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History on the Move: Stage 14 - Palm Desert, CA

Stage 14 of the Motorcycle Cannonball Race of the Century meant a long, hot day in the desert as Fred, the Lucky '13 team and the other riders crossed into California. Friday, September 23 was the last full day of riding (230 miles) as Saturday is a half day before the grand finish. 

From Fred: "Early morning in Lake Havasu City, Joe doing final early AM carb adjustments now that we are out of the higher altitudes. He dials 'er in perfectly!"

















Lucky 13 on his way stage 14. #motorcyclecannonball #1913indian #mohaveherewecome

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From Fred: "At 59 miles into the day's run - Calif Ag inspection station which I had just passed through in the background - thumbs up from the officers no stopping required. At this gas stop its the last one for 95 miles - I usually have at most 105 mile range with both tanks so I changed oil and filled to the brim - there's going to be nothing out there but us and nature."

















Mohave Desert #hotsun #thereisnothinghere

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From Fred: "We made it through the desert with literally a splash to spare - one of the most challenging legs of the trip. Incredible headwinds for the last 20 miles or so just to make it interesting! 2.5 hours with no stops was my new record on Lucky 13. Rode through hot weather after lunch and on into Palm Desert. Got all our miles and looked ahead to one final day."

Stage 14 Results: Fred and the Lucky '13 team in 43rd

History Tidbits: Stage 14 - Palm Desert, California

  • Popular retreat for “snow birds” from colder climates
  • The city is home to the Palm Desert Scene, a unique musical genre that has been heavily influential since the 1990’s.  These bands are credited for starting the rock/metal subgenre known as stoner rock.  Queens of Stone Age, Kyuss and Eagles of Death Metal are some bands from Palm Desert.
  • The major employer is JW Marriott Desert Springs Golf Resort.