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Halsey Times, December 1948

The students and teachers of Halsey School put together this charming school newspaper in December 1948. The newspaper is comprised of 15 typewritten pages, printed on mimeograph paper, stapled together with pink covers. Featured on the front cover is a drawing of two reindeer by fourth grader Patty.

Inside are stories, poems, book reports, drawings and riddles by the Halsey students, mostly the second, third and fourth graders. Page 2 includes a series of informative school news items, which are transcribed below:

Miss Laing’s room made blueprints of leaves. They were very successful.

Halsey school had a Halloween Party. Everybody dressed up and marched over to Market Square. After the parade we had parties in our rooms at school.

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving all of [sic] gathered in the lower hall and sang songs of Thanksgiving. Miss Wilkinson was our director, and Mr. Quinlan* was our guest. We will do the same thing before Christmas.

(*Frederick F. Quinlan was superintendent of Lake Forest public schools (District 67) from 1944 to 1958.)

The third and fourth graders were invited over to Gorton School to hear a lecture on otters. Mr. Liers had three live otters in a tank, and we all got to see them very closely. He had made pets of them and they were trained to follow his directions. He said they were the friendliest wild animals of all.

Mrs. Gamble and her husband have moved to Lake Forest on Griffith Road. She says she enjoys riding the school bus with us.

Sheldon Price’s tenth birthday was celebrated in Mrs. McNutt’s room. His mother brought ice cream bars and candy. He was surprised and so were all the rest of us.

Christmas vacation begins December 17th, and we are all glad.

Page 12 (pictured below, right) features writings by the students about the November holidays, including Thanksgiving and Armistice Day.

Some of the students whose work is highlighted in this newspaper are Susan Tideman, Kathie Jackson, Frances Hiscox, Peter Zarte, Dorothy Jensen, Nancy Peddle, Gail Parks, Jim Watt, Jerry Werhane, Sandra Watkins, Jerry Cohen, Marjorie Frew, Ann Turner, Harold Dugenske, Marie Renz, Ina Lou Behrens, Ross Fosbender, John Hollander, John Lindsay, Jim Inches, David O’Neill, Priscilla Aldridge, Judy Jackson, and Cherol Rogers.

Halsey School (pictured below, left) was located on Deerpath at Oakwood Avenue, beside City Hall. It was built in 1888 as West School and renamed in 1912 for Lake Forest College professor and historian John J. Halsey. Less than a decade after this newspaper was published, Halsey was closed, making way for the new school buildings Deerpath, Sheridan and Cherokee. It was razed in early 1956, when Oakwood Avenue was straightened, and the former school site became a parking lot.