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Collections Cameo, September 2013

By Stephanie Allen, Historical Society Summer Intern

This collection consists of a scrapbook made by Katherine Robertson Beauchamp. The scrapbook, now missing its cover, contains the various clippings she collected over the years and thought deserved to be saved. Many of these clippings come from newspapers and contain references to either her many accomplishments, or the many accomplishments of her family. Also included in this scrapbook is a wide range of other items such as letters to or from Mrs. Beauchamp as well as a variety of poems.

Collections Cameo, August 2013

By Kylie Mannion, Historical Society Summer Intern

This collection consists of the contents of a young woman’s scrapbook. Katherine Percy was born on September 4, 1891 in Galesburg, Illinois. Her father, Dr. James Fulton Percy, was born in New Jersey in 1864, and her mother, Josephine Percy, was born in Illinois in 1866. In 1907, at the age of 16, Katherine was sent to Lake Forest to attend school at Ferry Hall. Later she attended Knox College and Simmons College. In 1914, Katherine married Dr. Lewis J. Pollock, a...

Collections Cameo, June 2013

The “Penny Post” was a short-lived early newspaper at Lake Forest High School. Our archives contain seven issues, all dated from LFHS’s initial 1935-1936 school year. (The Forest Scout was first published a few years later.) Four pages in total, the bifold periodical was 8½ by 11 inches in size.

Staff members for the “Penny Post” were Head Editor Beck Bronson, “By the Way” editor A. St. John, Sports Editor H. Harden, Inquiring Reporter F. Huntoon, Sales and Distribution J. Ellis, Copy Editor T. Wilson, and reporters C. Fordney, H. Hondey, A. Pope, and A. Joyce.

This June 3 issue was the final “Penny Post” before summer vacation. The front page (pictured at left) featured a farewell from the editors to the student body. “We have tried in all possible ways to give all of you flattering publicity,” they wrote. “When we could not do that, you were mentioned anyway...

Collections Cameo, May 2013

In 1912, Howard Van Doren Shaw designed a house on Lake Road for Donald R. McLennan and Katherine Noyes McLennan, called Stornoway by the family. In May of 1913, once the home was set up, decorated, and lived in, the McLennans hired Lem E. Hendee, an appraiser from Milwaukee, to come down and compile this Schedule of Furnishings, probably for insurance purposes. Mr. McLennan, co-founder of the insurance brokerage firm Marsh & McLennan, would have been particularly attuned to the benefits of having such a document. He and partner Henry Marsh help...

Collections Cameo, April 2013

The Elizabeth Teter Lunn (ETL) herbarium is a collection of 5,000 pressed and mounted dried plant specimens dating from the turn of the twentieth century to present day. The collection belongs to Lake Forest College and the majority of the plants included in the herbarium are native to Lake County and the adjacent Chicago Region. Victoria Jones, a senior at Lake Forest College, has been calling attention to this resource for the past three years by displaying specimens in public art exhibitions and digitizing the collection in order to maintain and fully utilize this historic plant museum. Recently, the collection was registered to the global directory of public herbaria known as Index Herbariorum, established...