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Current Exhibits

Current Exhibits

Market Squared: Ten Decades of Business and Beauty

June-September 2016

Market Square shop windows and East Lake Forest Train Station

At its beginnings, Market Square broke new ground. In 1916, as the nation’s first artfully designed shopping center, it linked pedestrian, automobile, and train, and heralded a new era in
urban planning. It completely revolutionized Lake Forest’s business district from an afterthought to a focal point of the community. And the forward-thinking members of the Lake Forest Improvement Trust, who developed Market Square, formed one of the nation’s very first real estate investment trusts. Now, in 2016, we celebrate Market Square’s transformative impact on Lake Forest, which has lasted a century and will continue centuries into the future. 

There’s no doubt that Market Square has changed with the times. Over the course of its 100-year history, the community it was built to serve has quintupled in population. But its towers continue to serve as beacons, beckoning walkers, drivers and train commuters alike. While patrons no longer visit the Square to send a telegram, test drive a Hupmobile, or shoot a round of pool, they can still grab a pastry, marvel at the holiday tree, get their bike fixed and try on a pair of shoes. Amidst all the comings and goings, Market Square’s twin pillars of business and beauty remain.

“Market Squared: Ten Decades of Business and Beauty” highlights the shops, people and events that have made our community such a special place to live and work. To view the exhibition in person, visit each shop window in Market Square, as
well as the exterior of the East Lake Forest Train Station. 

You can also view the exhibition online.


This exhibit is proudly supported by:


The Private Bank

Market Square

Paula Berghorn Polito, in loving memory of my dad, Fred H. Berghorn

Griffith, Grant & Lackie