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Tour of the Warbirds Heritage Foundation Aircraft Collection

Saturday, June 4, 2016
10:00 a.m.
Warbirds Heritage Foundation Hangar, Waukegan
$30 for members only - reservations required

Join us for a members’ only tour of the private military aircraft collection of the Warbirds Heritage Foundation in Waukegan, IL. 

The purpose of the Warbirds Heritage Foundation is to acquire, restore, display and demonstrate various antique aircraft of historic military significance. The tour will include a discussion of the scientific aspects of flight and a detailed description of each aircraft, including the role each played in American military history.

Come and see the beautiful P 51 D Mustang, silver plane with a black and yellow nose, named “Baby Duck,” built in 1944 and flown by the US Army and  Air Force. Or, the sleek white A-4B Skyhawk, built in 1957 and flown by the US Marines and US Navy. Visitors are provided with printed materials about the aircraft to highlight the historic significance of each aircraft in the collection.  

Please call 847.234.5253 for availability. Reservations are required. New members also welcome - join today!

Photo courtesy Warbirds Heritage Foundation