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The Rise and Fall of the House of Judah

Thursday, October 10, 2019
7 pm
Hunter Family Education Hall
$15 Members, $20 Non-Members

WE'RE SORRY! THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. NO MORE REGISTRATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED. Hear the interesting story of Lake Forest's Noble Brandon Judah estate from Liam Connell, who bought the house in 2010. The home on West Westminster was built in the 1920s for a glamorous couple, Colonel Noble Brandon Judah and Dorothy Foster Patterson. Col.Judah, a war hero, was friend to Charles Lindbergh and President Hoover who appointed him as U.S.Ambassador to Cuba. Dorothy Patterson was heir to the National Cash Register fortune, a renowned equestrian, and known for her strong will. Shortly after moving into the house, the couple had a scandalous divorce. 

Liam Connell has delved deeply into the stories of the Judah and Patterson families, going back several generations. He will share anecdotes from his research, which was published as an academic volume for his capstone project for the Master of Liberal Studies degree at Lake Forest College.