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Lake Forest High School “Penny Post,” June 1936

The “Penny Post” was a short-lived early newspaper at Lake Forest High School. Our archives contain seven issues, all dated from LFHS’s initial 1935-1936 school year. (The Forest Scout was first published a few years later.) Four pages in total, the bifold periodical was 8½ by 11 inches in size.

Staff members for the “Penny Post” were Head Editor Beck Bronson, “By the Way” editor A. St. John, Sports Editor H. Harden, Inquiring Reporter F. Huntoon, Sales and Distribution J. Ellis, Copy Editor T. Wilson, and reporters C. Fordney, H. Hondey, A. Pope, and A. Joyce.

This June 3 issue was the final “Penny Post” before summer vacation. The front page (pictured at left) featured a farewell from the editors to the student body. “We have tried in all possible ways to give all of you flattering publicity,” they wrote. “When we could not do that, you were mentioned anyway.”

The two interior pages contained the Sports section and the “By the Way” column. Because the varsity sports seasons had all ended, this issue included the final intramural standings. Intramural sports played that year were basketball, baseball, ping pong and volleyball. With 609.82 total points spread across all sports, the team captained by Nelson was declared the year’s overall champion, although Cooke’s team had taken first in the just-completed baseball league.

In the “By the Way” column are a number of fascinating tidbits, facts and statistics about the student body, which had 390 students, 215 boys and 175 girls. It appears that editor A. St. John spent a good deal of time poring over the student roster. For example:

  • “There are more boys in school by the name of Robert than any other name. There were 16 of them. Ralph was the second with 11.”
  • “There are more girls in school by the name of Betty than any other name. There were 9 of them. Helen was the second with 7.”
  • “Lindsey Van Vlissingen has the longest last name of any boy in school.”
  • “Ruth Strassenburg has the longest last name of any girl in school.”
  • “Vincent Quarta has the honor of being the only representative of the letter ‘Q’ in our school.”

The advertisements on the final page (pictured at right) are worthy of note, being largely hand-drawn. There are ads for a number of local businesses, including O’Neill Hardware, North Shore Shoe Repair, Harry H. Brown Haircutting and Beauty Salon, Robertson’s Men’s Shop, Deerpath Garage and Super Service Station, Lake Forest Radio Shop, and Krafft’s Drug Store.

It appears the layout editor ran into a bit of a snafu on the Robertson’s ad in the center – it’s upside down!