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1961 Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Telephone Directory

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Citation: Lake Forest & Lake Bluff Residence and Business Directory, 1961.

Last Name First Name Street Address City
A&E Vacuum Cleaner Service   764 N. Western LF
ASC Tabulating Corp.   1080 Green Bay LB
Abbott T W 791 E. Highview LF
Abby R 573 E. Ryan LF
Abel D W 2 Eva LB
Abplanalp N E 1170 Valley LF
Abrahamson A W 621 E. Ryan LF
Abresch C F 367 Vincent LB
Acker N H 463 Glen LB
Ackermann A G Jr. 710 Prospect LB
Ackley W D 674 E. Northmoor LF
Adams J B 115 E. Sunset LF
Adams A J 919 Rockland Rd. LB
Adams C H 130 E. Onwentsia LF
Adams H D 51 S. Mayflower LF
Adams J Q Jr. 1320 N. Elm Tree LF
Adams L K 101 W. Sheridan LB
Adamson G 44 E. Atteridge LF
Adamson H T 870 E. Longwood LF
Addington J R 815 E. Deerpath LF
Addington Mrs. W 515 W. Deerpath Ave. LF
Adrian G H 29 Oak Terrace LB
Aerial Photo & Survey Co.   1 Oxford Rd. LF
Agazim A C  575 E. Glenwood LF
Agnew F E III 105 Green Bay LB
Agnew Lt. F 715 E. Woodland LF
Ahren P 36 E. Atteridge LF
Ahlf K 706 E. Woodlawn LF
Ainsworth E 185 E. Vine LF
Aitchison P L 709 Mountain LB
Akeson E 26 Washington Circle LF
Albrecht 511 Lincoln LB
Aldis G 135 E. Deerpath Ave. LF
Aldrich J E 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Aldridge Electric   151 E. Laurel LF
Aldridge L 90 E. Atteridge LF
Alexander B 249 E. Sheridan LB
Alexandria Apts.   314 Wisconsin LF
Allan 1423 S. Telegraph LF
Alleman D A 400 E. Onwentsia LF
Allen H B 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Allen Mrs. I 902 N.Oakwood LF
Allen J R 435 E. Illinois LF
Allen R W 122 Witchwood LB
Allen S W 1057 Hillside LB
Allen T E 1130 Green Bay LB
Allen 250 N. Anwahnee LF
Allie L 317 Scranton LB
Allison C M 126 E. Sheridan LB
Allison V B 321 North LB
Alm A G  999 N. Sheridan LF
Alm K A 1120 E. Everett LF
Almaraz M C 714 W. Washington LB
Alstad K 325 E. Glenwood LF
Altemus R J 2 Oxford LF
Amaden R D 2 College Campus LF
Amendola F 44 W. Sheridan LB
Ames H H 140 Oak Terrace LB
Ames J D 600 N. Washington LF
Amidei A 118 N. Western LF
Amos R G 345 Center LB
Anaclerio N 915 W. Everett LF
Andersen J A 354 Newman LB
Andersen J G 15 College Campus LF
Andersen R A 454 Simpson LB
Anderson A W 788 E. Woodland LF
Anderson A C  674 Pine LB
Anderson A 713 Ravine LB
Anderson B 195 E. Park LF
Anderson D 1207 N. Mckinley LF
Anderson E M 594 N. Western LF
Anderson E C 112 Sheridan LB
Anderson G E 601 N. Bank LF
Anderson G E 1030 Estes LF
Anderson G K 550 S. Ridge LF
Anderson G 130 E. Woodland LF
Anderson G E 130 Sheridan LB
Anderson J 145 N. Wildwood LF
Anderson Mrs. J 656 N. Western LF
Anderson  J III 820 E. Northmoor LF
J. Anderson Co.   596 N. Western LF
Anderson J H 1030 Estes LF
Anderson J W 550 E. Deerpath LF
Anderson L W 1002 North LB
Anderson M E 273 E. Deerpath LF
Anderson R 215 N. Sheridan LF
Anderson R 1724 Bowling Green LF
Anderson S J 400 Center LB
Anderson Mrs. S 871 W. Verda LF
S D Anderson Assoc. Inc.   270 E. Deerpath Ave. LF
Anderson W O 750 S. Waukegan LF
Anderson's Barber Shop   286 E. Deerpath Ave. LF
Anderton R 194 E. Park LF
Andress M B 570 Washington LF
Andrews J P 800 N. Waukegan LF
Andrews L J 1200 N.Griffith LF
Andrews R 529 S. Beverly LF
Andrus Rev. R 541 N. Mayflower LF
Anemone L F 1319 N. Edgewood LF
Annan K M 460 Rockland  LB
Annan Mrs. S 1035 N. Sheridan LF
Anthony B 200 Scranton LB
H W Apfelbach MD   210 E. Westminster LF
Appleton J 508 E Ryan LF
Appleton M 719 N. McKinley LF
Appleton N 359 Foss LB
Appleton R E 110 N. Sheridan LF
Archer E A DDS 112 Ravine Forest LB
Archer M J 721 N. Mckinley LF
Ardelean G 158 N. Western LF
Arden Shore Asst. Supt. Office   Sheridan Rd. LB
Armour A W III 850 E. Deerpath LF
Armour C 1304 N. Elm Tree LF
Armour C B 475 E. Westminster LF
Armour Mrs. L 395 N. Green Bay LF
Armour L Jr. 800 N. Sheridan LF
Armour L Sheridan Rd. LB
Armour Mrs.P 830 N. Green Bay LF
Armour Mrs. S 111 E. Ridge LF
Armour T S 410 E. Woodland LF
Armour V 5 E. Laurel LF
Armstrong J Jr. 211 Moffett LB
Armstong Mrs. J 211 Moffett LB
Arnold D B 754 E. Green Briar LF
Arnolds Acres Squab Farm   1101 N. Telegraph LF
Arpee E 383 N. Washington LF
Arquilla I 375 E. Illinois LF
Arthur R 706 Mawman LB
Arvidson G A 617 Sheridan LB
Ashby D 552 E. Ryan LF
Ashby R 552 E. Ryan LF
Ashcroft C 104 Moffett LB
Ashinger H H 335 Sylvan LB
Ashton M 222 Sheridan LB
Asman E 466 E. Illinois LF
Athey J M 91 E. Atteridge LF
Atkinson  B 111 S. Stonegate LF
Atkinson  E 311 North LB
Atkinson  J 447 Rockland LB
Atkinson  V 1014 Rockland LB
Atteridge R 1345 S. Telegraph LF
Attwood J A 512 Greenvale LF
August J 714 Oak Ave. LB
Ausman E L 153 Oaktree LB
Automatic Appliane Repair Service   14 North Ave. LB
Autrey M Jr. 625 E. Greenbriar LF
Avery C M 1468 S. Estate Ln. LF
Avgerin C M  405 Blodgett LB
Avis A G 158 Atteridge LF
Axt A 621 N. Mckinley LF
Ayars M 840 W. Deerpath LF
Ayres E B 307 North LB
Babich 316 Center LB
Bacon 1300 N. Waukegan LF
Badenoch E W 545 Scranton LB
Bagatti G 134 N. Western LF
Baggot J E 1701 W. Melody LF
Bailey R A Jr. 667 Oak LB
Bailey T C 130 Hawthorn LB
Baillie G 130 N. Washington LF
Baillie J B Sr. 256 E. Market Square LF
Baillie J B Jr. 197 E. Westminster LF
Baird & Warner Inc.   283 E. Deerpath LF
Bairstow R R 801 Green Bay LB
Baker A G 846 E. Highview LF
Baker A M Jr. 1285 S. Telegraph LF
Baker G R 330 Sheridan LB
Baker J E 150 N. King Muir LF
Baker Mrs.J E 404 E. Deerpath LF
Baker J F 495 E. Deerpath LF
Baker Mrs. L 257 E. Market Square LF
Baker R 232 Ravine Forest LB
Baker R J 1190 W. Conway LF
Baker T E 33 N. Washington LF
Baker W 404 Glen LB
Bakke J E 108 E. Scranton LB
Balchowsky P 36 North LB
Baldwin D 715 E. Cherry LF
Baldwin E Jr.  35 N. June Terrace LF
Baldwin E Sr. 720 E. Woodlawn LF
Baldwin F 720 E. Highview LF
Baldwin G Jr. 881 N.Oakwood LF
Baldwin G 1454 N. Willow LF
Baldwin J S 672 N. Forest LF
Baldwin J L 730 E. Longwood LF
Baldwin Mrs. J 163 N. Washington LF
Baldwin L 115 N. Washington LF
Baldwin P 1050 N. Griffith LF
Baldwin R B 60 N. Western LF
Baldwin R Jr. 1332 N. Edgewood LF
Baldwin R 412 Prospect LB
Baldwin R F 723 E. Cherry LF
Baldwin R 23 N. Washington LF
Baldwin's Service Station   824 N. Western LF
Bandy J 427 Green Bay LB
Bank Lane Gift Shop   654 N. Bank Lane LF
Banks P 846 E. Northmoor LF
Bant R C 338 Witchwood LB
Barat College   700 E. Westleigh LF
Barbara's Beauty Box   758 N. Western Ave. LF
Barborka W V 855 E. Longwood LF
Barcroft D DDS 640 N. Bank  LF
Bard R A 650 N. Lake LF
Barker E 758 N. Western Ave. LF
Barker F 993 E. Maplewood LF
Barker M G 188 E. Foster LF
Barker P W 225 Oak Tree LB
Barker R 764 E. Green Briar LF
Barkhausen H N 435 Thorne LF
Barlow S P 305 Center LB
Barnard A 395 E. Spruce LF
Barnes H E 340 Woodland LB
Barnes L 500 N. Sheridan LF
Barnes N L Jr. 131 E. Ridge LF
Barnum G M 131 Scranton LB
Barr J 334 North LB
Barr W L 609 S. Beverly LF
Barrett A J Jr. 1950 S. Telegraph LF
Barry D J 1206 N. Griffith LF
Barry E J 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Barth F 1541 N. McKinley LF
Bartholemew J 1365 Elm Tree LF
Bartholomay W 1350 N. Granby LF
Bartlett D E 19 College Campus LF
Bartlett D 260 N. Anwahnee LF
Bartolain P L 502 Scranton LB
Barton L F 502 North LB
Baruffi A 605 Highview LF
Bastian W M 1175 Valley LF
Bats A 360 E. Westminster LF
Bates A A 148 N. Washington LF
Bates Mrs. C 733 Ravine LB
Bates G A 440 E. Wisconsin LB
Bath and Tennis Club   105 Green Bay LB
Batorski W 7 E. Washington LB
Baum Mrs. J 550 E. Spruce LF
Bauman D H 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Baumgardner J 1467 W Conway LF
Baur W S 15 S. Wooded Ln. LF
Bax G M 268 E. Deerpath LF
Bax G M 140 E. Laurel LF
Bayer J W 335 Woodland LB
Bayes H H 343 E. Scott LF
Bazeley A 867 E. Morningside Dr. LF
Bazner M 332 E. Sheridan LB
Beach G R Jr. 1000 N. Waukegan LF
Beale L S 270 E. Hilldale LF
Beall Mrs. L 456 Sunrise  LB
Bear Mfg. Co.   214 Woodland LB 
Beattie O C 145 N. Sheridan LF
Beatty M W 781 E. Northmoor LF
Beatty M 326 Scranton LB
Beatty R Jr. 111 E. Onwentsia LF
Beauchamp K R 278 E. Deerpath LF
Bechtel G M 161 N. Washington LF
Beck R B  1311 W. Everett LF
Beck K M 129 Hawthorn LB 
Becker C 699 E. Woodlawn LF
Becker P 602 S. Green Bay LF
Becker R 1205 N. Edgewood LF
Becker R L 605 Glen LB
Beckman A C  1211 Waukegan LB
Beckstrom C 130 North LB
Beckwith H 245 Prospect LB
Bede A H 285 W. Onwentsia LF
Beerling J 1395 N. Mckinley LF
Beerling 1340 N. Edgewood LF
Beerling T L 1395 N. Mckinley LF
Beers 1144 S. Estate LF
Beers M MD 520 N. Golf LF
Beers R I 224 Center LB
Behr Mrs. B L 80 N. Waukegan LF
Behr J 333 E. Woodland LF
Behrens E A  285 W. Laurel LF
Behrens H Sr. 697 N. Oakwood LF
Behrens R D 160 N. Wildwood LF
Behringer DDS   273 E. Market Square LF
Beidler F II 1050 Walden LF
Beine R 600 Prospect LB
Beland Mrs. M 837 N. McKinley LF
Belcher C T 267 E. Noble LF
Belden J C Jr. 771 E. Barberry LF
Bell A C  750 N. Sheridan LF
Bell Mrs. L W 754 N. Highview LF
Bell R H 659 Garfield LB
Bellows H H 688 Green Bay LF
Benedict J T 101 Saunders LF
Benesh M 203 Skokie LB
Benner Mrs. C 300 E. Scott LF
Bennes A 130 N. Wildwood LF
Bennes D 650 E. Greenview LF
Bennett Mrs. E. 1414 N. Green Bay LF
Bennett, JR MD   210 E. Westminster LF
Bennett J R 977 W. Parkmead LF
Bennings J 685 N. Oakwood LF
Bensinger N R 312 E. Granby LF
Benson E 246 E. Park LF
Bent G 1550 N. Green Bay LF
Bent J P 1350 N. Lake LF
Bent Mrs. M 360 E. Westminster LF
Bentley (business) J E 291 E. Deerpath LF
Bentley (residence) J E 262 E. Foster LF
Bentley Mrs. J 700 N. Oakwood LF
Bentley R 1421 N. Lake LF
Benton J C  648 N. Oakwood LF
Berg Mrs. R J 317 Vincent LB
Bergdahl G E 221 Park LB
Bergen W J 310 Forestview LB
Berger D 191 N. Sheridan LF
Berger Mrs. F 1302 N. Edgewood LF
Berger R L 1118 N Quassey LB
Berghorn F H 635 E. Greenview LF
Berghorn Mrs. R  290 E. Deerpath LF
Bergmann W 5 Sylvan Rd. LB
Bergey J A II 600 E. Westminster LF
Berkley Mrs. J 845 E. Northmoor LF
Berkquist H 801 Foster LB
Bermingham T 481 N. Oakwood LF
Berner M C 1240 Winwood LF
Berning L 1375 S. Telegraph LF
Berry C L 443 S. Granby LF
Bert J 270 Ravine Forest LB
Bertrand R 280 E. Noble LF
Bertucci A 1825 S. Telegraph LF
Best 255 S. Chiltern Dr. LF
Best Record Shop   183 E. Westminster LF
Betts D H 681 N. Mayflower LF
Beye C 299 E. Woodland LF
Bibb R J 327 Sheridan LB
Bibbs R L 315 E. Sheridan LB
Biedermann J 890 E. Old Elm LF
Bieger R N 234 Sheridan LB
Bieger W 100 Woodland LB
Bierma R H 990 Green Bay LB
Bigford T 126 N. Washington LF
Biggs M 754 Oak Ave. LB
Bills Food Mart   30 Scranton LB
Bina G J 766 E. Highview LF
Binnie A 771 N. Summit LF
Binnie Mrs. C 26 N. Washington LF
Birch H Jr. 617 Scranton LB
Bird Miss A 467 E. Illinois LF
Bird T S 235 Prospect LB
Birney K O 111 N. Sheridan LF
Bishop J H 461 N. Green Bay LF
Bishops Heating   1543 Deerfield Rd HP
Bisschop C 288 E. Deerpath LF
Bisschop H 742 N. Western LF
Bissell O C 716 Rockland LB
Bitetti 441 Rockland LB
Black Miss M 1950 HalfDay LF
Blackwell M J 999 N. Sheridan LF
Blair 3 S. Green Bay LF
Blair E M 922 Sheridan LB
Blair W M C Sheridan Rd. LB
Blakeslee H C 367 Foss LB
Blanchard Co.   1020 N. Western Ave. LF
Blanchard  R B 318 Ravine Forest LB
Blaylock R 1070 W. Old Mill LF
Bleich A F 303 Bayonne LB 
Blocker W 110 E. Sheridan LB
Blomgren ( C E Inc.) C E Inc. 1721 Bowling Green LF
Blomgren  C E  275 Saunders LF
Blomgren  J 670 E. Greenbriar LF
Blomgren O Jr. 239 Park LB
Bloom G Jr. 720 W. Deerpath LF
Blossom D 611 E. Rosemary LF
Blossom G Jr. 570 N. Washington LF
Boardman R P 1510 N. Granby LF
Boardman T R 105 Granby LB
Bob Inn   724 N. Western LF
Boberg R 213 Center LB
Bock E C 916 Burris LB
Boehm K B 244 Prospect  LB
Boehm R O 1100 N. Waukegan LF
Boerup R H 24 N. Washington LF
Boese H Jr. 607 Center LB
Boever A J  401 Adelphia LB
Boever J W 717 Rockland LB
Boggess W P 1051 N. Meadow LF
Boggs R 120 Sheridan LB
Bohon J F 523 North LB
Boisits 644 E. Highview LF
Boll L A 203 Skokie LB
Bolton C E 301 Little Mellody LF
Bonks S F Jr. 316 North LB
Bonnett H t 314 E. Glenwood LF
Boobyer E 80 N. Washington LF
Boot T B 611 Prospect LB
Booth W 875 W. Lane Lorraine LF
Bopp D E 1565 N. Willow LF
Border V E 555 Moffett LB
Borgman R A  656 Lincoln LB
Borgwardt G 344 Witchwood LB
Borland J 237 Onwentsia LF
Borland W F 400 N. Washington LF
Borne B E 600 N. Western LF
Bosse W K 253 W. Sheridan LB
Bosworth W Jr. 790 W. Deerpath LF
Bouchard L C 301 E. Oakdale LF
Boulton F W 605 Timber LF
Boutin W M 765 E. Greenview LF
Bovik L 1070 W. Deerpath LF
Bowen A 728 Cherry LF
Bowen CC 145 E. Westminster LF
Bowen C S 529 Pine LF
Bowen G A 456 Evanston LB
Bowen  J J Jr. 701 N. Mayflower LF
Bowers A 135 E. Blodgett LB
Bowers L W Saunders Rd. LF
Bowler R 220 E. Washington LB
Bowman E 575 Greenvale LF
Bowman S B 542 Prospect LB
Boyd H W Jr. 720 Prospect LB
Boyd J P 1470 W. Old Mill LF
Boyden W N 125 N. Green Bay LF
Boyle M Jr. 140 E. Ridge LF
Boysen H A 799 E. Illinois LF
Braack D A 797 Oakwood LF
Brackin R 730 E. Highview LF
Braden T E 40 Moffett LB
Bradford T 525 Center LB
Bradley G 162 Westminster LF
Bradley J E 121 E. Atteridge LF
Bradley J J 129 E. Atteridge LF
Bradley M 121 E. Atteridge LF
Brady P 770 N. Oakwood LF
Brahm B H 745 E. Greenview LF
Brainerd R 835 N. Mckinley LF
Brandie Mrs. A 600 N. Western LF
Brandon E T 679 Oakwood LF
Brandys R 324 Forest Knoll LB 
Brankis J 557 S. Green Bay LF
Brasa J 196 Old Elm LF
Braun G A 710 Rockland LB
Braun M A 652 S. Timber LF
Brazier R C 630 S. Waveland LF
Brearley C 686 S. Timber LF
Brebner A S 1080 N. Griffith LF
Brecht H 500 N. King Muir LF
Breternitz R 925 E. Illinois LF
Brewer M M 1411 N McKinley LF
Bricknell G D 206 Center LF
Bridge J 830 N. Western LF
Bried H 485 N. Oakwood LF
Briesch E J W. Conway Rd. LF
Briggs F 290 E. Deerpath LF
Briggs J W 10 N. Anwahnee LF
Bright O T 516 1/2 Prospect LB
Brinegar M J 633 S. Waukegan LF
Brocker G 210 Birch LB
Brodie Mrs.I 705 N.Oakwood LF
Broeksmit J S 434 N. Washington LF
Bromberg G 830 E. Greenview LF
Bromstedt W 205 N. Mayflower LF
Bromstedt W 681 E. Greenbriar LF
Bromwell M S 245 N. Maple LF
Bronson B 425 E. Woodland LF
Bronson R 995 E. Maplewood LF
Brown C W 751 N. McKinley LF
Brown C 333 E. Foster LF
Brown C E 203 Scranton LB
Brown C H 410 N. Washington LF
Brown G 100 N. Sheridan LF
Brown Mrs. G 1119 N. Griffith LF
Brown Beauty Shop   272 E. Market Square LF
Brown H M 60 E. Atteridge LF
Brown J E 99 S. Maywood LF
Brown J R 969 E. Maplewood LF
Brown J W 614 Prospect LB
Brown Mrs. M 831 N. McKinley LF
Brown P L 1896 S. Telegraph LF
Brown P 224 Juneway LB
Brown P H 651 Greenview LF
Brown R H 287 W. Laurel LF
Brown R M 20 S. Stonegate LF
Brown RD 4 S. June Terrace LF
Brown Mrs. S R 236 Prospect LB
Brown T C 2020 S. Knollwood LF
Brown W G 370 N. Mayflower LF
Browne A J Jr. 921 N. Church LF
Browne Mrs. M 1257 N. Mckinley LF
Browning W 600 Sunrise LB
Bruce J T 1040 S. Green Bay LF
Bruce R E 340 Scranton LB
Bruecks H R 1108 Quassey LB
Bruen A J Jr. 654 Rockland LB
Brugioni M 735 E. Cherry LF
Brunet M 120 W. Sheridan LB
Brunet R 234 W. Washington LB
Bruno V 845 N.Oakwood LF
Bubb J 105 North LB
Bublitz F R 22 Moffett LB
Buchanan D W 297 N. Green Bay LF
Buchanan D Jr. 5431 E. Woodland LF
Buck D S 286 N. Chiltern LF
Buckley R W 1300 N. Waukegan LF
Buckman J F 737 Beverly LF
Buchowich A 1332 N. Edgewood LF
Budai A 255 E. Illinois LF
Buell C C 970 W. Armour LF
Buescher Mrs. F 700 N. Oakwood LF
Bugee G A Jr. 118 Sheridan LB
Bullock C 50 S. June Terrace LF
Bulow Mrs. F A 278 E. Deerpath LF
Bunn W F 427 Rockland LB
Burckhalter A 167 E. Park LF
Burgert MD Office P H 320 E. Vine LF
Burgert (Residence) P H 440 N. Waukegan LF
Burgess C 266 E. Deerpath LF
Burke H J 2000 Knollwood LF
Burkhardt K J 799 Bradley LF
Burkill E W 308 Briar LB
Burns E F 579 E. Ryan LF
Burns L C 1120 S. Waveland LF
Burns L G 203 Skokie LB
Burns R T 293 E. Rose LF
Burns V J 7 Washington  LB
Burnside S 702 Washington LB
Burrows A A 225 E. Illinois LF
Burrows A C  222 Center LB
Burrows G S 464 N.Oakwood LF
Burrows Miss L 1050 N. Midwest LF
Burrows Mrs. W 470 E. College LF
Burry W 909 N. ElmTree LF
Burton L 381. E. Deerpath LF
Burton O M W. Conway Rd. LF
Busse I A 301 N. Sheridan LF
Bussone P J 535 E. Illinois LF
Butler F P 580 N. Washington LF
Butterfield F 316 E. Scott LF
Butterworth J 1400 W. Everett LF
Butterworth Animal Clinic   936 N. Western LF
Byrd L 713 E. Illinois LF
Byrne W C 115 Valley LF
C&S Motor Sales   824 Western LF
Cadarian P 855 McKinley LF
Cahill J 346 Prospect LB
Cain Mrs. J 611 E. Illinois LF
Caldwell R H 510 Mawman LB
Calkins C L 222 Prospect LB
Callaham P 34 N. Washington LF
Calnon J J 467 Rockland LB
Camellino D 109 Skokie LB
Camellino M 636 Basil LB
Cameron H C 439 E. Westleign LF
Cameron L E 217 Hancock LB
Campbell C 108 North LB
Campbell Mrs. C 697 N.Oakwood LF
Campbell J M 445 E. Deerpath LF
Campbell J. W. Kennedy Rd. LF
Campbell Mrs.M 381 Cherokee LF
Candeli C J 20 E. Scranton LB
Cane R C 868 E. Highview LF
Capitani O M 8 N. Western LF
Capozzi M 765 E. Greenbriar LF
Carbon J A 454 Rockland LB
Carbray R J 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Cardinal E 244 Hancock LB
Carey R 303 E. Washington LB
Carlson C R 45 E. Old Elm LF
Carlson E R 806 Talbot LB 
Carlson G 613 Rockland LB
Carlson H 724 E. Greenview LF
Carlson R 79 Maywood LF
Carney P R 135 Oaktree LB
Carney W J 7 N. Green Bay LF
Carney W R 35 N. Green Bay LF
Carpenter B 20 E. Westleigh LF
Carpenter B Jr. 1296 N. Green Bay LF
Carpenter F Jr. 754 E. Northmoor LF
Carpenter Mrs. K 1040 N. Woodbine LF
Carpenter M 824 W. Castlegate LF
Carrell O M 1103 Muir LB
Carroll P H 227 W. Onwentsia LF
Carroll W E 900 N. Waukegan LF
Carry C 155 E. Onwentsia LF
Carstens M S 1145 N. Green Bay LF
Carswell D R 727 E. Northmoor LF
Carter C N 685 E. Northmoor LF
Carter E B 30 S. Sheridan LF
Carter J C 410 Crescent LB
Carton A T 455 N. Oakwood LF
Carton L A 285 W. Laurel LF
Carton R 40 E. Onwentsia LF
Cascarano A 1197 S. Telegraph LF
Cascarano A 291 N. Ahnwahnee LF
Cascarano A T 210 E. Park LF
Cascarano C Jr. 1315 S. Telegraph LF
Cascarano C 997 N. McKinley LF
Cascarano J 737 E. Woodlawn LF
Cascarano N 611 E. Ryan LF
Cascarano N Jr. 729 E. Cherry LF
Cascarano W 321 N. Ahnwahnee LF
Cascarano's Service Station   824 N. Western LF
Caspersen J P 580 N. Western LF
Caspersen J P 1216 N. Edgewood LF
Cassady T G 950 E. Maplewood LF
Casselberry D Jr. 386 E. Spruce LF
Casselberry Co.   386 E. Spruce LF
Cassinerio A 224 Maple LF
Cat & Fiddle   279 E. Deerpath LF
Cathcart H 674 E. Illinois LF
Cathcart H Jr. 674 E. Illinois LF
Cathcart J A 123 E. Onwentsia LF
Cathcart S 6 E. Laurel LF
Catoor J 500 S. Waukegan Rd. LF
Cauthen V W 580 Timber Ln. LF
Cavagna R R 37 College LF
Cavins 1221 Griffith LF
Cawley CO. Plumbing Supplies W P 970 W. Old Mill LF
Cedarquist W B 135 S. Maywood LF
Cerling B A 334 Woodland LB
Cerny (Business) J R 273 E. Market Square LF
Cerny (Residence) J R 1352 S. Estate Ln. LF
Cervac L 714 Washington LB
Cervac W 714 Washington LB
Cervi Bicycle Sales and Service   552 Waukegan Highwood
Chabrison E M 410 S. Waukegan LF
Chainski MD E L 262 E. Deerpath LF
Chainski (Residence) E L Shoreacres Club Grounds LB
Chandler B 577 E. Rosemary LF
Chandler E T 215 N. Maple LF
Chandler K 877 E. Westminster LF
Chandler K Jr. 921 E. Westminster LF
Chandler M A 172 W. Laurel LF
Channer E A Jr. 1015 E. Spring LF
Chapman D C 711 Woodland LB
Chapman J A 30 N. Green Bay LF
Chappell G 390 N. Mayflower LF
Charles of Lake Forest   620 N. Western LF
Charling G L 134 E. Laurel LF
Charlton C F 1211 S. Wilson LF
Charlton R E 510 Scranton LB
Charney G J 131 Moffett LB
Chase H F 778 N. Bank Lane LF
Chegwidden F W 648 N. Oakwood LF
Chelius J 311 E. Cherokee LF
Chesnutt Mrs. J 143 E. Atteridge LF
Chester Mrs. A 719 E. Northmoor LF
Chicago and Northwester RR   Lake Bluff Station LB
Chicago and Northwester RR   Lake Forest Station LF
Childs F N 747 E. Deerpath LF
Chmiel DDS E J 996 Castlegate LF
Chmiel (Residence) E J 996 Castlegate LF
Christensen A 1274 S. Telegraph LF
Christensen C 170 E. Old Elm LF
Christensen G 116 E. Sunset LF
Christian Science Reading Room   626 N. Western LF
Christiansen M H 391 E. Ravine Park Dr. LF
Christie J C 871 E. Longwood LF
Christopher R 509 Mawman LB
Christopher R 2030 N. Knollwood LF
Church of the Covenants   350 E. Deerpath LF
Church of the Holy Spirit   872 N. Church Road LF
Cir E F 1381 W. Conway LF
Claggett S 410 E. Onwentsia LF
Claghorn A 550 N. Waukegan Rd. LF
Claire M 700 Center LB
Clancy E M Jr. 1533 Bowling Green LF
Clark D M 1760 Knollwood LF
Clark J Jr. 1765 W. Bowling Green LF
Clark L A 395 N. Ahnwahnee LF
Clark O E 238 Moffett LB
Clark R Jr. 515 E. Blodgett LB
Clark R W 315 Woodland LB
Clark W L 105 Scranton LB
Clarke C F 901 Church LF
Clarke C F Jr. 303 E. Greenwood LF
Clarkson J L 1110 N. Sheridan LF
Clasen E O  293 E. Deerpath LF
Classen E F 1282 N. Sheridan LF
Clausan E 811 Oakwood LF
Clausen W H 544 Washington LB
Clausen & Winter Upholstering   828 N. Western Ave. LF
Clauson E T 356 E. Scott LF
Clemence L W 476 E. Briar LF
Clement F G 475 N. Thorne LF
Clemons L M 1170 N. Sheridan LF
Clift M 236 E. Park LF
Clifton Miss J 320 N. Washington LF
Clinton B D 224 North LB
Clothes Line Inc.   650 N. Western Ave. LF
Clough F J 289 E. Noble LF
Clouser C 236 North LB
Clow Mrs. H B 128 Moffett Road LB
Clow Mrs. J B 105 Green Bay LB
Clow Mrs. K S 900 Green Bay LF
Clow Mrs. W Jr. 721 N. Mayflower LF
Cluxton Betsy 955 N. Lake LF
Cluxton H E Jr. MD 955 N. Lake  LF
Coates C A Jr. 305 E. Noble LF
Cochran F L 739 E. Longwood LF
Cochran Beauty Salon J 255 E. Illinois LF
Cochrane G S 1360 W. Everett LF
Cochrane  J Jr. 1072 Spring  LB
Codlin J B 326 Witchwood LB
Cohn (Business) M 1005 N. McKinley LF
Cohn (Residence) M 265 E. Woodland LF
Coiffure Shop   659 N. Bank Lane LF
Colburn J E 321 Crescent LB
Cole W R 288 Granby Rd. LF
Colegrove W 471 Exeter LF
Coleman F E 1388 N Edgewood LF
Coleman (Residence) J 1725 S. Telegraph LF
Coleman J Jr. 60 N. Western LF
Coleman J 348 E. Wisconsin LF
Comay Laboratories   775 N. Bank Lane LF
Community Service Grocery    672 N Western Ave. LF
Compere N L 941 E. Westminster LF
Condon J A 1380 W. Everett LF
Conger J Shoreacres Rd. LB
Conley B E 1160 N. Sheridan LF
Conley  Mrs. H Q 125 Center LB
Connell E Jr. 1230 Atkinson LB
Connelly J J 648 S. Waveland LF
Conner G H 755 E. Northmoor LF
Conner L W 1120 W. Everett LF
Connon Mrs. W 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Connors Mrs. T A 480 W. Deerpath LF
Considine D V 290 E. Deerpath LF
Considine D 390 E. Onwentsia LF
Converse J C 613 E. Highway LF
Conway V A 307 Granby Rd. LF
Cook A C  321 S. Ridge LF
Cook G Jr. 415 E. Deerpath LF
Cook J A 361 Moffett LB
Cook O S 333 Center LB
Copithorne Y T 65 E. Atteridge LF
Copper E M 66 E. Atteridge LF
Corbin Mrs. H C 517 E. Illinois LF
Corbin H H Jr. 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Cordery H J 405 E. Illinois LF
Cordray MD (Office) DP 320 E. Vine LF
Cordray MD (Residence) DP 1381 Elm Tree LF
Cornell O 318 E. Wisconsin LF
Corra O P 105 N. Washington LF
Corsgreen B 249 Washington LB
Cory F S 342 E. Sheridan LB
Cory H M 269 Market Square LF
Costello M H 1130 Green Bay LB
Cotey J E 1217 Everett LF
Cottingham H 255 S. Chiltern Dr. LF
Cottrell D C Jr. 253 E. Vine LF
Cottrell G 329 Sylvan LB
Coulter Mrs. A C 1350 N. Waukegan LF
Coulter J R 730 S. Ridge LF
Country Corners Food Mart   896 S. Waukegan Rd. LF
Country House Inc.   280 Deerpath LF
Courser Mrs. M H 268 Market Square LF
Courtney R 320 Vincent LB
Couture Shoppe   762 N. Western Ave. LF
Coveney E L 1564 Bowling Green LF
Covington J 254 W. Laurel LF
Cowler R 736 Cherry LF
Cowles A 225 E. Onwentsia LF
Cowles K C 690 N. Green Bay LF
Cox D  L 232 E. Sheridan LB
Cox R 350 Neuman LB
Coyle J D 405 Pine  LB
Craig C A 1100 W. Deerpath LF
Craig F E 1291 N. Edgewood LF
Craig R T 505 N. Greenvale LF
Crampton N J 7 College Campus LF
Crane Fulview Glass Door Co.   546 Timber LF
Crane H E Jr. MD 546 Timber LF
Crane J 139 N. Washington LF
Crawford C 675 E. Illinois LF
Crawford M L 219 Sheridan LB
Cray W C 248 Circle LB
Cregier D C 251 Butler LF
Crimmins G A 988 W. Everett LF
Crocker J W 1359 S. Estate LF
Crone Mrs. L F 342 E. Granby LF
Crone  L F Jr. 237 N. Washington LF
Crosby L H 403 Center LB
Crowell H V 75 Wooded Ln. LF
Crouch J 465 Holland LF
Crowder K C 680 E. Greenbriar LF
Crowe P Sr. 49 Negaunee LF
Crowe W T 855 E. Rosemary LF
Crum S 19 N. June Terrace LF
Crume M G 615 Glen LB
Crumpton B 1130 S. Beverly LF
Cudahy M 80 N. Green Bay LF
Cummings D 1460 N. Lake LF
Curren G J 317 Ravine Forest LB
Curtis E M 1060 Winwood LF
Curtis H B 127 Oaktree LB
Curtis J H Jr. 116 E. Sheridan LB
Curtis J G 1305 Elm Tree LF
Curtis 506 N. Washington LF
Curtis T J 622 N. Western LF
Cushing I B 29 Ravine LB
Cushman A B 320 Prospect LB
Cushna R A 104 Scranton LB
Czajkowski P 39 Oaktree LB
Czernik C 121 Washington LB
Dabney C O 1019 E. Illinois LF
Dahle L 507 Rockland LB
Dairy Queen Restaurant   Skokie Blvd. LB
Dalitsch W W MD 325 Sylvan LB
Dalton S C 40 Oaktree LB
Daluga T J 853 N. Oakwood LF
Daly J 739 E. Illinois LF
Daly R O 345 Crescent LB
Dalziel D G 83 E. Laurel LF
Dalziel Mrs. J 126 E. Laurel LF
Dangler Mrs. D 261 E. Vine LF
Dangremond DDS (Business) E 262 Deerpath LF
Dangremond (Residence) E 342 Scranton LB
Dangremond G 32 Scranton LB
Dangremond G 344 Prospect LB
Daniels D L 200 Oaktree  LB
Daniels E H 661 Kennington LF
Daniels Mrs. J 424 North LB
Danley P R F 525 Green Bay LF
Danneberg W 515 Evanston LB
Dapples G 310 W. Onwentsia LF
Daspit R W 424 S. Ridge LF
Dati R 1189 Winwood LF
Davenport E 314 Forest Knoll LB
Davidson A 233 Bayshore LB
Davidson Mrs. C 697 N.Oakwood LF
Davidson J Jr. 771 N. Oakwood LF
Davidson R W 720 E. GreenBriar LF
Davidson W 133 E. Laurel LF
Davies M 436 S. Green Bay LF
Davis W B 365 E. Westleigh LF
Davis A B 252 Washington LB
Davis D P 755 N. Washington LF
Davis F 150 E. Woodland LF
Davis J V 1001 Jenkisson LB
Davis J N 650 E. Northmoor LF
Davis  J N Jr. 457 E. Briar LF
Davis J C 210 N. Anwahnee LF
Davis J V 735 N. Mckinley LF
Davis N H Jr. 1150 W. Old Mill LF
Davis R C 206 Washington LB
Davis Mrs. R E 600 Scranton LB
Davis R F 820 W. Deerpath LF
Davis R V 321 Hirst LB
Davis W T 222 E. Onwentsia LF
Davis W T Jr. Armour Ct. LB
Davlin E 547 E. Illinois LF
Dawson R H 336 E. North LB
Dawson T F HalfDay Rd. LF
Day M G 601 Center LB
Day P L 350 Woodland LB
Day Mrs.R H 229 Prospect LB
Dayton F C 224 E. Sheridan LB
Dayton J A 426 Lincoln LB
Dayton's   276. E. Deerpath LF
Dealer's Ready Mix Co.   1020 N. Western Ave. LF
Dean D F 794 E. Illinois LF
Debeh A 510 Lincoln LB
Debree M 707 Quassey LB
DeCristofer T 715 Woodlawn LF
Deegan K 1230 N. Green Bay LF
Deerpath Hairdressing Studio   680 N. Forest LF
Deerpath Inn   255 E. Illinois LF
Deepath Service Station   193 E. Deerpath Road LF
Deerpath Theatre   272 E. Deerpath LF
DeFrise W F 980 W. Verda LF
Dehler J L 121 N. Sheridan LF
Dehler W E 121 N. Sheridan LF
Deicken A F 48 Moffett LB
DeLamarter Mrs. R W 245 E. Deerpath Road LF
DeLong C S  115 N. Green Bay LF
DeMarie F 969 W. Everett LF
DeMerlier E 228 W. Witchwood LB
DeMerritt Mrs. E 16 College Campus LF
Denby Mrs. B 1198 E. ElmTree LF
Dennan L 811 W. Hawthorn LF
Dennett D H 385 N. Chiltern LF
Dennes H S Jr. 201 W. Washington Ave. LB
Dennison C S 230 N. Mayflower LF
DePauw A 310 E. Noble LF
Depra J 323 Scranton LB
DeSzameit Mrs. L F 269 Woodland LF
Detchon E 244 Moffett LB
Dettenmayer H 470 Greenvale LF
Deutschmann R Jr. 670 Edgewood LF
Devlin J H  129 Witchwood  LB
DeVogelaere R 863 W. Castlegate LF
DeVroeg G 1335 N. Edgewood LF
Dewey J M 351 E. Westminster LF
DeWulf M J 205 N. Telegraph LF
DeYoung L E 235 Center LB
Dhamer R P 348 Onwentsia LF
Dhondt J Jr. 854 W. Everett LF
D'Hulst A 331 Granby LF
D'Hulst F 329 E. Scott LF
Dice Mrs. H 760 N.Oakwood LF
Dick Mrs. A B Jr. 975 N. Lake LF
Dick Mrs. A B III 1200 Green Bay LF
Dick C M Jr. 1400 N. Waukegan LF
Dick E 612 E. Woodland LF
Dick H L 734 E. Gardner LF
Dick Basil's Boarding Stable   855 Bradley LF
Dickey W 369 Lincoln LB
Dickinson H 128 Washington LB
Dickinson J G Jr. 1147 Valley LF
Dickinson W Jr. 770 W. Westleigh LF
Didion R W 454 Mawman LB
Diethelm B 40 N. Washington LF
Diether R L 310 E. Greenwood LF
Dilg F H  621 E. College LF
Dilkey M C College Campus LF
Dill C F  701 Rockland LB
Dill W  W 674 Mawman LB
Dinley J 266 E. Noble LF
Dionne V A 1203 N. Griffith LF
DiTomasso A 941 W. Everett LF
DiTomasso F 880 W. Everett LF
Ditzler W S 245 Woodland LB
Dix Rev. J M 936 N. Sheridan LF
Dixon A 929 E. Spring LF
Dixon J 656 N. Western LF
Dixon 8 Scranton LB
Dixon W M 95 S. Waukegan LF
Dixon W M Jr. 70 W. Laurel LF
Dobbin Mrs. R 140 E. Laurel LF
Dobbins W 212 Washington LB
Dobray Mrs. A 780 E. Greenbriar LF
Doctor's Telephone Exchange   657 Bank Lane LF
Doerfler M 215 Mills Ct. LF
Doering E J 1250 N. Elm Tree LF
Dolan Mrs. L E 736 E. Highview LF
Dole L M 210 E. Westminster LF
Dole L M 600 Center LB
Dom's Sinclair Service   109 Skokie Blvd. LB
Donahue M S 80 S. Maywood LF
Donald A 142 S. Stonegate LF
Donald J 109 W. Washington LB
Donegan F 1308 N. Edgewood LF
Donelli A 707 North Ave.  LB
Doney H E  Green Bay Road LB
Donkin H 1371 N. Edgewood LF
Donlon G P 1270 N. Waukegan LF
Donohoe R E 1590 W. Old Mill LF
Donovan L J 538 Ravine LB
Dopheide W 324 N.King Muir LF
Dorsey I O 1508 S. Estate LF
Douglas Mrs. A 873 N. Summitt LF
Douglas A 1155 N. Sheridan LF
Douglas D B 980 N. Green Bay LF
Douglas J H Jr. 1 N. Stonegate LF
Douglas Mrs. J 910 N. Green Bay LF
Douglas J T 808 Foster LB 
Douglas R 290 E. Deerpath LF
Douglas  T K 177 E. Deerpath LF
Douglas W B 686 E. Northmoor LF
Douglas W C 750 N. Mayflower LF
Douglass Mrs.H 435 E. Deerpath LF
Douglass K Jr. 20 E. Laurel LF
Doull N 910 E. Old Elm LF
Dow G W 10 W. Westleigh LF
Dowdall J 941 N. Oakwood LF
Downey Jewelers   32 Center Ave. LB
Downey  W 483 E. Illinois LF
Downs C S 349 Witchwood  LB
Dowse (Office) 273 E. Market Square LF
Dowse (Residence) 1650 N. Green Bay LF
Doyle F 172 E. Atteridge LF
Dragemuller Mrs. R C 515 North Ave.  LB
Drake K 145 S. Ridge LF
Drehobl J 22 Shagbark LB
Drews Mrs. W 55 S. Stonegate LF
Driggs F 226 Ravine Forest LB
Druley H L 861 S. Waveland LF
DuBourdieu R J 755 E. Greenbriar LF
Dugan F M 287 E. Deerpath LF
Dugan F M 1830 S. Telegraph LF
Duggan E 82 E. Woodland LF
Duggan J H Jr. 699 E. Cherry LF
Duguid W A Jr. 631 S. Green Bay LF
Dullea J F 472 Pine LB
Dunbaven Mrs. R 223 Sheridan LB
Duncan M 265 E. Market Square LF
Duncan W H 426 Pine LB
Dunkerton R W 1190 Winwood LF
Dunn E F 1150 N. Griffith LF
Dunn E J 307 W. Everett LF
Dunn Mrs. E 1435 N. McKinley LF
Dunn J V 1118 N. Griffith LF
Dunn J T 1476 N. Willow LF
Dunn L L 290 E. Mills LF
Dunn Mrs. M 1184 N. Griffith LF
Dunn R G Jr. 216 Center LB
Dunn Mrs. R G 621 Prospect LB
Dunn R C 1156 N. Western LF
Dunn R 1069 N. Griffith LF
Dunn W F 365 E. Illinois LF
Dunn W L 11 College Campus LF
Dunne M Jr. 728 E. Rosemary LF
Dunnett W 1160 N. Griffith LF
Dunstan R 685 E. Woodlawn LF
Durand S 871 N. Oakwood LF
Dutch Mills Candies   284 E. Deerpath Rd. LF
DuVall M E 233 W. Sheridan LB
Easter 750 N. Waukegan LF
Eastman A D 965 W. Castlegate LF
Eastwood T L 650 N. Bank Lane LF
Ecco Materials Co.   290 E. Deerpath LF
Eckdahl G 26 North Ave. LB
Eckley W A Jr. 575 S. Forest Hill LF
Edelman J D 41 E. Hawthorn LB
Eder E G Jr. 756 Mawman LB
Edgren A H 36 North LB
Edin G 941 E. Westminster LF
Edmonson G M 1500 Kennedy LF
Edmunds R G  39 Sunset LB
Educator Development Corp.   801 Green Bay Road LB
Edwards W J Jr. 674 Timber LF
Efinger R J 449 S. Green Bay LF
Eggan E B 836 W. Everett LF
Eiser E A Sheridan Rd. LB
Eiserman J H 350 North LB
Ekdahl G C 80 S. Wooded Lane LF
Ekern G L 246 Ravine Forest  LB
Ekstrand A N 516 Lincoln LB
Ekstrom P 80 N. Washington LF
Eldridge H 385 E. Wisconsin LF
Elfering R P 232 E. Mills Ct. LF
Elfering W 299 E. Mills Ct. LF
Elfert 309 Scranton LB
Ellingsen T B Sheridan Rd. LB
Elliot E 963 N. Elm Tree LF
Elliot J H 227 Woodland LB
Ellis G R 1046 Glendell LB
Ellis G R 1188 S. Estate LF
Ellis W C 309 N. King Muir LF
Elmgren D V 1391 S. Telegraph LF
Elmwood Farm   499 W. Old Mill LF
Elting V Jr. 685 Burton LF
Elwell J W 807 Jenkisson LB
Elwell L J 348 Wisconsin LF
Ely G B 527 E. College LF
Ely J M 797 N. Sheridan LF
Elya V G 594 S. Beverly LF
Emerson C E Jr. 673 Lincoln LB
Emig H A 210 E. Vine LF
Emling  C 1165 S. Telegraph LF
Emmons Lt. Col. R J 141 Sunset LB
Engle Mrs. C K 272 S. Sheridan LF
Enos J W 350 Hirst  LB
Enright E H 490 Exeter LF
Ensley C C 209 Center LB
Enthof E W 881. E. Northmoor LF
Entwisle R 190 E. Park LF
Enzinger Mrs. I 1360 Old Mill LF
Epley G 622 N. Western LF
Epling C F  23 E. Washington LB
Epmeier W F 710 E. Longwood LF
Epstein J H 765 W. Gage LF
Ericksen R G 659 Pine LB
Erickson F D 585 E. Ryan LF
Erickson H E Jr 374 Briar  LB
Erickson M 401 E. Illinois LF
Erlandson H 38 N. Washington LF
Ernstmeyer R 753 Rockland LB
Eser R J 1645 Bowling Green LF
Espeland C 310 Woodland LB
Espinosa P J 308 E. Wisconsin LF
Espinosa R A 863 N. McKinley LF
Eul C W Sr. 1265 N. McKinley LF
Eul F V 1421 N. McKinley LF
Eul J D 726 N. Western LF
Evans G D 1113 Quassey LB
Evans  J R Jr. 330 Woodland LB
Everett Garage   1045 S. Waukegan Rd. LF
Everitt A 573 E. Ryan LF
Everly Mrs. D 1362 N. Edgewood LF
Evers J W III 1153 S. Wilson LF
Evert T J 115 Ravine LB
Fagen A E 1581 W. Old Mill LF
Fahey R J 214 E. Westminster LF
Fairbairn Mrs. J K 80 S. Maywood LF
Fairman F W Jr. 935 Mellody LF
Faithfull Mrs. H Saunders Rd. LF
Faller R W 420 Pine LB
Fanciullo S Y 1107 N. Griffith LF
Faris E 1401 N. Green Bay LF
Farmer E 330 Ravine Forest LB
Farmer R 295 E. Noble LF
Farrar E 1123 Quassey LB
Farwell A D 160 E. Onwentsia LF
Farwell C 1565 N. Sheridan LF
Farwell F C III 1590 N. Waukegan LF
Fasci S J 622 E. Old Elm LF
Fathauer A T 785 E. Westminster LF
Faulks H R 1465 N. Sheridan LF
Faulks  R C Box 40 S. Campus LF
Federal Life Insurance Co.   775 N. Bank Lane LF
Feely T P 800 S. Ridge LF
Feemster J H III 290 E. Hildebrand LF
Felgenhauer E 1030 N. Woodbine LF
Fellows J C 135 E. Westminster LF
Fennelly J 1090 N. Edgewood LF
Fentress C Jr. 700 S. Ridge LF
Fergus W D 805 E. Westminster LF
Ferguson R 451 E. Illinois LF
Ferrarini W L 543 S. Forest Hill LF
Ferris L C 306 Prospect LB
Ferry Hall School   541. N. Mayflower LF
Fetterhoff H 1718 Bowling Green LF
Ficks L G 1120 Muir LB
Field J N 633 E. Woodland LF
Field M Jr. W. Kennedy Rd. LF
Field S 315 Moffett LB
Fieldstack C 3 College Campus LF
Fiester C D 1540 Greenleaf LF
Fillis B E Jr. 515 Scranton LB
Finch E H 123 Woodland  LB
Findlay M S 144 N. Washington LF
Finegan Mrs. E B 342 N. Western LF
Fini R 755 E. Illinois LF
Fiore Nurseries J 840 S. Waukegan LF
First Church of Christ Science   509 E. Deerpath LF
First Natl. Bank of Lake Forest   265 E. Deerpath LF
First Presby. Church of Lake Forest   610 E. Deerpath LF
Fisch J 925 N. Sheridan LF
Fischer C C 425 E. Illinois LF
Fischer C E  365 N. Ahwahnee LF
Fisher F E 1775 S. Telegraph LF
Fisher J T 659 E. Highview LF
Fisk G D 80 S. Maywood LF
Fitzgerald A W 90 E. Woodland LF
Fitzgerald Mrs. C 7 N. June Terrace LF
Fitzgerald F Jr 33 North LB
Fitzgerald G J 162 E. Woodland LF
Fitzgerald J E 20 S. Winston LF
Fitzgerald M A 80 S. Maywood LF
Fitzgerald Mrs. W E 11 E. Woodland LB
Fitzgerald W D 293 E. Rose LF
Fitz-Hugh Mrs. C 567 Rosemary LF
Flach Mrs. F 334 E. Glenwood LF
Fleming J B 907 N. Sheridan LF
Flick J E 983 W. Parkmead LF
Flues A G 412 Scranton LB
Flynn J J 2010 N. Knollwood LF
Foale 28 A Center LB
Foltz J E 401 E. Westminster LF
Foor Mrs. D R 420 Lincoln  LB
Ford R E 50 E. Laurel LF
Forest Bootery   284 E. Market Square LF
Forest House   732 N. Western LF
Forester J P 130 S. Winston LF
Forester Restaurant   990 S. Waukegan LF
Forgan J B Waldron Dr. LF
Forgus R H 107 Park Ln LB
Forman J C 109 E. Woodland LB
Fosse A M 554 S. Forest Hill LF
Foster Mrs. A 206 Center LB
Foster E 136 E. Woodland LF
Foster V W 335 N. Green Bay LF
Foster W M 309 Prospect LB
Foster Mrs. W 713 Prospect LB
Fouke J R  505 Green Bay  LB
Fox D 415 Rockland LB
Fox J F Jr. 235 Bayshore LB
Fox O I 1530 Bowling Green LF
Fox Mrs. R E 212 E. Westminster LF
Franciscan Fathers   955 E. Ringwood LF
FrangQuist E 665 E. Northmoor LF
Frank C E 999 E. Rosemary LF
Franken A J 112 N. Wildwood LF
Frankenfeld J C 133 E. Washington LB
Frankenstein L 211 S. Green Bay LF
Franson C J 611 Sheridan LB
Frary V H 570 N. Greenvale LF
Fraser G M 306 Vincent LB
Frederick C 116 Washington  LB
Frederick K 420 Simpson LB
Frederikksen Mrs. C 1283 N. Edgewood Rd. LF
Frederikksen J 338 E. Wisconsin LF
Frederickson G 36 Sunset LB
Frederickson J 1260 W. Conway LF
Frederickson S 1260 W. Conway LF
Freeman D 420 N. Washington LF
Freeman E 341 E. Sylvan LB
Freeman F C  285 E. Rose LF
Freeman H D 420 N. Washington LF
Freeman I 126 Scranton LB
Freeman's TV and Music   648 N. Western Ave. LF
Frees J R 234 Woodland LB
Fremd J 1500 W. Kennedy LF
French Dress Shop   159 E. Summit Place LF
French M 1 College Campus LF
French  Mrs. S 260 E. Deerpath LF
French S R 230 N. Mayflower LF
Freytag E W 740 N. Green Bay LF
Friestedt F B 1565 W. Everett LF
Frost M 780 N. Bank Lane LF
Frost W D 274 E. Vine LF
Frye Capt. C S 337 E. Blodgett LB
Frye Mrs. W N 90 N. Washington LF
Fujita E 709 N. Summit LF
Fullmer F B 111 Hawthorn LB
Furlong P K 721 E. Highview LF
Fyffe E H 680 E. Highview LF
Gabanski T J 745 E. Greenbriar LF
Gage L R 650 S. Waukegan LF
Gaggioli F Jr 1585 N. McKinley LF
Gaines S 139 S. Wooded Lane LF
Galassino A 406 Green Bay LB
Galitz R J 20 W. Old Mill Rd. LF
Galitzine N 920 N. Church LF
Gallagher D A 622 S. Waveland LF
Gallagher Mrs. J E 111 Scranton Ave. LB
Gallagher J Jr. 745 E. Northmoor LF
Gallond W A  930 W. Castlegate LF
Gallos 736 N. Western LF
Galloway R H 320 Hirst LB
Gamble S 522 Green Bay LB
Gans by the way restaurant   Rte. 41 and 176 LB
Gansberg A 29 N. Washington LF
Gansberg W H 205 N. Sheridan LF
Gantor J F  760 S. Waukegan LF
Gardner F S 190 N. Sheridan LF
Gardner F 19 Washington LB
Gardner H K 337 E. Woodland LF
Gardner R A Jr. 666 N. Sheridan LF
Gardner R A 865 N. Church LF
Garfield J Jr. 269 E. Vine LF
Garland A 946 Elm Tree LF
Garland F 946 Elm Tree LF
Garner W C 1570 S. Estate LF
Garnett & Co. Dry Goods   270 E. Market Square LF
Garrett J 17 Clover LB
Garrett T A 837 W. Larchmont LF
Garrey H 696 N. Forest LF
Garrigues W E 134 North LB
Garwood Mrs.N 1070 Meadow LF
Garwood V E 561 N. Hathaway LF
Gates M C 480 W. Westleigh LF
Gathany V R 786 E. Longwood LF
Gauntlett W 218 W. North LB
Gaw G D 1442 S. Estate LF
Gawthrop A 885 E. Maplewood LF
Gaynor J E 403 Birch LB
Geiler J 316 Mawman LB
General Spray Service    504 Mawman LB
Gentle E S 217 Washington LB
Genty B F 122 Skokie Blvd. LB
George L J 701 Kennington LF
George L 304 Ravine Forest LB
Gephant G H 755 N. Summit LF
Geraghty C 216 Washington LB
Geraghty Mrs. F 310 North LB
Gerard M 763 N.Oakwood LF
Gerlach G T 211 N. Maple LF
Gernenz E 390 N. Western Ave. LF
Gerrard G G 765 Bradley LF
Gerstl J 24 Washington LB
Gescheidle A 1600 W. Old Mill Rd. LF
Getz J R Saunders Rd. LF
Gianggiorgi R 600 Garfield LB
Giannasi G 26 Washington LF
Giertsen E S 676 N. Western LF
Gifford F E Jr. 1390 W. Everett LF
Gilbert C W  10 N. Waukegan LF
Gilby J H Jr. 325 Center LB
Gilchrist L W 301 Scranton LB
Giles J O 901 Spring LF
Gillette H S 255 E. Foster LF
Gillette H F 408 E. Illinois LF
Gillette J R 169 N. Washington LF
Gilpin W D 1137 N. Green Bay LF
Gilroy E C 139 N. Wildwood LF
Gilroy M B 840 N. Oakwood LF
Gipp R F 814 Safford LB
Girling K C 251 Park LF
Girton E W 381 E. Hillside LF
Gissler S G Jr. 356 Neuman LB
Gist J P 1282 N. Edgewood LF
Gizzi S 107 Woodland LB
Gladding H C 80 S. Maywood LF
Glader E 1004 Old Mill LF
Glader V 36 W. Sheridan LB
Glasel E S Jr. 1500 N. Sheridan LF
Glasgow R J 155 S. Winston LF
Gleiser L. 1066 Griffith LF
Glenn-Lake Forest Dressmaker   275 E. Deerpath LF
Glore Mrs. C F 255 N.Maple LF
Glore Mrs. D M 489 E. Illinois LF
Glore R H 600 N. Mayflower LF
Glover A 254 E. Park LF
Glover A 122 N. Wildwood LF
Glover Mrs. D O 359 Hirst LB
Glover R C 117 Hawthorn LB
Glusic J W  1505 N. Sheridan LF
Glynn J 735 S. Green Bay LF
Glynn J 1177 N. McKinley LF
Goeldner O 107 N. Washington LF
Goeldner P 1221 S. Telegraph LF
Goeler A 418 Adelphia LB
Goetz P W 213 Scranton LB
Goldberg H H 650 Bradley LF
Golden L P 356 N Green Bay LF
Goldich D E 655 S. Green Bay LF
Goldich Mrs. R C 349 E. Hilldale LF
Goldman R J 66 N. Mayflower LF
Goldsmith A 310 Ravine LB
Goldstead M L 647 E. Greenbriar LF
Goldstein 233 Hancock LB
Goodhue F Jr. 683 E. Greenview LF
Goodman R Jr. 615 Scranton LB
Goodrich D V 570 Golf LF
Goodwin A Jr. 737 N. Sheridan LF
Gorey T R 461 Rockland  LB
Goring C 1019 Rockland LB
Gorman W A  403 Evanston LB
Gorter J P 310 Saunders LF
Goss Mrs. J S 79 N. Mayflowe LF
Goss R C 1530 N. Greenleaf LF
Goss S G III 79 N. Mayflowe LF
Gottschalk J L 381 Onwentsia LF
Gourley A J 130 Scranton LB
Gourley Mrs. W 215 Scranton LB
Gourmet's Corner   560 N. Western Ave. LF
Grabinski B J 305 Center LB
Grace Methodist Church   244 Center LB
Grady J A 580 N. Oakwood LF
Grady L V 427 Pine LB
Grady W C 225 W. Center LB
Graff H M 1403 Fairway LF
Graff Mrs. T W 435 E. Illinois LF
Graff W 920 Burris LB
Graffis H B 210 N. Bradley LF
Graham D J 1365 Telegraph LF
Graham W E 143 E. Atteridge LF
Granger Mrs. A 890 Sheridan LF
Grannis Mrs. D 373 E. Wisconsin LF
Grannis U 550 E. Rosemary LF
Grant & Grant Inc.   252 E. Deerpath LF
Grant  T J 41 North LB
Grassman R I 901 Safford LB
Gray  Mrs.L 659 E. Northmoor LF
Gray  Mrs. W 994 N. Meadows LF
Greeler C M Sr. 24 N. Washington LF
Green R  D 436 E. Spruce LF
Green R E 999 Walden LF
Greene E J 1241 S. Waukegan LF
Greene K M 338 E. Wisconsin LF
Greene K E 307 Newman LB
Gregg C E Jr. 642 E. Greenview LF
Gregg E E 120 Woodland LB
Gregg H E Jr. 420 North LB
Gregory & Son Sheet Metal Works L R 998 N. Western LF
Gregory  M 689 E. Illinois LF
Greissinger E 300 N. Chiltern LF
Grembowicz E T 265 E. Niles LF
Grenner J A 120 North LB
Greve R M 995 N. Woodbine LF
Gridley J B 223 Scranton LB
Griffen A L 1024 Waveland LF
Griffeth S D 890 W. Deerpath LF
Griffin E J 1151 W. Deerpath LF
Griffin J B 210 E. Westminster LF
Griffis Bros.   216 E. Wisconsin LF
Griffis  D A 351 Hirst LB
Griffis H 994 W. Inverlieth LF
Griffis J A 112 E. Woodland LF
Griffis  J A Jr. 344 Cherokee LF
Griffis K 1060 N. Griffith LF
Griffis R E 883 N . Summit LF
Griffis W H 115 Moffett LB
Griffis W III 201 Park LB
Griffis W W 827 N. Oakwood LF
Griffith Inc. J 678 N. Western LF
Griffith Inc. J 12 Scranton LB
Grillo M A 414 N. Rockland LB
Griswold G B 616 E. Ryan LF
Groenke T A 1901 S. Telegraph LF
Groff J K 1451 N. Sheridan LF
Grost L H 230 North LB
Grost L C 108 W. Center LB
Grotts J MD 951 S. Oak Knoll LF
Grumbling R J 355 Ahwahnee LF
Grumhaus D 105 Green Bay LB
Grunewald Dr. A. H. 213 Washington LB
Gudbrandsen C 736 S. Beverly LF
Guelich M J 415 E. Sheridan LB
Guenin H F Jr. 156 S. Winston LF
Guess S 921 E. Westminster LF
Gunnersen Bros.   494 N.Oakwood LF
Gunnersen  S 494 N.Oakwood LF
Gunnerson W G 50 Center LB
Gunther C E 1558 S. Estate LF
Gunthorp R G 710 S. Green Bay LF
Gurley Standard Service J 280 E. Illinois LF
Gustafson C 326 North LB
Gustafson S 1445 N. Edgewood LF
Guynn B O 231 Bayshore LB
Gwynn J L 956 N. Ringwood LF
Gyllenberg B 7 Eva Tr LB
Gyllenberg Mrs. L 182 N. Washington Circle LF
Haag J A 332 Prospect LB
Haake 353 Vincent LB
Haas J L 2150 Half Day LF
Habjan H 249 Ahwahnee LF
Hack R B 314 Prospect LB
Haerther D P 1005 E. Illinois LF
Haffner C C Jr. 902 N. Green Bay LF
Hafner J O 244 Woodland LB
Hahm H W 551 Prospect LB
Hahn Bros. Community Grocery   672 N Western Ave. LF
Haigh D W 995 W. Waveland LF
Haines Mrs. A L 1520 Greenleaf LF
Haines D 327 E. Wisconsin LF
Hale G E 270 S. Butler LF
Hall E W 1120 S. Green Bay LF
Hall G 928 Oakwood LF
Hall J H Jr. 533 Prospect LB
Hall L 505 North LB
Hall L D 306 Woodland LB
Hall W C 508 Ravine LB
Hallgren L 1530 N. Willow LF
Halliday D 810 E. Illinois LF
Halligan W Jr. 830 N. Waukegan LF
Hallstrom G 1575 W. Everett LF
Haltenhoff W 117 N Washington LF
Ham R E 1441 W. Old Mill LF
Hamann W C 511 S. Beverly LF
Hamblet G 912 Burris LB 
Hamel R 501 Adelphia LB
Hamill Mrs. A 620 N. Washington LF
Hamilton J M 415 N. Washington LF
Hamilton LF N. Sheridan LB
Hamilton M J 590 S. Ridge LF
Hamister D B 80 S. Winston LF
Hamlin K E 318 Witchwood  LB
Hammond Mrs. L 577 E. Spruce LF
Hammond W III 606 Old Elm LF
Hancock A G 1555 N. Willow LF
Hancock J J 337 Woodland LB
Hands H W 1300 N. Waukegan LF
Handwerk O T 60 W. Center LB
Hanes W W 1441 Fairway LF
Hank H 180 E. Old Elm LF
Hanke A H 525 W. Deerpath LF
Hanna R A 344 E. Wisconsin LF
Hannaford F Jr. 617 Lincoln LB
Hannah G G 120 Sunset LB
Hanner R G 340 North LB
Hanratty D 1165 S. Telegraph LF
Hansen A S 1080 Green Bay LB
Hansen C 376 E. Scott LF
Hansen & Son C 580 N. Greenvale LF
Hansen D 327 Granby LF
Hansen G 238 E. Wisconsin LF
Hansen G Jr. 304 E. Noble LF
Hansen G J 813 Woodland LB
Hansen Mrs. H E 245 E. Noble LF
Hansen J 920 W. Everett LF
Hansen J A 1259 W. Old Mill LF
Hansen J G 233 E. Deerpath LF
Hansen J S 113 E. Atteridge LF
Hansen N A 1575 N. Sheridan LF
Hansen P C 580 N. Greenvale LF
Hansen P M 891 E. Walden LF
Hansen R W 118 N. Telegraph LB
Hansen W 127 Scranton LB
Hansen's Ivy Inn   238 Wisconsin LF
Hansen's Radio Service   234 E. Wisconsin LF
Hansen's Young Folks Shop   277 E. Deerpath LF
Hanson Einar 727 E. Greenview LF
Hantke R W 336 Prospect LB
Hanwell D 120 North LB
Hard L A 1535 N. Willow LF
Harding J C 473 E. Illinois LF
Harding J C 423 Adelphia LB
Harding W H 359 E. Wisconsin LF
Hardy J 645 E. Westminster LF
Hardy R P 28 Witchwood LB
Harham Farm   1820 Riverwood LF
Harju R R 810 S. Ridge LF
Harlan E K 104 Scranton LB
Harlan E K 618 Maple LB
Harlan E T 104 Scranton LB
Harmon J H  900 E. Illinois LF
Harnden L V Jr. DDS 876 W. Lane Lorraine LF
Harrington F 330 E. Scott LF
Harris A J 390 N. Western Ave. LF
Harris C G 150 E. Westminster LF
Harris M 469 N. Oakwood LF
Harris Mrs. R E Alice Landing LF
Harris S 421 E. Spruce LF
Harrison C Jr. 570 N. Oakwood LF
Harrison G H MD 148 Ahwahnee LF
Harrison L 1515 N. McKinley LF
Harry's Beauty Salon   272 E. Market Square LF
Hart, Shaw & Co. Real estate   260 E. Deerpath LF
Harte B A 374 E. Linden LF
Harte J P 374 E. Linden LF
Harte L P 374 E. Linden LF
Hartshorn E A 334 E. Center LB
Hartzo S A 752 Lincoln  LB
Harvey W F 300 Prospect LB
Harvey Capt. W F Jr. 38 Hawthorn Ct. LB
Hasbrouck R B 290 E. Park LF
Haschak G 309 N. Chiltern LF
Haskins Rear Adm. E D 215 Woodland Rd. LB
Haskins S G Northcroft, 51 W. Old Elm Rd. LF
Haslach H W 191 N. Wildwood LF
Halser Mrs. E L 185 E. Vine LF
Hasler W 437 N. Green Bay LF
Hasslebring DDS D 320 E. Vine LF
Hasselbring D 118 W. Park LF
Hassell R A 220 E. Park LF
Hastings J J 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Hatch C B 356 Lincoln LB
Hatch R L 706 Oak LB
Hatcher C B 335 E. Oakdale LF
Havermale H Jr. 1170 Westleigh LF
Havey MD G 210 E. Westminster LF
Havey G 136 Green Bay LB
Haviland D M 114 N. Washington LF
Hawkes W Jr. 1539 E. Greenleaf LF
Hawkinson 911 Muir LB
Haydock L 290 E. Deerpath LF
Hayes J E 539 E. Briar LF
Hazard E L 1416 Fairway LF
Hazel G R 409 Witchwood LB
Hazen T D 2021 Knollwood LF
Heaney W J Sr. 128 N. Wildwood LF
Hearn T G 1144 Ranch LF
Heath E 270 S. Western LF
Hecht D L 611 E. Woodland LF
Hecht F C 611 E. Woodland LF
Heckenback A Hixon Hall LF
Hedberg H 1467 N. Mckinley LF
Hedfors 171 N. Washington LF
Heeren J W 1450 W. Old Mill LF
Heerens P 132 Oak Tree LB
Heiliger E 702 Moffett LB
Heine A H 204 N. Telegraph LB
Heine C 907 Burris LB
Heine Mrs. G 90 E. Westminster LF
Heine H 50 N. Washington LF
Heine H Jr. 74 E. Westminster LF
Heine W H 71 N. Washington LF
Heiser S J 300 Bradley Rd. LF
Heitman Printing Co.   1130 Western Ave. LF
Helander O 617 E. Greenbriar LF
Helander's   248 E. Market Square LF
Helliwell C H 236 Prospect LB
Helming C F 210 North LB
Hemingway H 360 Ahwahnee LF
Henderson E E 11 Woodland LB
Henderson J Sheridan Rd. LB
Henderson Mrs. R 260 E. Deerpath LF
Henderson Mrs. R 448 Gurney LB
Hendrickson H 1180 S. Ridge LF
Hendricksen H 1014 S. Ridge LF
Henriksen H 789 N. Mckinley LF
Henry W 81 W. Laurel LF
Henry Mrs. H  390 N. Green Bay LF
Henry J G 241 E. Sheridan LB 
Hensel G 351 E. Wisconsin LF
Hensel Mrs. N 58 N. Washington LF
Hensley P M 218 Sheridan LB
Hentges D 406 E. Westminster LF
Hentz A 370 E. Westminster LF
Herbst C B 707 Woodland  LB
Herdener J 119 E. Laurel LF
Hermann G W 334 N. Chiltern LF
Hermsmeyer Dr.M. L. 140 W. Old Elm Road LF
Hertica N J 203 Skokie LB
Hertle A M 1231 W. Everett LF
Hesler  R D 339 Scranton LB
Hesler W J 2750 W. Old Mill LF
Hesterman Mrs. T  1083 N. Griffith Road LF
Heuser F O 514 Northern LB
Higgins G W 309 North LB
Higgins H  663 Mawman LB
Higgins R S 237 E. Noble LF
Hildebrand C 922 S. Oak Knoll LF
Hilker H W 1401 W. Everett LF
Hill B 1210 Sheridan LF
Hill F J 711 Moffett LB
Hill L E DDS 930 S. Green Bay LF
Hill R L Jr. 225 Bayshore LB 
Hill S. 179 E. Deerpath LF
Hill S 930 S. Green Bay LF
Hill S H 132 S. Green Bay LF
Hillebrand R 809 Washington LB
Hilliard B 300 N. Green Bay LF
Hilliard S 300 N. Green Bay LF
Hillistad P A 1046 S. Waveland LF
Hillman H F  945 E. Illinois LF
Hills C C  746 E. Greenview LF
Hinschsliff R W 110 Scranton LB
Hindle W H 16 Birch LB
Hines R L 164 N. Western LF
Hinger H 45 E. Laurel LF
Hinman G W 550 Center LB
Hintz D S 692 E. Woodlawn LF
Hintzpeter E C 1570 N. Waukegan LF
Hiscox H G 136 N. Washington LF
Hiscox M 251 E. Noble LF
Hitchcock E B 317 Center LB
Hixon Mrs. F P 999 Walden LF
Hixon Mrs. R 506 E.Walnut LF
Hixon H H 230 S. Sheridan LF
Hjelte O 855 S. Ridge LF
Hlavacek F S 1122 S. Estate LF
Hnilo Dr. J M 1546 N. Willow  LF
Hochhalter G 713 Jenkisson LB
Hodgen E L 50 S. Maywood LF
Hodges C III  700 E. Rosemary LF
Hodges Col. D 1078 N. Edgewood LF
Hodgkins R C 1184 N. Waukegan LF
Hodgkins W 123 S. Stonegate LF
Hodgkinson F R  1141 Ranch LF
Hoelter G 37 Ravine Forest LB
Hoffman A 669 Mawman LB
Hoffman H 17 Shagbark LB 
Hoffmann A R 821 E. Northmoor LF
Hoffmann Mrs. C  272 E. Market Square LF
Hoffmann F J Jr. 337 Witchwood LB
Hoffmann Mrs. G 776 N. Green Bay LF
Hofmaier M 716 Smith LB
Hogstedt H 1026 N. Waukegan LF
Hohlfelder E 105 Scranton LB
Hohm F W 658 Rockland LB
Holland J R Jr. 780 E. Greenview LF
Holland P P 105 Green Bay LB
Holland R L 485 Greenvale LF
Hollands  B E 941 N. Oakwood LF
Holleran L F 500 N. Waukegan LF
Hollis J T 505 Evanston LB
Hollis R H 230 W. Onwentsia LF
Hollister J H 701 Prospect LB
Holmes C 376 E. Spruce LF
Holmes G Jr. 907 Washington  LB
Holmes and Jewell Trucking   907 Washington  LB
Holmwall E 15 Washington LB
Holste H 1167 N. Sheridan LF
Holstein A G 345 Sylvan LB
Holt E 570 N. Sheridan LF
Holt J 405 E. Spruce LF
Holt M 630 N. Washington LF
Holyfield E R 805 Muir LB
Holzapfel E R 368 S. Circle LF
Hoogesteger H 292 N. Washington LF
Hooker J P 1115 E. Illinois LF
Hooper W T 520 N. Western LF
Hooper W T 1207 W. Old Mill LF
Hoppas N E 224 E. Sheridan LB
Horan T R 106 E. Westminster LF
Hord S Y 450 W. Deerpath LF
Horn H W 1216 Quassey LB
Horn J 717 Birch LB
Horne F H 541 Prospect LB
Hosken R 411 Green Bay LB
Hoskins 428 E. Spruce LF
Hotz P C 35 Washington LB
Hough C H 275 E. Woodland LF
House of Steele   176 Waukegan Rd. LB
Houston A 319 E. Blodgett LB
Houte Mrs. V 1091 N. Griffith LF
Hoversten M 697 N. Washington LF
Howard F D 771 N. Green Bay LF
Howard J R Jr. 895 N Oakwood LF
Howe L W 1012 S. Waveland LF
Hoy R K 290 E. Vine LF
Hubbard O L 555 E. Woodland LF
Hubbard O L Jr. 490 E. College LF
Huber G S 1031 N Telegraph LB
Huber K W 1491 N. Edgewood LF
Huber M L 1031 N. Telegraph LB
Hubert Mrs. J  791 Summit LF
Hubertz H L  495 S. Green Bay LF
Huboi E A 146 E. Woodland LF
Huff K L 309 Forest Knoll LB
Huffaker G D 26 E. Atteridge LF
Hugg C 307 E. Blodgett LB
Hughes J 1130 Green Bay LB
Hughes J E 2 N. Ahwahnee LF
Hughes J W 71 S. Stonegate LF
Hughes T J 839 E. Morningside LF
Huhnke J 834 N. Oakwood LF
Hull H C 706 Smith LB
Hume  R C 1920 S. Telegraph LF
Hume  W C 810 E. Greenbriar LF
Hummer Mrs. C  338 Westminster LF
Hunter T B III 1139 Green Bay LF
Hurd E A Jr. 1130 N. Green Bay LF
Hurd E Jr. 1438 N. Sheridan LF
Hurd F E 734 E. Greenview LF
Hurthle W 206 Prospect LB
Huss J O 1136 S. Waveland LF
Hutcheson H R 18 College Campus LF
Hutchings V MD 198 Westminster LF
Hutchins C K 1380 N. Elm Tree LF
Hutchison Rev. R 588 E. Deerpath LF
Hutton A J 651 S. Beverly LF
Huzel Miss Y 269 E. Market Square LF
Hvale L G 421 Simpson  LB
Hyland G A 1195 W. Conway LF
Iacurto J D 265 N. King Muir LF
Ibbotson  DDS (business) E H DDS 320 E. Vine LF
Ibbotson  DDS (residence) E H DDS 886 N. Oakwood LF
Illich G Jr. 348 E. Scott LF
Illich H S 305 Scranton LB
Immermann E W 464 S. Ridge LF
Ingercoll W J 36 North LB
Ingle D W 336 Woodland LB
Ingold C 49 N. Washington LF
Ingold E 56 N. Western LF
Ingram Mrs. C E South Campus LF
Ingram 1284 N. Sheridan LF
Ingram Dr. H 170 N. Washington LF
Inman hard 254 E. Rose Terrace LF
Inserra J 691 W. Everett LF
Iredale Moving and Storage   579 Oakwood LF
Ireland J W 345 N. Ahwahnee LF
Irwin J R  780 E. Northmoor LF
Isbell J 730 S. Ridge LF
Isham G S 245 E. Vine LF
Isham H P 999 N.Lake LF
Isham H P Jr.  117 E. Westminster LF
Isham R M 205 Moffett LB
Isham R T 540 E. Crabtree LF
Itzov D J 34 North LB
Jackimiec J S 821 S. Beverly LF
Jacks E 1955 S. Telegraph LF
Jackson A J 1000 N. Waukegan LF
Jackson C A 120 E. Laurel LF
Jackson Mrs. E  1362 N. Edgewood LF
Jackson F E 643 E. Greenview LF
Jackson DDS G E 320 E. Vine LF
Jackson L W 555 E. Illinois LF
Jackson V H 845 N.Oakwood LF
Jacob W A 1530 W. Old Mill LF
Jacob D D 700 E. Deerpath LF
Jacobs H W 410 Prospect LB
Jacobsen J S 1700 N. Waukegan LF
Jahnke (business) H R 194 E. Westminster LF
Jahnke (residence) H R 182 Westminster LF
Jaicks Mrs. K A 262 E. Deerpath LF
Jaicks K A 767 E. Illinois LF
Jaklon P H 227 N. Maple LF
James A 333 E. Wisconsin LF
James N L 440 Frost LF
Jamieson Mrs. D 873 Summitt LF
Jamieson D 51 W. Sheridan LB
Janowitz's Finest Foods   293 E. Illinois LF
Janowitz Mrs. L 291 E. Illinois LF
Janowitz L H 350 E. Ravine Park LF
Januz C P 340 E. Greenwood LF
Jaques W K 85 E. Westminster LF
Jeffrey E C 615 Prospect  LB
Jelke J F 645 E. Westminster LF
Jenkin G 371 E. Ravine Park LF
Jenkin I E 1 N. Stone Gate LF
Jenkins E M 990 Northcliffe LF
Jennings J V 425 Blodgett LB
Jensen F 1240 N. Edgewood LF
Jensen F T 355 E. Ravine Park LF
Jensen F A 341 E. Wisconsin LF
Jensen H 1860 S. Telegraph LF
Jensen H C 363 Foss LB
Jensen H M 367 E. Wisconsin LF
Jensen J 977 N.McKinley LF
Jensen's Boot Shop   271 E. Market Square LF
Jeria L H Jr. 513 Moffett LB
Jerner J 25 N. Washington LF
Jessopp D F 1360 N. Elm Tree LF
Jewell S W 370 Hirst LB
Jiles G 449 Spruce LF
Joesel R 1211 S. Telegraph LF
Johansen Mrs. E 325 Scranton LB
Johansson I O 330 E. Greenwood LF
Johnsen Mrs. A W 343 E. Scott LF
Johnsen A 307 E. Granby LF
Johnsen W E 160 E. Deerpath LF
Johnson A 751 Moffett LB
Johnson A 122 Washington LB
Johnson A 161 N. Wildwood LF
Johnson A R 801 N. Green Bay LB
Johnson B J 1234 N. Edgewood LF
Johnson Mrs. C 272 E. Market Square LF
Johnson C C  290 E. Deerpath LF
Johnson D C 872 E. Northmoor LF
Johnson E L  595 E. Illinois LF
Johnson E N 494 E. Briar LF
Johnson 6 W Skokie Blvd. LB
Johnson E A 330 N. Sheridan LF
Johnson E W 541 Blodgett LB
Johnson H K 204 E. Westminster LF
Johnson H K 496 E. Ryan LF
Johnson H W 130 Prospect LB
Johnson I A 700 E. Old Elm LF
Johnson Mrs. J Sr. 204 E. Park LF
Johnson J 1785 S. Telegraph LF
Johnson K L 30 N. Green Bay LF
Johnson M 820 Foster Ave. LF
Johnson M L 130 Ravine Forest Dr. LB
Johnson O K 326 Butler LF
Johnson R A 557 N. King Muir LF
Johnson Builders R A 557 N. King Muir LF
Johnson R F 707 Moffett LB
Johnson R E 801 Green Bay LB
Johnson R R 711 E. Greenview LF
Johnson S R 930 Morningside LF
Johnson V S 801 Green Bay LB
Johnson W E 130 Center LB
Johnson W L 731 W. Mellody LF
Johnson W H 165 Green Bay LF
Johnson W H 350 N. Waukegan LF
Johnston F B 350 S. Circle LF
Johnston H 1300 N. Elm Tree LF
Johnston H 319 Crescent LB
Johnston R MD 619 Garfield LB
Johnstone A 26 North Ave. LB
Jones A W 841 N. McKinley LF
Jones 230 Sheridan LB
Jones E Jr. 711 E. Illinois LF
Jones G 500 Green Bay Road LF
Jones O B 10 W. Deerpath LF
Jones R 230 Sheridan LB 
Jones R 318 S. Bluff's Edge LF
Jones R E 370 Lincoln LB
Jones W R Jr. 660 Western LF
Jonsson G 950 E. Westleigh LF
Joor W G 627 E. Highview LF
Joos C F 983 E. Maplewood LF
Jordan A 685 N. Oakwood LF
Jordan D 395 E. Spruce LF
Jordan Mrs. W 441 E. Spruce LF
Joyce W 550 S. Ridge LF
Joytime Nursery School   50 S. Maywood LF
Judson C 1230 N Green Bay LF
Juhl G A 213 Park LB
Juhrend H A 313 E. Wisconsin LF
Juhrend H A 736 N. Western LF
Juhrend Mrs. L 145 N. Washington LF
Julian D 290 E. Deerpath LF
Julian H W 621 N. McKinley LF
Julian J 80 S. Maywood LF
Julian Mrs. J 1264 N. Edgewood LF
Julian W 160 E. Atteridge LF
Jungherr J A 642 N. Oakwood LF
Just F W 2001 Knollwood LF
Justice A Sr. 346 N. Ahwahnee LF
Kaari J W 855 W. Larchmont LF
Kadison E R 711 N. Mckinley LF
Kaefer L J 129 E. Blodgett LB
Kaether J E 300 Woodland LB
Kahle E F 82 E. Atteridge LF
Kalter Mrs. R P 198 N. Wildwood LF
Kane T J 399 N. Ahwahnee LF
Kaney A W 780 W. Deerpath LF
Kaplan S J 320 E. Vine LF
Kapschull C Jr. 519 E. Ryan LF
Karne B E 175 N. King Muir LF
Karsten F R 449 E. Frost LF
Karsten R J 94 E. Westminster LF
Karsten W 355 E. Wisconsin LF
Karstrom J Jr. 1300 N. Waukegan LF
Karzas B C 244 W. Sheridan LB
Kasian E S 764 E. Northmoor LF
Kaufmann C L 246 W. Laurel LF
Kay J Jr. 1011 Safford LB
Kays W T 1135 S. Wilson LF
Kazarian J 654 Garfield LB
Keaggy J W 360 Hirst LB
Kearney (business) P MD 198 E. Westminster LF
Kearney (residence) P MD 180 W. Laurel LF
Kearns (business) G E 711 N. Mckinley LF
Kearns (residence) G E 74 E. Woodland LF
Kearns J S 1161 Valley LF
Keeling Mrs. G 541 N. Mayflower LF
Keenan E F 506 North LB
Keenan K M 142 E. Atteridge LF
Keenan 123 Ravine Forest LB
Keig J Jr. 499 N. Washington LF
Keister C 1490 N. Willow LF
Keith S 1315 N. Lake LF
Kelleher J F 106 E. Sheridan LB
Keller L A 14 College Campus LF
Keller W F Jr. 1392 Fairway LF
Kelley A 177 N. Washington LF
Kelley A G 161 N. Washington LF
Kelley C E Jr. 1433 Fairway LF
Kelley D 678 N. Western LF
Kelley D 441 E. Frost LF
Kelley E M 473 E. Illinois LF
Kelley F III 855 E. Westminster LF
Kelley G J 177 N. Washington LF
Kelley K 770 S. Waukegan LF
Kelley L A 356 N. Ahwahnee LF
Kelley Mrs, M C 1801 Knollwood LF
Kelley M 473 E. Illinois LF
Kelley R D Jr. 420 Sunrise LB
Kelley Mrs. R 307 Ravine LB
Kelley R I 840 E. Longwood LF
Kellner T J 281 E. Deerpath LF
Kelly A F 870 N. Oakwood LF
Kelly  G A 870 N. Oakwood LF
Kelly J M 1476 S. Estate LF
Kempner J H 1598 W. Conway LF
Kendler R W 1020 Walden LF
Keneshe J 714 Mawman LB
Kennedy D Jr. 133 Onwentsia LF
Kennedy D W 570 Hathaway LF
Kennedy J F 1030 N. Woodbine LF
Kennedy (Residence) J R  139 E. Sheridan LB
Kennedy M M 805 W. Kennedy LF
Kennedy R Jr. 725 N. Sheridan LF
Kennedy W W 3 College Campus LF
Kennedy W B 255 E. Glenwood LF
Kennedy's Texaco Service   260 E. Illinois LF
Kennett M W 1356 Fairway LF
Kenney J L 331 Granby LF
Kenyon R W 50 N. Western LF
Keppner R H 555 S. Beverly LF
Kerman W MD 711 N. Mckinley LF
Kerr A 41 A. Scranton LB
Kerr B A 343 E. Scott LF
Kerrigan D F 1038 N. Griffith LF
Kerrigan F 334 E. Granby LF
Kerrigan F R 293 E. Deerpath LF
Kerrigan Mrs. J 144 Westminster LF
Kerwin C C  994 N. Meadow Lane LF
Kessler K 322 E. Wisconsin LF
Ketchum Mrs. R 411 E. Illinois LF
Kidd A 1211 N. Griffith LF
Kidd J F 90 E. Sunset LF
Kidd J 1551 Greenleaf LF
Kiddell W F 204 E. Westminster LF
Kiddle Mrs. A  895 N. Summitt LF
Kiddle C 835 N. Oakwood LF
Kiddle J 917 N. Oakwood LF
Kiddle (Business) S F 258 E. Market Square LF
Kiddle (Residence) S F 85 E. Sunset LF
Kiddle T J 892 N. Oakwood LF
Kiesgen W 203 E. Park LF
Kiley E J 130 E. Foster LF
Killinger H F 220 E. Foster LF
Kim CC H 1111 Foster LB
Kindlein N M Jr. 33 S. Wooded Lane LF
Kindlein's Flower Farm   1390 S. Skokie Blvd. LF
King D S 778 N. Green Bay LF
King H N 300 N. Green Bay LF
King Mrs. J A 165 N. Green Bay LF
King J D 117 Washington LB
Kingery J D 1175 N. Edgewood LF
Kinney A M 771 N. Washington LF
Kinney D M 1421 N. Conway LF
Kinney H 123 N. Wildwood LF
Kinney 307 E. Granby LF
Kinnucan P F 20 W. Old Elm LF
Kinter C V 427 N. Sheridan LF
Kiracofe C A 410 N. Mayflower LF
Kirby O 1300 N. Waukegan LB
Kirk R C 355 E. Foss LB
Kirkham J M 705 Ravine LB
Kirutza J D 706 Safford LB
Kistler K K 600 N. Telegraph LB
Kittredge D 120 Oak Tree LB
Klaren H 1 N. Stone Gate LF
Klaren H I 737 E. Greenbriar LF
Klatt A A 315 E. Oakdale LF
Kleine J H 155 Wooded lane LF
Kleis J D 503 Simpson LB
Klensch F J 220 E. Old Elm LF
Klingler T 203 Skokie LB
Klinkmann F 409 Crescent LB
Klitsch H 211 Birch LB
Kluberg Mrs. E 700 Scranton LB
Knaack H S 528 Ravine LB
Knauz H W 125 W. Laurel LF
Knauz K 53 E. Atteridge LF
Knauz Motor Sales   1060 N. Western Ave. LF
Knesley C R 1011 North LB
Knight J R  1091 Meadow LF
Knight R I 307 E. Woodland LF
Kniskern C L 675 E. Greenview Pl. LF
Knoll G A 757 Lincoln LB
Knollwood Inn   531 Rockland LB
Knollwood Texaco Service Station   2 N. Telegraph Rd. LB
Knoppel O B 645 E. Northmoor LF
Knorr L S 730 N. Mayflower LF
Knott H Jr. 340 E. Westminster LF
Knox E 80 S. Maywood LF
Knox E K 31 N. Sheridan LF
Knox Mrs. J F 284 E. Scott LF
Knox R J 104 Sunset Pl LF
Knox & Co.   284 E. Scott LF
Knox R L 201 Little Mellody LF
Kobela J P 1007 Safford LB
Kober M B 1185 N. Mckinley LF
Kocal L S 657 Lincoln LB
Koeller J B 673 Rockland LB
Kohler R W 1505 S. Ridge LF
Kohr R V 593 E. Rosemary LF
Kolens S W 314 Vincent LB
Konrad H C 235 Blodgett LB
Konradt's Florist   119 E. Laurel LF
Konz G K 365 Briar LB
Koopmann C 1110 Griffith LF
Kopp DDS O W 272 E. Market Square LF
Kopp (residence) O W 263 N. Washington LF
Kopper E Jr. 1213 S. Estate  LF
Korhumel N F W. Mellody LF
Kostaniek A 51 E. Laurel LF
Kozeluh  R J 1360 Waukegan LB
Krafft's Drug store   666 N. Western LF
Kramer A W 667 Rockland LB
Kramer Mrs. A 1510 W. Everett LF
Kramer J E 653 Bank Lane LF
Krause W 307 Woodland LB
Kreischer R 112 E. Westminster LF
Krikau G F 1017 Talbot LB
Kritzer H E 904 N. Green Bay LF
Kruschko H M 303 Briar LB
Kruse A H 273 E. Market Square LF
Kruse's Bakery   720 N. Western LF
Kuehne G 727 Center LB
Kuersten R H 912 Muir LB
Kuester A 570 E. Crabtree LF
Kueter K E 1129 N. Griffith LF
Kuhlman A B 331 Witchwood LB
Kuhlman D L 506 Sunrise  LB 
Kuhlman F R 104 B Scranton LB
Kullgrem W L 487 N. Oakwood LF
Kunda J Jr. 225 Juneway LB
Kwiatt R 801 Safford LB
Kyle T 23 Washington LB
Labellart M M 620 E. Ryan LF
Lackie M C 678 N. Western LF
Lackie M C 456 E. Illinois LF
Lacroix R C 122 Ravine LB
LaDuke J A 1048 Glendell LB
Lafeber J A 460 Mawman LB
Laflin L A 980 Woodbine LF
Laflin L E Jr. 1007 N. Hawthorn LF
Laflin L III 404 Moffett LB
LaFrandre J 730 N. Mayflower LF
Lage L S 1350 N Waukegan LF
Lake Bluff Cab Co.   611 Walnut LB
Lake Bluff Hardware & Paint Co.   37 Scranton LB
Lake Bluff Pharmacy   100 Scranton LB
Lake Bluff Public Library   40 Scranton LB
Lake Bluff School District 65   31 Sheridan Pl. LB
Lake Forest Animal Clinic   936 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Auto Sales   824 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Book Store   624 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Bowling Lanes   602 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Children's Shop   265 Market Square LF
Lake Forest City Hall   220 E. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Dental Lab   290 E. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Flower Shop   546 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Food Mart   756 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Garage   778 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest High School   1285 N. Mckinley LF
Lake Forest Hospital   660 N. Westmoreland Rd. LF
Lake Forest Jewelry Store   268 E. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Launderette   777 N. Bank Lane LF
Lake Forest Lumber Co.   874 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Materials Co.   1080 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Millwork   1088 W. Everett Road LF
Lake Forest News Service   851 N. Western ave. LF
Lake Forest Public Library   360 E. Deerpath LF
Lake Forest Pure Oil   601 N. Bank Lane LF
Lake Forest Savings and Loan   600 N. Western LF
Lake Forest Sewer and Water Const. 1112 W. Everett Road LF
Lake Forest Shell Service   281 E. Illinois Road LF
Lake Forest Sports Shop Inc.   265 E. Market Square LF
Lake Forest Travel Bureau   630 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forest Yellow Cab and Livery   966 N. Western Ave. LF
Lake Forester News   287 Deerpath LF
Lake Rug and Carpet Co.   204 E. Wisconsin Ave. LF
Lake G Jr. 412 Center LB
Lake Shore Disposal   601 N. Bank Lane LF
Lake Shore Market   740 N. Western LF
Lakey Mrs. R 257 E. Market Square LF
Lambert E 168 N. Wildwood LF
Lambert P 1050 N. Griffith LF
Lambert R 308 N. Telegraph LB
Lamberton R H 1466 N. Green Bay LF
Lambesis E G Riverwoods Rd. LF
LaMendola M 330 E. Old Elm LF
Lamm R W 681 S. Beverly LF
Lamoth L 905 Jenkisson LB
Lampe W 301 Neuman LB
Lampert V L 123 Hawthorn LB
Lancaster A P Jr. 210 N. Sheridan LF
Land W 315 North Ave. LB
Landers N L 110 Scranton LB
Landfield G S 821 S. Waveland LF
Landis J Jr. 635 E. Northmoor LF
Landreth J T 1650 N. Green Bay LF
Landry J 635 E. Illinois LF
Lane A C 726 N. Western Ave. LF
Lane C A 661 E. Greenview Pl. LF
Lane  Mrs.M 657 N. Bank Lane LF
Lane W N 742 N. Green Bay LF
Lang F J 315 W. Mellody LF
Lang G 1020 N. Meadow LF
Langdon W L 321 E. Greenwood LF
Langer 153 E. Atteridge LF
Langhoff W 236 W. Blodgett LB
Lanigan W H 845 E. Maplewood LF
Lanners J 190 N. Washington LF
Lantern   768 N. Western LF
Lanza B A 570 N. Oakwood LF
Lanza B A 1130 N. Green Bay LB
Larkin W B 756 S. Oak Knoll LF
LaRochelle Mrs. L 475 E. Deerpath LF
LaRose A P  106 E. Scranton LB
Larsen 1550 N. Greenleaf LF
Larsen & Sons   139 E. Laurel LF
Larsen C 550 Hathaway LF
Larsen H L 1525 N. Willow LF
Larsen H 330 E. Scott LF
Larsen J 139 E. Laurel LF
Larsen Construction K 985 Mellody LF
Larsen W N 633 E. Highview LF
Larson Mrs.M 32 Hawthorn LB
Larson Mrs. S 33 E. Atteridge LF
Larson W I 33 E. Atteridge LF
Laser W C 890 S. Oak Knoll LF
Lash Mrs. V 1597 N.Mckinley LF
Lasher LG 1326 W. Everett LF
Latterell R E 104 Birch LB
Lau L W 107 Hawthorn LB
Laub P 901 E. Rosemary LF
Lauder T E 1089 Winwood LF
Lavender R 507 W. Everett LF
Law R E 300 E. Glenwood LF
Lawlor J P 460 E. Frost LB
Lawrence C H 702 Rockland LB
Lawrence D 526 North Ave. LB
Lawson W J 441 E. Spruce LF
Layne A 228 Washington LB
Lazzaretto J 560 N.Oakwood LF
Lazzaretto V L 1327 N. Edgewood LF
Lea J C 306 Witchwood LB
Lea M 501 North Ave. LB
Leach A E 28 Oak Tree LB
Leason P E 400 Thorne LF
Lechner C A 964 N.Lake LF
Leckbee B E 418 Prospect LB
Ledder E J Jr. 1177 N. Edgewood LF
Lee D 316 N. Telegraph LB
Lee L R 209 Sheridan LB
Lee W 249 E. Market Square LF
Lees B 200 Center LB
Leffler M T 510 Prospect LB
LeFils St. 686 N. Forest LF
LeGault G 466 Green Bay LB
LeGoff M C 655 Evanston LB
LeGoff M Sr.  835 E. Greenview Place LF
Lehirissey E F 631 Ravine LB
Lehmann R O 888 E. Deerpath LF
Lehr J W 344 Woodland LB
Lemos A M South Campus LF
Lennox W 309 Circle LB
Lenoir Mrs. H 255 N. Washington LF
Lenz H 132 E. Westminster LF
Leonard C 1190 Inverleith LF
Leonard G A 403 North LB
Leonard J 105 Green Bay LB
Leonard J M 46 N. Washington LF
Leone V L 185 E. Park LF
Leoris D 380 E. Oakdale LF
LeRoi W P 678 N. Western LF
LeRoi W P 193 N. Washington LF
Lesman R H 771 E. Greenbriar LF
Leukefeld K 259 E. Noble LF
Leutwiler C I 1555 Bowling Green LF
LeVeque H J 761 N. Summit LF
Leverone LE 620 N.Lake LF
LeWa Farm   990 N. Waukegan LF
Lewis A W 232 Moffett LB
Lewis (business) C I MD 744 N. Western LF
Lewis (residence) C I 140 E. Summit LF
Lewis G L 231 Center LB
Lewis R K 331 Prospect LB
Lewis V L 900 E. Ringwood LF
Lichtenberger K 1373 Edgewood LF
Lichtenstein C O 671 S. Green Bay LF
Lieberman B B 223 E. Washington LB
Lieberman B 251 Washington LB
Lies B 1178 N. Griffith LF
Ligon L 145 Washington LF
Lincoln L III 356 E. Hilldale LF
Lind J 1256 N. Edgewood LF
Loefer E 1075 S. Waukegan LF
Loefer M 3290 Halfday LF
Loehde G R 1212 Quassey LB
Loewenstein O 715 E. Greenbriar LF
Lofquist Miss Mary 361 Cherokee LF
Lofstrom J 752 Moffett LB
Lofstrom H F 365 Green Bay LB
Logan V H 601 E. Spruce LF
Logsdon J T 1360 W. Everett LF
Lohman T K 652 N. Western LF
Lombardi F J 1225 W. Winwood LF
Long Mrs. R 594 N. Western LF
Looby W E 210 E. Westminster LF
Looby W E 865 S. Ridge LF
Loomis W S 1360 W. Old Mill LF
Loos C M 246 Witchwood LB
Lord Mrs. R 896 N. Church LF
Louis J 881 N. Oakwood LF
Love J J 793 N. Burton LF
Lovgren S J 321 Briar LB
Lowe J H 299 E. Rose LF
Lozar M College Campus LF
Lozowski J Rockland Rd. LB
Lucente N C 96 N. Washington LF
Lucey Mrs. J 1160 N. Sheridan LF
Ludlow J L G 221 Scranton LB
Ludwig E Jr. 1112 Quassey LB
Lukens N D 333 Scranton LB
Lumpkin R A 105 S. Green Bay LB
Lindahl W A 984 N. Green Bay LF
Lindburg E H 992 W. Armour LF
Lindell A 4 Oxford Rd. LF
Lindeman W F 1550 S. Telegraph LF
Lindenmeyer D 256 E. Market Square LF
Lindenmeyer E 1187 McKinley LF
Lindenmeyer E 216 E. Illinois LF
Lindenmeyer J 450 E. Frost LF
Lindenmeyer O 321 Vincent LB
Lindman R 665 Garfield LB
Lindow L 984 N. Green Bay LF
Lindquist Mrs. V 262 E. Market Square LF
Lindsay J C 1372 N. Edgewood LF
Lindsay M C 720 E. Woodlawn LF
Lindstrom J E 1509 N. Greenleaf LF
Linenthal A C 2 Witchwood LB
Link F J 31 Washington LB
Linneen Mrs. I S 210 Sheridan LB
Lintner E 314 Circle LB
Lippman A F 3280 Halfday LF
Lippold A J 106 Ravine LB
Litchfield J 1165 Ranch LF
Little Wool Shop   255 E. Market Square LF
Liukkonen M 140 E. Park LF
Llewellyn J R 374 E. Scott LF
Lloyd E L 610 Skokie LB
Locke F H 446 E. Illinois LF
Lockhart J L  980 E. Walden LF
Lund G W 304 Woodland LB
Lund M R 525 S. Forest Hill LF
Lund S S 5 Oxford LF
Lundahl J 355 Briar LB
Lundeen Mrs. C 405 E. Illinois LF
Lundeen R 114 N. Washington LF
Lundh R E 1074 S. Green Bay LF
Lundy R H 1296 Edgewood LF
Lunsted K 156 E. Westminster LF
Luther E C 180 E. Atteridge LF
Lutheran Church   Deerpath and Westmoreland LF
Luthin H W Jr. 500 North LB 
Lutz (business) J F 198 E. Westminster LF
Lutz (residence) J F 350 E. Woodland LF
Lyddan W C 845 E. Highview LF
Lydy R G 55 N. Mayflower LF
Lyman G S Jr. 364 E. Ravine LB
Lyman W J 826 S. Waveland LF
Lynch G 600 Riverwoods Rd. LF
Lynch H J 677 E. Cherry LF
Lynch J A Jr. 781 E. Highview LF
Lynch J 380 N. King Muir LF
Lyon E V 1012 Plaister LB
Lyon G R 481 E. Illinois LF
Lyons S O 623 E. Glenwood LF
Lytle L J 530 Center LB
Maatenen J 519 N. Telegraph LB
Mabbatt Mrs. M 401 Westminster LF
Mabbatt R H 444 Thorne LF
MacArthur E S 1150 E. Westleigh LF
MacArthur Mrs. R M 485 E. Westminster LF
MacArthur Mrs. T 105 Green Bay LB
Macdonald R 1102 N. Elm Tree LF
Macdonald S H 264 E. Mills LF
Macfarlane B 294 E. Rose LF
Macfarlane P 162 N. Washington LF
Machinsky S 346 North LB
Mack J L Sr. 1321 W. Everett LF
MacKay J 1310 S. Telegraph LF
Macke M C 618 Prospect LB
MacKenzie D O 191 E. Westleigh LF
MacKenzie D 1420 N. Waukegan LF
MacKeracher D 987 OakKnoll LF
Mackin R W 651 E. Highview LF
MacLean C 666 E. Northmoor LF
MacMillan M 985 E Maplewood LF
MacMillan T 707 E. Cherry LF
MacMillan W 592 E. Ryan LF
MacPherson S 272 Market Square LF
Madden Rev. R.J. 175 E. Illinois LF
Madole N L 902 Washington LB
Madsen K 30 N. Washington LF
Madsen N B 1559 N. McKinley LF
Maehler L 600 Riverwoods Rd. LF
Magie F O 255 E. Illinois LF
Magikist Rug Cleaners   2055 Green Bay  HP
Magliacani F 311 Bayshore LB
Magnus W R 201 Moffett LB
Magnuson E G 1411 S. Estate Lane LF
Mahan D H 236 Prospect LB
Mahler G W 835 W. Gages Lane LF
Maiman L E 4 S. June Terrace LF
Maiman (business) R E 262 E. Deerpath LF
Maiman (residence) R E 634 E. Greenview LF
Mains C 221 Glenwood LF
Mair S 321 E. Noble LF
Majeski J A  690 N. Oakwood LF
Majewski P H 109 S. Stonegate LF
Major J O 970 E. Old Elm LF
Major R W 473 Pine LB
Maki W V 1115 Foster LB
Male J F 1177 S. Estate LF
Malela E 524 E. Washington LB
Maliarik M 99 Little Mellody LF
Maller D L 7 Washington LB
Malmquist G 986 N. Western LF
Maloney J C 141 Woodland LB
Maloney O M 515 North LB
Maloney S 1230 N. Green Bay LF
Malsch A 240 Prospect LB
Mance E E 314 E. Foster LB
Manchik B 656 E. Highview LF
Mandahl C 883 N. McKinley LF
Manierre F E 920 Elm Tree LF
Manierre G A 1520 S. Telegraph LF
Manley N 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Mann H 1438 S. Estate LF
Mann R E Jr. 1787 W. Old Mill LF
Manning  A B 31 Washington LB
Manning  J F 1003 N. McKinley LF
Manning  R J 214 Woodland LB
Mansfield A Jr. 540 N. Mayflower LF
Manz G R 550 N. King Muir LF
Manz J G 511 S. Forest Hill LF
Manzke C B 1211 Waukegan LB
Marcus J F 32 Hawthorn LB
Marcussen V 1125 Quasset LB
Marianetti C 1228 N. Edgewood LF
Marinca L 508 Green LB
Marlatt W C 985 W. Deerpath LF
Marsch H B 1006 Plaister LB
Marshall Field & Co.   682 N. Bank Lane LF
Marshall  J Jr. 429 E. Illinois LF
Marshall J 231 N. Washington LF
Marshall J B 755 S. Oak Knoll LF
Martin Mrs. D 491 Oakwood LF
Martin E 1172 N. Western LF
Martin G Jr. 364 Foss LF
Martin J A 21 S. Ahwahnee LF
Martin J H 255 Ravine LB
Martin L 31 Witchwood LB
Martin M T 1214 N. Sheridan LF
Martin R C 673 E. Northmoor LF
Martin W 201 Scranton LB
Martin W Jr. 275 N. Mayflower LF
Martinez R 314 E. Wisconsin LF
Martin's Drug Store   680 N. Western Ave. LF
Marwede A W 356 E. Scott LF
Marwede A 244 E. Rose LF
Marwede Oil Co.   183 Westminster LF
Mashie E A 501 E. Ryan LF
Mason A A 413 E. Illinois LF
Masonick K J 813 Muir LB
Mathews R J 697 N. Washington LF
Mathis H R 671 S. Beverly LF
Matimore B 58 N. Washington LF
Matthews Mrs.  P 525 E. Illinois LF
Mattingly G B 830 E. Northmoor LF
Mattoon R W 1547 N. Sheridan LF
Mattress W 120 North LB
Matt's Cities Service   Waukegan and Everett Rds. LF
Mattson E 9 Skokie Blvd. LB
Mattson R E 337 E. Wisconsin LF
Matula G 1201 Atkinson LB
Mawman E Jr. 655 Rockland LB
Mawman W B 11 Clover LB
Maxfield D V 565 Golf LF
Maxwell W R 245 N. Sheridan LF
Mayberry R E 120 North LB
Mayer F J 1130 Foster LB
Mayer R D 368 Foss LB
Mayo J T 341 E. Oakdale LF
Mazur T B 1243 N. Mckinley LF
McAlvin J H 295 E. Vine LF
McAlvin Mrs.J H 295 E. Vine LF
McAndrew Dr. M 665 Pine  LB
McAuliffe J P 355 Woodland LB
McBride B H 1111 Muir LB
McBride W P 1390 N. Lake LF
McCafferty J 128 E. Atteridge LF
McCaffrey J 1190 W. Old Mill LF
McCaffrey J D 925 N.Oakwood LF
McCall S 712 Lincoln LB
McCallum Chevrolet   191 E. Deerpath LF
McCallum G Jr. 284 Ahwahnee LF
McCallum G Sr. 1135 W. Deerpath LF
McCammon D 23 Washington LB
McCarthy J P 1130 N. Western LF
McCarthy M 714 Prospect LB
McCarthy Rev. R.J. 991 S. Waukegan LF
McCarthy F Jr.  400 Witchwood LB
McClannahan L 365 W. Everett LF
McClevey Mrs. N Sr. 455 Deerpath LF
McClory Mrs. R 340 Prospect LB
McConnell E 370 N. Ahwahnee LF
McConnell F 10 S. June LF
McConnell M 370 N. Ahwahnee LF
McConnell RM 244 North LB
McCormick B 691 N.Oakwood LF
McCormick F 865 N. Summit LF
McCormick G 7 W. Skokie Blvd. LB
McCormick G Jr. 802 Foster LB
McCormick K 565 N.Oakwood LF
McCormick K Jr. 290 E. Deerpath LF
McCormick T B 289 E. Glenwood LF
McCormick's Restaurant & Lounge   5 W. Skokie LB
McCotter D C 39 S. Sheridan LF
McCoy R R 1051 N.Meadow LF
McCraken Mrs. F L 134 E. Atteridge LF
McCraken Mrs.M 983 Maplewood LF
McCreary R 397 N. Washington LF
McCulla J 315 Circle LB
McCully E N 493 E. Illinois LF
McCully P G 499 E. Illinois LF
McCurry P 250 E. Cherokee LF
McCutcheon J Jr. 281 Laurel LF
McCutcheon Mrs. J 1272 Green Bay LF
McDaniel P 185 N. Washington LF
McDermand C 805 Safford LB
McDermand R 313 E. Scranton LB
McDonald H 1870 S. Telegraph LF
McDonald J Jr. 564 E. Ryan Pl. LF
McDonald L 702 Safford LB 
McDowell R 535 Center LB
McDowell W 334 E. Ravine Park LF
McEnery J W 354 Scranton LB
McGhie G 216 Sheridan LB
McGill G 579 E. Ryan LF
McGill G 546 N. Western Ave. LF
McGinnis F 655 Forest Hill LF
McGovern J E 425 N. Sheridan LF
McGowan P J 209 Park LF
McGowan  V 142 N. Western LF
McGraw D W 460 Exeter LF
McGrew Mrs.D J 1510 Willow LF
McHugh F C 2250 W. Old Mill LF
McIlvaine W III 881 N. Church LF
McIlvaine W 765 W. Westleigh LF
McINtosh C N 725 E. Illinois LF
McINtosh 472 E. Illinois LF
McINtosh V E 730 S. Ridge LF
McINtosh W 187 N. Washington LF
McInturff D C 552 Ravine LB
McKee R W 545 E. Deerpath LF
McKellar D 1298 N. Waukegan LF
McKenna P T 200 N. Ridge LF
McKenzie A 437 N. Green Bay LF
McKenzie J 231 Prospect LB
McKenzie R 624 E. Highview LF
McKeown J Jr. 613 Rockland LB
McKillop A Sr. 740 N. Western LF
McKillop J 1200 N. Green Bay LF
McKune M M 275 N. Mayflower LF
McLaren G 777 N. Washington LF
McLaughlin Mrs. F  290 E. Mills LF
McLaughlin G 777 N. Washington LF
McLaughlin H P 1240 N. Sheridan LF
McLaughlin R 360 Ahwahness LF
McLaughlin W 1523 S. Estate LF
McLennan D Jr. 880 N. Green Bay LF
McLennan Mrs. D 1345 N. Lake LF
McLennan Mrs. P 570 E. Rosemary LF
McLennan W 1101 N. Lake LF
McMahon F 806 S. Green Bay LF
McManus F D 700 S. Waukegan LF
McMaster D 215 Prospect LB
McMaster's Pharmacy   584 N. Western Ave. LF
McMasters W H 711 E. Highview LF
McMillian L B 166 E. Park LF
McMurray K H 697 N. Mckinley LF
McNair F 545 E. Crabtree LF
McNamee R B 324 Sheridan LB
McNeil Col. S 328 Crescent LB
McNeill F J 1596 W. Conway LF
McNutly E D 1854 N.Knollwood LF
McNutt J 449 E. Illinois LF
McNutt R 314 N. Telegraph LB
McNutt W J 269 E. Vine LF
McPartlin J Jr. 359 E. Scott LF
McPartlin S 114 Witchwood LB
McPhail J 422 Michigamme LF
McQuaid W 621 Lincoln LB
McQueen D E 354 Hirst LB
McRae A P 40 S. June LF
McRae Mrs. C 40 S. June LF
McVoy E J 90 N. Ahwahnee LF
McWilliams F C 615 S. Green Bay LF
McWilliams J 301 E. Cherokee LB
Meade J 710 Scranton LB
Means R N 514 Scranton LB
Meers H W 89 E. Deerpath LF
Meier E J 212 Prospect LB
Meinema H 949 W. Verda LF
Melchiorre Mrs. A 1460 Buena LF
Melchiorre L 94 N. Washington LF
Meler F 177 N. Washington LF
Melius R P 975 Inverleith LF
Mellem R 513 E. Ryan LF
Mellin W C Jr. 395 E. Illinois LF
Mellinger J 325 E. Blodgett LB
Meloy M 728 Vine LF
Melton R F 466 E. Frost LF
Menardie R 217 Scranton LB
Mendino J 799 W. Everett LF
Mensch R G 431 Lincoln LB
Mercer D W 1700 N. Waukegan LF
Merki R J 1480 W. Everett LF
Merlin P H 595 E. Crabtree LF
Merritt R C 1255 Winwood LF
Merry V B 215 Birch LB
Merry V G 1419 S. Telegraph LF
Metcalf J Jr. 1370 W. Everett LF
Metzger H W 204 N. Washington LF
Metzger P 263 E. Market Square LF
Meyer Mrs. C 955 E. Spring LF
Meyer C A 1005 Maplewood LF
Meyer J M 223 Witchwood LB
Meyer L O 655 Timber Ln. LF
Meyer V 701 Smith LB
Michael A B 710 Waukegan LF
Michaels N 307 W. Prospect LB
Michelsen G A 29 Woodland LB
Middleton J E Jr. 194 E. Illinois LF
Midway Limousine Service   836 W. Everett Rd. LF
Mike's Fuel Oil Service   N. Skokie Blvd. LB
Miks J G 364 Green Bay Rd. LB
Milani R E 1251 Winwood LF
Mileski Z 224 Woodland LB
Millar J W 103 E. Atteridge LF
Millard W D Jr. 1120 S. Ridge LF
Miller A J Riverwood Dr. LF
Miller A J 890 E. Northmoor LF
Miller Mrs. A L 571 E. Spruce LF
Miller A S 138 E. Sheridan LB
Miller D S Jr. 204 Witchwood LB
Miller D J 251 N. King Muir LF
Miller E E 139 Sheridan LB
Miller E E 666 Maple LB
Miller Mrs. E M Sr. 1257 N. Mckinley LB
Miller F G 701 Park LB
Miller H S 238 Woodland LB
Miller J M 116 E. Sheridan LB
Miller L 550 S. Ridge LB
Miller R M 718 Foster LB
Miller V P 902 Washington LB
Millett N C 631 S. Forest Hill LF
Mills E L 915 E. Deerpath LF
Mills W M 500 Rockland LB
Milman R 1275 N. Green Bay LF
Milne W G 1 College Campus LF
Milroy (business) J J MD 320 E. Vine LF
Milroy (residence) J J 417 E. Deerpath LF
Milroy M 277 E. Park LF
Milton J C 106 E. Woodland LF
Milton and Associates R J 272 E. Market Square LF
Minard F N 523 Scranton LB
Mink A L 6 Adelphia LB
Mink V D 217 N. Telegraph LB
Minorini J L 592 E. Ryan LF
Minorini T P 785 N. Summitt LF
Minter R E 1421 S. Estate LF
Minuzzo F J 136 Sheridan LB
Minuzzo Mrs. M 571 Oakwood LF
Miscall J L 91 N. Washington LF
Mitchell H Jr. 1114 W. Conway LF
Mitchell H M 810 S. Waukegan LF
Mitchell J H 986 N. Western LF
Mitchell L 860 S. Waveland LF
Miutescu S 775 Mawman LB
Moburg E V 610 Center LB
Mocogni L 665 Lincoln LB
Modern Laundry   289 Deerpath LF
Moe S C 210 Center LB
Moffatt E 614 Mountain LB
Mohan R J 602 S. Forest Hill LF
Mohr F Jr.  454 Lincoln LB
Moley R J 899 W. Everett LF
Moller R E 485 E. Westleigh LF
Monahan Mrs. J 120 E. Atteridge LF
Monek F H 950 E. Westminster LF
Monfardini K 1125 S. Telegraph LF
Monninger R 734 S. Oak Knoll LF
Monroe D L 6 Witchwood LB
Monroe H 506 E. Washington LB
Monroe J H 745 E. Barberry LF
Mons E R 1700 Saunders LF
Montgomery F 1170 N. Sheridan LF
Montgomery F III 305 E. Scott LF
Montgomery R 1396 N. Edgewood LF
Montgomery R 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Mooney W 155 S. Maywood LF
Mooney W F 510 N.Oakwood LF
Mooney W F 1531 S. Telegraph LF
Moore A 308 Bayshore LB
Moore C Jr. 89 N. Washington LF
Moore C F Sr. 692 E. Cherry LF
Moore Mrs. D H 317 E. Wisconsin LF
Moore E D 290 E. Deerpath LF
Moore E D 741 N. Mckinley LF
Moore E R 807 W. Blodgett LB
Moore J R 274 E. Noble LF
Moore L M 169 N. Wildwood LF
Moore L C 303 Butler LF
Moore R 807 W. Blodgett LB
Moore T H 1111 N. Elm Tree LF
Moorehead D 923 Rockland LB
Moragne H C 321 E. Grandby LF
Moran C A 14 North LB
Moran H 117 W. Blodgett LB
Moran R L 970 W. Old Mill LF
Morby A P 1290 S. Telegraph LF
Morehouse M 1190 N. Edgewood LF
Morelli R 685 S. Green Bay LF
Morgan C S 1674 Bowling Green LF
Morgan L W 122 Ravine LB
Morgan P L 115 Washington LB
Morgenstern G A 255 N. Green Bay LF
Mork R C 1199 N. Edgewood LF
Morrill J B 831 E. Rosemary LF
Morris R 245 Bayshore LB
Morrison M 656 N. Western LF
Morrison W Jr. 472 Illinois LF
Morrison W Sr. 470 King Muir LF
Morrow Mrs. J 548 Scranton LB
Mortensen C 213 Hancock LB
Mortensen 1461 N. Mckinley LF
Mortensen R 420 N. Waukegan LF
Mortimer V 505 Pine  LB
Mosey J G 585 E. Spruce LF
Mosley D V 174 N. Wildwood LF
Moulder W 530 N. Golf LF
Moureau Cmdr. R 855 Greenview LF
Moureau S 381 Onwentsia LF
Moyer C L 759 S. Green Bay LF
Moyer P S 693 E. Spruce LF
MSS Inc.   2210 Skokie Valley Rd. HP
Mueller B 223 Prospect LB
Mueller C A 248 E. Westminster LF
Mueller H C 445 Greenvale LF
Mueller J D 737 Northmoor LF
Mueller Saddlery Shop   248 E. Westminster LF
Muerle R W 650 Garfield LB
Muir H B 569 Maple LB
Mulholland J 552 Sunrise LB
Mullen B 300 N. Green Bay LF
Mullen J B 300 N. Green Bay LF
Mullen E J 619 S. Timber LF
Mullen J Jr. 479 N. Washington LF
Mullett A I 52 E. Atteridge LF
Mullin F E 1241 N. Mckinley LF
Munro J W 135 Hawthorn LB
Munshower J 184 N. Wildwood LF
Munson J C 20 N. June LF
Muntzel D O  755 N. Oakwood LF
Murin J 583 N. Golf LF
Murin P E 700 W. Deerpath LF
Murphy G 127 E. Washington LB
Murphy W 60 S. Ahwahnee LF
Murrie Cleaners and Furriers   866 N. Western LF
Murrie  R N 301 E. Rose LF
Murrie W C  226 E. Noble LF
Musker W T 203 Skokie LB
Muto A P 713 Sheridan LB
Muto E J 753 Sheridan LB
Muto M 718 Sheridan LB
Muzzy H E 644 E. Deerpath LF
Myers O S 805 N. Oakwood LF
Myers R 1350 N. Edgewood LF
Myles L 395 E. Spruce LF
Myles R A 222 W. Washington LB
Myrick A 396 E. Spruce LF
Nagai K 409 Green Bay LB
Nagel J Jr. 795 E. Longwood LF
Nagel K 765 E. Longwood LF
Nash L B 1060 N. Maplewood LF
Naslund H C 98 E. Woodland LF
Natural Saw Mill Inc.   Rockland Rd. LB
Neal A 333 E. Wisconsin LF
Neal E Sr. 363 E. Wisonsin LF
Neal G A 107 W. Sheridan LB
Neale Mrs. J 250 E. Deerpath LF
Medrebo M 1271 S. Telegraph LF
Needham R H 625 N Burton LF
Neill H W 1166 Inverleith LF
Neill L LD 534 North LB
Nelson A Jr. 666 Mawman LB
Nelson A J 750 Mawman LB
Nelson A J 667 E. Greenview LF
Nelson B M 105 Sunset LB
Nelson B T 311 Hirst LB
Nelson B 465 W. Everett LF
Nelson C C 358 Foss LB
Nelson Mrs. C 515 N. Oakwood LF
Nelson F M 250 E. Deerpath LF
Nelson F R 299 E. Mills LF
Nelson H J 310 N. Ahwahnee LF
Nelson H N 400 Ravine LB
Nelson M E 123 N. Wildwood LF
Nelson R A 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Nelson R E 10 Westleigh LF
Nelson S F 345 Sheridan LB
Nelson T W 551 S. Beverly LF
Nenn D E 488 E. Ryan LF
Nes's Tavern   805 Rockland LB
Neubauer H 822 Foster LB
Neuhaus A J 254 Mellody LF
Neuschel R 890 W. Lachmont LF
Neville G 400 Lincoln LB
Neville G P 400 Lincoln LB
Newbell R V 580 N. Waukegan LF
Newell J W 615 Maple LB
Newland R 225 Park LF
Newton W F Jr. 419 Prospect LB
Neyer Mrs.U C 623 Lincoln LB
Niblack Mrs. A 719 Scranton LB
Nicholaus J 460 E. Briar LF
Nichols F B 1299 N. Green Bay LF
Nichols R W 461 Pine  LB
Nickel T B 362 E. Greenwood LF
Nicoli A J 1170 N. Griffith LF
Niebauer A 409 E. Illinois LF
Nielsen A 760 N. Summit LF
Nielsen C L 1060 S. Oak Knoll LF
Nielsen E 32 Scranton LB
Nielsen E 460 Green Bay LB
Nielsen E A 821 N. Waukegan LF
Nielsen M 375 E. Illinois LF
Nielsen N 509 E. Illinois LF
Nielsen 104 N. Washington LF
Nielsen S E 621 S. Waveland LF
Nielsen T Jr. 621 S. Waveland LF
Nielsen W 250 E. Illinois LF
Niemeyer Brothers   495 E. Ryan LF
Niemeyer F Jr.  380 E. Scott LF
Niemeyer G 136 N. Wildwood LF
Niemi A M 399 E. Deerpath LF
Niemi 60 E. Woodland LF
Nikkinen L 355 E. Greenwood LF
Nikkinen R E 391 E. Deerpath LF
Nilsson S 339 Center LB
Nisbet W H 352 Briar LB
Nobbe P E 910 W. North LB
Noble O 1251 S. Telegraph LF
Noble Mrs. S E 659 E. Greenbriar LF
Nolan E A 315 E. Green Bay LF
Nolan J E 700 N. Forest LF
Nolan J P 1015 Safford LB
Nolan's Service Station   656 N. Bank Lane LF
Noonan F A 1072 Spring LB
Nor-Shore Graphic Arts Printer   1130 N. Western LF
Norstedt G 165 W. Onwentsia LF
Norris Mrs. J 899 W. Deerpath LF
North E O 1515 N. Sheridan LF
North Mrs. F S 1490 N. Green Bay LF
North Mrs. G 326 E. Westminster LF
North Shore Catering   560 N. Western LF
North Shore Plastering Co.   1165 N. Mckinley LF
North Shore Roofing Co.   129 E. Blodgett LB
North W S 321 E. Hillside LF
Northfelt Rev. M 244 Center LB
Northfelt Rev. M 306 Center LB
Northrop J 466 Sunrise LB
Norvik A 654 Mawman LB 
Nustra C 1137 Inverlieth LF
Oakes R A 155 S. Winston LF
Oaks Motel   Skokie Blvd. LB
O'Beirne F X 568 Timber LF
O'Brien C 590 Timber LF
O' Brien J J 365 S. Circle LF
O'Brien Mrs. M 347 E. Wisconsin LF
O'Brien 55 N. Washington LF
O'Bryant M College Campus LF
O'Connell H Jr. 105 Green Bay LB
O'Connell K 809 Muir LB
O'Connor J 1875 S. Telegraph LF
O'Connor R Jr. 827 E. Greenview LF
O'dell W R 1086 N. Lake LF
Odenthal W 150 E. Atteridge LF
Odom C 816 Foster LB
O'Donoghue J MD West Mellody LF
O'Grady E F 905 Rockland LB 
Oke Mrs. W 819 N. Oakwood LF
Olander G MD 198 Westminster LF
Old Vice-Admiral F P 451 Green Bay LF
Old Post Shop   36 Center LB
Olincy S S 909 N. Summit LF
Oliver G W 1161 Winwood LF
Oliver G 1461 N. Edgewood LF
Oliver R G 323 E. Wisconsin LF
Oliver T H 319 Vincent LB
Olmsted C H 1 Moffett LB
Olsen J L 137 E. Atteridge LF
Olsen R T 1466 N. Willow LF
Olsen Landscaping   706 N. Frost LF
Olson B R 887 N. Summit LF
Olson Brothers   181 N. Wildwood LF
Olson C A 1065 S. Estate LF
Olson Mrs. C S 1251 N. Mckinley LF
Olson G W 570 N. Hathaway LF
Olson G 181 N. Wildwood LF
Olson Mrs. H Rockland Rd. LB
Olson L 805 E. Highview LF
Olson R E 540 North LB
Olson R 702 Smith LB
Olson V 1212 Ranch LF
Olson W S 351 Foss LB
O'Neill  E 602 Riverwoods LF
O'Neill's  Hardware    256 Westminster LF
O'Neill Mrs. H 139 E. Woodland LF
O'Neill J Sr. 1120 N. Waukegan LF
O'Neill T C 1016 Foster LB
O'Neill W Jr. 316 E. Scott LF
O'Neill Mrs. W Sr. 871 Oakwood LF
Ori P C 561. S Forest Hill LF
O'Riley R S 390 E. Wisconsin LF
Orpet E O 1520 N. Sheridan LF
Orr MD   380 Deerpath LF
Orton P A Jr. 830 Woodland LF
Ortseifen A J 1 Oxford LF
Osatchie P T 443 S. Green Bay LF
Osborne W Jr. 349 N. King Muir LF
Osburn M 2050 Knollwood LF
Ostergaard Mrs. E 86 E. Sunset LF
Ostholthoff A 930 N Ringwood LF
Otis S H Jr. 810 S. Waveland LF
Ott J N Shoreacres Rd. LB
Otto G F 530 Prospect LB
Ourossoff P 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Overall C 168 E. Deerpath LF
Overocker W J 466 Pine  LB
Owen S 174 N. Wildwood LF
Owen's Rexall Drug Store   914 N. Western Ave. LF
Owsley R G 153 E. Ridge LF
Owsley R Jr. 153 E. Ridge LF
Oysler C 465 S. Beverly LF
P & L Construction C.   736 N. Western Ave. LF
Pack T E 123 S. Stonegate LF
Paddock H L 229 E. Noble LF
Paeth L A 1375 W. Old Mill LF
Page D 803 Jenkisson LB
Palk A J 665 Evanston LB
Palaske D E 668 Garfield LB
Palczewski P 207 Parl LB
Paley A J 131 N. Washington LF
Paley K J 810 E. Everett LF
Pallandt A 422 Birch LB
Palma J 245 N. Waukegan LF
Palmer M S 980 W. Mellody LF
Palmer P 1310 N. Green Bay LF
Palmer R M 1108 Muir LB
Palmer R 1267 W. Old Mill LF
Palmieri J 718 Washington LF
Palmstrom N 1511 N. Willow LF
Pantelis A J 900 S. Oak Knoll LF
Pappas P 405 Blodgett LB
Parker-Boutin Cleaners   300 E. Illinois LF
Parker C 239 Bayshore LB
Parker Mrs. G 576 N. Western Ave. LF
Parker G 103 W. Washington LB
Parker H H 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Parker H 531 North LB
Parker M B 423 Lincoln LB
Parker V J 316 E. Ravine LF
Parks F W 300 E. Scott LF
Parks W M 308 Center LB
Parrish R L 1632 W. Old Mill LF
Parsons E A Jr. 1250 N. Edgewood LF
Pasek J 420 Rockland LB
Pasquesi R 173 N. Wildwood LF
Patricelli Mrs. A 313 Center LB
Patterson J 726 E. Cherry LF
Patterson R W 200 Scranton LB
Patterson R 854 W. Deerpath LF
Patton A E 910 S. Green Bay LF
Patton  G W 1362 N. Edgewood LF
Paulsen H 236 E. Rose LF
Paulson A 10 Skokie LB
Paulson Mrs. C 485 Holland LF
Paulson G 310 N. Ahwahnee LF
Paulson's Hair Studio   254 E. Market Square LF
Pavlovich J 1800 W. Old Mill LF
Pawlick A 105 Ravine LB
Payne M 8 N. June Terrace LF
Pazzali A P 629 Quassey LB
Peabody H B 195 E. Onwentsia LF
Peacock M 875 W. Larchmont LF
Peacy S 280 E. Noble LF
Pearson A G 100 Washington LB
Pearson C D 131 S. Winston LF
Pearson E 641 E. Highview LF
Pearson M W 1430 Buena LF
Pearson W L 320 Circle  LB
Pease C H 120 N. Sheridan LF
Peck D III 334 S. Circle LF
Peck H L 310 Hirst LB
Peddle 1437 N. Edgewood LF
Peddle J B 870 W. Deerpath LF
Peddle L 332 N. Ahwahnee LF
Peddle R 821 N. Summit LF
Peddle R 811 N. Summit LF
Peddle W J 145 Laurel LF
Pehrson E 910 W. Castlegate LF
Peiniger P 990 Riverwoods LF
Pekarik F J  292 Green Bay LF
Pellet G S 301 S. Ridge LF
Penner H E 1544 Bowling Green LF
Penniman C J 15 S. Stonegate LF
Pennock J T 512 Moffett LB
Penrod B M 293 E. Deerpath LF
Peppel M O 230 S. Sheridan LF
Pepper Mrs. W 236 E. Noble LF
Percy Mrs. A L 300 Sheridan LB
Perdue H S 249 Woodland LB
Perkins G O 947 N.Oakwood LF
Perschke J 1015 Foster LB
Perschke L M 1025 Foster LB
Perschke O 116 E. Washington LB
Perschke R L 1025 Foster LB
Persell R 132 Scranton LB
Pesek M G 711 N. Mckinley LF
Pesek M G 775 E. Northmoor LF
Pester R J 45 S. Sheridan LF
Pester and Co.   736 N. Western Ave. LF
Pestka J C 108 Sheridan LB
Pesuth G 665 Highview LF
Peter A R 105 E. Laurel LF
Peter Mrs. W 990 E.Illinois LF
Peterman W 418 Scranton LB
Peters J H 215 Oak Tree LB
Peters L T 1215 N. Waukegan LF
Peters Sheet Metal   105 Laurel LF
Peters T K 1088 N. Griffith LF
Peters T 104 E. Westminster LF
Peters W 679 N.Oakwood LF
Petersen C A 215 N. Washington LF
Petersen C 1137 N. Griffith LF
Petersen E A 909 N. Oakwood LF
Petersen N 510 Adelphia LB
Petersen 718 N. Western Ave. LF
Peterson A 1455 N. Mckinley LF
Peterson C 307 E. Sheridan LB
Peterson C 176 N. Washington LF
Peterson G R 511 S. Green Bay LF
Peterson H C 281 E. Noble LF
Peterson M 13 S. June Terrace LF
Peterson O B 49 S. June Terrace LF
Peterson R 472 Rockland Ave. LB
Peterson R E 230 Prospect LB
Peterson W Jr. 359 S. Butler LF
Pete's Service Station   601 Sheridan Rd. LB
Peugh W E 304 E. Ravine LF
Pfaff R M 445 E. Hilldale LF
Phelps M J Saunders Rd. LF
Philbin M J 1171 N. Mckinley LF
Philip J E 6 Oxford LF
Philip J G 215 E. Mills LF
Philip W 746 E. Old Elm LF
Phillip C H 1305 N. Edgewood LF
Phillip H A 1267 N. Edgewood LF
Phillip W R 179 E. Park LF
Phillips D C Bradley Rd. LF
Phillips F C 1311 N. Edgewood LF
Phillips HJ 585 W. Deerpath LF
Phillips J M 208 Park LB
Picchietti S 166 E. Atteridge LF
Pickard K R 130 E. Woodland LB
Picking R B 500 E. Westminster LF
Peipenbrok H 219 Scranton LB
Pierce E 1040 S. Oak Knoll LF
Pierce M E 593 N. Greenvale LF
Pierce W L 600 Burton LF
Pieroni F A 990 W. Westleigh LF
Pierson D R 307 E. Rose LF
Pinnell M College Campus LF
Pirie A II 235 Sheridan LB
Pittenger W 1084 W. Everett LF
Plant G P 590 N. Western Ave. LF
Plantin A 223 N. Washington LF
Platt J W 636 N. Tiverton LF
Platte J 2085 N.Knollwood LF
Plestenjak A 454 Green Bay LB
Ploch G 202 E. Westminster LF
Ploch G 744 E. Northmoor LF
Pluster H L 535 W. Deerpath LF
Pock MD Dr. A. 290 E. Deerpath LF
Poersch C 1666 Bowling Green LF
Poirier G J 800 N. Green Bay LB
Pollak H C 360 E. Linden LF
Pollastrini G 1355 S. Telegraph LF
Pomo R J 330 E. Linden LF
Pompeian Olive Oil Corp.   334 E. Glenwood Rd. LF
Poole  A E 214 N. Washington LF
Poole  G A 999 E. Ringwood LF
Poole  Mrs. L A 404 Westminster LF
Poole  R H Green Bay Rd. LB
Pope A T 16 E. Westleigh LF
Pope D M 20 E.Onwentsia LF
Pope F R 110 Little Mellody LF
Pope L T 1302 N. Green Bay LF
Porett L I 260 Ravine LB
Porter B L 461. E. Westminster LF
Post C C 1160 W. Everett LF
Potampa J 270 S. Western LF
Potts C M 625 Center LB
Pounian A K 700 E. Westleigh LF
Powell F B 619 Moffett LB
Powers J A 113 W. Sheridan LB
Powers Mrs.M 692 E. Woodlawn LF
Powers N 983 E. Maplewood LF
Powers  T Sr. 1297 N. Edgewood LF
Poynton J 345 E. Sheridan LB
Prais B J 734 N. Western LF
Pratt W D 516 Center LB
Preisinger Rev. A 836 Northmoor LF
Prentice C C 20 S. Mayflower LF
Prentiss W 315 Briar LB
Prescott T 388 E. Ravine LF
Prescott W Jr. 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Preston C D 1050 E. Illinois LF
Preston Mrs. F  1260 N. Green Bay LF
Preston G F 565 E. Ryan LF
Preston G J 144 N. Wildwood LF
Pretzman E B 1010 North LB
Price B E 221 Green Bay LB
Price L W 735 S. Ridge LF
Price P 795 N.Mckinley LF
Price & Sons Insurance   580 N. Western Ave. LF
Price R T 297 E. Scott LF
Priebe F A 1124 N.Lake  LF
Priebe F A Jr. 710 N. Mayflower LF
Priestley W T 55 S. Negaunee LF
Pritchard G 901 N.Lake LF
Pritchard R 846 W. Larchmont LF
Prizer C S 410 Adelphia LB
Prosser J A 815 E. Barberry LF
Publishers House   801 Green Bay LF
Pullman F C 280 W. Laurel LF
Pullman W 700 N.Mayflower LF
Pullman W 66 N. Mayflower LF
Purkey T E 721 S. Green Bay LF
Purvis J 250 E. Noble LF
Purvis J Jr. 242 E. Noble LF
Puttman Mrs. R 1177 Edgewood LF
Quarta J 774 N. Bank Lane LF
Quarta V Jr. 234 N. Washington LF
Quarta Mrs.V 778 N. Bank Lane LF
Quassey L J 560 Moffett LB
Quinn N J 258 E. Noble LF
Quist F A 421 Center LB
Rabe L W 664 Pine LB
Raether G W 1038 N. Griffith LF
Rafferty M 497 E. Rosemary LF
Rahe R A 1140 S. Estate LF
Rahn K M 28 Ravine LB
Rahn W 229 Hancock LB
Ralston R K 249 Bayshore LB
Ramsey G Arden Shore Ln. LB
Ramspeck G D 217 Sheridan LB
Rand Mrs. M E 201 Washington LF
Rankin S M 524 North LB
Ransom R M 455 N.King Muir LF
Ranson J W 906 Talbot LB
Rasmussen I C 1115 W. Deerpath LF
Rasmussen R V 499 W. Old Mill LF
Rataiczyk Mrs. F 1291 Edgewood LF
Raulinaitis 311 Woodland LB
Rause B 840 W. Castlegate LF
Rause B A 876 W. Castlegate LF
Rause E D 655 Lincoln LB
Rawson R W 210 W. Deerpath LF
Ray H L 123 Sunset LB
Ray-O-Lite Elect. Co.   405 Rockland Rd. LB
Raymond Mrs. B 1192 Griffith LF
Rayner (business) G 266 E. Deerpath LF
Rayner (residence) G 595 N. Washington LF
Read F S 340 E. Oakdale LF
Read Mrs.F W 496 E. Illinois LF
Read G S 370 E. Wisconsin LF
Rechlin G A 330 N.Mayflower LF
Reddy M J 766 N. Sheridan LF
Redfield W 1036 S. Estate LF
Redmond Daisy 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Redmond J L 156 N. Washington LF
Redmond L 601 E. Ryan LF
Reed J S 301 W. Laurel LF
Reed R C 339 E. Foster LF
Reed R E 1900 W. Mellody LF
Reese E O 551 N.Oakwood LF
Reeves A C 1004 Jenkinson LB
Reeves G C 340 N. King Muir LF
Regan J P 152 N. Wildwood LF
Reh & Sons R E 1180 W. Everett LF
Reh  W 560 Evanston LB
Reibert M J 346 Center LB
Reichert E C 39 S. Winston LF
Reid B S 1416 Lake LF
Reid H B 1896 Telegraph LF
Reigner R S 129 Ravine LB
Reilley L 623 Rockland LB
Reilly F E 210 S. Ridge LF
Reully G L 262 E. Deerpath LF
Reilly G L 281 S. Ridge LF
Reitz A E 421 E. Westleigh LF
Relken W R 1120 Foster LB
Rentschler W 420 E. Woodland LF
Renz A 1454 N. Sheridan LF
Renz J 104 N. Washington LF
Renz S J 674 E. Highview LF
Renz Uphostering Shop   181 E. Deerpath LF
Requa C H 360 E. Deerpath LF
Requa H 500 S. Ridge LF
Requa H C 449 E. Illinois LF
Ressinger Mrs. P 266 E. Deerpath LF
Ressinger Mrs. P 1126 Edgewood LF
Revell A H Jr. 1170 S. Estate LF
Revenaugh J 134 Center LB
Revenaugh R 908 Talbot LB
Revenaugh W M 711 Mckinley LF
Revenaugh (residence) W 147 Washington LF
Reynolds B L 32 Washington LB
Reynolds F L 1388 N. Green Bay LF
Reysa D E 451 S. Beverly LF
Reysa V R 511 E. Briar LF
Rhines J E 321 Neuman LB
Rhoades J 666 E. Rosemary LF
Rhode Mrs. H 436 E. Illinois LF
Ribnikar M 274 N. Ahwahnee LF
Rice J M 257 W. Mellody LF
Rice R A Jr. 306 E. Rose LF
Rice W 710 N. Waukegan LF
Rich J E 991 N. Elm Tree LF
Rich W 1014 Washington LB
Richard W A 137 N. King Muir LF
Richards R 719 Greenview LF
Richards & Son Stone Contractor   Rockland Rd. LB
Richards T R 14 Woodland LB
Richardson S 405 Lincoln LB
Richter E C 1107 Foster LB
Ricks J B 491 S. Beverly LF
Ridenour W 314 Prospect LB 
Ridge Farm   40 E. Old Mill LF
Rinaker S M 645 E. College LF
Rinaldo's Beauty Shop   250 E. Market Square LF
Rinehart P G 205 Scranton LB
Ring D F 1351 W. Everett LF
Rinkenbach W 606 N. Tiverton LF
Risi L J 765 Oak LB
Risk J L 309 Briar  LB
Ritchuck J 1017 Rockland LB
Ritter J S 334 Sheridan LB
Rizzolo A 710 E. Old Elm LF
Roach J 333 E. Wisconsin LF
Roadcap R 1030 S. Green Bay LF
Robbins L Jr. 224 W. Center LB
Roberts B H 1550 W. Everett LF
Roberts D T 366 E. Wisconsin LF
Roberts G R 524 N. Bank LF
Roberts G W 355 E. Westminster LF
Roberts H R 660 E. Northmoor LF
Roberts Jewelers   658 N. Western Ave. LF
Roberts P W 366 E. Wisconsin LF
Robertson A 1290 N. Edgewood LF
Robertson Mrs. E 1319 N. Edgewood LF
Robertson G 492 Grnvl LF
Robertson J 651 E. Northmoor LF
Robertson J 23 Negaunee LF
Robertson Mrs. M  755 N.Oakwood LF
Robertson W T 797 N. Summit LF
Robertson W 280 N. Ahwahnee LF
Robertson's Men's Shop   240 E. Deerpath LF
Robertz H J 775 S. Green Bay LF
Robien G C 1012 Safford LB
Robinson C S 340 E. Linden LF
Robinson F S 907 Rockland L B
Robinson H D 1591 N. Sheridan LF
Robinson J 44 S. Wooded LF
Robinson M 221 N. King Muir LF
Robinson P H 109 Moffett LB 
Robinson R E 312 Scranton LB
Robinson S 312 Green Bay LF
Robinson S 190 N. Ahwahnee LF
Robold E H 304 Bayshore LB
Robson H 2240 Half Day LF
Robson M A 1090 S. Beverly LF
Robuck C Jr. 1220 W. Conway LF
Rockland Trailer Park   203 Skokie Blvd. LB
Rockwell Mrs. M 3 Sylvan LB
Rodden F J 310 Sheridan LB
Roderwald R 1111 Walden LF
Rodgers B 204 N. Wildwood LF
Rodi J P 203 Skokie Blvd. LB
Rodman C 370 Moffett LB
Roe D J 178 E. Illinois LF
Roe L A 712 Moffett LB
Roemer J G 517 Scranton LB
Roensch Rev. F 700 E. Westleigh LF
Roesing J O 573 Timber LF
Rogan J J 145 Moffett LB
Rogan T C 1055 Winwood LF
Rogers D F Talbot Rd. LF
Rogers J F 211 Center LB
Rogers Nursery & Garden Mart   715 Rockland LB
Rogondino Mrs. M 114 N. Washington LF
Rogondine S 700 E. Woodlawn LF
Rohner J D 611 Walnut LB
Roland R M 312 Center LB
Rolf R E 15 Shagbark LB
Roman D B 625 E. Greenview LF
Romberg A M 1525 N. Sheridan LF
Roney O T 121 Rockland LB
Roney R W 18 S. June LF
Ronin H F 120 E. Woodland LF
Rood C H 547 N. Golf LF
Rooney A C 1551 W. Old Mill LF
Rooney Mrs. E 246 Woodland LB
Roos D E 708 Park LB
Ropp H 727 Ravine LB
Roscher F E 1004 Plaister LB
Rose Mrs. B W 245 Deerpath LF
Rose J W 775 E. Greenview LF
Rose W A 1587 N. Mckinley LF
Rosemann E L 736 E. Northmoor LF
Rosevear O T 758 N. Western LF
Rosing H 711 N. Bank LF
Rosing R V 318 Forest Knoll LB
Ross C H 540 Pine LF
Ross T A 358 E. Ravine LF
Ross W W Jr. 320 N. Mayflower LF
Rossi J 906 Foster LB
Rossi L J 101 S. Winston LF
Rostron A 138 Witchwood LB
Roth D S 915 Safford LB
Roth F 421 Birch LB
Roth R 290 E. Scott LF
Roth W L 1253 S. Wilson LF
Roti F J 349 Woodland LB
Rounsfull R 390 N. Western LF
Rowan P 660 N. Sheridan LF
Rowe C L 787 E. Illinois LF
Rowley H N 581 E. Crabtree LF
Rubinkam H 682 N. Forest LF
Rubinkam Mrs. H 200 E. Vine LF
Rudolph C E 695 W. Old Mill LF
Ruge P F 315 Neuman LB
Ruhl C A 675 Pine LB
Rulison R E 754 E. Greenview LF
Rundle E L 286 Noble LF
Runkles S A 1086 W. Conway LF
Runnals E J 315 E Scott LF
Runnells Mrs. C 333 N. Mayflower LF
Runnells J S 1150 N. Lake LF
Ruona E 1621 S. Telegraph LF
Rush C M 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Russell R M 130 E. Laurel LF
Rutgers G A 516 Prospect LB
Rutherford T 508 Gurney LB
Ruthven R E 13 Shagbark LF
Ryan J 1250 Winwood LF
Ryan R D 142 Woodland LB
Rydberg F J 1022 Estes LF
Ryder W 569 N.Oakwood LF
Ryerson A M 263 N. Mayflower LF
Ryerson Mrs. D 261 N. Mayflower LF
Rygh E B 524 E. Illinois LF
S & R TV and Appliances   782 N. Bank Lane LF
Sachs M 171 E. Park LF
Sack J H 505 N. Telegraph LB
Sackerson G 33 North LB
Sacson G E 460 Evanston LB
Saddler F 1010 N. Sheridan LF
Sage C C 406 Birch LB
Sage W 987 E. Maplewood LF
St. George R 505 Lincoln LB
St. John A 630 N. Burton LF
St. Mary School   185 E. Illinois LF
Salisbury K 1010 E. Deerpath LF
Salter E C 711 N. Mckinley LF
Samelson J S 1421 N. Lake  LF
Sampier J 510 Green Bay LB
Samson M L 630 Westleigh LF
Samuel H N 444 E. Illinois LF
Samuelson C L  401 E. Illinois LF
Sand  J 600 E. Ryan Pl. LF
Sanders F G 946 N. Elm Tree LF
Sanders R L 321 Onwentsia LF
Sanitary Co.   187 N. Washington LF
Santell E P 704 Ravine LB
Saunders J 991 E. Maplewood LF
Saunders L R 1171 S. Telegraph LF
Savadge W D 382 E. Cherokee LF
Scanlan T P 380 N. Chiltern LF
Scarnavack F 334 E. Glenwood Rd. LF
Schaefer W 629 Mountain LB
Schaffer B 666 E. Greenview LF
Schaffer F 420 Center LB
Scharle L M 520 North LB
Scheffler G W 291 E. Illinois LF
Schellinger E 511 Prospect LB
Schepis F V 765 Evanston LB
Scherb A H  1143 N. Sheridan LF
Schert H A 124 W. Old Elm LF
Schillereff H 214 E. Noble LF
Schloss J F 1371 W. Everett LF
Schlung G S 122 N. Wildwood LF
Schmickrath R 541 E. Ryan LF
Schmid R V 605 Moffett LB
Schmitt Cmdr. E 137 Center LB
Schmoldt E R 2500 W. Old Mill LF
Schneider E 635 S. Beverly LF
Schneider F 274 E. Scott LF
Schneider F W 522. Beverly LF
Schneider J 626 Scranton LB
Schock R U 365 E. Ravine LB
Schoebel E K 1441 W. Everett LF
Schofield P 562 Sunrise LB
Schofield T 877 N. Mckinley LF
Scholes F 455 E. Deerpath LF
Scholz A J 689 N.Mckinley LF
Scholz A 1322 N. Edgewood LF
Schor D P 1553 S. Ridge LF
Schor P H 1553 S. Ridge LF
Schramm R 1008 W. Noth LB
Schramm V M 32 S. June LF
Schrecengost Mrs. S 254 Rose LF
Schreiner M W 804 Foster LB
Schroeder W 5 S. June Terrace LF
Schroeder W 858 E. Longwood LF
Schulik A 330 E. Old Elm LF
Schulte T E III 501 N.Oakwood LF
Schultz C H 701 Center LB
Schultz E 96 S. Winston LF
Schuppel F H 291 e. Mills LF
Schuster H G 985 E. Illinois LF
Schwaninger J 110 Woodland LB
Schwarzenhorn C 2800 Half Day LF
Schwechel E A 519 North LB
Scislowicz H 214 Hancock LB
Scott G B 619 E. Highview LB
Scott H H 503 Maple LB
Scotty's Photo Studio   197 E. Westminster LF
Scribner L R 1140 W. Deerpath LF
Scroggins W III 136 Sheridan LB
Seaberg E 1007 Rockland LB
Seaborg E B 400 s. Waukegan LF
Seaman I Jr. 946 N. Elm Tree LF
Searle R M 442 N. Michigamme LF
Searle W L 487 E. Walnut LF
Searle W W Jr. 865 N. Summit LF
Sears E 50 W. Blodgett LB
Sears J M 851 W. Ln Lrrn LF
Seaverns G A Jr. 208 E. Illinois LF
Seaverns L 401 E. Westminster LF
Seccombe E Jr. 864 N. Oakwood LF
Seccombe J 1455 N. Edgewood LF
Secord F 616 Center LB
Sedala School of Dancing   430 E. Frost Pl. LF
Sedgwick R 314 Sheridan LB
Seeger J R 764 Evanston LB
Segerson G B 1335 S. Ridge LF
Segreti A J 565 S. Timber LF
Selfridge J 504 Mawman LB
Seligman W L 727 S. Grandview LF
Semmelman A 648 N. Oakwood LF
Semmelman A F 683 E. Cherry LF
Sentman E E 905 E. Illinois LF
Serafine J L 644 E. Glenwood LF
Servite Fathers   Green Bay Rd. LB
Seybold R C 381 W. Everett LF
Seybold W B 439 W. Everett LF
Seyl E H 1385 W. Old Mill LF
Seyl R E 616 Center LB
Seymour R 304 N. Hawthorn LB
Shadle H R 131 W. Blodgett LB
Shafer F W 1150 N. Sheridan LF
Shaliberg G Jr. 207 N. Maple LF
Shambaugh P 320 E. Vine LF
Shambaugh P 1000 E. Illinois LF
Sharp F E 636 E. Greenbriar LF
Sharvy R L 38 S. College Campus LF
Shaw J D 401 N. Telegraph LB
Shaw H N 2300 W. Old Mill LF
Shaw J W 300 N. Green Bay LF
Shaw J W 1150 N. Sheridan LF
Shaw P R 999 e. Rosemary LF
Sheble Col. E K 314 E. Hilldale LF
Shellaberger J 1701 W. Mellody LF
Shelow E A 934 S. Waveland LF
Shepard A 1540 N. Waukegan LF
Shepard J 1373 N. Edgewood LF
Shepherd S E 905 Muir LB
Sheridan C 802 Burris LB
Sheridan C A 60 E. Westminster LF
Sheridan L J 435 N. King Muir LF
Sheridan M 1161 N. Mckinley LF
Sheridan R 335 N. Ahwahnee LF
Sherman W 369 E. Illinois LF
Sherman W R 1070 S. Waveland LF
Shiel Edw. J 85 e. Laurel LF
Shiel P 431 E. Spruce LF
Shields E R 1000 S. Grandview LF
Shields J W 443 E. Illinois LF
Shields Township Assessor   775 Bank LF
Shinsky C 131 North LB
Shipley P D 1417 S. Telegraph LF
Shirey R B 1141 N. Green Bay LF
Shoffner C S 491 S. Beverly LF
Shopen T 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Shore Line Auto Service   202 Westminster LF
Short J H 1489 N. Sheridan LF
Short T R 1165 N. Sheridan LF
Shorts K R 262 E. Deerpath LF
Shoulberg J R 544 Ravine LB
Shrock J F 75 E. Atteridge LF
Shumway E 735 E. Westminster LF
Shumway Mrs. F 1482 N. Sheridan LF
Shutler A W 345 North LB
Shuttleworth E 511 Pine LB
Siedschlag A F 956 N. Western LF
Siegel Mrs. V 22 N. Washington LF
Siegele B T 880 E.Old Elm LF
Siegwart C T 700 E. Greenbriar LF
Siensa R 712 W. Washington LB
Simon C H 1595 N. Mckinley LF
Simon P A 970 S. Waukegan LF
Simonich L J 402 Prospect LB
Simpson Mrs. E 352 E. Wisconsin LF
Simpson J M Shoreacres LB
Sims W E 673 Maple LB
Simson H 241 W. Washington LB
Sinclairs A C 106 North LB
Siragusa R Jr. 240 Ahwahnee LF
Sisler G F 278 E. Deerpath LF
Sisler J 1521 N. Greenleaf LF
Sisters of Mercy   201 E . Illinois LF
Sked W D 800 E. Longwood LF
Skinner C 335 E. Cherokee LF
Skyrius W M 154 S. Wooded LF
Slade G J 803 S. Oak Knoll LF
Slater E A 707 Rockland LB
Slater J T 109 N. Telegraph LB
Sleeter DDS V 110 Scranton LB
Sleeter (residence) V 520 Center LB
Slivon F P Jr. 400 North LB
Sloan B C 766 Western LF
Sloan R 1550 N. Waukegan LF
Sloan R A 650 Maple LB
Small P A 595 N. Waukegan LF
Smidt B W 561 Moffett LB
Smiley F W 240 E. Sheridan LB
Smith A M 48 E. Woodland LF
Smith A D 182 N. Washington LF
Smith Mrs. A 366 E. Scott LF
Smith A 138 N. Washington LF
Smith A C 63 N. Washington LF
Smith C M 146 Woodland LB
Smith D H 1214 N. Griffith LF
Smith Mrs. E 692 N. Forest LF
Smith E B 945 E. Maplewood LF
Smith E R 161 N. Sheridan LF
Smith E 966 N. Western LF
Smith F R 252 Ravine LB
Smith G M 26 S. June LF
Smith H B 816 Burris LB
Smith Mrs. H C 40 N. Sheridan LF
Smith H D 121 S. Stonegate LF
Smith H W 139 Ravine LB
Smith J 264 E. Park LF
Smith J Jr. 115 E. Sunset LF
Smith J E 705 Green Bay LF
Smith J E 634 E. Highview LF
Smith J G 501 Prospect LB
Smith L D 190 E. Onwentsia LF
Smith L D Jr. 1399 W. Conway LF
Smith L A 333 S. Butler LF
Smith M R 485 W. Everett LF
Smith M E 809 Burris LB
Smith P B 535 Scranton LB
Smith P C 460 N. Washington LF
Smith R E Jr. 385 E. Greenwood LF
Smith R S 510 Exeter Pl LF
Smith R K 151 E. Ridge LF
Smith R B 155 N. King Muir LF
Smith Mrs. R 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Smith 425 Lincoln LB
Smith S 557 N. Oakwood LF
Smith S A 1185 N. Elm Tree LF
Smith S B 255 N. Mayflower LF
Smith W F 908 N.Oakwood LF
Smith W B 150 N. Washington LF
Smith's Men's Store   662 N. Western LF
Smithson Mrs. D 546 Scranton LB
Smucker 10 College Campus LF
Smyth W P 920 N. Sheridan LF
Snazelle E E 249 Sheridan LB
Sneath R W 120 W. Center LB
Sneddon F 889 N. Mckinley LF
Snodgrass T 265 E. Glenwood LF
Snowden D 138 Hawthorn LB
Shyder J B 403 North LB
Soderberg Mrs. B  College Campus LF
Soerum O 239 W. Sheridan LB
Solterbeck H 302 Bayshore LB
Sommers A H  825 E. Highview LF
Soper J P Jr. 1220 N. Elm Tree LF
Sopocy M 552 E. Ryan LF
Sorensen L H 1100 N. Griffith LF
Sorensen L J 745 N. Waukegan LF
Sorenson R 1205 Quassey LB
Sorenson S J Jr. 587 E. Illinois LF
Sorenson Mrs. S 1575 N. Willw LF
Sorsen J W 1130 N. Western LF
Sothcombe R 293 E. Deerpath LF
Souther R 251 N. Mayflower LF
South Park Grocery & Deli   104 N. Washington LF
Spalding E T 345 N. Onwentsia LF
Spalding F O 460 N. Waukegan LF
Spalding J 137 E. Westminster LF
Spalding V Jr. 760 S. Waveland LF
Spalding Mrs. V 381 Moffett LB
Spaner F E 303 Sheridan LB
Spears C L  26 Washington LB
Speidel P L 1215 N. Edgewood LF
Spelt S M 20 N. Western LF
Spencer D P 117 E. Woodland LB
Spengler W 121 E. Blodgett LB 
Spiel G F 320 S. Green Bay LF
Spiel R E 270 E. Westleigh LF
Spitzer C 1700 N. Waukegan LF
Spohn L M 489 N. Oakwood LF
Sprague A B 614 Mountain LB
Spruth H C 141 Witchwood LB
Stacey J Jr. 325 E. Cherokee LF
Stadler R 727 E. Highview LF
Stafford C M 549 N.King Muir LF
Stainton C M 1111 Inverlieth LF
Standley W E 8 N. Ahwahnee LF
Stanford R B 314 Woodland  LB
Stang L R 859 E. Northmoor LF
Stanic P 429 Mayflower LF
Stanley S M 1215 Quassey LB
Stanton E G 1316 W. Conway LF
Staples C F 740 W. Mellody LF
Staranowicz T 242 Park LB
Stark G 849 N. Summitt LF
Stark W W  307 Ravine LB
Starosselsky N 678 N. Western LF
Starosselsky N 605 E. College LF
Starr J H 847 N.Mckinley LF
State Farm Ins. Agent   606 Old Elm Road LF
Steadman L T 609 Center LB
Steans J I 1143 N. Green Bay LF
Steans I W 500 Sunrise LB
Stebbins J D 370 E. Westminster LF
Steed H R 306 Scranton LB
Steele H 1111 N. Waukegan LF
Steele Mrs. R 112 E. Atteridge LF
Steele T A 442 E. Illinois LF
Steffen L B 1154 W. Conway LF
Stein A M 750 N. Green Bay LF
Stein H 242 E. Mills LF
Stein W 730 S. Ridge LF
Steitz M J 130 Sunset LB
Stella J 728 E. Woodlawn LF
Stellman W J 1530 W. Old Mill LF
Stenberg S A 648 E. Highview LF
Stephens C M 901 N. Summit LF
Stephens J 1485 N. Mckinley LF
Stephens J Sr. 1477 N. Mckinley LF
Stephens R Sr. 1477 N. Mckinley LF
Stering Mrs. R A 205 Witchwood LB
Stern T S 227 W. Washington LB
Stevens C 105 Withwood LB
Stevens J 153 N. Washington LF
Stevens K M 336 Onwentsia LF
Stevens O L 1510 N. Greenleaf LF
Stevenson J 601 Prospect LB
Stevenson J 370 Onwentsia LF
Stevenson R jr. 136 Woodland LB
Stewart J 2 N. June Terrace LF
Stewart Mrs. W 1194 N. Green Bay LF
Stewart W 925 E. Walden LF
Stickney D 1298 N. Green Bay LF
Stiehl C E 700 Mawman LB
Stieneke G O 1181 W. Deerpath LF
Stiles D Sr. 354 Foss LB
Stiles J Jr. 230 Witchwood LB
Stille W Riverwoods Rd. LF
Stockley C 569 E. Spruce LF
Stocklin C 105 W. Blodgett LB
Stodder J D 808 S. Ridge LF
Stolte L 33 Scranton LB
Stone G R 512 Sunrise LB
Stonebridge Priory   Green Bay Rd. LB
Storck M 966 N. Western LF
Storey R jr. 372 E. Ravine LB
Storms R L 531 Scranton LB
Stover R H 810 S. Ridge LF
Strachan T Jr. 1434 Fairway LF
Strauss W 1991 S. Telegraph LF
Strecker G 99 Wooded Lane LF
Streed J A 362 Hirst LB
Streeper M J 131 Sunset LB
Strenger D S 340 N. Western LF
Strenger H 1065 W. Inverleith LF
Strenger Inc. H T 842 N. Western LF
Strenger M C 450 Thorne LF
Strickland S 537 N. King Muir LF
Strickstrack Miss E 857 N. Summit LF
Stringer A C 324 Ravine LB
Stripe F F 626 E. Northmoor LF
Strittmatter M 1357 S. Estate LF
Strohman E E 211 Sylvan LB
Strom H A 718 E. Northmoor LF
Strom R B 886 Morningside LF
Strong J 452 E. Illinois LF
Strunk E 1507 N. McKinley LF
Struss E M 509 Green Bay LB
Stuart & co.   700 Evanston LB
Stuart Insurance agency   700 Evanston LB
Stuart J 1291 N. ElmTree LF
Stuart R D 528 N. Mayflower LF
Stuart R jr. W. Conway LF
Stuart W L 700 Evanston LB
Stuehrk C A 227 E. Blodgett LB
Stuessy H 220 Moffett LB
Stull F B 1149 S. Estate LF
Sturtevant R E 171 W. Laurel LF
Sturtz Mrs. M 697 Oakwood LF
Sucato G 1096 N. Griffith LF
Suckow G M 708 Birch LB
Sudler C H 1280 N. Sheridan LF
Sudler C III 960 W. Westleigh LF
Sudrick R J 1207 Riverwoods LF
Suess G N 933 N. Oakwood LF
Suetmeyer F 990 N. Waukegan LF
Sulcer 203 Skokie LB
Sulthin S 214 W. Sheridan LB
Sumeriski H 140 E. Westminster LF
Sumeriski Mrs. J 131 N. Wildwood LF
Summers G J 136 Sunset LB
Surkamer R 759 Rockland LB
Surprise Shop   247 Market Square LF
Sutton's Exp   279 E. Scott LF
Svendsen P III 111 E. Blodgett LB
Svic L E 1007 Plaister LB
Swalgren G 617 Prospect LB
Swan C M 545 Prospect LB
Swan H W 233 Woodland LB
Swansen B T 731 E. Woodlawn LF
Swanson Mrs. A 293 E. Deerpath LF
Swannson F 618 Basil LB
Swanson 665 E. Highview LF
Swanson Mrs. R H 290 Deerpath LF
Swanton F E 166 E. Westminster LF
Swanton L A 322 E. Ravine LF
Swanton L 262 E. Market Square LF
Swanton M 311 E. Noble LF
Swanton R 389 E. Deerpath LF
Swanton S J  796 N. Oakwood LF
Swarthout F 470 W. Westleigh LF
Swarthout F Jr. 916 N. Oakwood LF
Swarthout J E 819 N. Summit LF
Swarthout's Phillip 66 Station   824 N. Western LF
Swearingen J 284 E. Scott LF
Sweeney H T 486 N. Oakwood LF
Sweeney T 364 Mawman LB
Sweet P Jr. 990 E. Ringwood LF
Swift E Jr. 716 E. Westminster LF
Swift E III 450 E. Wisconsin LF
Swift G Jr. 356 N. Green Bay LF
Swift H M 770 N. Washington LF
Swift P H 1365 N. ElmTree LF
Swift S 105 Green Bay LB
Swift T P 788 E. Woodland LF
Swisher T M 105 Green Bay LB
Symusiak F E 467 Pine LB
Szcygielski J 252 W. Sheridan LB
Szekula E 870 W. Everett LF
Tabern D L 210 Witchwood LB
Tacon N E 466 Evanston LB
Tadel S M 1291 N. Edgewood LF
Tallett H J 1834 N. Knollwood LF
Tangorro 130 N. Washington LF
Taplin J W 1500 N. Willow LF
Tasker H Jr. 300 North LB
Taubensee T E 1370 Fairway LF
Taylor (residence) A T Shoreacres golf grounds LB
Taylor  L T 775 N. Bank LF
Taylor L T 565 S. Green Bay LF
Taylor  M W 701 Mawman LB
Taylor S III Md 1386 Green Bay LF
Taylor W C 575 E. Westminster LF
Tedor S 405 E. Sheridan LB
Teegarden G 755 E. Highview LF
Telephone Answering Service   657 Bank Lane LF
Templeton J 525 N. Greenvale LF
Templeton 620 N. Mayflower LF
Templeton R 476 N. Oakwood LF
Templeton S 1300 N. Green Bay LF
Tengwall R 825 E. Morningside LF
Terhune R S 115 Sunset LB
Terlap R 296 E. Mills LF
Terlecki (office) Mrs. G 275 E. Deerpath LF
Terlecki (residence) Mrs. G 767 E. Illinois LF
Terrell J J 608 E. Ryan LF
Terry's Beauty Shop   738 N. Western Ave. LF
Thelin M L 1355 S. Estate LF
Thiele S C 1191 W. Deerpath LF
Thomas A R 267 N. Washington LF
Thomas C M 203 Skokie LB
Thomas G W 321 Circle LB
Thomas J G 170 N. Mayflower LF
Thomas S E 340 Crescent LB
Thomas T M 221 S. Ridge LF
Thompson E C 630 Scranton LB
Thompson G 112 Oak Tree LB
Thompson L A 890 S. Waukegan LF
Thompson Miss M 319 Woodland LB
Thompson T E 15 Sheridan LB
Thompson's Auto Service   880 S. Waukegan Rd. LF
Thomson G 112 North LF
Thorne 625 W. Westleigh LF
Thorne B Jr. 510 Pine  LB
Thorne-Thomsen Leif 464 E. Illinois Rd. LF
Thorsen C B 1133 S. Estate LF
Thorsen 260 E. Deerpath LF
Thorup A 514 E. Ryan LF
Thorup 286 E. Noble LF
Thoye Mrs. R 297 E. Mills LF
Thurm D L 437 Rockland LB
Thurman J F 1485 N. Green Bay LF
Tichelbaut M 707 E. Woodlawn LF
Tideman H 860 S. Green Bay LF
Tiegs A G 869 N. Mckinley LF
Tiegs F O 242 1/2 E. Noble LF
Tiffany 1799 S. Telegraph LF
Tiffany G 62 E. Westminster LF
Tigerman M 825 W. Gage LF
Timm C M 337 E. Wisconsin LF
Timm F G 119 Rockland LB
Timm F W 734 N. Western LF
Timon J A 332 Witchwood LB
Tischer M 702 W. Blodgett LB
Tittman Rev. G 944 N. Sheridan LF
Tjaden D A 764 Oak LB
Tobin 352 E. Wisconsin LF
Todd W G 670 S. Green Bay LF
Toelle J H 755 E. Greenview LF
Tollaksen E 715 Scranton LB
Tomei J 703 North LB
Tomei N E 896 S. Waukegan LF
Tomei R A 810 S. Waukegan LF
Tomlinson R 616 Oak LB
Toni G J 1015 S. Ridge LF
Toomey C W 711 N. Mckinley LF
Toomey C 153 N. Wildwood LF
Toomery P B 170 E. Deerpath LF
Tower R C 748 S. Waveland LF
Townsend F 501 Scranton LB
Traa J F 852 W. Lane Lorraine LF
Trading Post Gift Shop   259 E. Market Square LF
Trading Post Rummage Shop   653 N. Bank Lane LF
Traer (business) M M 260 E. Deerpath LF
Traer (residence) M M 1600 W. Everett LF
Trepanier J A 3 College Campus LF
Trevithick E 333 N. Mayflower LF
Trezise W M 704 Scranton LB
Trier A P 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Trier G 760 N. Oakwood LF
Triptow R Jr. 735 E. Greenview LF
Trobec A J 349 Blodgett LB
Trost E Jr. 320 N. Ahwahnee LF
Trowbridge C 418 E. Illinois LF
Trowbridge Mrs. C M 383 N. Washington LF
Trude A S 628 Greenview LF
Truslow W Jr 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Trussel J C 1055 S. Beverly LF
Tucker Mrs. M 656 N. Western LF
Tucker R D 228 Center LB
Turk C 420 Evanston LB
Turner R 290 E. Deerpath LF
Turpel A 15 Railroad LB
Turpel E 39 Scranton LB
Turpel R T 758 N. Western LF
Tuttle R E 669 Garfield LB
Tutwiler R Jr. 608 Ravine LB
Tweed B P 221 E. Glenwood LF
Tweed E Jr. 211 E. Glenwood LF
Twinney M M 790 E. Northmoor LF
Tyler T S 113 Moffett LB
Tyson R 611 E. Westminster LF
Uhlemann J 520 E. Rosemary LF
Uihlein E J Jr. Sheridan Rd. LB
Uliveri G 639 Quassey LB
Ullman S E 243 Witchwood LB
Umbel D C 502 Prospect LB
Underwood E 635 E. Illinois LF
United Educators Inc.   801 Green Bay LF
Upham R Jr. 30 N. Ahwahnee LF
Urbanek E B 281 Ahwahnee LF
Uschan H R 225 Center LB
Vail 613 Lincoln LB
Valiquet R 221 W. Sheridan LB
Vallaly L J 340 N. Mayflower LF
Vance C V 657 Bank Lane LF
VanDerBroeck S 159 E. Summit LF
Vandervoort R 770 E. Greenview LF
VanDuis A 1096 W. Conway LF
VanEeckhout A 224 E. Mills LF
VanEeckhout J 158 Washington LF
VanEeckhout M 1195 Mckinley LF
VanEs A 985 N. Mkinley LF
VanEs A Jr. 275 E. Woodland LF
VanEtten T C 117 North LB
VenFlein H South Campus LF
VanGorkom Mrs. E 250 Deerpath LF
VanGorkom J 908 N. Ringwood LF
VanHandel R J 1101 N. Telegraph LB
VanHouten N E 1590 N. Waukegan LF
VanLaeke 421 Rockland LB
VanLeer J 535 N. Waukegan LF
VanNess C R 494 E. Illinois LF
VanNess G Jr. 880 N. Elm Tree LF
VanNieuwehuyze R 791 N. Summit LF
VanNortwick Mrs.M F 342 N. Western LF
VanNote L DDS 711 N. Mckinley LF
VanOrder H 560 N. Oakwood LF
VanPelt C B 502 N. Waukegan LB
VanVlissingen A 597 E. Rosemary LF
VanVlissingen L 300 Moffitt LB
Varner C E 488 S. Waukegan LF
Vasilius C 616 Garfield LB
Vasofsky C 354 Woodland LB
Vaughn C E 488 S. Waukegan LF
Vaughn H 810 Safford LB
Vawter P E 320 E. Cherokee LF
Velde J A 711 Park LB
Velo A 625 E. Illinois LF
Verbanck T T 761 N. Summit LF
Verbeke A 166 N. Washington LF
Verbeke G C 1201 N.Mckinley LF
Verbeke H J 204 E. Park LF
Verbeke J H 1031 S. Ridge LF
Verbeke J 550 E. Spruce LF
Vercoe Dr. E 126 North LB
Verhalen Pearl Beauty Salon   273 E. Market Square LF
VerMeulen Dr. G 936 N. Western LF
Vernon J T 260 N. Washington LF
Vetter W F 276 E. Mills LF
Victorine R 910 S. Waveland LF
Vieth M 234 Bayshore LB
Vignocchi 286 Glenwood LF
Vignocchi T 1197 N. Griffith LF
Village Garage   834 N. Western LF
Village Paint Shop   736 Western LF
Vincent H 496 Exeter LF
Vinje S 765 E. Northmoor LF
Virden A J 255 N. Washington LF
Visoky D J 245 E. Noble LF
Vivian Petersen Maternity   718 N. Western LF
Vliet E B 401 Prospect LB
Vliet Mrs. R 407 Prospect LB
Volino S F 1350 N.Lake LF
Vollbrecht J L 348 Foss LB
Vollum A E 527 North LB
Volpe C 1358 N. Edgewood LF
Volpe D B 1130 Green Bay LB
Volpe Inc.   Rockland Rd. LB
Volpe J S 166 E. Laurel LF
Volpe R M 25 S. June LF
Volpe S 158 E. Laurel LF
Volpe S V Jr. 1505 N. Willow LF
Volpe V 49 N. Washington LF
Volwiler E H 900 N.Lake LF
VonderLinden S 1015 Rockland LB
VonHuben H 1211 N. Griffith LF
Vonic E J 22 N. Washington LF
Voss A 1439 N. Sheridan LF
Voss C A 707 Sheridan LB
Wacker C III Green Bay Rd. LF
Wacker Mrs. F G Green Bay Rd. LF
Wade A C 318 N. Telegraph LB
Wade B L 721 E. Highview LF
Wade C W 658 Pine  LB
Wade E 34 Center LB
Wade's Grocery   34 Center LB
Wadsworth J T 465 E. Deerpath LF
Wageman R A 341 E. Green Bay LF
Wake-Up Service   657 Bank Lane LF
Waldeck F 390 E. Westminster LF
Waldele M 1009 Rockland LB
Waldie B D 202 Ravine LB
Waldmann L 220 Park LB
Walgreen Co.   296 E. Deerpath LF
Walker B 537 E. Rosemary LF
Walker Mrs. E 184 N. Washington LF
Walker F R 302 Briar LB
Walker L 511 Rockland LB
Walker M M 1536 E. Estate LF
Walker R F Jr. 617 S. Forest Hill LF
Walker S J 303 S. Bluff's Edge LF
Walker's Restaurant   102 Skokie LB
Wallace F R 686 N. Forest LF
Wallace J 789 N.Oakwood LF
Wallace R F  115 Witchwood LB
Wallen A E 6 E. Laurel LF
Walsh Mrs. A 367 Wisconsin LF
Walsh J T 597 N. Golf LF
Walsh Mrs. W 1314 N. Edgewood LF
Walsh W F 650 N. Burton LF
Walther B 269 E. Woodland LF
Walther H 90 N. Washington LF
Waltman C T 51 S. Stonegate LF
Walton E 909 Forster LB
Walton T B 690 S. Ridge LF
Wang A D 1065 Glendell LB
Ward F E 126 Sheridan LB
Ward J H 1596 N. Green Bay LF
Ward J L MD 600 Scranton LB
Ward K J 910 N. Sheridan LF
Ware J D 925 S. Oak Knoll LF
Warmbold G J 305 Prospect LB
Warncke F 1341 N. Edgewood LF
Warner L R 744 E. Greenbriar LF
Warren H C 1404 Waukegan LF
Warren I 411 E. Spruce LF
Washburn 120 Hawthorn LB
Washburne H 150 E. Ridge LF
Washburne J Jr. 970 W. Verda LF
Washington Mrs. E 435 Illinois LF
Wastcoat J W Saunders Rd. LF
Wasylik N J 17 College Campus LF
Waters C W 240 Washington LB
Waters W H 320 North LB
Watkins W A 900 E. Maplewood LF
Watrous P M 346 Crescent LB
Watson A E 706 North LB
Watson G L 1540 N. Sheridan LF
Watson G T 199 W. Onwentsia LF
Watson G S 600 Ravine LB
Watson Mrs. R 600 Ravine LB
Watt T 787 N. Oakwood LF
Watts F E 307 Green Bay LB
Waud M 55 N. Green Bay LF
Webb Mrs. E T 1208 N. Sheridan LF
Webb W H 241 N. Washington LF
Weber H G 700 Center LB
Weber J Jr. 409 Adelphia LB
Weborg L O 1044 Hillside LB
Webster A R 704 Oak LB
Webster E 425 N. Ahwahnee LF
Weed R W 15 N. Sheridan LF
Weeden Mrs. E 123 Sunset LB
Wegner G 365 N. Chiltern LF
Weidenmiller R 808 E. Oak Knoll LF
Weigel J 1275 N. Waukegan LF
Weil Mrs.M  Half Day Rd. LF
Weinberger A F 320 E. Noble LF
Weisenbach G 526 Scranton LB
Welch R E Jr. 390 E. Woodland LF
Weld K A 1500 S. Telegraph LF
Weldy L L 772 S. Oak Knoll LF
Weller W J 133 Woodland LB
Welles D P 361 N. Ahwahnee LF
Welles E K 321 N. Ahwahnee LF
Wellin E G 925 N.Lake LF
Welling N E College Campus LF
Wells & Copithorne   241 E. Deerpath LF
Wells D L 903 N.Oakwood LF
Wells F 20 Henrietta LB
Wells M A 251 E. Market Square LF
Wells M 681 E. Highview LF
Wells Mrs. R S 104 E. Atteridge LF
Wells S 1275 N. Edgewood LF
Wells T 1351 N. Green Bay LF
Wells V R 308 Neuman LB
Welsh F J 860 Morningside LF
Welsh R F 416 Pine LB
Welton A Jr. 1015 N. Woodbine LF
Wenban Boat Sales   589 N.Oakwood LF
Wenban Funeral Home   233 E. Deerpath LF
Wenban G Sr. 450 E. Illinois LF
Wenban G Jr. 436 E.Illinois LF
Wenban Buick Sales   589 N.Oakwood LF
Wendell F 1002 N. Woodbine LF
Wender I T 610 Sunrise LB
Wendt L M 1075 Walden LF
Wentworth D S Jr. 711 Prospect LB
Wenum J D 865 N. Oakwood LF
Werhane A 21 S. June LF
Werhane H F 1515 Bowling Green LF
Werner C S 375 N. Washington LF
Wertheimer I S 315 Saunder LF
Werygo J J 743 E. Illinois LF
Weshinskey F 115 Center LB
Wesselhoeft C 624 Prospect LB
Wessely K 25 S. Shawnee LF
Wessman C O 1516 Bowling Green LF
Wesson B 203 Skokie LB
West H 26 N. Washington LF
West Lake Forest Standard   Waukegan & Everett Rd. LF
West M Jr. 1000 N. Green Bay LB
West O A 808 W. Deerpath LF
West R E 690 E. Greenview LF
Westbrook C 854 E. Highview LF
Western Union Telegraph Co.   253 E. Market Square LF
Weston A W 121 Witchwood LB
Westre B F 762 S. Beverly LF
Wetter E C 338 Center LB
Wetts R 656 E. Greenview LF
Wetzel E H 865 E. Highview LF
Wetzel T C 126 Center LB
Wetzel W E 1500 W. Kennedy LF
Whalen B 115 N. Wildwood LF
Whalen F W 162 Westminster LF
Whalen J 1165 N. Mckinley LF
Whaley C R 227 Bayshore LB
Wheatley D S Jr. 617 E. Illinois LF
Wheeler H P 10 N. Mayflower LF
Wheeler N C 538 Center LB
Wheeler R G 237 N. Washington LF
Wheeler S 920 N. Hawthorn LF
Whipple J N 1100 N. Edgewood LF
Whipple J Jr. 441 E. Westminster LF
White C A 19 North LB
White H E 1137 W. Winwood LF
White H 357 Hirst LB
White O C 1057 E. Illinois LF
White R A 229 Center LB
White R Q 545 E. College LF
White W 38 Witchwood LB
White W A 184 Onwentsia LF
White's Refrigeration and Heating   19 North LB
White's Variety Store   107 Scranton LB
Whiteside P A 1133 N. Edgewood LF
Whitson A F 302 Newman LB
Whitten Mrs. H 274 E. Scott LF
Whittingham M Jr. 1359 N. Edgewood LF
Whyte I 856 N. Oakwood LF
Whyte W 991 N. Mckinley LF
Whyte W 282 E. Mills LF
Wichmann H 340 E. Scott LF
Wick R D 315 Circle LB
Wickershaw R H 919 Washington Ave. LB
Wiegand R G 751 Lincoln LB
Wiegold F A 1241 S. Telegraph LF
Wieland J L 964 S. Waveland LF
Wilber J 33 Hawthorn LB
Wilcox C A 995 W. Northcliff LF
Wilcox E A 103 N. Telegraph LB
Wilcox M E 282 E. Woodland LF
Wilder H E 1290 N. Sheridan LF
Wildman M E 111 Moffett LB
Wilfong F S 830 N. Green Bay LF
Wilgus N M 320 Sheridan LB
Wilhelm F E 735 Ravine LB
Wilkinson H 181 E. Foster LF
Willard W 658 Garfield LB
Willems J MD 242 Ahwahnee LF
Willey G S 408 E. Ravine LB
Williams A 530 E. Crabtree LF
Williams A 730 N. Western LF
Williams A 426 E. Spruce LF
Williams CA 682 N. Oakwood LF
Williams H 1151 N. Telegraph LB
Williams and Co. H J 203 Skokie Blvd. LB
Williams I 174 E. Park LF
Williams J W 909 Talbot LB
Williams L M 109 Skokie LB
Williams M 1431 S. Telegraph LF
Williams R 12 College Campus LF
Williams R D 102 Hawthorn LB
Williams R F 777 N. Bank LF
Williams R 901 Larchmont LF
Williams B 920 E. Deerpath LF
Williamson J 299 E. Onwentsia LF
Willis W 693 E. Woodlawn LF
Willms J C 217 Center LB
Willms J Jr. 247 E. Blodgett LB
Willobee Farm   1900 W. Mellody LF
Willoughby N 111 Stonegate LF
Wills L F 710 Birch  LB
Willson V A 717 Lincoln LB
Wilmerding Mrs. C H 331 E. Westminster LF
Wilson A 190 N. Wildwood LF
Wilson C S 1016 Muir LB
Wilson D A 635 Greenbriar LF
Wilson E C Jr. 1212 N. Sheridan LF
Wilson G K 1085 S. Oak Knoll LF
Wilson H MD 790 N. Wildwood LF
Wilson H J 220 N. Woodland LF
Wilson J R 895 S. Oak Knoll LF
Wilson J P Jr. 111 N. Mayflower LF
Wilson Mrs. M 511 E. Rosemary LF
Wilson P K 635 E. Greenbriar LF
Wilson P B 809 Jenkisson LB
Wilson R 61 S. Stonegate LF
Wilson R A 440 E. Illinois LF
Wilson Mrs. T C 440 E. Spruce LF
Wilson T M 1661 W. Everett LF
Wilson Capt. W 322 E. Scott LF
Wilson W P 310 Mawman LB
Wing R L DDS 203 Sheridan LB
Winroth K 717 W. North LB
Winston F 1010 E. Spring LF
Winter Club of Lake Forest   956 N. Sheridan LF
Winter  E W 959 E. Maplewood LF
Winter E G 339 E. Sheridan LB
Winter Mrs. M 882 N. Church LF
Winter M 333 Crescent LB
Winter R A 885 S. Waveland LF
Wintz M P 29 E. Blodgett LB
Wistrom Paint & Decorating   617 E. Illinois LF
Witten H W 446 E. Briar LB
Witten M J 337 Center LB
Woeltjen A 1170 S. Green Bay LF
Wolf H R Jr. 214 Park LB
Wolf S P 525 Golf LF
Wolff R E 441 Thorne LF
Wolverton M 316 Neuman LB
Wondreis & Johnson Architects   28 A Center Ave. LB
Wood A M 1050 N. Green Bay LF
Wood J H 517 Center LB
Wood K M 106 Oaktree LB
Wood Mrs. R E 307 Sheridan LB
Wood  R Jr. 222 Birch LB
Wood General A. 464 N. Mayflower LF
Woodbury Mrs. W 338 E. Scott LF
Woods F H 550 E. Deerpath LF
Woodworth H 251 Ravine LB
Wortley C 1 Sheridan Rd. LB
Woy J S 207 Ravine LB
Wright A A 333 Prospect LB
Wright F G 763 N. Mayflower LF
Wright J O 909 Rockland LB
Wright K T 741 S. Beverly LF
Wruk F A 426 Rockland LB
Wuhs C A 602 Ravine LB
Wurth (residence) A F 334 Westminster LF
Wyatt E 32 Moffett LB
Wyer R S 1481 S. Estate LF
Wyllie E 789 N. Mckinley LF
Wyman Mrs. P 1055 N. Woodbine LF
Yager P W 650 Sunrise LB
Yakes D A 674 N. Oakwood LF
Yakes L F 674 1/2 N. Oakwood LF
Yantis F S 1320 N. Sheridan LF
Yeary M 100 North LB
Yonce Mrs. S L 175 N. Wildwood LF
Yore & Atteridge Concrete Cont.   1345 S. Telegraph LF
Yore  Mrs. J J 252 Westminster LF
Yore T F 196 E. Atteridge LF
Yore Mrs. T  196 E. Atteridge LF
Yore 736 E. Woodlawn LF
Yore's Telephone Answering   196 E. Atteridge LF
Yost D A 427 E. Deerpath LF
Young B B Shoreacres golf grounds LB
Young  D D 1008 Plaister LB
Young F J 45 N. Washington LF
Young F H 404 Sunrise LB
Young J S 735 Ridge LF
Young J T 343 E. Blodgett LB
Younglove E T 729 E. Greenbriar LF
Youngs D R 1192 N. Griffith LF
Youngs  Mrs. J 304 E. Green Bay LF
Youngstrom H 1209 S. Telegraph LF
Zabka R 290 N. Ahwahnee LF
Zacher E R 818 W. Larchmont LF
Zacher M E 182 Birch LB
Zack  S E 1400 N. Waukegan LF
Zahn F J 845 E. Greenview LF
Zahn R C 773 E. Highview LF
Zannini MD (office) J 262 E. Deerpath LF
Zannini MD (residence) J 630 S. Green Bay LF
Zaring S D 414 Thorne LF
Zartler F R 32 E. Washington LB
Zaugg H E 270 E. Park LF
Zavodka Mrs. A 231 Ahwahnee LF
Zebal G P 320 Briar LB
Zeder R H 24 Washington LB
Zeiss H 1915 S. Telegraph LF
Zeleski P J 135 Center LB
Zengeler R 822 W. Lane Lorraine LF
Ziel W F 880 E. Highview LF
Zieman E V 869 N. Mckinley LF
Zieman Mrs. M 1227 S. Waukegan LF
Zierk G 331 E. Blodgett LB
Zietz M W 113 Park LB
Zimmer F W 1020 E. Westleigh LF
Zimmer J G 751 Moffett LB
Zimmerman C H 355 Foss LB
Zimmerman H 508 Center LB
Zimmermann A 604 Ravine LB
Zimmermann C 611 E. Glenwood LF
Zuck R E 1760 S. Telegraph LF
Zwang M C 1090 N. Waukegan LF