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History On The Move - Become A Sponsor

We're thrilled to partner with Fred Wacker for History on the Move. We’d like you to join us to be a part of this unique, historic event.

Fred is one of 100 participants from across the country in Motorcycle Cannonball 2016: The Race of the Century which will take place from September 10-27, 2016. This event is a coast-to coast, Atlantic City-to-San Diego motorcycle run in which only motorcycles manufactured 1916 or earlier can participate. Fred will be riding his 1913 Indian motorcycle; the very same model used by WWI couriers dashing across the frontlines more than a century ago.

We are seeking supporters to “ride along” as part of this unique, historic event. The Historical Society will document, publicize and celebrate Fred’s once in a lifetime adventure.

Hop on board: Contributions will help us expand our programs and exhibits and preserve our archives and one-of-a-kind collections, and support our mission. We're the only organization dedicated to collecting Lake Forest and Lake Bluff history and preserving it for future generations.

Please support us and cheer Fred on. We’ll be making history!

Giving Levels (click for sponsor benefits)

Indian Chief Dark Horse - $1,913
Indian Chieftain - $1,000
Indian Roadmaster - $500
Indian Scout - $250
Indian Brave - $100

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Fred Wacker, the rider, Joe Walano, the mechanic (, and Frank Schiddel, the fabricator, are the backbone of Lucky ’13 Racing.

“We’ve become great friends through a common love for vintage motorcycles. It’s truly a team effort to prepare this 103 year old machine for the challenge ahead. We appreciate YOUR help in supporting the Historical Society.”

—Fred Wacker