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Donate an Artifact

Our museum collection is who we are: it’s the basis for our exhibitions, programs and research resources. We are always appreciative of any donation to enhance our collection. Please think of the History Center when you are cleaning out your attics, closets and basements!

Not only is your donation to the collection tax deductible – it preserves the community’s history for future generations. Your family’s treasures will be well cared for in our archives storage and available (with advance notice) for visitors to enjoy.

Here is what we ask when accepting a new donation into the museum collection:

  1. Is it relevant? Does it tell or provide context for a significant Lake Forest/Lake Bluff story?
  2. Is it unique? Do we already have a duplicate or similiar item in our collection?
  3. Can we provide a proper storage environment?
  4. Is it in good condition for potential display or research use?
  5. Would it be a better fit at another historical institution?

Remember: Just because something isn’t over 50 years old doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable historical artifact. 

To donate an artifact to the History Center, contact our Curator.