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On the heels of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, this exhibit examines the "Great War," and the presidency of Woodrow Wilson using multiple perspectives and raising new questions about the "war to end all wars."

Ultimately, how should we evaluate WWI and the president who was greeted at the conclusion of the war as an international hero? Should Wilson be remembered for his great administrative skills and vision or for not moving forward with women's suffrage or the segregation of certain departments of the Federal government?

The exhibit asks viewers to draw their own conclusions about these issues and offers them a chance to share their opinion.

Some period objects, including a military jacket and gas mask, will be on display.

This exhibit runs through November 15, 2019.

OPENING ON nov 21 @ 6pM -Members only-ART Show & SALE

Wild america: Portraits of nature by James L. Lockhart

Opening to the PUBLIC on NOV 22 @ 10am

Called "the twentieth-century Audubon" by some, this show traces the life and work of Lake Forest resident James Leland Lockhart (1912-2005), one of America's foremost nature and wildlife artists. We see how his success as a commercial illustrator for leading national publications like The Saturday Evening Post and Sports Afield allowed him to draw attention to the plight of wild creatures and granted him a platform as a voice in the burgeoning conservation movement. With selections spanning the entirety of his career, we have a unique look at the development--and consistency--of an artist over time.

Various pieces in the show are for sale as well as 2020 Lockhart art calendars.

This exhibit runs through January 5, 2019.