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History on the Move: Stage 12 - Williams, AZ

Fred and the Lucky '13 team got back in the saddle again for Stage 12 of the Motorcycle Cannonball Race of the Century. They faced rough weather again as the area continued to deal with the after effects of Hurricane Paine.

From Fred: "Here is the ConocoPhillips station just inside the park - no canopies in the gas pumps so fueling was like taking a cold shower. The lady operating this seldom used place opened the garage for us and that was just what we needed for an oil change lube job and rest stop at the midway mileage point."
















"We saw nothing but clouds, heavy rains and windy cold. It was a test for the riders yesterday - I'm under another gas station here at the south entrance [to the Grand Canyon, just inside the gate]."
















It was Fred's second time at the Grand Canyon - the first was 35 years ago with his father, "on a motorcycle trip of all things." From Fred: "Since I didn't see the long view of the canyon I thought this picture in the La Quinta was a good enough substitute!"
















"Here is Joe before dinner getting us ready for tomorrow. The late day sun felt good and we were happy to go out for a sit-down dinner."
















Stage 12 Results: Fred and the Lucky '13 team in 45th.

History Tidbits: Stage 12 - Williams, Arizona

  • Was named after William “Old Bill” Williams, a mountain man and trader who often trapped in the area.
  • Was the last town to have its section of Route 66 bypassed in 1984. The following year, Route 66 was decommissioned.
  • Notable people: Billy Hatcher who played for the Cubs and is currently the third base coach for the Reds.