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History on the Move: Stage 15 - Carlsbad, CA - The Grand Finish

Stage 15 took the riders across California to Carlsbad for the Grand Finish of the Motorcycle Cannonball Race of the Century. Fred and the Lucky '13 team finished in 41st, travelling 2612 out of a possible 3306 miles and missing only two starts.

From Fred: ""Here is sunrise [just before the start at Palm Desert]. My rain gear is stowed for good and I'm pointing the Indian to Carlsbad."

















Twenty mines to go and my foot was a gettin' hot- roadside wiring job kept things together for the final push to the line

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And Lucky 13 is off to the finish line. #lastday #finishline #motorcyclecannonball2016

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"We made it! Seventeen days of effort in the Cannonball but so much more at the front end to make it happen."


















The Guzzi Doctor #job welldone #finishline #motorcyclecannonball2016

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Stage 15 Results: Fred and the Lucky '13 team in 41st

Full Results (PDF)

History Tidbits: Stage 15 - Carlsbad, California

  • In 1952 Carlsbad was incorporated to avoid annexation by its neighbor, Oceanside, CA.
  • The first modern skateboard park was built here in March 1976.
  • The first Legoland theme park outside of Europe is opened here in 1999.
  • Notable people: Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Olympic snowboarder Shaun White. professional skateboarder Tony Hawk