
Shaw A Thomas 600 Sunrise LB
Shaw George 401 N. Telegraph LB
Shaw John 272 E. Market Square LF
Shaw Mrs. Remmen 999 E. Rosemary LF
Shearer Edith 797 N. Oakwood LF
Sheehy Richard S 600 Prospect LB
Shellabarger M W 330 Prospect LB
Shellow Eugene A 934 S. Waveland LF
Shepard Alta 1540 N. Waukegan LF
Shepard James 1373 N. Edgewood LF
Shepard Philip 1540 N. Waukegan LF
Shepherd S E 110 Hawthorn LB
Sheridan Charles A 964 S. Waveland LF
Sheridan Murray C 215 Woodland LB
Sheridan Richard M 335 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Sherman Walter D 369 E. Illinois LF
Shiel Edward J 85 E. Laurel LF
Shiel James W 1896 S. Telegraph LF
Shiel Pat 431 E. Spruce LF
Shields Eugene R 640 N. Oakwood LF
Shields John W 443 E. Illinois LF
Shields Township Assessor   744 N. Western LF
Shield Township Supervisor   738 N. Western LF
Shinsky Charles 131 North LB
Shipley P D 1417 S. Telegraph LF
Shoreacres Golf Club   Sheridan Road LB
Shoreacres Golf Club Pro Shop   Sheridan Road LB
Shoreacres Tennis Courts   Sheridan Road LB
Short Thomas R 1165 N. Sheridan LF
Shoulberg J R 544 Ravine LB
Shrock John F 75 E. Atteridge LF
Shultz F E 23 N. Washington Rd. LF
Shumway Edw. D 735 E. Westminster LF
Shumway (gardener's residence) Edw. D 735 E. Westminster LF
Shumway F Mallory 815 E. Deerpath LF
Shutler Arnold W 345 North LB
Shutts Alva A 418 Prospect LB
Sides Frederick H 109 Moffett LB
Siedschlag Arthur F 956 N. Western LF
Siegele B T 880 E. Old Elm LF
Siegele James E Bradley Rd. LF
Siegler Dale Upton Rd. LB
Siegwart Charles T 700 E. GreenBriar LF
Siljestrom Windows Ben 422 Wedgemere Libertyville
Simonich Louis J 402 Prospect LB
Simpson Mrs. Elizabeth 352 E. Wisconsin LF
Simpson Herbert 1004 Foster LB
Simpson John M Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Simpson (garderner's residence) John M Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Sims W E 673 Maple LB
Simson Henry G 241 W. Washington Ave. LB
Sinclair Arthur C 106 North LB
Sinclair Refining Branch Office   1506 Deerfield Rd. Highland Park
Sinclair Refining Sales Office   Oakton St. Mount Prospect
Singer Sewing Machine Co.   614 Central Ave. Highland Park
Sir Architect Arthur J 211 Maple Ct. LF
Siragusa Ross D Jr. 240 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Sircy Hubert E 1550 W. Everett LF
Sisler Bruce C 1038 N. Griffith LF
Sisler Jack 1521 N. Greenleaf LF
Sisters of Mercy   183 E. Illinois LF
Sked Wilson D 800 E. Longwood LF
Skidmore J G 1565 N. Sheridan Rd. LF
Skokie Valley Laundry & Dry Cleaners   514 Waukegan Highwood
Skokie Valley Oil co.   1401 W. North Ave. Chicago
Slater E A 707 Rockland Ave. LB
Slater James 109 N. Telegraph LF
Sleeter DDS (office) V R 110 Scranton LB
Sleeter DDS (residence) V R 520 Center LB
Sloan Roger A 650 Maple LB
Small P A 595 N. Waukegan LF
Smidt B W 561 Moffett LB
Smiley Francis W 240 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Smith Albert M 706 Mawman Ave. LB
Smith Albert S Jr. Skokie Blvd. LB
Smith Andrew D 182 N. Washington Rd. LF
Smith Mrs. Anna M W 366 E. Scott LF
Smith Archie 138 N. Washington Rd. LF
Smith Arthur C 63 N. Washington Rd. LF
Smith Chase M 146 Woodland LB
Smith Della H 1214 N. Griffith LF
Smith Dewey G 515 North LB
Smith Mrs. Edith 692 N. Forest LF
Smith Edw.  Byron 945 E. Maplewood LF
Smith Edwin R 161 N. Sheridan LF
Smith Elizabeth 281 E. Deerpath LF
Smith Franklin R 252 Ravine Forest LB
Smith George M 26 S. June Terrace LF
Smith Gordon H 700 E. Rosemary LF
Smith H Brooks 816 Burris LB
Smith Mrs. Harold C 40 N. Sheridan LF
Smith Pharmacy Harris F 28 Center LB
Smith Harris F 215 Woodland LB
Smith Hermon D 121 S. Stone Gate LF
Smith (gardener's residence) Hermon D 121 S. Stone Gate LF
Smith Jack 264 E. Park LF
Smith James E 634 E Highview LF
Smith L Dunlap 190 E. Onwentsia Rd. LF
Smith Lawrence D Jr. 737 E. Northmoor LF
Smith Louis A 333 S. Butler LF
Smith M R 485 W. Everett LF
Smith Milton L 330 N. Sheridan Rd. LF
Smith R E Jr. 385 E. Greenwood LF
Smith Roland K Jr. 151 E. Ridge Ln. LF
Smith Mrs Ruth Kay 1500 W.Kennedy LF
Smith Scudder 425 Lincoln LB
Smith Sidney 557 N.Oakwood LF
Smith Solomon A 1185 N Elm Tree LF
Smith (private Garage) Solomon A 1185 N Elm Tree LF
Smith (cahauffer's residence) Solomon A 1180 N. Elm Tree LF
Smith (housemen's residence) Solomon A 1170 N. Elm Tree LF
Smith (servant's quarters) Solomon A 1185 N Elm Tree LF
Smith Solomon B 225 N. Mayflower LF
Smith (office) Tom F W 209 Sheridan Rd. LB
Smith Walter F 908 N.Oakwood LF
Smith William B 150 N. Washington Rd. LF
Smith's Men's Store   264 E. Market Square LF
Smithson Mrs. David T 546 Scranton LB
Smyth William P 920 N. Sheridan LF
Snack Bar   291 E. Deerpath LF
Snazelle Photography Ernest 249 Sheridan Pl. LB
Snazelle Kitchens   249 Sheridan Pl. LB
Sneath Roy W 120 W. Center LB
Snowden DuPont 138 Hawthorn LB
Snyder Justin B 403 North LB
Soderberg Mrs. Beata E College Campus LF
Solomon Drugs Inc.   1121 N. State st. Chicago
Solterbeck Henry A 302 Louis LB
Somerville Phillip J 313 Center LB
Sommers A H 825 E. Highview LF
Soper J P Jr. 1220 N. Elm Tree LF
Sopocy Martin 617 E. Illinois LF
Sorensen Laurence 269 E. Woodland LF
Sorensen Laurence H 275 E. Woodland LF
Sorensen Lionel J 460 N. Exeter LF
Sorenson Richard L 1205 W. Quassey LB
Sorenson S J Jr. 166 E. Laurel LF
Sorenson Assessor Samuel J 744 N. Western LF
Sorenson Samuel J 1575 N.Willow LF
Sorsen John W 1130 N. Western LF
Southcombe Reginald 293 E. Deerpath LF
Souther Robert B 251 N. Mayflower LF
Southpark Grocery & Delicatessen   104 N. Washington Rd. LF
Spalding Evans W. Conway Rd. LF
Spalding Vaughan C Jr. 760 S. Waveland LF
Sparrow  John Adams 868 W. Larchmont LF
Speedwriting Div. Evanston Business College   1718 Sherman Evanston
Speidel Philip L 1215 N. Edgewood LF
Spelt Susan M 20 N. Western LF
Spencer Dwight P 117 E. Woodland Rd. LB
Spengler William B 121 Blodgett LB
Spero Motor Sales Inc.   550 S. Genesee Waukegan
Spiegel Inc. Catalogue Order Desk   113 S. Genesee Waukegan
Spiel George F 320 S. GreenBay LF
Spiel Robert E 270 E. Westleigh LF
Spinney Run Farms Corp.   Milwaukee Ave. Libertyville
Spohn Lillian M 489 N. Oakwood LF
Sponsler Robert R 1500 W.Kennedy LF
Sprague Addie B 614 Mountain LB
Spruth Henry C 141 Witchwood Ln. LB
Stadler Richard 727 E. Highview LF
Stafford C M 549 N. King Muir LF
Standard Oil Co.   205 N. Spring Waukegan
Stanford Ralph B 314 Woodland LB
Stang Lester R 859 E. Northmoor LF
Stanic Peter 100 N. Western LF
Stanley Sophie M 1595 N. McKinley LF
Staples Clarence F 740 W. Mellody LF
Staples  Philip C 261 E. Vine LF
Staranowicz Ted 242 Park Ln. LB
Stark Gunnard 849 W. Summit Ave. LF
Stark William W 307 Ravine Forest LB
Starosselsky Real Estate Nicholas 678 N. Western LF
Starosselsky Nicholas 605 E. College LF
Starr John H 847 N.McKinle LF
Steadman Lewis T 609 Center LB
Steans Irwin W 500 Sunrise LB
Stebbins John D 370 E. Westminster LF
Steele Mrs. James S 1111 N. Waukegan LF
Steele Mrs. Roy A 112 E. Atteridge LF
Steele Thomas A 442 E. Illinois LF
Steffen Leonard B 750 S. Waukegan LF
Stein Albert M 750 N. GreenBay LF
Stein H 1120 W. Everett LF
Steiner George Randall 5 E. Laurel LF
Steinhaus Walter 788 E. Woodland LF
Steitz M J 130 Sunset LB
Stella Joseph 728 E. Woodlawn LF
Stellman W J 1530 W.Old Mill LF
Stephens Henry J 374 E. Linden LF
Stephens Carpentry Jim 1485 N. McKinley LF
Stephens Joseph J 901 N. Summit LF
Stephens R J Sr. 1477 N . McKinleyh LF
Stevens Carlyle 122 Washington LB
Stevens (Charles & Co.)   1010 Linden Winnetka
Stevens John 153 N. Washington Rd. LF
Stevens Otho L 1510 N. Greenleaf LF
Stevens Mrs. R W 1065 W. Inverlieth LF
Stevenson John A 601 Prospect LB
Stevenson Richard D Jr. 136 Woodland LB
Stevenson Mrs. Richard D Sr. Old School Rd. Libertyville
Stevenson W J Jr. 1149 Estate Lane LF
Stewart Jean 2 N. June LF
Stewart Phillip B 1300 N. Waukegan LF
Stewart Mrs. W F 1194 N. GreenBay LF
Stewart W Murdoch 925 E. Walden Ln. LF
Stickney David W 1298 N. GreenBay LF
Stiehl C E 700 Mawman LB
Stiles David D Sr. 354 Foss LB
Stiles James F Jr. 230 Witchwood Ln. LB
Stille W T  Saunders Rd. LF
Stilo Victor College Campus LF
Stockely Charles A 569 E. Spruce LF
Stocklin C L 673 Rockland Ave. LB
Stoetzel Herbert W Saunders Rd. LF
Stokes Ralph D 138 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Stone George R 512 Sunrise LB
Stonebridge Priory   GreenBay Rd. LB
Storck Gustave 256 E. Market Square LF
Storey O H Jr. 755 E. Northmoor LF
Storll Louis A 1500 W.Kennedy LF
Strachan Thomas C Jr. 321 E. Hilldale Pl. LF
Strauss DDS (residence) William J 1991 S. Telegraph LF
Strecker George O 99 Wooded Ln. LF
Streed John A 362 Hirst LB
Streeper Mildred J 131 Sunset LB
Strenger Donald S 516 N.Oakwood LF
Strenger H T 313 E. Wisconsin LF
Strenger Plumbing H T 842 N. Western LF
Strenger  Marshall Cowles 450 Thorne LF
Strike N Spare Bowling Lanes   1856 Skokie Blvd. Northbrook
Stripe Frederic F 626 E. Northmoor LF
Strohlman Earl E 211 Sylvan LB
Strom Henry A 1530 N. Willow LF
Strom Robert Blaine 90 N.Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Strunk Emil 1507 N. Mckinley LF
Struss Ethel May 509 Green LB
Stuart Insurance Agency   33 Scranton LB
Stuart  John 1291 N. Elm Tree LF
Stuart (Chauffer's residence) John 1291 N. Elm Tree LF
Stuart R Douglas 528 N. Mayflower LF
Stuart (private garage) R Douglas 490 N. Mayflower LF
Stuart (gardener's residence) R Douglas 490 N. Mayflower LF
Stuart Robert D Jr. W. Conway Rd. LF
Stuart William L 700 Evanston LB
Stuerhk Charles A 227 Blodgett LB
Stuessy Haydn 220 Moffett LB
Sturgis Mrs.Hammond 504 N.Oakwood LF
Sturtevant R E Jr. 171 W. Laurel LF
Sturtz Eric 697 N. Oakwood LF
Stymacks Raymond T 810 S. Waveland LF
Sucato G S 1096 N. Griffith LF
Suckow Gordon M 709 Birch LB
Sudler Carroll H Jr. 1280 N. Sheridan LF
Sullivan Plumbing C P 2005 St. Johns Highland Park
Sullivan Evelyn 300 N. GreenBay LF
Sumeriski Harold 140 E. Westminster LF
Sumeriski Robert H 131 N. Wildwood LF
Summers Michael J 307 GreenBay LB
Sunshine Valley   Half Day Rd. LF
Surprise Shop Toy Store   247 E. Market Square LF
Suter John W Jr. 16 E. Westleigh LF
Sutherland Arnold H 1187 S. Telegraph LF
Sutton's Exp   279 E. Scott LF
Svic Leo E 1007 Plaister LB
Swalgren Gunner 617 Prospect LB
Swan Conrad M 545 Prospect LB
Swan Hobert W 233 Woodland LB
Swansen Burton T 731 E. Woodlawn LF
Swanson Mrs.Anna E 674 N.Oakwood LF
Swanson Daniel C Saunders Rd. LF
Swanson Cleaner M C 580 N. Bank Lane LF
Swanson Olaf 665 E Highview LF
Swanson R H 334 E. Westminster LF
Swanton Frank E 166 E. Westminster LF
Swanton Lee A 322 E. Ravine Park LF
Swanton Lester J 262 E. Market Square LF
Swanton Milton W 311 E. Noble LF
Swanton Roy  389 E. Deerpath LF
Swanton Susan J 796 N. Oakwood LF
Swarthout Floyd E 470 W. Westleigh LF
Swarthout Floyd E Jr. 293 E. Scott LF
Swarthout James E 819 N. Summit LF
Swarthout's Phillips 66 Service Station   824 N. Western LF
Swearingen Jay E 284 E. Scott LF
Sweeney Hart T 486 N. Oakwood LF
Swift Edw. F Jr. 716 E. Westminster LF
Swift George h Jr. 356 N. GreenBay LF
Swift (gardener's residence) George h Jr. 334 N. GreenBay LF
Swift Phelps H 1365 N. Elm Tree LF
Swift T Philip 1650 N. GreenBay LF
Swift (private garage) T Philip 1650 N. GreenBay LF
Swope George S 685 E. Northmoor LF
Symusiak Frank E 467 Pine LB
Szekula Edw.H 870 W. Everett LF
Tabern D L 210 Witchwood LB
Tacon Nieves E 466 Evanston LB
Tadel Stanley M 1291 N. Edgewood LF
Tallet Harold J 1834 N.Knollwood LF
Tangley Oaks Inc. Publishers   801 GreenBay LB
Tangorro Andrew 130 N. Washington Rd. LF
Taylor Thomas A Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Taylor (Servants quarters) Thomas A Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Taylor Jack F 321 Hirst LB
Taylor Lewis T 230 N. Mayflower LF
Taylor Mack W 666 Mawman Ave. LB
Taylor MD (residence) Sami G III 1386 N. Green Bay LF
Taylor William C 390 E. Woodland LF
Tedor Stephen 405 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Teegarden G R 755 E. Highview LF
Telephone Answering Service   4 S. Genesee Waukegan
Templeton J S 525 N. Greenvale LF
Templeton Kenneth S 62o N. Mayflower LF
Templeton Richard H 476 N.Oakwood LF
Templeton Stuart J 1300 N. GreenBay LF
Tengwall Roger W 825 E. Morningside LF
Terhune R S 120 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Terlap Robert 573 E. Ryan LF
Terlecki Mrs. Glenn 165 E. Deerpath LF
Terrell John J 608 E. Ryan LF
Thelin Myrtle L 1355 S. Estate Ln. LF
Thomas Arnold R 267 N. Washington Rd. LF
Thomas Chester 494 N. Western LF
Thomas Gordon Ward 321 Circle Dr. LB
Thomas Samuel E 340 Crescent Dr. LB
Thomas Thomas M 221 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Thomas Mrs.William J 80 S. Maywood LF
Thompson Elgin C 701 Prospect LB
Thompson George W 112 Oak Terrace LB
Thompson J Raymond Half Day Rd. LF
Thompson Comdr.Laurence 120 Sunset Pl. LB
Thompson Lorraine A 890 S. Waukegan LF
Thompson Margaret 191 N. Washington Rd. LF
Thompson Miss Margaret 319 E. Woodland LF
Thompson Sheet Metal Works   5 88 N. Bank Lane LF
Thompson Thorvald E 15 Sheridan Rd. LB
Thompson's Aut Service   880 S. Waukegan LF
Thomson George 112 North LB
Thomson & McKinnon   231 S. LaSalle Chicago
Thorne Bruce  625 W. Westleigh LF
Thorne Bruce Jr. 1170 N. Sheridan Rd. LF
Thorne-Thomsen Leif 464 E. Illinois LF
Thorsen Chester B 1133 Estate LF
Thorsen Kenmore Real Estate   260 E. Deerpath LF
Thorsen Waldo D 255 E. Illinois LF
Thorup Aage 514 Ryan Pl. LF
Thorup Kai 286 E. Noble LF
Thorup N J 26 Washington LB
Thoye Mrs. Areta 297 E. Mills Ct. LF
Thurm Sign Co.   Rockland Rd. LB
Thurman John F 1485 N. GreenBay LF
Tichelbaut Maurice 707 E. Woodlawn LF
Tideman Architect Henry 134 N. LaSalle Chicago
Tideman  Henry 860 S. Green Bay LF
Tiegs Frank O 1211 N. Griffith LF
Tiffany Donald 1799 S. Telegraph LF
Tiffany Frank 250 N. Western LF
Tiffany George 62 E. Westminster LF
Timler Marlene 24 W. Washington Ave. LB
Timm Frederick G 119 Rockland Rd. LB
Timm Ruth B 734 N. Western LF
Tittmann Rev. George F 944 N. Sheridan LF
Tjaden Dean 764 Oak Ave. LB
Todd Wilson G 670 S. Green Bay LF
Toelle John H 755 Greenview Pl LF
Tollaksen Earl 715 Scranton LB
Tomei John 921 Rockland rd. LB
Tomlinson R C 615 Glen LB
Toni Gene J 1015 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Toogood Robert E 202 E. Westminster LF
Toohey Frederick W 480 W. Deerpath LF
Toomey Law Charles W 711 N. Mckinley LF
Toomey Painting Charles 170 E. Deerpath LF
Toomey Mrs. Mary E 324 Center LB
Toomey P Edw. 170 E. Deerpath LF
Toomey Painting Peter B 170 E. Deerpath LF
Townsend Frank H 501 Scranton LB
Trading Post Gift Shop   259 E. Market Square LF
Trading Post Rummage Shop   653 N. Bank Lane LF
Traer Milton M 1600 W. Everett LF
Trans World Airlines Reservations   37 S. Wabash Chicago
Travis R L 200 N. Washington Rd. LF
Travis Wright S 1230 Atkinson LB
Trepanier Joseph A 3 College Campus LF
Trevithick Edgar 333 N. Mayflower LF
Trezise Walwyn M 704 Scranton LB
Trier A Phillip 1500 W.Kennedy LF
Trier George 760 N. Oakwood LF
Trobec A J 349 Blodgett LB
Trost E J 320 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Trowbridge Calvin D 418 E. Illinois LF
Trowbridge Mrs. Cornelius M 383 N. Washington Rd. LF
Trude Alfred S 628 Greenview Pl LF
Truslow Walter Jr. 1500 W.Kennedy LF
Trussell John C 1055 S. Beverly Pl. LF
Tucker Mrs. M 656 N. Western LF
Tucker Robert D  228 Center LB
Tucker Tommy 550 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Turk Carl A Jr. 304 W. Hawthorn LB
Turk Cleo 420 Evanston LB
Turnbow Margaret 204 Park LF
Turner Rotha 290 E. Deerpath LF
Turpel Arthur Railroad Ave. LB
Turpel Earl 41 Scranton LB
Turpel Robert T 758 N. Western LF
Turpel William Railroad Ave. LB
Tuttle Robert E 669 Garfield LB
Tutwiler Robert E Jr. 608 Ravine LB
Tweed Edwin J 221 E. Glenwood LF
Twinney Marc M 74 E. Woodland LF
Tyler Thomas S 113 Moffett LB
Tyler William D 1087 N. Edgewood LF
Tyson David L 616 Oak Ave. LB
Tyson Russell 611 E. Westminster LF
Uhlemann John 520 E. Rosemary LF
Uihlein Edgar J Jr. Sheridan Road LB
Uihlein (gardener's residence) Edgar J Jr. Sheridan Road LB
Ullmann Stuart E 243 Witchwood Ln. LB
United Air Lines     Chicago
United Educators Inc.   801 GreenBay LB
United Rent-Alls   Belvidere Rd. Waukegan
United States Govt. Post Office   36 Center LB
United States Govt. Post Office   230 Northgate LF
Uschan H Robert 308 Scranton LB
Vail Kenneth 613 Lincoln LB
Valkenaar Edwin  111 Inverleith Rd. LF
Vallaly Linn J 340 N. Mayflower LF
Vance (office) Charles V 4 S. Genesee Waukegan
VanDenBroeck Charles 159 E. Summit Pl. LF
Vanderbie Real Estate Mrs. H H 266 E. Deerpath LF
Vanderbie Mrs. H H 610 N. Lake LF
Vandervoort R C 770 E. Greenview LF
VanDuis Adolph 1096 W. Conway LF
VanEeckhout Arthur 224 E. Mills Ct. LF
VanEeckhout Joseph 158 N. Washington Rd. LF
VanEeckhout Marcel 1195 N. McKinley LF
VanEeckhout Maurice 680 Greenview Pl. LF
VanEs Anthonie 985 N. McKinley LF
VanEtten T C 117 North LB
VanGorkom Mrs. E 250 E. Deerpath LF
VanGorkom J W 126 E. Sheridan rd. LB
VanHandel R J 1101 N. Telegraph LF
VanNess C Radford 494 E. Illinois LF
VanNess Gardiner B Jr. 880 N. Elm Tree LF
VenNieuwenhuyze Remi 791 N. Summit LF
VanNortwick Mrs. M F 892 E. Highview LF
VanNote DDS (office) L J 711 N. Mckinley LF
VanNote DDS (residence) L J 406 E. Westminster LF
Vanoni Plastering   1394 Deerfield Rd. Highland Park
VanPelt Charles B 502 N. Telegraph LB
VanVlissingen Arthur 120 Oak Terrace LB
VanVlissingen L A 300 Moffett LB
Varner Chester E 1190 W. Conway LF
Varney Richard 120 North LB
Vasofsky Chester W 354 Woodland LB
Vaughn Harold E 810 Safford LB
Vawter Paul E 320 Cherokee LF
Velde James A 711 Park Pl. LB
Velo Armando 625 E. Illinois LF
Verbanck Theo T 761 N. Summit Ave. LF
Verbeke Alois 166 N. Washington Rd. LF
Verbeke Gerard C 245 E. Noble LF
Verbeke H J 147 N. Washington Rd. LF
Verbeke Joseph H 1031 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Verbeke Julian A 682 N. Oakwood LF
Vercoe Dr. Ernest W 126 North LB
Verhalen Beautician Mrs. Pearl 203 Scranton LB
Verhalen William J 203 Scranton LB
VerMeulen DVM G F 936 N. Western LF
Vernon John T 260 N. Washington Circle LF
Vetter Walter F 276 E. Mills Ct. LF
Vey Arnold H 790 W. Deerpath LF
Vickery J B 34 Center LB
Victor Adding Machine Co.   540 N. LaSalle Chicago
Victor Bros. Furriers   458 Central Highland Park
Victorine Rober E 910 S. Waveland LF
Vieth Marvin 203 Skokie Blvd. LB
Vignocchi Keno 286 Glenwood LF
Vignocchi Tony 1197 N Griffith LF
Village Beauty Shop   203 Scranton LB
Village Garage   834 N. Western LF
Village Korner Pharmacy   28 Center LB
Village Paint Shop   736 N. Western LF
Vinje Svein 765 E. Northmoor LF
Virden A J 255 N. Washington Rd. LF
Vivian Petersen Maternity   204 E. Westminster LF
Vliet Elmer B 401 Prospect LB
Volino Sam F 1350 N. Lake LF
Vollbrecht John L 38 Hawthorn LB
Vollum A E 527 North LB
Volpe Charles 1358 N. Edgewood LF
Volpe John S 7 Skokie Blvd. LB
Volpe Robert M 25 S. June Terrace LF
Volpe Sam 158 E. Laurel LF
Volpe Samuel V Jr. 1505 N. Willow LF
Von Der Linden Sig 1015 Rockland Rd. LB
Von Huben Harry R 1211 N. Griffith LF
Vonic E J 22 N. Washington Circle LF
WAY Coastal Harbor Radio Station Ill. Bell Tel. Co.   Sheridan Road LB
Wacker Mrs. Frederick G GreenBay Rd. LF
Wade Claire W 658 Pine Ct. LB
Wade Clifford 318 N. Telegraph LF
Wade Ernest 34 Center LB
Wade's Grocery Store   34 Center LB
Wadsworth J T 465 E. Deerpath LF
Wageman George E 538 Ravine LB
Wagner Mrs. Mary 41 Hawthorn LB
Waldele Mike 1009 Rockland Rd. LB
Waldie Benjamin D 202 Ravine Forest Dr LB
Waldmann MD (residence) Louis F 220 Park Ln. LB
Waldmann Louis F Jr. 423 Lincoln LB
Walgreen Co. Drug Store   296 E. Deerpath LF
Walker Bertrand 537 E. Rosemary LF
Walker Clifton P Jr. Estate Ln. LF
Walker Mrs. E 184 N. Washington Rd. LF
Walker Frank R 302 Briar LB
Walker Lawrence 1021 Rockland Rd. LB
Walker Malcolm M 1515 Estate LF
Walker Ray L 48 Moffett LB
Walker Samuel J 255 E. Illinois LF
Walker's Service Station   102 Skokie LB
Wallace J 789 N. Oakwood LF
Wallace Robert F 115 Witchwood LB
Wallen Alves E 1129 W. Everett LF
Wallenborn R J 114 Woodland LB
Walsh Mrs. William 1314 N. Edgewood LF
Walsh Thomas 766 N. Western LF
Walther Harrison 90 N. Washington Circle LF
Walter R J 197 E. Westminster LF
Walton Elmer 909 Foster LB
Walton Thomas B 690 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Wamboldt Mrs. Fitz-Hugh 567 E. Rosemary LF
Wang Alfred D 1065 Glendell LB
Wangard William 304 E. Ravine Park LF
Wanzer Milk Sidney & Sons 1809 Argyle Chicago
Ward John Harris 1596 N. GreenBay LF
Ward MD (office & residence) John L 600 Scranton LB
Ward Mrs. John L 600 Scranton LB
Ward Kenneth J 910 N. Sheridan LF
Wardman Oscar 635 E. Northmoor LF
Warncke Fred 1341 N. Edgewood LF
Warner Lawrence R 744 E. GreenBriar LF
Warren Ida 411 E. Spruce LF
Washburn John C 1207 W. Old Mill LF
Washburn Mrs. Poole GreenBay Rd. LB
Washburn William H 120 Hawthorn Ct. LB
Washburne-Hempstead   150 E. Ridge Ln. LF
Washburne-Hempstead Jr.   970 W. Verda Ln. LF
Washington Luther 675 E. Illinois LF
Wastcoat J W Saunders Rd. LF
Watermulder L F 300 N. GreenBay LF
Waters W H 320 North LB
Watkins W A P 900 E. Maplewood LF
Watrous Philip M 346 Crescent LB
Watson A E 706 North LB
Watson G Leland 1540 N. Sheridan LF
Watson George T 199 W. Onwentsia LF
Watson Gilbert S 600 Ravine LB
Watson Mrs. Richey 600 Ravine LB
Watt Ted 787 N. Oakwood LF
Watts F E 307 GreenBay LB
Waud Morrison 55 N. GreenBay LF
Waud (private garage) Morrison 100 N. Western LF
Waukegan News Sun   116 Madison Waukegan
Waukegan Nurseries   220 N. GreenBay Waukegan
Wawirka  John H 1489 S. Telegraph LF
Webb Mrs. Ewing T 1208 N. Sheridan LF
Webb Yvonne 555 E. Spruce LF
Weber Henry G 700 Center LF
Weber John J 409 Adelphia LB
Webster Elizabeth H 570 N. Sheridan LF
Webster Ethel 425 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Weeden George D 123 Sunset LB
Wegner Gerald 365 N. Chiltern LF
Weil Morton Half Day Rd. LF
Weinberger Albert F 320 E. Noble LF
Weisenbach G F 526 Scranton LB
Weishaar Elizabeth 755 E. Illinois LF
Weisinger Louis 1168 N. Western LF
Weld Kenneth A 324 Chiltern Dr. LF
Weller W J 133 Woodland LB
Welles Donald P 361 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Welles Edw. K 321 N. Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Wells & Copithorne Hardware   241 E. Deerpath LF
Wells  D Leon 903 N. Oakwood LF
Wells Francis GreenBay Rd. LF
Wells Public Secretary Margaret A 251 E. Market Square LF
Wells Marvin 681 E. Highview LF
Wells Mrs. Roy S 104 E. Atteridge LF
Wells Stanley 1275 N. Edgewood LF
Wells Thomas 1351 N. GreenBay LF
Wells  Viola R 308 Newman LB
Welsh Francis J 860 Morningside LF
Welsh J Robert 764 Deerfield Rd. Deerfield
Welsh Ray F 416 Pine LB
Welton Arthur D Jr. 1015 N. Woodbine Pl. LF
Wenban Undertaker George 233 E. Deerpath LF
Wenban George 450 E. Illinois LF
Wenban George Jr. 436 E. Illinois LF
Wenban Buick Sales & Service   589 N. Oakwood LF
Wendell F Lee H 1002 N. Woodbine Pl. LF
Wendt Paul E 653 N. Bank Lane LF
Wendt Paul W 155 E. Deerpath LF
Wentworth Daniel S Jr. 711 Prospect LB
Werhane General Contractor Arnold F 21 S. June Terrace LF
Werhane Harold F 1515 Bowling Green LF
Werner Charles S 20 S. StoneGate Rd. LF
Wertheimer Irwin S Saunders Rd. LF
Werygo John J 743 E. Illinois LF
Weshinskey Floyd 354 Newman LB
Wesselhoeft Charles D 624 Prospect LB
West Henry 26 N. Washington Rd. LF
West Lake Forest Standard Service   Waukegan & Everett Roads LF
West M Howard Jr. 1000 N. GreenBay LF
West Owen A 808 E. Deerpath LF
West Ralph E 690 Greenview LF
Westbrook Chaucer 854 E. Greenview LF
Western Union Telegraph Co.   253 E. Market Square LF
Wetter Eugene C 338 Center LB
Wetts  Robert 802 Foster LB
Wetzel Ervin H 865 E. Highview LF
Wetzel Theodore C 126 Center LB
Wetzel Walton E 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Weyrough L H 570 E. Rosemary LF
Whalen Bernard 115 N. Wildwood LF
Whalen Frank 99 N. Wildwood LF
Whalen John 1165 N. Mckinley LF
Whaley Clarence R Louis St. LB
Wheldon Miss Frances E 1160 N. Sheridan LF
Wheeler Dr. Byron C 24 W. Washington Ave. LB
Wheeler Henry P 10 N. Mayflower LF
Wheeler Ralph G 237 N. Washington Circle LF
Wheeler Seymour 920 Hawthorn Pl LF
Whipple  Jay 1100 N. Edgewood LF
Whitaker Real Estate R B 140 GreenBay Winnetka
White Anna 708 Park LB
White Grocery Bernard J 611 Sheridan Rd. LB
White Elephant Shop   41 Scranton LB
White James F 314 Glenwood LF
White Kent M 272 S. Sheridan LF
White Roger Q 545 E. College Rd. LF
White William 38 Witchwood LB
White Willard A 350 N. Waukegan Rd. LF
Whitehead Laverne 426 E. Spruce LF
White's Refrigeration & Heating   19 North LB
White's Variety Store   107 Scranton LB
Whiteside Pierce A 1133 N. Edgewood LF
Whitson Arthur F 302 Newman LB
Whitten Mrs. Hamilton 881 N. Church LF
Whittingham Mitchell Jr. 1359 N. Edgewood LF
Whyte Isabella 796 N. Oakwood LF
Whyte William 991 N. McKinley LF
Whyte William 282 E. Mills Ct. LF
Wichmann Henry H 340 E. Scott LF
Wickersham R H Washington St. LB
Wieboldt Stores Shopping Service   1007 Church Ave. Evanston
Wiegold Heating F A 1241 S. Telegraph LF
Wilber John 33 Hawthorn LB
Wilcox Charles A 995 W. Northcliffe LF
Wilcox Edwin A 103 N. Telegraph LB
Wilder Harris E 1290 N. Sheridan LF
Wildman Max E 111 Moffett LB
Wilfong Fern S 830 N GreenBay LF
Wilgus N M 320 Sheridan Pl LB
Wilhelm Frank E 735 Ravine LB
Wilkinson Herbert S 181 E. Foster LF
Willard W Kenneth 658 Garfield LB
Willems MD (residence) J Daniel 240 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Willey Grant S 408 Ravine Park LF
Williams Albert D 530 E. Crab Tree Ln. LF
Williams Cleaner Alfonso 730 N. Western LF
Williams (residence) Alfonso 426 E. Spruce LF
Williams Charles A 682 N. Oakwood LF
Williams Harry H N. Telegraph Rd. LB
Williams Henry F 229 E. Noble LF
Williams Ivor 174 E. Park  LF
Williams Marshall J 1431 S. Telegraph LF
Williams R B 12 College Campus LF
Williams Robert D 102 Hawthorn LB
Williams Wayne G 184 N. Wildwood LF
Williamson Burke 920 E. Deerpath LF
Williamson Jack A 299 E. Onwentsia Rd. LF
Willms John C 217 Center LB
Willms John C Jr. 217 Center LB
Wills Lewis F 710 Birch Rd. LB
Wilmerding Mrs. C H 331 E. Westminster LF
Wilson Dr. Audrey 190 N. Wildwood LF
Wilson David 533 E. Illinois LF
Wilson Donald A 635 E. GreenBriar Ln. LF
Wilson Edw. C Jr. 810 S. Ridge Rd. LF
Wilson George C 700 E. Woodlawn LF
Wilson Dr. Hugh 190 N. Wildwood LF
Wilson Hugh J 220 Wildwood LF
Wilson J F 1102 Foster LB
Wilson John P Jr. 111 N. Mayflower LF
Wilson (private garage) John P Jr. 111 N. Mayflower LF
Wilson Real Estate Mrs. Laurence O 260 E. Deerpath LF
Wilson Mrs. M Farr 511 E. Rosemary LF
Wilson Mrs. Mary 285 E. Deerpath LF
Wilson Monroe 780 N. Bank Lane LF
Wilson Robert 26 E. Atteridge LF
Wilson Robert H 61 S. StoneGate Rd LF
Wilson Mrs. Texanna C 440 E. Spruce LF
Wilson Theodore M 1661 W. Everett LF
Wilson Thomas E Telegraph Rd. Waukegan
Wilson Warren H 1140 W. Deerpath LF
Wilson Capt. William E 322 E. Scott LF
Wing DDS (residence) Robert L 203 E. Sheridan Rd. LB
Winroth Knut 717 W. North LB
Winston Farwell 1010 E. Spring Ln. LF
Winston Hampden Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Winter Club of Lake Forest (office)   956 N. Sheridan LF
Winter Club of Lake Forest (Squash Court)   956 N. Sheridan LF
Winter Edwin W 959 E. Maplewood LF
Winter Evert G 339 E. Sheridan LB
Winter Munroe A 333 Crescent Dr. LB
Winter Richard A 885 S. Waveland LF
Wintz M P 29 Blodgett LB
Wistrom Painting & Decorating   617 E. illinois LF
Wittbrod Mrs. Frances 1339 W. Everett LF
Witten Marvin J 337 Center LB
Witty's Ice Cream Co   615 Roger Williams  Highland Park
Woeltjen Albert E 1170 S. GreenBay LF
Wolf Mrs. E E 344 E. Wisconsin LF
Wolf Marjory J 115 E. Sunset LF
Wolfe Edward H 501 North LB
Wolfe Hubert J Half Day Rd. LF
Wolverton Marcine 316 Neuman LB
Women's Republican Club   274 E. Market Square LF
Wonderland of Knowledge Encyclopedia   801 GreenBay LB
Wondreis & Johnson Architects   290 E. Deerpath LF
Wood Mrs. Agnes Lloyd 106 Oak Terrace LB
Wood Arthur M 1050 N. GreenBay LF
Wood J Howard 517 Center LB
Wood Mrs. R E 307 Sheridan Pl. LB
Wood Robert D Jr. 222 Birch LB
Wood General Robert E 464 N. Mayflower LF
Wood Robert W 223 Scranton LB
Wood Robert Whitney 930 E. Rosemary LF
Wood Thomas 1005 E. Maplewood LF
Woodbury Mrs. William 338 E. Scott LF
Woods Frank H 550 E. Deerpath LF
Woods  Lawrence L 356 Neuman LB
Woodworth Harmon H 251 Ravine Forest LB
Woolridge Robert L 300 Sheridan Pl LB
World Topics Publisher   801 GreenBay LB
Worthington D J 840 N. Lake LF
Wortley Charles I 1 N. Sheridan Rd. LB
Woy John S 207 Ravine Forest LB
Wright A A 333 Prospect LB
Wright Frank G 763 N. Mayflower LF
Wright Glenn W 111 Scranton LB
Wright John O Rockland Rd. LB
Wuhs Curtis A 602 Ravine Ave. LB
Wyatt Earl 32 Moffett LB
Wyllie Eliz 789 N. McKinley LF
Wyman Mrs. Mark P 1055 N. Woodbine Pl. LF
Yager Philip W 650 Sunrise LB
Yahr Elmer S 544 Washington LB
Yakes Donald A 674 N. Oakwood LF
Yantis F S 1320 N. Sheridan Rd. LF
Yarros Mike 855 N. McKinley LF
Yeary Michael 100 North LB
Ylivasaker William T 1184 N. Waukegan LF
Yonce Mrs. Stanley L 175 N. Wildwood LF
Yore & Atteridge Concrete Contractors   1345 S. Telegraph LF
Yore  Mrs. Joseph J 252 E. Westminster LF
Yore  Julia E 660 N. Western LF
Yore Thomas F 196 E. Atteridge LF
Yore Vincent 736 E. Woodlawn LF
Yore's Telephone Secretarial Service   196 E. Atteridge LF
Yost Donovan 427 E. Deerpath LF
Young B Botsford Shoreacres Golf Grounds LB
Young Ferdinand H 404 Sunrise LB
Young Folks Shop   277 E. Deerpath LF
Young  Howard H 205 Witchwood Ln. LB
Young John S 330 E. Scott LF
Young John T 343 Blodgett LB
Young Mrs. Noel S 471 S. Oakwood LF
Young Warren G 500 North LB
Younglove Edw. T 729 E. GreenBriar LF
Youngs Donald R 1130 N. Western LF
Youngs Mrs. James 304 E. Granby LF
Youngs  Richard A 791 N. Summit LF
Youngstrom Halmar N 1299 S. Telegraph LF
Zabka Robert 290 Ahwahnee Rd. LF
Zack S E 1896 S. Telegraph LF
Zagalia Geno 1432 Buena LF
Zahn Fred J 845 E. Greenview LF
Zahn Robert C 773 E. Highview LF
Zahnle Charles 140 E. Summit Pl. LF
Zahnle J T 40 E. Onwentsia LF
Zaring Stanley B 414 Thorne LF
Zaugg H E 270 E. Park LF
Zavodka Andrew 231 N. Ahwahnee Ln. LF
Zeiss Harold 1915 S. Telegraph LF
Zeleski Paul J 135 Center LB
Zengeler A J 293 E. Deerpath LF
Zengeler & Horan Co. Inc. Clearners   614 N. Western LF
Zengeler Ralph 834 N. Oakwood LF
Zengeler Robert J 785 N. Summit Ave. LF
Ziel Walter F 880 E. Highview LF
Zieman Mrs. Matilda 1227 S. Waukegan Rd. LF
Zierk George 331 Blodgett LB
Zilmer Frank A 1545 W. Everett LF
Zimmer F W 1020 E. Westleigh LF
Zimmerle Mrs. John M 594 N. Western LF
Zimmerman Clay Henry 355 Foss Ct. LB
Zimmerman Hilmar H 508 Center LB
Zimmerman Albert J 604 Ravine LB
Zion Hotel's Rest Home   2561 Sheridan Rd. Zion
Zurcher Victor K 955 N. Lake LF