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Program, City of Lake Forest’s Centennial Celebration, February 1961

This trifold green program was created for a banquet honoring the Centennial of the City of Lake Forest, which was incorporated in 1861. Over 1,200 attendees flooded Lake Forest College fieldhouse for the gala event, which took place at 7 p.m. on February 18, 1961.

This banquet kicked off a year of festivities celebrating 100 years of Lake Forest. Chairs of the event were Morrison Waud and John Giles, and Mrs. Donald Welles, Mrs. Proehl Jaklon and Mrs. Morrison Waud headed up the dinner committee. Members of the Lake Forest Woman’s Club assisted with the invitations, and florists Herman Jahnke and Julius Konradt supplied flowers. Otis Hubbard served as master of ceremonies.

Highlighting the event was a keynote speech by Senator Barry M. Goldwater, a choice which sparked some lively debate in the Letters to the Editor pages of the Lake Forester. Senator Goldwater spoke on “Conservatism as Applied to American Freedom.”

Residents performed an original “playlet,” written by Leo Parenti and directed by Mrs. Robert C. Martin, reenacting scenes from the early Lake Forest City Council, and entitled “Problems, Problems, Problems.” The first scene was set in the council meeting room, “a chamber provided by Dr. C. H. Quinlan at a rental of $50 per year.”

Featured characters included:

  • Harvey M. Thompson, first mayor of Lake Forest, played by Joseph G. Dickinson Jr.
  • Alderman and Street Commissioner Erastus Bailey, played by George T. Watson
  • Alderman Joel P. Hulberd, played by John C. Pearson
  • Clerk Luther Rossiter, played by Douglas Alleman
  • Marshal and Collector William McLoughlin, played by Donald Swanton
  • Superintendent of Schools Harvey P. Helms, played by David Frangquist
  • Schoolmistress Roxanna Beecher, played by Waneta Esch
  • Keeper of the Village Cow Pound Patrick Donohoe, played by Norman Millett
  • Farmer De Lacy, played by Charles Oysler
  • Stewart, a herd boy on the village common, played by Geoffrey Shields

If anyone knows the whereabouts of a copy of the script for this play, please contact us! We'd love to have a copy in our archives.

This program was formerly part of the Lake Forest Library's Historic Resarch files, which were donated to the Historical Society in 2010.