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Market Squared: Ten Decades of Business and Beauty

At its beginnings, Market Square broke new ground. In 1916, as the nation’s first artfully designed shopping center, it linked pedestrian, automobile, and train, and heralded a new era in urban planning. It completely revolutionized Lake Forest’s business district from an afterthought to a focal point of the community. And the forward-thinking members of the Lake Forest Improvement Trust, who developed Market Square, formed one of the nation’s very first real estate investment trusts. Now, in 2016, we celebrate Market Square’s transformative impact on Lake Forest, which has lasted a century and will continue centuries into the future.

“Market Squared: Ten Decades of Business and Beauty” highlights the shops, people and events that have made our community such a special place to live and work.

Below are two documents: the first details the ten decades of Market Square, and the second provides a profile of each of the storefronts.