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A Mother's Wish: Bring Our Fallen Home - A Demonstration of Civil War Field Embalming and Victorian Mourning Practices

Thursday, June 12, 2014
7 p.m.
Lake Forest High School - David Miller Theatre
Free and open to the public

Playing the role of Dr. Benjamin F. Lyford, following the Battle of Gettysburg, Jon Austin will present a first-person presentation in the style of a 19th century medical school lecture, using a re-enactor "corpse" as a visual aid. His talk will touch on period medicine and chemistry, human anatomy, and the preparation of dead Civil War soldiers for shipping and burial. Also covered are such subjects as 19th century mourning rituals, Lincoln's funeral, and the ways in which modern funeral practices have developed over time.

Please join us in our celebration of Wenban Funeral Home's 125th Anniversary. No RSVP necessary. This event is made possible by a grant from the Illinois Humanities Council.

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