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Letter to principal of Everett School, 1923

This letter, dated May 2, 1923 and three pages in total, was written by J. J. Yore, who had the task of securing teachers and administrators of Everett School. He desired to confirm the engagement of Miss Mary Sneddon as principal at Everett for another year. At the time of this letter, Everett was still its own community; it would be annexed to Lake Forest in 1926. From Mr. Yore’s tone, it sounds as though the school has had a number of teachers come and go in recent years. (Letter transcription below.)



Miss Mary Sneddon

Dear Miss Sneddon,

I was very much pleased to know you will be with the Everett children another year. Would you care to take the upper grades the coming year as principal at a little more money and select your teacher for the lower grades?

Not any of your pals. I do not think you could get as good work out of them as you could out of a stranger.

I wrote Miss Keough to ask if she was going to make application for the coming year and the answer was very short and sweet. I have put in a good many years of begging teachers to stay with us and come to the conclusion that it’s all bunk.

So from now on I will take people at their word. Do not say anything to any one about this change of Miss Keough. My children do not know it and it will be just as well if the other children do not. Look everything over at school and let me know what you think should be done the coming year, and call me up or better still drop me a line. In that way we will not have to trust to memory.

In regard to contract I would want you to sign as soon as possible. Someone might look you over and you might look good to them, and they to you. So to avoid this I want contracts with any teacher that is going to teach at the Everett school.

Very respectfully,

J. J. Yore